Pedophilia going Mainstream, getting promoted by leftist talkers

Where were you when Zig Forums was right again?

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I saw that on youtube and reported it. The advertisers should probably know their ads are being shown on a propedophilia video.

I was on Zig Forums.

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Black Trans Green Giant any day now. Srsly though Ive got a folder full of this shit about leftist pedo pushing.

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Good. Let it accelerate. Pedos will be burning soon enough. No one accepts childfuckers except other childfuckers… no one.

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I expected this would happen ever since open faggotry became a thing/

Okay I wont be lazy, let me get the caps.

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Disneys owned by jews too btw

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Hollywood is leftist and Jewish of course.

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Here where I always am

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This is sickening.

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Story of my own life user.

She’s a self described “radical student with a background in psychology”, nothing about her proposals for integrating pedophiles into whatever her concept of the society of the future is should come as a shock. Also, shit OP.

I disagree. Naive people, especially college students like the woman in the video, would be accepting of pedophilia if it meant embracing tolerance. Just look at the presence of children at Gay pride events. No one seems to publically question why children are not only present, but promoted during these gatherings celebrating sexual identity/degeneracy, or why the LGBT community utilizes imagery (such as the plethora of brightly colored flags) that activley appeal to children.

This is very true. If you go to jail and youre a child fucker, crips and bloods got not problem coming together for a moment to beat you to death.

She is clearly a pedophile. A (((psychologist))) is a pseudoscientist.

The antifa one is probably fake but who knows when antifas official position is pro pedo. Even if its fake, its real. Just like Elie Weasel said.

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Heres the related.

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The only reason the woman in the video is 'tolerant' is because she's a pedo. When it boils down to it, no sane people support violating small children who have no comprehension or understanding of what is happening to them. Why do you think people turn aggressive when pedophilia is mentioned? Because sick people are telling you to your face that you should allow them to touch and rape your child whose tiny body can't even handle an adult, much less their mind.

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Watch how her entire argument is
I feel like this is a common script used to get the general population to accept degenerates. And watching this pedo thing is going to be a way to see how they run their whole thing from the start.

I feel like it's a basic formula other people can use

Why would they want to normalize it when it's the way they control their slaves in political and powerful positions?

At least that's why I figured they allowed pedos to go freely why attacking nipshit. Can't have an outlet that hurts nobody.

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You’re right, no sane person would, but with an influx of progressive bullshit melting children’s minds, how many will be left to say “no” in due time? Think about what the presence of homosexuality in the Media has done for their public opinion. Many have abandoned their race, their families, their communities, and their morality for cheap thrills advertised by Hollywood.

I’m not saying it will happen, but it very well could. Perhaps I just lack faith.

So brave.

Because that was how they controlled their people when the body of society at large was noble and upstanding at some level. Now, just the threat of being removed from the tit of the system is likely threat enough. Free degeneracy for them all for life as long as they toe the line, and line that explicitly supports and defends them doing what they do. Its very likely that old entrapped political's still had some semblance of shame and an soul, those placed into positions of power now are unlikely to have a shred of it.

The fucking, killing and eating of the innocent, child or adult, is likely just an litmus test now more than an detractor to be held over their head. The way these psychopaths can find willing and able sociopaths.

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A lot of normies are already accepting child abuse normalization under the guise of transgender propaganda. I just saw a young boy the other day, about 4-5 years old, walking around in female clothes with his father. I must have looked like pic related and I felt like I had to physically hold myself back from stomping the father's head.

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Exactly. She chooses a 19 yr old who has his life together (probably from a rich family judging by his profession) and it's probably because he has a lot to lose and doesn't have enough wealth to get away with it that he doesn't want to hurt children. That's not most pedophiles, and most if not all pedophiles would fuck kids if they thought they could get away with it.

Notice how she also compares pedophilia with HETEROSEXUALITY. The clever dyke didn't say homosexuality because if she did it opened her argument to people discounting homosexuals and pedophiles as illegitimate. So said heterosexuality to say SEE THEY'RE JUST LIKE YOU TOTALLY NORMAL.

