Imkampfy is still around

For anyone who's still curious as to rather or not imkampfy was still around, this is actual proof and he was baited to out himself as polvol2

See the thread bumplocked:

meanwhile there's proof that he's maintaining an agenda with weebfag posting thus reducing the quality of this board indefinitely;

Which apparently hasn't been bumplocked, you can try it out yourself, report as much as you can and it'll still be up, why? Because codemonkey made kampfy and his fag minions from IRC mods, with the exception that they can no longer brutally abuse their powers like they used to, so instead of banning people they occasionally bumplock threads that hurts their feelings, and we all know that unironic "not art" shitposting was actually the main cause that made imkampfy unstable to begin with, he became aggressive with his bans because he hated the australian art posting faggot, hence the 88 year bans.

it was all because of an anime discussion, so having those threads anchored while you see anime threads roaming about really gets those noggins joggin.

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Fake Jim psyop from day one. Trump sends his thanks.

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I'm not even anti-anime. I just hate the shit taste and recurring themes. They need to watch something good like Megalo Box.

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i'm perplexed at the retards codemonkey "hired for free" to manage this board, look at this raging lolcow.

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This thread is disinfo shilling. Kikefy was an anime-hating goon just like OP.

Where? Your proof is animu girls?

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I'm not sure about it being Kikey, but I do believe the new mods may know him, or more likely, believe the same shit he does, which would make it seem like he's still active/mod (God forbid…), either way all the shit going on lately is questionable, very much so.

no he wasn't, he would occasionally sticky anime appreciation threads to "piss off goons"

the word "goons" became a thing because of him, if he didn't sticky threads appreciating anime girls and making drama, you wouldn't be having that buzzword.

It was a thing since Gamergate.

He had the cheek to ban me for "spamming" one of his smug slut threads. How does that even work?


Shut the fuck up you lying goon nigger. Kikey was anti-anime because it hurt his feelings - same as you.

it was a thing even before gamergate, it became a thing now because everytime someone mentions goon, therefore it must be an anti-anime shitposter.

so a nu-goon in current year Zig Forums means that you hate anime.

I'm supposed to feel bad?

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Do you have proof to back that claim up?

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lol yeah no. kill yourself. goons have been a thing for far longer than that.

Blow it out your ass. You lying cocksucker, goon niggers from SA were always identified by their antipathy towards annie may.

so its okay for pajeet threads asking for GF to not be spammed to death, okay.

He earned the ban - same as you. Reported.

the reason why he got kicked out for being a terrible moderator was because he was banning all of those "Goons"

what makes me even more curious is that perhaps you might be him. and you're viciously invested and butthurt because you can't do anything about it anymore, thank god.

And they're back. Team work, folks.

He was banning everybody, for no reason at all. He was particularly upset when people criticised Christianity.

You're confusing goons with goonswarm, what a goonswarm is to a person who dislikes cartoon characters are completely different from one another, you're incredibly autistic if you think otherwise.

Goon detected

I think I've seen one pajeet no qt white gf thread since kikey got the boot and it got taken down fairly quick. I also like how the mods btfo of siege fags. Its a book and it gos into the books thread. You faggots are not special.
And actually anchoring/deleting duplicate threads. Something kikey never did.
I for one am enjoying the new modhip. Mostly because I use the report feature to notify them about the aforementioned issues. 9/10 times they get it done.

Goons have been a problem for years. moot was a goon and set up halfchan as a porn site for goons. This is way back when it had a guro board. MisterJim81Aristocrat is probably a former goon too

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Remember to sage.

Lets see what fate waits this thread.

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jim was a previous ED mod, he would hang out on the ED IRC chatting with meepsheep.

he wasn't a goon, quite the contrary.


He could be French.

Kill yourself woman.