Very interesting sexual morality in Tolkien's books

Tolkien's Elves do not have extra-martial Sex ever.

So you might think that Elves probably don't have Sex a lot, if they can pinpoint the day they had sex at 1 year ago, which is true, but your Elf-Waifu would probably have enough sense of duty to fullfill her martial duties with you as a Human.

Anyway I am not so sure about the rape loophole though, so better hope that it's not rape according to the feminist definition of rape.

Btw Elves are at a very limited expiration date by times they appear in the book, because they start to fade into the spritual world. So they become invisible. But that doesn't necessarily have to put and end to the possibility of marrying an Elf.

I think that's really interesting, because it shows how extreme and degenerate the West currently is. If you were to fomulate that as an ideal morality or even write something like that again today, you would all know how it would be received.

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I had it saved and she was the closest thing to an Elf I had saved.


That seems stupid because the books specifically state that elves don't know where human souls go after their deaths and they envy them. Elves are inherently bound to the fate of Arda, while Men are not.

That is true, but you forget that Elves become mortal, if they marry a human or alternatively if they are Half-Elves, they can choose to be human and mortal, rather than an Elf.

That is why Elrond was so worried about his dauther loving Aragorn. Elrond is a Half-Elf too btw, but he choose to stay an Elf. It's actually interesting, because that means there is no concept of Half-Elves/Quadroons like some fan obsess over. They choose a side and then they are done.

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Something about:

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Read the last sentence in the OP.

I claim Deedlit as my elven wife

"Muh moraletee!"

are you sure that's the word?

In real life some elves are degenerate too

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Well, marital sex can sometimes be quite martial.

Elf society has been corrupted by mainstream mass media, owned by different dwarven clans. They are so degenerate that they call anyone who stands up for their right to exist a Dark Elf.

You know what? I am a Dark Elf, if that means I don't want to just sit by while orks burn our cities, rape our she-elves and leave us only very out of the way forests.


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it's low effort bait

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Who are you kidding nigger? This is a topic that belongs in QTTDTOT. I love Tolkien's works, in fact I consider him to be one of my favorite authors but this shit does not deserve its own thread.

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Well, Finwe remarried after his wife died giving birth to Feanor, so theres that. Elves are also not so opposed to incest either, as Maeglin totally wanted to bone his cousin before she zoned his nigger Sindar ass.

But Feanor had seven sons, thats prolly more children than any one elf ever had come to think of it. So yeah, elves do the sex a lot.

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If literally some of you out there believe in norse mythology, then you have to believe that elves exist anyway.

MODS not politics move to /b pelase

elf lives matter right

Hmm. How does the Elven Afterlife work again? it's different from the humans. The Humans basically leave the planet and live somewhere else, while Elves are bound to the world.

I wonder what happens to her soul. I guess he can have two wives in elven heaven, but to my understanding Elven Heaven is a physical place that exists. I don't think there is an Elven Super Heaven above that.

Yeah, but that's the maximum world record.

And cousin marriage isn't a big deal honestly. It's not really incest incest.

Because I get called a Dark Elves by the other Elves, who get brainwashed by dwarven-owned media and am tired of the state of Elven Society.
I am a Dark Elf for wanting to actually fight back and not just flee to remote forest regions that get burned down to fuel the heaters inside the very cities the humans and dwarves took from us?
And how I am a Dark Elf for wanting to use our weapons to actually fight them?

Even Moorcuck, who was a literal commie, wrote a story about Elves being pushed to the last stronghold and finally using their advanced weaponry to just completly genocide the Humans in self-defence. Our patience will run out some day, Human.

Tolkien was a master of languages. There's no coincidinkies when it comes to "Gollum" being so similar to the word "Golem" (Jew slave).

FYI - JRR Tolkien was BFF with CS Lewis - also a devout Christian, with Christian morality

Turin Turambar married his sister tho, but he was a human. Tbh though elves are probably so genetically clean they probably could do their sisters without any collateral damage.

You see elves either live long enough to fade, or die and end up in the halls of Mandos, or DIE die and end up with God if they decide to give up their immortality.

Indeed they certainly do

Around these parts we make sure we don't offend them when laying roads in their lands. The very least we can do.

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I'm more ponderous about Heinlein's fat business around sexual liberation. I'm not sure if he was urging it or simply prophetic. I think he may have just been a weirdo but his work is all over the place.

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I mean, I think its fair to say that dark elves are probably just dwarves. But light elves are described as being so beautiful they have to be akin to angels in Christianity.

Also looga dis

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It's not even about bad news, or Hortler, it's about comparing fucking fictional books from almost a hundred years ago to today's culture.

Fictional, not even historical ffs.

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Yes obviously the early christians had to season their bland religion by pretending the elves are some sort of winged beasts living up in the clouds. Same with their holidays.

That is telling half the story. He didn't know, untill he killed himself, when she revealed it. He was a cursed, tragic hero.

So you can have multiple wives, if you remarry if one dies?

Also don't Elves have the ability to just live again, if they want it (but rarely actually do)?
I read that somewhere randomely and haven't been able to confirm it.

But whatever. Tolkien probably didn't think to deeply about how you would meet both of your dead wives in the afterlife. Even if he did, he is careful about making it this information getting out in a plausible way. He even says often how these stories probably didn't quite happen as they are told.

Now we Dark Elves are ugly too. Why don't you just buy into dwarven propaganda more and say that we are all dungeon-dwellers too and never see the sun?

The idea was that elves might stay in the halls of Mandos for a long long time before coming back to Valinor, but I think Finwe's first wife died the hard way.

Regarding Heinlein and not to entirely derail, there is work such as this, what is highly aware of what it is.

