Germany is being sued by an african organization for the African Holocaust, claiming that 100,000 africans were killed in the early 1900's by German concentration camps.

If successful, this could set US court precedent for other countries suing for gibs in US court.
Looks like a Jurisdictional Nightmare and should be Dismissed under Piper v. Reno.



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this thread sukz

I can understand suing France but fucking Germany? The niggers don't know shit about history lmao and for just 100k? The US can be sued for the millions they killed in the Middle East from the 21st century alone then lmao no way this will set precedent.

The fact that they couldnt get the cucked occupied BRD GmbH to submit to them means this won't go anywhere.
I mean, fuck, they still have some balls to tell the polish subhumans to fuck off with muh Holohoax.

I'll be honest, I'm actually looking forward to the kikes kvetching over this. While one of them is probably the rat whispering to the niggers to do this, I actually want to see where this goes.

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Shitskins rank several rungs bellow niggers in the Opression scale, only TransGay Otherkin rank higher.
Syria's shitskins tried to appeal to the International comunity to no effect.
But KANGS? Diferent story. Watch Wakanda rip apart Germany.
And before any fucking idiot think this shit is fun or "good" in anyway, if it goes through, expect every nigger country to ask for "muh reparationshuns" from europe.
It's not enough for us to feed their young when they wash ashore, now we must feed their old too, back in their countries.

An opportunity for Patrick Little.

Thank you America!

isnt this what the hauge is for ?

The Day of the Pillow is coming soon.

At least provide a reason.

He will not because critical thinking is too difficult.
At least some people try and get word out about news like this whereas that poster is content to collect replies and eat some more chips.

My thoughts exactly. The issue is that modern US courts are apprehensive to dismiss obviously irrelevant lawsuits because they will be rayciss and not vewy fare to the Wakandans. Even waiting to dismiss the suit immediately encourages those wanting gibs to keep trying until they find the magic words that gets them a venue in the US.

Theoretically yes but the US has a history of being sympathetic to cases of this nature. There have been cases that allowed funds from german sources to be diverted to holocaust survivors and as a separate issue, forIranian Bank funds to be held against the Iran hostage deal.

Same here. I hardly think that the Namibians thought this all up by themselves. Germany still has to make the motion to dismiss and pay their international lawyers–making them have to at least acknowledge the suit.

True, it likely won't go anywhere, but it encourages others to try the same scam until they get something.

The US of course won't open themselves up to this, but is encouraging the application of these suits by not immediately dismissing the case.

Things that will never happen:

I guess this gives me the right to sue Mexico for Mexicans bringing drugs over the border because Americans are dying of fentanyl

Yes, I agree. I am mainly speaking to the Court's accommodation of these kinds of cases which is windmilling the narrative that Europeans/Whites have to gib gibs.

No, because that is not for historic grievances

The USA has no business to judge over other countries.


No, because that would acknowledge the jurisdiction of a New York court over Germany.

Sorry, only non-whites may be awarded reparations. It's a complicated legal thing and you wouldnt understand :^)

By international law no country has jurisdiction over the other, despite what many Amercans think, here too.
That principle is called sovereign immunity.

You have no idea how niggers are viewed in Germany.

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well said

Its always just whites,because they are the ones that actually pay up.If you go ask for gibs in any of this nations they will straight up tell you to fuck off.

I am surprised here in portugal,the niggers arent more active trying to get reparation gibs for "muh slavery/colonies n shiet"

Niggers are viewed as "untouchable" in Europe. Yeah, no KKK around, but we avoid them.
Don't really hate them though, but we don't mix with them either :^)

"White mens burden",niggers more than everybody love their gibs

In COMMIE parts of Europe, thank you very much.

smug doggo

still tho,people here dont have to be afraid of trucks :)

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Define "commie" parts of Europe that isn't east of Ukraine?

In contrast to the Holocaust^TM the Namaqua and Herero "genocides" actually happened the Herero were totally asking for it tho.

And here I thought that they will find a way to sue Germans for Belgian Congo.
Instead they do it for shit that the British coincidentally invented in the same year.

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One step closer to the situation we need for the legal system to unperson niggers. They'll pay out for eternity to kikes (till Fuhrer 2.0, anyway), but I doubt this will stand.

Nothing happened, but niggers being retarded.

What happened is that they have found diamonds in German South-West, so the (((Anglos))) needed to liberate the niggers their from German oppression, like they liberated the Boors land.

For that purpose the English did what they can best, create atrocity propaganda.

How do you explain Monika Schaefer, then?

Albion perfidiousness aside, propaganda does not need to be entirely fictitious. There were some conflicts with the native , the Nama, population as well as the typical bantuwagon parasitizing niggers ,the Herero, in which Germans might had been partially at fault or at worst overreacting to typical niggery.
With a median Zig Forumslack amount of critical thinking and an overview of the (((citations))) that's all you need to learn about the situation.

It is.

The local nigger tried to get rid of the Germans.
For that purpose they massacred the German settlers, men, women, child.
When the cavalry arrived, the nigger did run.
Smart as the nigger are they thought correct that the Germans can not follow them into the desert, because no water.
The Germans army camped at the local sources of water outside of the desert and would not leave until the nigger will capitulate.
The Nigger discovered they need water like the Germans. Going into the desert with all of your people men, women and child maybe wasn’t such a smart idea.
Finally the nigger decided to capitulate in desperate state, Germany imprision them in camps.