You saw this in person and didn't take a picture to use here for rage fuel OC?

Enabling pedophiles to damage little kids is a very effective way of destroying a society by creating a bunch of broken, fucked up adults. A form of blackmail to end a political career is a dime a dozen, no need for them to hold back on pedophilia to save it as a form of blackmail when so many other ways to end political careers exists.

We have already hit peak homosexuality, and they know it's no longer going to grow and be an effective means to destroy Western culture. So they've started looking at other things to use. They've been trying with trannies, but it's clear it's not going to work. There's not enough of them, and people just don't like them. That, and their existence has a lot of situations where it directly contradicts their other beliefs. Like their claim that men are equal to women, but then an MTF can join athletics and dominate all biological women.

Not to mention going trans requires a lot more work. So you have a "bigger market" by trying to convince people to be pedos and to try it with a kid than you do getting them to cut off their cock and replace it with an open wound you have to work the rest of your life to keep open.

At the very least, their push for trans and pedos is a sign they don't believe their old methods are going to keep working. The old degenerates like interracial, homosexual, etc. have reached saturation and they know those ranks aren't going to grow much more going forward.

For cases like homosexuality and trannies, it's taken about a generation for them to make things acceptable (at least in shit like media). But I feel like they are under a lot of pressure and will push this a lot quicker. If pressure is applied against this every step of the way, it should be easy to stop it. But the fight needs to start now and it needs to persist, because these people want to destroy the West through degeneracy. Notice how this kind of shit only happens in the (((West)))? They shift from fad to fad and use it as a means to damage Western society.

Hypothetically for a book I am writing, are most sexual offender registries available to the public?

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I watched the whole thing and they make the point pedos should "come out of the closet" so they can get "treatment" including "medication". Increased visibility is always good and if you can get people to voluntarily out themselves and get chemically castrated it should be a good thing.

There's lots of parents who rape their own kids or trade them with other sicko parents.
How do you think kids can get abused for so long without their parents finding out? It's not always priests and /b/tards.

How do you know for certain? Are you sure it wasn't just a really ugly little girl?

I think it depends on the State.

we need to meme the pedoscare and bring back macarthyism to this.

Make it leagal to just jail someone if they mention pedosexuality.

Even bring in the idea of this being tied to communism and just make it "the new red scare"

invading america:

-how to alert community of communist and pedosexuals
-alerting about pedosexuals in the government (this can be used to just shame liberals and commies and kick them out of office)
-how to teach your kids to warn others about pedosexuals and report them to the police

back in the 1980's there were child porn videos all over USENET, hell I think the was a group called alt.nude.preteen and alt.non-nude.preteen and no one made a big deal of it.

Hmm. Is it still the case that pedophiles who have abused kids have to announce themselves when they move to a community?

No user this is a bad thing and this is the same way they got faggots into the mainstream. They said the same thing about the gays when they started letting them into greater society. "Just come out of the closet for your own health and for treatment". Once it was the norm to come out of the closet they suddenly started saying being gay was normal and anyone that disagreed was a bigot. This is what sparked the march of gay rights. Before this they were restricted to shady parts of town, bathhouses, and glory holes.

Notice how even when out and accepted they still cruise those shady parts of town for sex. Notice how they do not settle down and get married preferring a degenerate lifestyle of multiple partners, anonymous sex despite the thread of AIDS, and notice how this is all called a culture and something to be proud of.

Pedos should stay in the closet and be shamed if they ever so much as peek out. They have to know that their behavior is wrong and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. They have to live in fear that if they were to act on their thoughts they'd be strung up from the highest tree for everyone to see.

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Their whole shitty little scheme is:

Again, I believe that also depends on the State/municipality

Of course Zig Forums was right. The problem isn't that we don't know what lefty subhumans are up to or trying to accomplish. They are frightening easy to figure out and predict. The real problem is that people are reluctant to believe that awful things are happening without evidence. Unless it's already happening and directly affecting them, normalcattle will deny everything. Even when they know it's happening, they'll either try to downplay it, or they are so acclimated to the steady spiral of degeneracy, that they have become 'open minded' towards this kind of shit.

