Tucker Carlson criticized for warning Fox News viewers about ‘big news stations’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is being criticized for telling his viewers on Friday night that they should distrust news reports from the “big news stations.”

“If you're looking to understand what's actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they're telling you on the big news stations,” Carlson said, despite Fox News sitting on top of the cable news ratings for 197 consecutive months.

His comments led some to poke fun at his apparent contradiction and to also note the damage such comments can have on the public trust in journalism.
CNN’s Brian Stelter called the comments "sad," while Michael Barbaro at The New York Times called them “repugnant” and “literally damaging to our democracy.”

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Learn to make an OP you fucking dipshit.

If your system of government is damaged by shitposting maybe it isn't as strong as you believe it is.

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The public trusts journalism?

Your formatting is utter dog shit OP. That said, Tucker is doing good work these days. Better than 99% of the other normalfags out there.

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Your anime appreciation thread got deleted, not just anchored.
Do you feel in charge?

Heaven forbid that a journalist is criticized. Oh the humanity.

Tucker carlson is the only reason to watch television, and even then you might as well just catch his show on hooktube

What makes them think he wasn't talking about the rest of Fox News too? Tucker is hardly on the same page as the other fags at Fox.

Tucker Carlson is alt news.

Tucker hides his power level well.

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He was so close.

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Huh, should have gotten to the end of the thread. kek. Fuckin hivemind.

"muh democracy" to the modern left means undermining the will of the country's founders and their descendants, as well as total censorship of anyone right of center.
They even censored ol' boiney.

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Brian Stelter, from CNN, who told people only they could view the wikileaks releases? hahahahah

Looks like Tucker has swallowed a big redpill. Only question is, will he act on it or cower in fear?

He's a good entry level redpill but like anyone on TV news his stuff is still pretty surface level (not that I don't like the guy). To really get educated on what's going on people need to read books instead of watching TV and YouTube videos.



Just one? Don't you mean… 6 million of them?

harr harr

The left is complaining about it? After their criticism of Fox News. Those histrionic journalists can't take the shit that they dish out at others.

meh, jews giving themselves a news round but it's quite futile with 80% or so people already on that track, tucker saying it is quite the belated no shit also ran.

Will Fox successfully establish its brand as alt media?


Of course. But entry level red pills are crucial for the masses. They are the first step for those who possess the agency to push forward towards the truth.

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what if the jews are being metajews

broken news: kiwis terrorize innocent kiwis that cant move

Isn't that in the single digits?

Rats and sinking ships, they are infighting now that their scam is being exposed

/r/ing the Pierce webbum where he talks about WebTV voting being the future of "real democracy".

Not that he's right - of course, like any old white manpig, he's completely wrong - but the parallels here are worth noting, if only to debunk them.

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Nevermind, you worthless boyim, found mine.

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Fox is owned by Murdoch who is a Zionist Christian. You'd also have to fire at least half of their people (Baier, Smith, Gonzalez and all the other neocons). I wouldn't count on any talmudvision station being redpilled

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you may be useful at times Maddowposter, but you're still a faggot

their chutzpah knows no bounds


Yeah, noticed that. I don't know what happened, but he seems to be conscious of what's going on, and not just in a cash-in way like other talking heads. He never goes into ideologically dangerous areas (which we can't expect of anyone on television, we're not even to close to that yet) - but he tends to give a pretty good direction to look for normies on the edge of finding that first big red pill.

He's no Christian. If anyone was ever a baby-eating Molochist, it's that fuck.

Doubt it. Need sauce or you're a kike shill.

We need to meme into reality a campaign to "cut the cord" and get the Jew-news out of the home and away from the children.

If there is one thing we can do it is destroy the enablers of ALL of this shit which is the propagandists.



""""Officially"""" he is a Christian.

But in reality he's probably


Oh no that sucks.

