Unified Trade War Thread

Who knew the race war would start over soy?

This board is getting shit up with multiple threads for every country that's imposing tariffs on US goods, so this can be a decent containment thread. I'm sure there will be more countries soon.

The timing of this all is completely beyond suspicious. Like the Gamers Are Over debacle, it's pretty clear the participants have all been chatting in the background and plotting the moves that will bring big, bad America to its knees. So far, the enemies who will deal the death blow to the formerly mighty American economy are:

Obviously, these yapping little pups have banded together with the idea that American voters will get spooked and vote Democrat in the midterms. The always-loyal media are playing along with lots of stories about how "Trump's tariffs are hurting Iowa/children/his own votes/his chances of reelection/the American economy". What they overlook is that these countries are run by fags, and we'll get every penny we're owed if we have to pick it up out of the ashes of their ruined cities.

So, ITT we can brainstorm ideas for hitting back. Here are my suggestions:
Impose 1,000% tariffs on everything they sell. Make a speech at the UN about Taiwan rejoining, and press for Tibetan autonomy (that one is so we can see Hollyjew fakes backtracking of their Free Tibet bullshit). Offer to walk it back if President Xi declares himself un-President-for-Life, just to fuck with them. Recognize Vietnam's claim to the Spratly Islands.
Build concentrationdetention camps on the border. Put all the esoterics who are clogging up the legal system in them. Give them a choice between voluntarily self-deporting, or staying in the camps while their court cases get slowly processed. They will be maintained on bread and water and daily calisthenics to motivate them to drop their cases and just go back to Mexico with their families. Do this x 12 million.
Open dialogue with Pakistan about resuming nuclear testing. Draft a global warming proposal for the UN that would basically make it illegal to live in New Delhi. Promote Sikh independence. Impose a ban on H1B visas.
Ask politely. If that doesn't get it done, outmaneuver PM Cuck by forcing China out of Vancouver's real estate market, to the relief of native Canadians. Start trade negotiations directly with Canada's provinces, which is allowed for some reason.
Use the US Mint to print $10 trillion in convincing fake Euros, then wash them through the Vatican Bank and buy T-bills to lower our debt for free, while destabilizing their fake economy. Offer a $100 billion, no-strings-loan to the UK for just walking away from the table and declaring independence without a settlement. Do trade deals with Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, and the other member states that are willing to break EU hegemony. Sign a defense pact with Russia. Take Poland's offer to build a permanent military base there, then make a loose remark about defending the country against German aggression. Remind everybody about the Holocaust and tell the Germans they should be ashamed of themselves. Demand France de-nuclearize.

Just some ideas. What are yours? Where are we going next with this ride? Is anybody here tired of winning yet?

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Judenfrei first comment.

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See and then die in an oven, wall-kike

Damn. I wonder who will send aid money to Israel when America goes bankrupt.

The memes jack

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It's a containment thread, not a topical one, Kampfy. Accept your diminished status.

I believe the plan is to pivot over to China once the US is sucked dry.

The US is the by far the largest consumer in the world and second largest producer. This is all posturing by every nation involved to not look like massive pussies… but it'll be symbolic at first and then quietly lifted.

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literally tarrif everything they send, US producers benefit, checkm8

Was the plan until Hillary lost. Blonde women are Chinese only kryptonite. They seem impervious to movies about simple. po' Stankdawg's problems. The jew plan for world domination is officially over.

If you want to make an actual containment thread, you should at least provide the key information that is in the other threads.

A containment thread is not a bad idea, but you need to actually fucking try at it.


There are very few US producers left.

Lel, you're a nigger.

I think that's the point. Combine a trade war with zero-interest loans to white US citizens who want to start up their own companies stateside. Be fun to see how spicy those foreign assholes get overnight, as our growth hits double digits.

I had a nice talk with some non right wing person today, from what I understand here is a problem that in the whole social sphere of economics, with companies, people are more afraid to invest lately. As the investings are decreasing. Is there any truth to that I wonder?

This is now an anime catgirl thread.

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Depends on the investment. There's a huge difference between stocks, bonds, commodities, and other instruments. Basically, any money you have over what fits in your savings account has to be invested in something.

Global report for being a pedo. Also filtered.

not sure which kind of chart he was looking at, but it made me wonder, about really long term prospects (beyond the jew) if that is even possible. There are still actors which are rarely controlled by the likes of the kikes, like china. Who are currently gobbling up nations (resource rights in africa, housing in Australia, perhaps even more there). As we are fighting these nearly domestic disputed of boring information warfare, outside parties are making good use of our lack of attention towards them quite a lot…so I wonder…should we expand our reach still to further pastures too?

