Net Neutrality ended on the 11th of June

My max download speed was 2mb/s (actual) and 5Mb/s (speedtest).
My max upload speed was less than 500kb/s (actual) and 1mb/s (speedtest).
It's 6 days later.
What was all that salt for libshits?
Because this is fucking amazing.
I truly hope this is at the cost of netflix.

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How are your torrenting speeds?
If some things got better I guess something else got worse, so what was it?

It was about saving money for netdicks and jewgle

jewgle and kikeflix used up ridiculous amounts of bandwidth but couldn't be charged for doing so.

not politics
fuck off to >>>/g/

There already wasn't "net neutrality" because king nigger (obama for the newfaggots) gave up ICANN to an international body.

Have fun when the pirate bay gets blocked.




get fucked with your blogposting OP

Net Neutrality was all about securing bandwidth for multimillion corps like kikeflix and google. They have to pay for their gay propaganda now and I'm glad.

Has it ever occurred to you that both Google/Netflix as well as the ISP's are bad and they both have their own agenda to fuck over consumers in different ways?

everything started during the obummer administration should end.

He wasn't as friendly with Israel, should we have ended that policy?

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in what way was he less friendly?

lol okay kike

ISPs don't blacklist you for views like Google and Twitter does.

It's one thing to take government money, it's another thing to refuse service to the citizens who are funding you.

Netanyahu hated him and he was opening relations with Iran. He was still kike puppet in most ways and often did their bidding but he at least didn't gobble circumcised cock with the enthusiasm that Trump does.

can you provide evidence to support your claims?

Oh yes oh yesssss

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Capitalize something and make it a proper noun, and you can redefine it as anything you want. The leftist idea of Net Neutrality is not what you think of as net neutrality.

We already did

sure he can, jewish media.

Theory: After neutralizing the Norks diplomatically, Trump will do the same with Iran.

The kikes will not like this, and will do everything to prevent it from happening. They may even try to assassinate him again.

so unfriendly grifting bucks for israel kept rolling in, us military kept rolling on as the israeli foreign legion for the eight years of obummer, half of the obummer cabinet being jews, particularly middle eastern affairs, yeah, I'm sure the story of how netenjewho hated it was all it was cracked up to be.

Has it ever occured to you that I don't give a shit that they're both jewing people?
Has it ever occured to you that I go into this understanding I'm getting ripped off for my internet and that's a different fight?
Has it ever occured to you that I care more about fucking over jewgle than spectrum?
Has it ever occured to you that while jewgle is a large multinational, the ISPs are many factors of ten larger? They have centuries of owning politicians, jewgle has fewer than 20 years.

134 mb/s down

11 mb/s up

You mean the fact Obongo refused to invade Syria for the first jewish false flag of Assad gassing his own people,whereas the orange kike jumped at the chance to bomb syria for isreali gain and cleared the routes for isreal to start bombing Syria freely without any defences.

Obongo still did the same things every other US president has, pushing the Marxist envelope, gay marriage, promotion of all the poisons, drugs etc to enslave the dumb goyim, it was just the Iran/Syria thing that obama refused to do for isreal, but that's still one refusal which Trump will never make.

There isn't any dispute or debate about it, Trump is isreal's puppet.

I posted it again goyim :^)

Multiple times as far back as the late 90s, ISPs have throttled users for using websites, services and even platforms that are not in their pocket's lining. With that said don't expect the ISP kikes to begin Jewing just yet. There's still court cases in regards to Net Neutrality and state sanctioned lawsuits as well.

thinks /g/ is relevant here. Hello newfag

Obama's administration bombed 200 Syrian soldiers
Trump hardly killed 5
Your argument is invalid

Honestly if you're really American [and not an isreali trying to make Americans look like retarded MAGApede spastics] you pretty much sum up why we need America to die for the white races to survive

I did not see a single place on the internet complain about net neutrality except plebbit and the people who were posting about it knew nothing about it they just agreed with the OPs posted by shills because the posts were on the front page of reddit.

PC broke so i'm missing out on most news. What's this about net neutrality? Wasn't it a bad thing for everyone?

But apparently if google and netflix get fucked by it it's a good thing? Won't normal users be next to fall under ISP's kikery?

