Trump Admin wants Arab Money to help Israel it seems

Trump Administration Will Ask Gulf States to Invest Up to $1 Billion in Gaza Economy

>Most projects, like port and solar energy grid, planned for northern Sinai near border - Sources: (((Kushner, Greenblatt [Orthodox Jew] ))) will raise issue on upcoming Mideast trip to generate momentum before peace plan unveiling

>WASHINGTON – The Trump administration is trying to convince the Arab monarchies in the Gulf to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in economic projects in the Gaza Strip, in an attempt to (((calm the security situation))) there and generate momentum before the (((White House))) presents its (((Middle East peace plan.)))

>According to Israeli and Arab sources, the idea will be raised when (((Jared Kushner,))) Trump’s (((son-in-law))) and senior adviser, and ((([Orthodox Jew] Jason Greenblatt,))) the president’s special envoy, speak this week with the leaders of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

>According to these sources, (((Kushner and Greenblat)))t hope to secure funding from the Gulf states and the cooperation of Israel and Egypt in implementing the (((economic projects.)))

>The White House declined to elaborate, telling Haaretz that the administration “won’t discuss (((specifics))) before the conversations have taken place.” Kushner and Greenblatt are heading to the Middle East this week for talks focusing on both Gaza and the administration’s upcoming peace plan.
——-Declined to elaborate on a Jewish Plan

>According to the sources who spoke with (((Haaretz,))) among the issues (((Kushner and Greenblatt))) seek to tackle first is the energy supply for Gaza, which has suffered severe electricity shortages and disruptions in recent months.

>According to Israeli sources, one option being discussed is a solar energy project that would serve some of Gaza’s energy needs. It would be built near the Egyptian town of El-Arish in northern Sinai. The sources said that overall the (((White House))) hoped that somewhere between $500 million and $1 billion would be raised.

>“They want to secure money mostly for (((things that can be done right now,)))” the (((source))) said. “This is seen as a way to create a better reality in Gaza, and to showcase success and progress ahead of the presentation of the (((Trump peace plan.”)))

>Among long-term projects to serve Gaza would be the construction of a port in northern Sinai and the building of a power plant and water desalination plant. The general framework of most of the projects is construction in northern Sinai near the Gaza border. Such undertakings could create jobs for (((thousands of Gazans.)))

>Some of these ideas were first raised by (((Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yoav Mordechai,))) who until recently was the coordinator of (((government activities in the territories.))) Mordechai represented Israel at a Gaza conference at the White House earlier this year.

>As (((Haaretz))) reported last month, the (((plans being considered))) include a (((new industrial zone))), (((desalination plants))) and (((plants making construction materials))) in northern Sinai.

>These ideas originally ran into skepticism from the Egyptians but are now gaining renewed interest, especially if the (((White House))) can indeed secure funding from the Gulf.


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Make Israel Great Again

White race needs to die faster.

You win the internetz

Impeach this cuck already. CIA obviously has videos of him diddling Ivanka when she was a kid.

I'm hoping for impeachment now, since at least then he will go out as sort of a martyr, instead of going out as a failure and a cuck. It will validate the views he claimed to support.

You are fake news.

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Up late, tel aviv?

That website is a treasure trove of Zionist Activities…..

All this talk about Trump promises and he still won't go after Saudi Arabia and worse he's a kike shill on top of that. He's a weakling with little hands we need a real man and not shillary to lead but who?

Him getting elected was good, most nationalists continuing to support him instead of trying to push further than him after the election is where everything turned into a bad joke.

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The Q-Tards will think you are Zig Forums

Holy Shit
My ID…

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Exactly. I don't know if they are just dumb and think hitching their carts to trumpism is a good strategy, or if they just do it because they know trumpcuckoldry brings in the shekels (most likely the latter). Regardless of the motive, it has been disastrous for white nationalism. You can see a clear regression from where we were at a few years ago.

Q tards unironically think that Saudi Arabia is BASED now because they allow cunts to drive.

Upon reading my 1st reaction was - I know all about crypto kikery with the saudis so it's kind of jewing the jew as well and if pissrael ever attacts gaza they just break their own investment & it's good anti kike optics. If the "saudis" say no it makes them look bad … Me like

Checking Adolf dubs & if you honestly think islam is about allowing women to drive in sand nigger ground zero you're mistaken & must be watching msm. The point of islam is submission & women are the bottom …

That's a good thing.

It is & that's why islam cannot be subverted at historic & it's current stage. The west is done because men gave in - woman - nogs - & beans have wayyy too much power because of women voting

You can't usher in faggot culture without the roasty population - but it's hard to blame them because most are idiots, & also we can kike hate all we want but 2,3, & 4 generations put this fight on us. That's why islam is airtight -

What's wrong helping Palestine? By investing in infrastructure no less


Its just 4D chess guys! Lets give Israel a ton of money! Checkmate kikes!

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>supports (((feminism)))
>supports (((Trump)))


This is probably true. It's why she gets her way all of the time.

It's certainly a rather unique chess strategy to continuously suck on jew cock and ally with the Saudis and isrealis who are actively seeking to destroy the West

But like based Q-user says, we should all do nothing, and just sit back and trust the process of jewish destruction of the West.

Remember to truly MAGA one must on occasion help assist the enemy kikes with the complete destruction of the West for jewish gain… or something

In b4 some MAGApedo spastic comes along and says

The Gaza does not belong to Israel, and they routinely bomb it.
This has nothing to do with helping Israel, and the Arabs in general would never shell out for anything that did.

So what are you on about, (((OP?))) Looks more like a VERY poor attempt to denigrate an action that thwarts Israeli power by claiming it somehow favors the filthy Jews everyone hates.
I notice you have a slew of (((first-posters))) now, too, instead of just one…did your Soros check finally clear?

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Has it ever occurred to you that if President Trump regains stability and decent infrastructure in the middle east, it not only encourages all the "refugees" to move back? Add to this the growing hatred for them in Europe, and why would they want to stay?

Not to mention that stability in the region would completely thwart their attempts at creating a "greater Israel," because 90% of that scheme is to maintain chaos in the surrounding countries, giving them an excuse to move their armies in (the Jew cries out in pain as he hits you).

As for the Palestinians, I'm not really sure what can be done for them, at this point. Getting the Jews to hand over power to the Palestinian Authority is a farce, as the PA is controlled by Jews.

Bring stability back to the region, first…then, catch the Jews in enough false-flag attacks on themselves to show the world how they operate, and you'll do more harm to them than any other strategy.
In the meantime, work to purge central banking from the world's nations, and do all you can to take major media out of their hands, and THAT'S how you trash Jewish power.

You can't fight them while they have the rest of the world empathizing with their self-declared "plight." You have to dick out the head of a tick, if you want to really get rid of it.

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rong. RONG :DDD

Gaza is not Syria. Paying off Palestinian leadership will allow kikes to focus on Assad. Gaza is not Apefrica. "Stabilizing" the Middle East will do nothing to thwart the flood of niggers.

Greater Israel mean regional control. They're not going to redraw the map. They're going to redraw regional policy to fit the kike agenda.