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I think its also apparent that Tolkien knew who (((their))) true god is too.

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Was there ever an Elf who used the opportunity to be born again?
Do they have to be born into families of their bloodline? Why is there no material on this?

is this like in christian mthology people staying dead untill judgement day, where they are supposed to be resurrected again?


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Well, the halls of Mandos are like purgatory, and Feanor gets released after the final battle of middle earth, so its safe to say they probably get resurrected in some way or another.

But they do exist regardless of whether you believe in Norse mythology or not. There's an actual language strongly related to old Norse called Elven which still exists in Sweden, in the region known as the Elven Valley.

Here's one of the first short articles I found in a search for it:

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That's a really long time though. It's also said that buried Numenorian Kings would rise up again from their burrows. (I am curious which side they would fight for, because many of them were evil/corrupted in life)
Sauron himself would be able to manifest himself into a body again and Melkor will find the door from the void to Middle-Earth again.

It's weird that people speak of the potential for Elves to be resurrected again, but then it's never actually used.

Thanks. Now I know where my future wife was born.

Don't forget to learn the language first to preserve it.

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It's her genetics I am interested in. I am going to teach her German.

The true master race.

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hmmm good points all around (((OP))) ,let me just add a few more…

1. Elves aren't real. (no woman can ever measure up to an ideal fictional character)

2. sex outside of reproduction is degenerate, stop acting like a nigger with all that "muh dik" shit.

3. Stop watching the electric jew

4. don't ever marry anyone without a clear definition of rules and needs in the relationship. also a prenuptial agreement. and hidden assets. always have a backup plan in case the woman turns on you (she will always have incentives to fuck you over, as long as the laws remain cucked).

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hmmmm, martial sex…..

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wow, like pottery, you sure showed him.

Nah, we will share everything. I am just going to kill her, if she ever leaves me. Obviously that's the best and most rational strategy. :)

Why are you even all replying? Seems like a noise-to-signal situation. I don't even reply to that kikery on hobby boards.

The winged man visualization of angels comes from Zoroastrianism, nordicuck.

That, that just sounds like a trigger phrase.

That's the approach I take with my girlfriend-fu: try to screw me over, and I commit couples sudoku. It gets complicated if you have kids, but I guess that's where the madman game theory comes into it: it still works if you can convincingly make the threat, children be damned. I hate to be like this, but we don't have any other options in the current environment.

Just don't think about what if. It's more about keeping you relaxed and sane and not about actually doing anything.

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There is, they are called Númenóreans. Elrond's brother Elros who chose to be mortal was one of the progenitors of the Númenóreans.
They were taller than both elves and humans and lived several times the lifespan of regular humans.

He was given permission from Manwë and Miriel because of the exceptional circumstances surrounding Miriel's choice to die.

Her soul went to the halls of Mandos like all elves but her body was placed in the Gardens of Lórien where it remained until she chose to live again.

Elves can't choose to do this, it's a blessing from Ilúvatar. He only gives this blessing to elves that marry mortals.

On the contrary, she came back to life after Finwe's death to record the deeds of the House of Finwë.


That's actually a very common misconception and in this context even downright wrong, because I proved that Elrond is a Half-Elf without being a Numenorian.

A Numenorian is a super-human without being an Elf. And no, it has nothing to do with his elves ancestry. That is cheapening the Numenorians as "just Humans who are only so good, because of Elves". No. Humans have superior bloodlines in their own right too.

That's at least how I understand it, because the other interpretation has too much to do with half-breed autism.

you must be a nigger.

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Yeah, because I was totally serious about that, right?

The courts said that if you put a smiley behind a controversial statement you OBJECTIVALLY said it as an ironic statement.

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There are no Numenorians without elven blood, they are half elf, half Edain and the Edain were just regular humans.
They are also part Maia because of Lúthien.

They are descended from Luthien. That doesn't make them part Maia.

Also since how Half-Elves have to basically choose between either being a full Elf or a full Mortal, I don't think the concept of mixed breeds apply to people, who can no longer choose.
They at that point are human and from what I can see it's not the elven blood that makes them unique. They have something unique of their own.

I don't know, I just really dislike the concept that fans put out recently that Numenorians are only so awesome and badass, because they have elven blood. That really doesn't sit well with me. Maybe I am biased, but still.
You might as well. Also there is reference to them having long lifespans, because of their loyal service.

Record of Lodoss War, the character is Deedlt.

Being a descendant from the daughter of Melian the Maia doesn't make them descendants of Melian the Maia?

I don't think that's the case.
The more closely the bloodline is related to Elros the longer they live with the kings living over 400 years while commoners only live 300 years.

It's complicated, because in mythology often can create monsters/humans/etc by procreating and the resulting race has so different qualities that it would be just weird to even call them half-god, but rather a new race entirely.

I just read that in the wiki, when I tried to find arguments against that.

After some reading and searching it turns out that it's not the elf part that makes the Numenorians special but being descendants of Luthien.

Or to quote Tolkien in one of his letters explaining why Aragorn can use some magic.
It's probably because of their connection to Luthien that Numenorians could use spells in making swords. (Tolkien asked this question to himself in one of his letters.)

The Magic in LOTR is interesting. Lots of active and visible magic in LOTR is about construction and making things. Like making swords for example.

So do you think Luthien was responsible just for that or literally everything that makes the Numenorians unique?

Very few swords were actually magic though tbh

I mean the other thing is that elves weren't bitch bois. Feanor was like, 9' tall and more muscular than any race of man, because Noldor elves were basically super saiyans.

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that's still cuckime.

the only elves that arent bitchboys are in warhammer.

Can the elves in warhammer kill balrogs?

elves are our allies in the fight against the ZOG empire.


You N'wah!

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