A lot of people can't seem to remember that Obama was for the repeal of the regulations originally and it was only massive public pressure before the election that got him to change, asking them to remember all the way to the 90's is a stretch.

Did you miss the whole ISIS getting completely fucked all sides or what?

ISIS = US/isreali mercenaries

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How about we just nuke the whole mideast? No more pilpul about how we need to not blow up sandniggers if there's none left.

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Yeah and they have been pretty much eliminated since Trump took office. So your previous point makes no sense.

the internet is an upward spiraling catastrophe.
you don't get to say when you can turn it off.
sage kike

The only problem is israel [and the rest of the jews spread worldwide], who only exist today because of their control of America

Yet the jewish media is full of reports about ISIS attacks in Syria and across the world, despite the European mainland attacks being mossad

If you're just going to ignore how ISIS has lost almost 90% of it's territory since 2015 I don't see any reason to continue talking to you.

There was no winning with the whole NN or not debate.

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Horribly wrong. The whole middle east is a genetic timebomb. 50 generations of inbreeding will not easily be removed. Best to just simply make it a crater.

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You're a dumb nigger. The fact that you have said nothing about Kang Nigger Ohomo's (((CIA))) funding ISIS proves that you can't say shit. Kang Nigger gave Israel the best birthday ever, ISIS.

ISIS hasn't been stopped worldwide or in Syria, the US is still training and arming them, Trump just approved $6.6M for the White Helmets last week.

Because of your position being that of a retarded pro-ZOG MAGApede should automatically disqualify you from posting on any matter of any consequence, doubly so on post-Imkampfy Zig Forums.

Admittedly America, isreal's chief protectorate are equally a problem for the world at large.

Obongo and Trump work for the same team [isreal], only Obongo even was capable of saying no once to Netantahu,whereas Trump hasn't the capacity to even do that

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What was it 1-2 years ago?


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Wew! thanks cuckchan!

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Sorry lad, but your D&C does not work here.

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Why won't you start with Israel?

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Yes, we're back to deep dark days of early 2015. Never ever listen to libshits, even if it sounds reasonable.

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June 20 will be a good day for you.

Obama was an Israeli puppet too. He was brought up through Chicago politics by Rahm Emanuel, who is literally a mossad agent. But Israel had to pretend that he wasn't their puppet for show because they know that the left is not fond of Israel. But Obongo still armed all of their moderate jihadist terror cells.

The US is truly a third world country

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Obama's mother was a Jew whore

You raise your daughter not your mother

You coming in from cuckchan?

He was not 100% pro-Likud, and was slightly critical of Netanyahu, but was still a Zionist-owned puppet president regardless. Trump, on the other hand is 110% pro-Likud, and doesn't hesitate to deep throat Netanyahu's circumcised cock.

Also, to get back on OP's topic, net neutrality is still regulated, but the FCC just plays a smaller role. Punishment and fines will be handled by the Federal Trade Commission instead.

>I was totally bragging about that and not the increase gained since (((Net Neutrality))) was kill
Come on Zig Forums I know reading comprehension is hard and all.

US speeds fucking suck. There is a difference between the US and any EU country: look at the area. The EU is just shy of 4.5m square kilometers while the US - a single country - is just shy of 9.65m square kilometers.
Try harder please.

So there's actually a fucking bite to that bark?


The ISPs have been around far longer than the internet. Fuck man, did you honestly not know that?


Ah, you've been posting from the year 2077, at which time the the foundation of Bell Telephone will have been two centuries ago.

The very first American ISP was "The World" and is younger than I am.

19th century
20th century
21st century

Yup. I'm correct. Fucking retard. Can't even into English.

Not Zig Forums just a actual whiteman with fiber

Where's US military presence in Syria? Where's US deciding what Syria should do? Nowhere. False flag 1 was over a year ago, false flag 2 nearly 3 months ago. Good luck convincing me this is a good situation for Israel.

Reminder that Jewish and government agents here try to stigmatize "blogposting" because they don't want anyone talking about anything important in detail. they just want you to self-censor into making tweets and soundbites that don't add anything to discourse.

imagine how insane you'd have to be to legitimately read something and then take the time to complain that it took you too long to read it.

Jesus OP do you live in the middle of nowhere?