Take the Quiverfull pill, user

Take the Quiverfull pill, user.

Barren wombs are cursed.

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You wanna know cursed? A pox on both your houses, nigger.

I dont even know what you're talking about. Are you trying to preach to the choir? What's the point of this thread?

It's not preaching to the choir if nobody is doing it.

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Evangelicals are scum and will be exterminated on the day of the rope.

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Who said you have to be an evangelical to do this?

Good luck trying to convince women to be baby factories without indoctrinating them from birth that god will hate them if they don't. That's almost the only way to get women to do this. Mormons, evangelicals and catholics all try to do this and even they often struggle to complete the indoctrination that lasts throughout adulthood. If you know of another way to get a woman worth breeding to gladly become barefoot and pregnant non-stop please share.

Too bad they're Israeli worshipping faggots.

Speaking in broad terms, none of those groups have comparable fertility to Amish, Haredi Jews, Quiverfull, Laestadian Lutherans, Hutterites, and some specific Russian Old Believer communities.

I should clear something up that I think is causing confusion in this thread. Don't focus on the group traditionally called Quiverfull; focus on the concept and methods of having a "quiver full of" children.

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Yeah let's kill white people that have a lot of babies because they're from a religion you don't like. Fucking kike.

Quiverfull means that the amount of arrows (children) that you'll need in your quiver (life) are determined by God. So you shouldn't use protection and just always fuck meaning that women are basically in permanent baby producing mode from marriage (ideally at 18-22) until the woman's babyoven breaks down.

This is a concept that I'm working on. Due to some of the research that I've done, I believe that it may be the case that the devotion of religious fundamentalists can be as much attributed to other factors as it can be attributed to an actual belief in God. Creating barriers between the external world and the fundamentalists' insular community is one factor. Think about the Amish tradition of shunning. Shunning has nothing to do with convincing you that God must really exist from a logical standpoint, and everything to do with creating social penalties for people who try to leave the community. Also, think about the fact that the most committed fundamentalist groups (again, the Amish being a good example) have extremely high retention rates. I think that this is due to the concept in social psychology where the more you make sacrifices for something, the more committed you will be to it. I will try to find the name of this phenomenon.

I'm glad that some people here are familiar with the concept.

True. In recent years these groups have assimilated more to mainstream culture and their average birthrate has fallen to under 3, but well above 2. The amount of effort it takes to isolate and indoctrinate women and girls from the outside world takes a lot of time for men in any group of whites with a birthrate very high above replacement. The men have to constantly make women deathly afraid of leaving the group and promise them rewards of an afterlife to kill their curiosity of the outside world.

Shunning doesn't work in areas where women can use the government for their protection and resources. A non fundamentalist religious subcultures that revolve around high fertility would have to provide a community that offers advantages to women in their 20's that a career oriented life with fewer or no children can't provide.

I'd like to wife up a girl into this. Where do I sign up?

You can do a search on wasp.love and filter the results by "quiverfull." There aren't a huge number on the site that frequently log on, but they are on there.

I'm naming my first child user. Thanks, I didn't know this site existed!

You can also take a look at whitedate.net
The search feature isn't as handy, but you can manually look for women who "want 4 or more children." No quiverfull option though.

For all of the groups that I listed in my post here , I was referring to these groups as they exist in the US.

My conception of this is that you have to find women who are interested in the idea, as I said here , or convert women. Then the community could grow mainly through endogamous growth, as the Amish have done.