What would a typical undermench look like?

What would a typical undermench look like?

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pic related, weebfaggots.

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How would you even check for those things

It's unter fuckstick.

Oops faggot

It's mensch, lazy halfwit.

Indeed it is, I was just irritated with the mixing of English into it rather than the typo.

This is why LARPing is bad, kids. Someone will always call you out on it.

In the future just say "subhuman" OP


Look in the mirror, OP.

.webm related

You mean Üntermensch?

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Look at their face? Half those signs are facial features.

>>>/soyboys/ was created for detailing exactly what you're asking for.

Get your shit together, faggot.

Here's a sample.

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Yep, it's soy. Anyone that looks like Jack Pattillo, you can be sure is chock full of soy

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Its interesting how I genuinely can't tell what sex most of those things are.

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I unironically don’t get the soyboy meme
This shit is bad genetics, no amount of eating garbage will turn you into a cuck

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Where do soy genetics come from then?

Probably being a racially ambiguous amerimutt who’s body can’t regulate itself and doesn’t value physical and mental training because weed and cum is so much better.

Being a fat fuck and doing nothing about it is a mental illness, so in a sense it’s genetics.

ever been to Melbourne?

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A Zig Forums mod.

It's more like there's a weird association with soy and literal trannies/cucks/etc. The term, like cuck, has extended into a general insult more than anything else, but still rooted in a basic concept nonetheless.

It's still unclear if it's the direct cause of faggotry or is just symptomatic and further aiding existing faggotry, though.

someone got pics of that one speedrunner tranny that had a fridge literally full of soy? shit was a prime example of Poe's Law

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Reminder that this THING is probably demon possessed and the soy only fuels further corruption. It changed its name to Narcissa Wright.
You can't make this shit up.

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Untermensch doesn't mean "subhuman" though.