Good idea user. Keep the catalog clean. Hopefully mods will compile all other threads into this one

You should start a trade war after you have productive facilities and as much self-sufficiency as you can realistically manage. At the end of the day, China/Japan/Germany already have the goods. If they lose customers, they just make less/earn less, assuming they don't find new buyers. Their internal demand is already completely met.
There are barely any White people left in the US among those young enough to start businesses. Their workforce would be almost entirely brown and full of people with zero experience or any frame of reference at all to the industries the US would have to bring back almost overnight and build from scratch. That's without getting into how ludicrous the idea of ZOG giving zero-interest loans to White people is just on the face of it. White America is the exact target of harm in the last century of ZOG capital. They are never going to willingly hand any kind of power back to that group. It risks the possibility of a genuine settling of accounts.
I don't know how much sleep anyone is really losing over it. I'd imagine Germany got spooked when Trump threatened to ban all car imports over their refusal to follow israel's policy lead on Iran, but I'm sure they are putting out feelers to see how much China/Russia can buy.

I don't think we should rule out a military solution. Mexico and Canada in particular have benefited immensely by our good conduct, despite the fact that we could crush both in an instant. I say it's time to use our might on Mexico. Canada just needs to be reminded of the possibility, Mexico has earned a few bombing runs.

The US military basically is Mexican.

Combat troops are mostly whites from the South or the Midwest. There are a lot of worthless diversity hires in administrative or logistics, but those don't matter.

That is the literal brazen brass neckery of the common garden jew boy

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Tell yourself whatever you need to.

I guess you're right and we should give up. Our situation is hopeless, and we were fools for making Canada angry with us.


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and to iterate further, can we breach the financial meme market of sorts? At least impact their dialogue? The corps are fucking notorious for being fuckwads.

I have no idea. I'm not a Jew, so all my money is tied up in gold certificates and spare batteries.

a good number of those countries import food; they won't be winning any trade wars.

I'm not really telling you to give up. I'm trying to get across that we aren't in the "tweak this, incentivize that" portion of this episode. We're in the "running gun battles in your fucking neighborhood for decades and possibly centuries" portion of the episode. You're just dicking around at the edges talking literal nonsense.

An organized changeover to industrialized, indoor, hydroponic farming would solve that.

You're doing great bro

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I think we are somewhere near the top level (of discourse, ideological and global spanning), and often on the bottom level (to that of ordinary people of sorts). But we are rarely even on the second level (to the tune of economics, trade deals, sanctions etc) A whole nation worries often lie in the second realm, which can make or break economic growth, or gdp. Investments probably are a good indicator of that I wonder? The problem is that I went to /biz/ on cuckchan and its mostly just scams and garbage. Funny enough I found this thread


and am reminded once more that forecasters as I am trying to imply here are garbage…but having a loud and retarded voice…is often making many of these "forecasters" quite big, and arent we good in this realm?

Thinking long term, this will just serve to discredit protectionism in the future after Trump's presidency is widely considered a failure. When he loses in 2020, they will just say "see, goyim, globalism was right all along, you should have listened."

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It's very unlikely Trump will lose in 2020. The rust belt states (plus Colorado and West Virginia) he needs to keep or flip would be greatly benefited by tarrifs. Add to that a good economy and possible peace with North Korea and I don't see a lot of scenarios with Trump losing. Especially since I don't see a Democrat candidate capable of standing up to him.

He's 80 years old. The CIA will put something in his water to make him start convulsing and barefoot stankdawg will win.

We're going to need more foreign workers to do our manufacturing at home - better open up those borders!

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False. It's almost certain that he will lose. He will not be able to maintain the level of support that he had in 2016, where he only barely scraped by, because a lot of his base has seen that he is full of shit.

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Call me when even one state can pull off a burka ban

Good thing Trump already expanded H2B visas then :DDD. And will be meeting with house Republicans on Tuesday to endorse amnesty :DDDD. 4D chess #TrustThePlan

Not until we ban the kosher clan from our lands can that ever be done, which makes the kosher conservative love on here [/pol] look rather jewish.

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We don't have to, we see more parts of the military that you spics do. Nice try though.

I'm not a spic.

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Is that one of Trump's jewish kids?