Anglos: THE HORROR SHOCK ITS ANUDER SHOA HOOLOOCAUST we noticed they have found diamonds on your turf, we need to protect the nigger from you

Kek if this keeps up the UK will need to owe Native Americans Fifty Trillion quid for the hundred millions and all the bad stuff we did plus centuries of interest. The Hun bastards won't even pay Poland, the very reason for the war and these subhuman niggers think they deserve anything?

So when can the Boer's sue the British Government for the concentration camps during the war that happened at the same time period?

That implies whites have human rights, though.

Are you retarded? They did steal a quarter of Germany! steal a quarter of Germany, still being a poor nigger, complain, gibsme dat rebarashions

I think they're suing Germany because they're an easy target. In Germany it is a taboo to advocate one's own country or people.

Then they establish a precedent and sue France, etc.

In this case, America isn't doing that. We're just battering our ragdoll puppet we call Germany, which doesn't count as a nation because it's actually a military occupation zone.

You missed the biggest one.

"International jewry is being sued by White people for creating marxism and the USSR and being directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, while being lying rats and blaming it all on Whites."

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of traitors. They kind of asked for it setting up this bullshit Zig Forums utopia. kek

Why sue ashes?

But we already do, it's called development assistance and all the other fancy names by whom they channel money into the shitholes all over the world and on top of that the EU recently declared their plans to double the issues in Apefrica.

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for one thing op didn't even say what court it's in. Minimal background fact is missing. low energy.

The Hague of course.

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the US didn't lose WWII.

Yeah, we kind of did.

to send a message

Imagine this shit with every ethnic group suing the shit out of everyone else. Spanish start suing Morocco and vice versa.
How the fuck is the current German government even responsible for the last one that got over thrown.

The USA also didn't "win the war", Zionist jews, aka the allies, and communist/Bolshevik jews, aka ussr won the war, the goyim died in the millions.

The US lost Vietnam so I guess that means they can sue for the millions of lives lost and all the rape and war crimes oh and the US STILL hasn't won in the Middle East so kek

Perhaps you are not as familiar with US jurisprudence. Point taken though. Next time I'll include more detail and background info.

That's the mess that whites are currently facing with affirmative action policies. Why don't white's get free college in israel?

To be fair, one of their leftyfag handlers could be the one who actually encouraged it. But the fact they're getting uppity and challenging the kikes on victim status is what makes this worthwhile. So enjoy the shitshow and get the cock out of your mouth. Maybe then your brain will start functioning properly.

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Once again, niggers put their hands out and demand free shit from Whites.

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As long as they return the cost of infrastructure, medicine, culture and various other costs of institutions, effectively making niggers work for us, forever.


Fucking niggers, kek

The gollum pitbull of the Jew

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I just blew my own mind holy shit check this out.
The African Holocaust never happened
but it should have
and some day it will

I think you should kill yourself, OP

Force germany to use the black-nazi defense!

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You forgot that their head shaman told them to kill all their cattle in the desert because their gods would grant them victory after such a great sacrifice.
It didn't work

I missed that.

The kicker of this colonial endeavor was, that the colonies did cost Germany much more than it gained from it.
The only ones profiting were the shipping company, owned by a jew.


Inform people about the Afrikorps.

Far too many people swallow the lie that Hitler wanted to kill Blacks, adding to his demonization.

Has nothing to do with Afrikakorps, which was relieve operation for the Italian colonies in North-Africa.

That Negro in a German uniform is an Arab. See the coat of arms on his arm. There was a small Arab-Legion, of Arab nationalist fighting for Germany. They made no impact in the war but after that had some influence in Arab nationalism.

During WWI a large number of local Africans did fight for Germany in Africa. Approximately 10.00 Askari and their German officer held off a, at least ten times as big, allied force.
Germany continued to pay them soldiers pensions after the war.

Of course most of what the Anglo world tells about the Germans in Africa is as fictitious as their stories about WWII.
Of course the German left is raving made against the Askari and tries to eradicate their memory because that destroys their fiction of suffering Blacks under German oppression.

He's clearly black.

We The People should sue the US Federal government for reparations on the failed Emancipation Proclamation: we want our money back for the purchase and foundation of Liberia, and we want damages awarded for every year that niggers weren't actively shipped to Liberia.

History shows we had the money and the ability yet stopped shipping our ~400,000 niggers back to Africa after ~15,000 niggers got to Liberia.

I don't disagree.

Germany lost WWII not France. Losing side pays reparations, silly.

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Then it "lost" not lost. Didn't see Vietnamese taking Washington and hanging all US top authorities.

>Even the most cucked media can't hide the fact it's the fault of an "other", backed by (((international finance))).

Oh, user…

Maybe you and I have different definitions of wining.

For me, France is a third rate power behind Germany asking Germany for gibs. That is Macron asking Merkel for a joint economic policy, taxation, so that France does not collapse before Germany.

That would have left Germany as the last man standing, with the UK a similar fate than France.

To prevent that Germany was purposely flooded with sand nigger and nigger in 2015, in order to drag Germany down on the level of France and the UK. Germany was still in better ethnological shape, after decades of attempts to flood them with scum, than both “winners of WWII” in Europe.

Go back to reddit, faggot.

Yes it did, by entering. It is under zionist occupation. They will happily give the niggers more of whitey's tax money.