Colleges must be stopped

Colleges must be stopped.
Not a white soul to be seen. Read these descriptions and prepare your ass for hurt. The state of burgerland.

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Don't laugh, it's probably in all anglosphere universities now.

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sage because low-effort thread.

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Not yet.

But this left-pushing agenda that is currently being pushed in American universities influences the way it's done in in Europe.

My hope is that you end up so knee deep in liberal shit on your side of the ocean first so that we can point out howwe shouldn't end up with the same

If you're in any doubt as to the absolute state of colleges, lay your condemned eyes on this nightmare:

It's a collection of actual academic articles. These are not unpaid submissions to huffpo or the root. These are actual peer-reviewed writings by degreed academicians published in reputable institutional journals. I suggest being seated before clicking.

Learn to make a proper OP

bro that's not baby-fat, that's the shape of her skull

I said would be user, not is.
Anyway, maybe you're right, I sit quite away from my screen, probably should have zoomed in a little.

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necromance Pol Pot from the grave they will be no more

just say the word.

Actually, all western Unis are suffering with 'diversity'.
Australian Unis are absolutely horrendous with left-agenda "academics"

Burgers are cowards just like germans: big talk online, meek sheep IRL - and when shit hits the fun, all hands down with the ZOG.

some days I think Pol Pot was on to something


Reported for blatant D&C

OP needs to be banned.

That's a funny way to spell "the entirety of Australia".

Of all the places lost to the relentless tide of poz, Australia is in my opinion the saddest.

I love this country and it pains me so much to see it go like this. It's fucked.

Breeding futures: masculinity and the ethics of CUMmunion in Treasure Island Media’s Viral Loads


In a recent interview, pornographer Paul Morris claimed his studio, Treasure Island Media, is a ‘laboratory exploring the vital sexual symbiosis of human and viral DNA’. Departing from that claim, I examine his porn text Viral Loads to explore its implications for thinking future-orientated masculinities and community formations. I claim that Viral Loads forces us to rethink modern ideals of individual autonomy and bodily integrity, and alludes to alternative community formations enacted not by holding something in common but by relentlessly giving and exchanging foreign matter. By depicting ‘loads’ circulating between bodies posited as interfaces, Viral Loads gives us a porous and impure form of masculinity. In so doing, it breeds a queer future in which community ethics becomes an ethics of CUMmunion, a ‘cummoning’ with strangers that is offered as an alternative to the politics of self and other.
KEYWORDS: Bareback, masculinity, HIV, immunity, community, posthumanism


Oh, not to mention…

The best part is this is from a britbong university.

Fuck you user, i just throw up my breakfast reading that. Spolier next time, Jesus fucking Christ

Colleges have always been lefty terrtory, most of our college sudents prance around vocalizing marxist kikery. I almost join then once, in my darkest years.
The worsr is, you still want a superior education but have to cope with endless walls covered with endless propaganda, panphlets in the floor and bugmen giving them out on every entrance, funny colored goblinas entering the classrooms spewing when this march or this college counsil election is.
Worst thing is, professors are mostly conservs, like its only the alumni. Its like once a generation of marxist shits sat in, then proceded to convert the next gen, so forth and so on, in an endless ideological shit fest.

The reason the left use so much word salad to (((explain))) things such as modern art and things like the quote in your post is the same reason their memes are so weak:
They are LIES
The Truth does not need some long winded (((explanation))) it is obvious at a glance.
jews, muslims, academia, commies, leftists all need long, complicated webs of deceit to pass off their falsehood and evil in a way that the unwary will accept, believing they are listening to someone with more (((expertise))) than them.
The old saying "bullshit baffles brains" is most accurate, and too many people just go along with it because they are too lazy to investigate facts for themselves or too cowardly to argue with someone they think is more (((educated))) than they are.