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Can we have a moment to about the positives about America and its ideals? I for one like how it's the only nation where whites have gotten together and lived as one, not to fight against each other like dimwitted European peasantry.

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That's only because niggers imported by Jewish slave owners.

Can we have a moment where we don't have a cunt posting shit OPs? No? Get back into the fucking kitchen.

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burger here, love america. my family's been here for generations before America was an idea, but this is a terrible thread

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I admire America regarding that it was founded on social liberty ideals, which it is unique in compared to all of Europe, and even other Western commonwealth countries. That's about it.

Would Bandit Keith have been a Zig Forumsack?

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Daily reminder Seth is currently in witness protection
All will be made right in the end

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the founders convinced the drooling retards that they were fighting for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when in reality happiness wasnt the original. at first it was property. they fought a war to gain the founders influence and power and remove it from the king. when those who fought realized this and tried to do something it was crushed instantly, the whiskey rebellion. you really think those masonic niggers give a fuck about libertarian idealism? no, only the cannon fodder retards do. america has literally never been free.

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This seems about right.

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America is trash and always was. Thomas Jefferson and his band of faggot revolutionaries were the equivalent of todays radical left. "Everyone is created equal goyim" If only GW had donned a crown this country might not be so shit.

This. Modern American "conservatives" are really just the liberals of yesterday.

You're right. Following is from Wikipedia page on Natural and Legal Rights

When a monarchy becomes tyrannical and evil, the good people should rebel, should they not? Of course, if the monarchy was not especially tyrannical/evil but the people rebel anyway and just end up making things worse, like what happened during the French Revolution, that is bad.

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just concentrate everything in a thread. I love it

List of positives another America:

discuss american shit here

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Another plus is, unlike Europeans, we don't worship black dick.

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Leave the city please. You will find real culture
We were practically governing ourselves but getting pissed on by the crown/parliament. Our rebellion was to assert that free white men have rights. If the framers could see what we see today, they would be exponentially more radical than almost any of us here

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Fuck Hamilton and fuck Washington for letting H be the first to drive the banker's stake into the heart of the country.

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I like how LARP and throwing tism fits has always been a facet of American culture.

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turkey is the real bird of honor


Constant struggle and the ever present race against others to prove yourself superior is one of the key points that allowed European nations to reach their peaks.
"Peace" leads to stagnation and degeneracy, you don't have to fight a bloody war every damn weekend, but staying on your toes and prepared for the worst keeps you sharp.
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Prove it how, dumbass?
Not surprised in the slightest.


>Still the only country on Earth who planted a flag on the fucking moon and Yuropoors still need to lie to themselves and pretend it was faked to feel better about themselves

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What's wrong world? Why can't you stay ahead of the game? China has finally caught up to where we were 30 years ago. Big accomplishment. Now let us know when your country has rockets that can launch cars into space and then land themselves. Space is the next billion dollar industry and so far only one country on Earth is prepared for its commercialization. Guess what country that is?

The American revolution was started over representarion in British government. The Founding Fathers were more than happy to pay British taxes but King George thought he could Jew them over the "Virtual Representation" meme which nobody fell for except the biggest loyalist cucks. That said, you can't ignore the fact the 13 colonies happened to be the hot spot for Enlightenment Era political theory and science. The colonies were full of political theorists at the time. One can imagine the founding fathers provides the funds for a revolution so political theorists can execute their plan of government (Namely the Free Masons, whom are arguably the only reason George Washington was able to lead the continental army as his brother Lawrence was a mason himself and could promote him)

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I like the burgers and the no crybaby fight your way to victory attitude.

This is why the left is so horrible and is not really american. Its a completely different of crybabies

Oh look, someone else who doesn't know shit about American history.

USA has been kosher since day one and will always remain Israel's eternal ally!

God Bless America, yes… God Bless.

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