Right, you're a kike.




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You have to look at the state numbers. He won by a margin of only a few thousand votes in multiple states.

Obama's "landslide".

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That spic in the second picture looks like the pothead spic who stole some guy's tv while deployed in Afghanistan. If you live in a tent in Afghanistan with two dozen other guys, the chances of you getting away with stealing a tv are not very good. But Jose had the courage to go for it. He lost the battle for the tv but I'm sure there are plenty of other spics in the good goyim military stealing shit cuz spic instinct says go for it. Weeeeepa.

For example, he will have a rough time holding Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2020, both of which he won by very narrow margin.


Trump is an idiot who is going to completely destroy America's soy farmers with his ineptitude.


306-232 isn't much wider of a margin than what Bush topped Kerry by. I think you've got to get well over 300 votes to be in landslide territory. Pushing 330, bare minimum.

Trump has failed to do anything about Juan, about leftists shutting conservatives out from social media, and is presumably about to endorse the biggest amnesty in American history. He will not be gaining new voters, and will lose a lot of his former voters.

The only thing that's certain in the last and next American election race is that Trump was the jew's selection for their jew world order

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The steel tarrifs are very popular in Pennsylvania, especially Pittsburgh. And we can lose Wisconsin if we gain Colorado.

He's shifted entirely towards bribing brown people. Like I pointed out here White America is basically a mortal enemy to guys like Trump. They can't, at this point, do anything substantial because they run the risk of empowering a people who could want an honest settling of accounts. They already used White America up on their failed zionist wars and now they are trying to lull them to sleep with false hope and hard drugs, while making sure all economic growth goes to jewish-owned concerns and brown workers.

There is no "we." I am not a member of your jewish political party.

Holy Fuck! Hasbarafag is dual weilding VPN's right now.

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>lets recognize (((Taiwan)))
Not sure if OP is a shitposting leftyfaggot or kike

That's just emotional propaganda, dude. Statistically, he has not significantly impacted the demographics.

Fuck those commies
Give it to the Philipines


The jews always get what they want, and they wanted Trump. That doesn't make Hillary a better option, but we can't ignore the fact that Trump is 100% /theirguy/.

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On another note We Should tax the absolute fuck out of all Western Union Money Orders going to Mexico and Central America. Then we send them straight to hell for harboring MS-13.

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if other countries refuse to trade with us, we are encouraged to become

Yep. Filtered.

We should just ignore you.
Because of your dumb bullshit, when he actually does cuck on something and you try to alert us to it, nobody's going to believe you.

Where's you're kampfy now, jew boy?

There are the same boots on the ground that have been there since Obama.

Theres been boots on the ground in Syria for years and over Syria helping our literal commies for half a decade until this day you dumb faggot.

Trump even signed off direct funding for Jihadi terrorist organizations again.

These people have lived here for years, do you really want them gone (((fellow Christian)))?

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the only way to fix esoteric immigration in a humane manner is to give them amnesty… no more esoteric status, now they can be citizens!

what's wrong with the pic? People wanted a wall, they got their president respecting the wall.


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holy fug im gonna make so much money off of this shit. keep imposing tariffs and announcing it beforehand you dumb faggots

commodity futures ftw

I wish waifus were real, I would be fucking them.

situation is X
call me when Y


Like one of the anons say, trade ware can only really kick off when we have the capital and businesses to kickstart our manufacturing again. There's also a nice long list of local laws and hiring practices the Jew used to keep new manufacturing plants from opening back up in America. Yeah, I get protecting the environment is important. We had the cleanest most efficient plants with the best quality goods at the time before closing and moving factories to China.

And I hate to say it but we're going to have to pollute a bit of land and have shitty but fair work conditions until we rebuild the capital we need to run optimally again. Plus there's lawyers ready to sue new opening businesses into oblivion. We need to adapt the laws.


Hahahah you missed getting goy-free first post.

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That map is inaccurate

the shill reveals himself again

fuck off CIDF

Trump and America Forever

Time to pay up, rest of the world, whatever the fuck your stupid, shit country names are.

t.rural retard

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Argument is X
X=(Not an)

I should have known. Make a thread that has something to do with globalism and money, and watch the kikes parachute out of the sky to derail with a bunch of hurr-durr-Drumpfy-wall.jpg.gif.jew pictures.

It's funny how the force that used to move nations is now only half-successful at distracting shitposters on a Papuan cave painting forum.