'This fringe sh** makes me embarrassed to work for Fox': Seth MacFarlane hits out at host Tucker Carlson for telling his viewers to believe the OPPOSITE of what 'big news' reports==
Seth MacFarlane blasted his own network saying its news arm, Fox News, makes him embarrassed to work for them after Tucker Carlson said to distrust media
Carlson on Friday's show told viewers to 'believe the opposite' of whatever 'big news' says about whats going on in America
CNN's Brian Stetler also commented on Twitter saying 'tonight Tucker Carlson told his viewers not to believe ANYTHING they learn from his rivals'
MacFarlane derided Carlson's message. 'In other words, don't think critically, don't consult multiple news sources, and in general, don't use your brain,' MacFarlane tweeted.

how do we rid the world of this media propaganda cancer?? it's every single minute of the day, and with it being spread on social media and all other platforms a ELI comet strike is preferable

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no one gives a fuck about that guy , his words lack logic

Pretending Fox somehow isn't part of the "Mainstream Media" has been a neo-cohen tactic since Obongo's been in. It's all sham. Tucker is just as jew-owned as anybody else, his Daily Caller is currently claiming that Iran did 9/11.

Question is how many Whites are still plugged into jew propaganda outlets for this theater to matter.

(((Seth MacFarlane))) is such a lying piece of trash.

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Some retarded leftist race baiter race traitor bitching about one of the most popular news shows on television, as if he can force Tucker out and not the other way around. That guy should stop breathing.

Family Guy brings in more shekels for the kikes who run Fox than Tucker does, but don't worry, neither of them are going anywhere. Tucker plays an important role controlling the dissent.


Yes he's a jew, we get it. But he seems to be a repentant jew, who tried to expose pizzagate in the fucking 90s.

Family Guy is vile semitic filth. Embed is a clip from an episode where the pedophile character is a hero fighting "le ebul nazi".

Fuck off with that shit, nothing out of that slimebag yid's mouth has ever been for anyone's good but his own.

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Did you even read what you wrote, or think about it? He cast the people who killed nazis as pedophiles.

most of the characters in that show have committed or supported these acts… pedophlia, bestiality, rape, incest, race mixing, jewish supremacy, necrophilia, murder, theft, prostitution… the list could go on and on. its one of the most jewish shows ever conceived. (he also has a bunch of clone shows, American Dad, the Cleaved Show, and more in the works)

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The pedophile WWII veteran is the hero of the episode and the Nazis is the bad guy. Don't try to pilpul just because you're a fan of some shitty kike cartoon.

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It's \humorous when these manipulative propagandists speak of damaging "our democracy" when they really mean (((their influence))).

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i think it's telling that rather than writing "arbeit macht frei" over the gates of auschwitz, they just put auschwitz there.

they're basically saying they their their viewers are so stupid they don't know what auschwitz is.

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Also the slogan "Work makes/sets (you) free" fucks with the narrative of the shoah.

people shouldn't know what auschwitz is, at least not the jew's lie about it.

>Tucker plays an important role controlling the dissent.


It doesn't even have to mean that to them. They want you to feel bad for disconnecting from their patently "undemocratic" corporate news. That word democracy means nothing now.


Tucker's family made its fortune from Swanson TV dinners, full of garbage GMO ingredients sourced wholly from the agricultural industrial complex. There's a video from years back where he just tears into some guy over 9-11 truth, repeating the government's line verbatim. That he is so often and relentlessly shilled here despite all of this should tip people off.

So the mass media just told you not to trust the mass media? And your response is to defend the mass media because people might lose trust in them?

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The important thing about that is whoever it was (maybe David Ray Griffin?) made them play a video of WTC7, but then when he was on Jonestein's show more recently, trying to move somewhat into that lane, he pretended he'd never seen it. He also convinced his pimp buddy Dennis Hof to endorse Ron Paul, which was used to attack him.

I'd almost prefer it if he got kicked from fox because he'd be wildly successful and more free with an online career.

But he wouldn't be as visible.
Visibility is more important here.

Nah that was Cuomo: "it's illegal(!) for you to view wikileaks releases, but never fear, dear viewer - CNN is here to be the proxy between you and the truth!" Stelter is just a typical jew.

I remember my family criticizing me for watching anime, saying it was not normal.
They then sat through an episode of this shit where a baby gets pregnant with human dog hybrids that fall apart.
Got mad when I asked them how in the fuck that was normal.


what's the problem ? I'm sure the guys that perpetrated 9/11 and tried to cover it up will make things a lot better

whats the big deal about 9/11 anyway, only a couple of thousand people died, it's not like they spied on anyone or anything, they're real patriots

these based patriots even wrote the patriot act ! Now that's patriotism

Next episode could be the one that deniggerizes USA. Stay tuned.

Fuck off yid.

The appropriate response is to point at both jews and laugh as they get thrown into the oven.