We're long past the point where we should have been dragging these people into the streets and hanging them as a warning. Evil people need to fear punishment. They shouldn't want to show their faces in public, let alone attempt to weasel their way into social acceptability.

So…like jews?

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Damn. Should be universal.

Underage girl who befriended 200 men on internet 'could fill a prison on her own', says judge
A 13-year-old girl from Fife in Scotland is at the centre of a paedophile probe after contacting around 200 men online and exchanging indecent images.
The judge's comments came as he jailed a 25-year-old man for four years as it emerged that he was one of around 200 men that the girl had befriended and been 'sexting'.

What point are you attempting to make?

you are a fucking moron, I made my point

only 4 years , he should be killed for talking to a girl that is underage on the internet

She puts emphasis on people being born pedophiles
but a lot of them were molested as children. Also,
a lot of the so-called virtuous pedophiles end up getting
caught with CP or actually molesting (or attempting to).
Getting people to accept non-offending pedophiles
is just the first step.

We should still meme LGBTP+ into a thing, though.

How do you know they knew her age? She could have been claiming to be 30 yo.

Because if that was the case it never would have led to an arrest let alone prosecution. They knew.

the Jews arw promoting this dhit and all of you dumbasses are chiming in hook, line, and sinker…. with the #MeToo bullshit and Harvey Weinstein scandal, now, you can't even tell a female she looks "nice today"

you're all 15 year old morons.

How has this not turned into a dunham/nyberg thread yet?

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this bullshit means 25,000 - 50,000 new cop Jobs nationwide

Get out of here you faggy shill. I don't feel sorry for those 200 men, there are plenty of other women out there who have actually finished puberty that those 200 men could have sexted with.
fuck off, I was just saying how this is exactly what they'd do, and you're doing it. Same fucking script used to push homosexuality.


So billions muslims and the nigger africans (who literally fuck babies thinking it cures aids and shit) ? That is literally the world we are heading towards these child-fuckers has too many allies among shitskinned subhumans .

that is because you work at some Sheriff department and this is another honeypot shill thread. Go fuck yourself Mr NSAman

Not true. If you have nude images of an underage person on your computer, it counts as possession of CP regardless of whether or not you knew they were underage.
Even regardless of whether or not you knew it was on you HDD, for example, people have gone to jail for thumbnails of 17 year olds from porn site catalogue pages that were still in their temp folders.
Dozens of people for Zig Forums /b/ have been arrested over the past 4 years for this very thing.

A problem I can see is how much can get one put on a list. How many stories have you heard about "man takes a piss in an alley at 3AM, gets put on sex offender list" have you heard? Even "sexual imposition of a minor" can be "18 year old sleezebag asks 17 year old if she wants to fuck at a concert". Considering who runs the court system…


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I bet you at any given time there are more than 100, no more than 250 cops nationwide, watching this group noadays.

the FBI had BestBuy's Geek squad scanning everyones laptop that was brought in for repair and paying finder feees/

Sorta. But I still feel the same about pedo's as I do gays, something that only low IQ people fall into thinking its ok. If a bunch of fucking idiots want to say "I'm pedo please accept me" they aren't getting invited to my fucking barbecue and they aren't gonna be working at my kids school.

People don't really "accept" gays or trannies these days anyway. I work in a liberal shithole and we still dont invite the office tranny to our after hour get togethers. They are just a legally protected class.

I wonder if some entrepreneurial geek squad member started saving them, and then adding the saved CP to customers computers to increase the number of 'finds'?

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

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Dumbshit, learn to fucking read and into context.
1. If the kid was posting as an adult there wouldn't be underage awareness or pictures.
2. No one getting spammed with CP gets arrested if they report the shit like they ARE SUPPOSED TO.
Keep kvetching pedo, your time will come.

It's dance guy from it's always sunny in philadelphia

There's a lot in that background user.

sounds good.

