So I did some digging, and it appears that North-Korea is still fully under the control of the Japanese as a result of the aftermath of the Japanese occupation of Korea (Kim Jong-un is a confirmed Jap). The Japanese themselves are fully under the control of the same jewish/shill banksters that own Wall Street and the FED, ECB, BoE, IMF and thus as well the Bank of Japan (Japan's Central Bank). Hence, it was a psyop nation meant for fear mongering all along, together with it being used by kike/kike shill torture institutions such as the CIA.

Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.

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It's true that North Korea is CIA state.

many nork children were cannibalized this day

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OP is a kike and NK fought and died to oppose the kike agenda. The absolute state of Zig Forums.

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Also the Jew fears the Samurai.

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Here's a video worth watching if you haven't already.

Looks like one of these curry nigger disinfo "redpills"

You are definitely on to something op. The jiidf shills are really against it so you must be on to something.
Their shill playbook has been around too long.

Funny how these claims of NK being kiked are just now coming out now that they are no longer hostile to the US.

As I said, the Central Bank of Japan, which was founded in the 1880's, is owned by kikes and shills, thus the Japanese have no control over their own money and thus over their own country. This is concrete, objective, factual information.

See added pic.

Hitler worked together with international kike banksters and was a Zionist. The BIS in Basel and the Havaara agreement are concrete, objective, factual examples.

Ah, it is a 'tinfoil hat conspiracy narrative'? That is an ad hominem; a subjective, emotional manipulation.

Thanks, based huwhite bro.

Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.

Added pic*

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You need to go back to Godlike Productions, Shlomo.

so whats new?

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kek'd we were played again

Ad hominem; a form of subjective, emotional manipulation.

Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.

Not this shill again


Ad hominem.

Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.

North Korea, one of the biggest threats to Israel is… jewish?

Kim killed Otto Warmbier the jew for acting like a nigger while in the based land.

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Isn't it a (((strange coincidence))) that this is coming up (((now)))?

Zion is threatened by North Korea, so the Zionists try to assuage public opinion to reflect that North Korea has been Zionistic all along to turn public opinion against North Korea now that things are getting better - trying to create fear and paranoia…

Well, you don't have any of that, so…

North Korea has become jidf fellow white posters enemy since they became friendly to the united states. What a coinkideenk

No…. NK is an outer heaven type intel state that uses the populace like slaves. The works intel groups controlled by kikes control that region of land that fools think is a real country

COFT shill is back
Your arguments are weak.
You post PARTIAL facts.
That lead to INCORRECT conclusions.
You leave out important contextual information.
You leave out important details.
You are a shill or a fool.
You oppose the truth.
You support lies.
Typical kike tricks.

God dammit dude, not you again. Go back to Reddit and stay there.

I've been saying this shit for years now is a pretty good gestalt

Iran is the same tho. They're against Israel in much the same way Saudi Arabia was against Israel.
Iran has been quiet after the Iran deal bust and begging for Euro nations to back them fell through. Time for Trump to give Iran the NK treatment.

Oyy veeyyyyy

Legitimately retarded.

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