Bernie Sanders won't endorse own son's US House candidacy

"He's on his own."
- Bernie Sanders, referring to son Levi's run for a congressional seat

If Bernie Sanders doesn’t receive a Father’s Day card on Sunday, the reason might not be hard to figure out.
The U.S. senator from Vermont has declined to endorse his son Levi Sanders, 49, a candidate for a U.S. House seat in New Hampshire, according to reports.
“He’s on his own,” the elder Sanders told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday night, adding that he doesn’t like “dynastic politics.”

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Propaganda victory, its a news story and just below that snappy headline is a message of moral superiority. Kikes win, again.

Also most people didnt know he had a son, now they will.

The cuck does not fall far from the tree

I wonder how communistic and jewish his political views are.

Maybe that's why he won't endorse, too open about it.


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theory: he got the jew call that they're about to get shoad so he's trying to save his little kikeling.

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Typical for a leftist. Particularly the kind that doesn't believe in anyone having an inheritance.

You really have to be a gigakike to not even endorse your own son.

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Nobody fucking cares. This board is for Nat Soc politics and revolution. Domestic US controlled mainstream oppo politics are not interesting.

Gradually, I learned to hate ((((them)))).

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Look at the soy tits on that one.

These are fine since even the third Reich had a social safety net
This other shit is disgusting. We have one party that doesn't insist on pushing degeneracy down people's throats (as much) and bringing in more spics and taking away our guns but is happy to let the poor rot in the streets. Than we have the other party that pretends to care about the poor but wants to flood this country with more and more cheap spic labor and wants to turn society on it's head by pushing for more and more degeneracy and anti-white attitudes.
We really don't have any good choices here in America.

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Not what Jim says. Hes happy that people dont have to be "far right" to discuss "politics" anymore.

"He's on his own."

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Oy vey Levi you're just a boyim, you're still too young to fleece these goyim!

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Won't endorse his own son but endorsed Hillary after she fucked him over, ayy lmao.

(fucking quads)
His son didn't offer enough money for some R8 mods.

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Damn, those digits.

Apparently, his son hates him and calls him "Bernard" instead of 'Dad'

I don't.

His son would go full fucking Right if he wasn't from a kike family. People love doing the opposite of their parents as an act of rebellion.

You're leaving out the part where the population of NatSoc Germany was composed almost entirely of hard working high IQ German Whites with essentially zero blacks and browns dragging everything into the shit.
Pretty much. There's just the red ZOG and the blue ZOG.
We need a third option.
One that is not corrupted by kikes/ globalists/ marxists/ multicultists.
Some sort of "third position."

Damn his son looks as old as him.


True he looks more like his brother than his son.

Heil'd and agree 100% with everything you say.

It's ridiculous when people point to "socialism" in white countries like NSDAP Germany or modern Nordic countries and act like that is somehow relevant to the general analysis of "socialism" as applicable to giant, nigger and spic-filled, garbage countries like the US. There is simply no comparison between homogenous, hard-working, intelligent, responsible, trusting WHITE societies in Europe and hellholes like the US.

What we actually need in America is to split. We need a white ethnostate. Maybe a white separatist third party is a precursor to that, buta new nation is ultimately the only way.

That's solid parenting.
Fuck nepotism.

Except Natsoc Germany was almost 99% german ; on the contrary, your zionist non-nation is 50% "white" (i.e. multicultural white people) without common heritage. Last but not least, you have spics and niggers everywhere, and a serious immigration problem.

Solve your domestic problems first before giving free stuff to everybody (which includes parasites, neighbouring countries.. etc)



Your jewdar should have been lit up like the sun as soon as you read "Sanders".

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So he's just virtue signalling about how much he "loves democracy".

This. For the Berniebro base a loud refusal to endorse family IS an endorsement.