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that anime is not an artform and is considered degenerate and toxic for the white race.

1.The typical easternfag worshipper's Briefing:

2. Anime is not an artform

Eastern countries are often times considered to have the lowest creativity rate, meaning that anything that comes out of the east are often shit quality or useless.

books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=3L2BT0VMlgcC&oi=fnd&pg=PP1&dq=china lacks creativity&ots=I87HZbr1ym&sig=-eaF8IIxAqhUXsPmGYiK8oMmdmM#v=onepage&q=china lacks creativity&f=false
books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=dXuI4mr-sp8C&oi=fnd&pg=PA113&dq=east lacks creativity innovation&ots=kXg6MixYtO&sig=vr6USofyTSmCtyQtLrSATRnlrWc#v=onepage&q=east lacks creativity innovation&f=false

3. Anime is used to treat autism/retards

Pretty self explanatory.


Again, these are all science research, references of anime / autism is on abstract, there is a whole article written about this and research were conducted, facts can't be ignored mate.

4. Why is this politically related

statistically its not hard to understand this degeneracy as a plague, it boils down to the numbers undermining white fertility rate, one source out of many responsible for the feminization of white man, and the association with anime that is also used to treat autistic people with severe brain problems, this alone is already enough to drain any positive reputation we have left, and of course lets consider the possibilities of the decrease on productivity, we all know that NEETs are lazy and useless people and of course, given those circumstances, its pretty obvious that all these negative impacts that anime brings also makes the white man who associates himself with anime unattractive, hence the conclusion on low fertility rate and so fourth.

All of these are negative traits, they bring no positive side effects for our cause, need I say more about anime being degenerate? I don't need to prove the obvious, again why is this politically related? because the soul purpose of this degeneracy existing has to be put in question in a political sense of "should I keep this cancer around my people or not?" its a similar issue to drugs in politics.

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Judenfrei first post - learn to draw, kiddos.

I wholeheartedly hate anime, but it is far better than then (((Western))) propaganda that we are being fed. Until art becomes Western again, anime is the best solution.

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It's an artform, but it's also not our cultural artform.
I is indeed saddening to see new artists draw in the style of anime despite not being asian when the west and it's great illustrators were the inspiration of the east in the first place.

Anime is very appealing because it's a direct shortcut to many symbols that are appealing, but it does indeed garrote the flavor of our own.
Western illustrations, if they are actual ones, usually have a higher sense of weight, more meaning and indeed, the most popular and most cited animes and mangas that should be considered art are very very western like, Berserk for example, or LotGH.

Still, anime IS an artform.

I can't stand the 2D>3DPD meme. 2D isn't going to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Make white babies now.

why do I keep hearing the same argument over and over again? it's actually quite worse, the west atleast acknowledges that animated illustrations are more likely appealing to kids and not adults, the only horrible side effect is that they are trying to normalize tranny/acceptance for a younger audience.

Honestly from a certain age you should be watching guru and learning how to be an engineer or someone of profession instead of wasting your time watching adult approved cartoons that originally were created for kids and not manchild.

and i'll continue to post until you readjust your shit taste, so far you've been posting badly composed illustrations also cropped horribly with the jaws being removed, try again.

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>I wholeheartedly hate anime, but it is far better than then (((Western))) propaganda that we are being fed
Not even close.
Anime is not a samurai, as many seem to claim and the juden certainly don't fear it.
In fact, Haim Saban, DIC and co happily brought it over to the west in various forms, even if they were mutilated.
One of the most prolific kanji tutors is kanjidamage, run by a filthy jew and full of jew references and "cultural commentary".
Simply leaf through kanjidamage (it has a website) and you'll find many an example.
A straight up communist.

Samurai are actual warriors that go out and combat people.
Anime is a soft bullet that disconnects people from the lifestream more often than not and is not a samurai at all.

The communist filth and kikes don't have to fear you if you stay in your room, jerking off and not procreating.

Your average lifespan is 70+ years, and as much as I like anime myself, let's be real, can you stomach the repetition of the tropes and bullshit for 50 more years?
Only to then either die at home or in some nursing institution?
No legacy, no children, no nothing?

Will you be happy?
Can you stomach it? Do you see yourself enjoying it for the entirey of your life which you are running away from and making it "a giant void" with every passing day, month, year (provided if you're full hikki, etc).

It's not a good way, it is a damn waste.

Moshi Moshi Nigger!

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I forgot to add that anime has gone down the SJW shitter, too.
the new LotGH looks gay as fuck, and even if it weren't the rest of the problems remain.

I don't consume any jewish or japanese media whatsoever.