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People are acting like this is some new horror story. Shit has been going on for years, All that has changed is the police state is greater, more intrusive, all knowing, and criminalizing every aspect of everyones lives. My boomer cuck parents were telling me how on the 4th of July in the 60's & 70's they'd fill a cooler with beer, get on the boat, go fishing and water skiing, cook out swim in a lake and now, damn near all of that either requires a permit, a license or is illegal.

A lot of you faggots call a 15, 16, 17, year old girl a minor and cringe when you see images of such. Truly fucking pathetic what the USA has turned into.

And there are rapist dindus put in the lowest category while those drunk pissers in the highest because they are white. There was a thread about a trafficking nog who was supposedly not a threat after molestation conviction. He was put in the lowest category and had his info removed because of the category. Fucked up shit.

You must have missed the part where I said

Keep making excuses, pedo.

GTFO faggot. You made no point. You want us to feel sympathy for men that are talking to underaged girls on the internet. They all should be hung from trees including the 13 year old girl and her parents.

How to avoid getting locked up for this:

Fact is in a normal society with morals and rules of courtship none of this would have happened. But if we had those faggotry is also not tolerated. Which is obviously what you promote: faggotry.

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except that part that matters.
Pic very related

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Not too small to tell, although that could very well happen. But more hard to tell the difference between a 17 yo and an 18 yo.
Also, if the catalogue has hundreds of thumbnails, then the chances are that you won't see it.


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If anything breaks the camels back it'll be this.
Normalfags can rationalize fags and trannies because it doesn't directly effect them, but if you suddenly have 40 year old greasy bearded men showing up asking for their children, I imagine any sane individual will draw the line.

If the normalize pedophilia like faggotry and there isn't a massive backlash, then things were never going to get better to begin with.

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God, all I want is equal standards for all. That used to be something you took for granted. I asked people at my old job what they would do if they won the lottery. Most of them said that they would pay off their debts, buy a house away from the city, buy a reliable car, get their kids into better schools, and help out their parents. How fucking terrible is it, that we hope for what was the norm?

Similarly, the FBI is the most prolific and longest running distributor of child pornography in the United States.

Exactly but the bitch in the OP video brought up a 19 yr old. 19 yr olds aren't as disgusting as a 40 yr old fucking a child

That's like saying that drowning is better than burning to death, because at least if you drown, you won't die thirsty.

Daily reminder all christians should be burned alive.

Is there any info on Mirjam Hiene herself?

This is a good idea tbh.

It's not ACTUALLY better but to a naive public it's easier to digest. Just as having some feminine wench spewing this garbage makes it not reek so bad to the retards in the audience.

kike and/or mudslime detected

Christfaglet detected

Liberal bullshit. Equal standards is what got us here. Women don't deserve equal standards to men. Non-whites don't deserve equal standards to whites. It's that simple.

Yeah, I guess the revulsion against women molesting boys is lesser than the reverse, because the hedonistic narrative that all boys should be glad to fuck anything with a wet hole has been pushed for so long.

Sorry to tip my nonexistent fedora, son, but I'm an atheist who sees the merit in the guidelines given by mainstream Christianity. A dyed in the wool Christian is more likely to be a good and righteous person than almost anyone else, in my experience.

is this fucking real?? ive seen this organization's ads before and they just promoted homosexuality… something needs to be done about the promotion of homosexual degeneracy. this is a mental illness and should be dealt with accordingly.

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Mirjam up there? Kikess. She's also using ASMR to lull you into hypnosis. Hence why the audience said and did nothing.

kys kike on a stick

Literally no one could have predicted this. 6 days old and I'm just hearing about it now?

Lots of people predicted this. I even predicted this. It was the next step after transexuals. The pedophiles were already out at rallies, Ted talks have had talks deleted before for bullshit content and I hope this is one of them.

Of course. Child prostitution and whatnot were all the rave during the Weimar years. Full circle.

You say that like it matters. The arguments for open acceptance of homosexuality were contradictory. Compare the american gay activist talking heads to the European ones.