Since the first days of anime, artschools from around the world were forcing students to avoid sketching anime characters, especially those who were in the first semester, the reason for that is obvious, students came in looking to better themselves as artists but they would stay exclusively to one style, which made it hard for them to progress when it came to learning human anatomy, this is why you see art schools banning anime practice the first time they come in, the anatomy is just wrong and it confuses the students and cripples their ability to get better at art generally.

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You sound like a goon, OP.

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Ateliers, conservatories and art schools are against any form of stylization, not just anime, because knowing the rules before breaking them yields the best results for stylization.

you sound like a herbivore men.

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No one cares about your hilarious Garfield drawings, Goon.

Today, I will remind them…

You're waifu is shit, Zig Forums. Think we haven't notice that bitch and the other "fun things are fun" shit the most post anime shit in your gay board?

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Incorrect, Anime exclusively became an epidemic and anyone that sketches them tends to fail basic anatomy.

in contrast to western cartoons, you can actually differentiate basic shapes, the contrast is too obvious for the human brain not to confuse it with anatomy, however, anime mimics reality so confusion can happen.

What about beautiful Western animation?

LotGH is overrated, people are willing to collaborate if it furthers their own culture.
A German would be happy to help you even for free if you showed interest in German.

But anime studios and producers rarely bother, it's just faster to look through their foreign lens to them and make something they find cool based on the foreign element.

Names like "Kircheis" are as inexcusable as "Tukimato Shinanantetoshi" or some other shit some foreigner pulled out of his ass.

Furthermore, pretty much everything is "female protagonized", as a former ally of Hitler, this baffles me, especially when touted as honorary aryans/extensions of his, and our (I am German), culture.

Also, Japan itself is overrated, they are very racially pure but their culture has been dipping a bit, too.
I would miss my homeland if I had to live there.
That might just be me, though.

No, I'm not incorrect. If you apply at the Watts Atelier and showed them your fanart of Phineas and Ferb then they would laugh you out of the room if they didn't make a buttload of money doing something else other than wasting their time laughing at you.

but everyone should care about the creators of soy face, it didn't come from the west.

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Most of you guys think moe slice-of-life weebshit is all anime is, but there's WAYYY more out there. Take a look at the behind the scenes of Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Those films are legitimate art.

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Don't bother responding to this thread, it's spam/bait. Just sage and report, no matter how you argue and how beautiful a piece of anime you give, he'll hate on it.

no shit, you're there to learn from instructors, that includes shading, pose recognition, anatomy studying with different pose, references and so on.

after recognizing and mastering certain sets of skills, then you can recognize an artstyle and adapt it using the principles and skills you have gathered from instructors.

your own personal work is a portfolio for whatever field you wish to apply yourself into, doesn't mean you'll be doing good art, it just means that you acknowledged the skills they passed on.

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Really makes you think.

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Anime is not degenerate because it gives me friends and a waifu. Not having any friends at all is more degerate.


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The is absolutely no reason why this thread should have been locked except that the mods are kiked faggots. Anime and Trump, the poison pill.

Oh and reminder the nu-kikemods are awkward teenage the_donald mods

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Dont get too smug yet, anime girl worshipers.
Your gay ass "appreciation" thread just got fucking deleted.
Nobody is being banned for trashing on anime cunts like they were under kikey's moderation.
Your TOTALLY NOT FEMINIST fantasies of le cute girls in soldier uniforms fighting the battles for you is still gay and autistic.
If your anime life didn't start with Fist of the North Star you need to kill yourself.

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Youre as cringey as the anime kiddos. The reality is that this is going to turn into a serious movement of revolutionaries committed to saving their race - and the larping hobbyist kiddo bandwagon memelovers will not be accepted.

Hi good see you, in my opinion you're pretty obnoxious and oblivious to fact the fact that Zig Forums is a derivative of an image board, created to post anime pictures.

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he didnt even post Zig Forumss mascot you stupid retard and the left hates actual anime. just does awful immitations of it and screeches about how problematic it is, because it's still dominant straight core values.

You brought this on yourself nigger. take your shitposting to >>>/b/

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you know what OP didn't do? sperg out and get asshurt and make dozens of spam threads with anime girls as the thumbnail.

now everyone hates your type, you should probably follow your own advise and head to /b/ instead, but my advice to you is take a further step by killing yourself with a blowtorch.

You have a problem with imageboard culture? You are triggered over a picture of a fictional drawing of a girl? Well isnt that too bad you stupid goon faggot because it's never going to go away.

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Witness the anger in this post.

where's the blowtorch, i'm still waiting for you to kill yourself, go ahead and do it, nobody wants you around, and I can guarantee that you will no longer be a burden for your family because it really sucks to pay the bills when you're a parent of an autistic fat megavirgin who plays videogames all day and masturbate to cartoons.