Martial Law YES

Dr Scheuer says it's time for Trump to declare martial law and clean house at DOJ and FBI. Tell me how he's wrong?

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trumpniggery was a mistake.

That and Trump needs to just dissolve congress and the entire judiciary. Or better yet, drone them all as threats to national security (Obama set the precedent of droning US Citizens on the sole judgment of the President). Then pardon himself and his agents for any crimes that may have been committed in the process.
Can't impeach the President if Congress is all dead.
We can hold elections again once we've weeded out all the traitors.


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kike free bump post

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Except Trump is a kike puppet, so that will never happen

fuck off spic, real whites support martial law because it resonates with our white genes


Forgot we have to make all our political decisions align with Star Wars.

Liberal's brains only work on pop culture.

You do not belong here

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fuck off Moshe. fpbp fuck Trump.

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kek, you don't know who this guy is…

Stop ruining the board Imkikey

Givin the things the Trump admin have been privy to and the resources acquired since taking office, he wouldn't need to. Just stack indictments and fill court seats as your prosecutors build cases and strike all at once. No martial law required.
Love you Doc, but martial law shouldn't be required to arrest and prosecute clandestine political operatives.

You are the one who doesn't belong here.

Who thinks we haven't been under martial law by any other name since a long time ago?


He's not, but he goes with the rest of the jews.

You will never be white.

Oooh ooh, post "le boogerfingers" next, kikey. Stay jealous of white men.

In theory martial law to clean out DOJ and FBI would be great, but in this situation we can't trust the people who would be doing the cleaning.

Fuck off kike, no white man supports ZOG.
If you do, you’re a fucking race traitor.


Aye. The exterminators must be open-source robots with Jewish-identification code.

You'll burn too moshe.

Back to reddit


I'd say we're about 5000 years away from FOSS jew hunter robots since Linux still can't get pulseaudio right.

didn't he already declare martial law a while ago?



Lets get this party started.

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No summer camp and spa, you're going right to the ovens.

Wouldn't that involve taking peoples guns?

We wanted military action on DAY ONE. The CIA and FBI are guilty of treason. A military court marshal of the whole organization is necessary, and yes the death penalty should be enforced. Especially for Hilldawg. If Trump were ourguy this would have been day one.

I wish the orange nigger would

Mexico has been invading America for my entire life and no one does anything but talk. Citizens raped and murdered nationwide and now they're talking about a second amnesty because ruining California wasn't enough.

Nope, just means military takes over the police duties etc. they go after private citizens and they get shot like the English. they don't just start rounding up the entire populace, it isn't the fucking movies.

Actually you fucking retarded nigger, when Katrina hit they declared martial law and started taking people's guns. There was a huge court case about it. Some of those people never got their guns back. You would know this if you weren't garling cum behind a dumpster while all this was going on.

Lol, Trump can't even take down a low level shit like Comey. He won't be doing anything like that.

We’re making fun of you, you don’t need to see it, orange kike lover.


Lurk Moar Faggot

I honestly think that's what trump should do, those fuckers are shit talking him, trying to turn the population against him and sabotage his work 24/7, and even all the good things he has done for the country could be undone by the next zog puppet that will come after him.
Enough with this 4d chess crap, there's no time for that shit, the (((deep state))) NEEDS TO BE PURGED NOW
and purge the medias and social medias as well, while you are at it

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its treason then.

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You are a newfaggot

If martial law is necessary, which it seems to be, then Trump needs to implement it now. No more fucking around.

People might as well call Bush red-pilled who thought that Trump was a solution and not a problem.

Trump is a pussy

Scheuer is not wrong, but he talks bad about (((Muh Greatest Ally))) so good goy Trump will ignore him, and consider him some loony crank.

Different situation requiring a different police action. Niggers were looting. Stay mad leftybitch.

There's your problem. You need the cat-v/suckless crowd to get it done.

who cares? Only non-whites fear the camps and the wall.

Nice boomer tier bants you got going on there. Doesn't mean it wasn't a dry run for martial law meaning they take your weapons away.

Fuck right off trumpcuck. Anyone pro-white will be put in camps, not sure if trolling / false flagging against the_zogald or genuine retard.

It's funny nobody remembers that. If martial law is declared anyone with a weapon that refuses to hand it over if requested, would be treated as an enemy combatant or armed felon.
Only time I ever got banned was when I suggested before he was elected that Trumps hyped charisma may be what they use to get the guns. You had people calling him god emperor and saying they would lay down their life for him, probably lay down their guns if requested then.

Stay mad kikey.

Anyone who relies on the second amendment is a pussy bro… and probably non-white. Look at my natural and organic post here:

Just accept it, if you want (((muh guns))) instead of the FEMA wall and camps, you're probably non-white. This isn't esoteric knowledge btw.

Kikey is a faggot, doesn't mean you're not a retarded cuck boomer. >>>/qresearch/

Fuck off Zig Forums spic!
Real whites from Zig Forums wanted (AND STILL DO :O ) the FEMA wall and camps. This is why we voted and used esoteric magic to get Trump elected. There is nothing wrong with suspending the second amendment if it's to hurt esoteric immigrants because they're non-white and are in our country.

Berkay is a spic?

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Dumb trumptard

Only one person uses that term, thanks for confirming you’re him. Fuck off, you mentally ill boomer

Fuck you spic. Why are you so afraid of FEMA camps and wall if you're white?

Dre I say, are you not white?

((( )))

Let me think…

reported for lying, kike!

Scheuer is married to (((Alfreda Bikowsky))).
Both of them were career CIA.
Scheuer was the boss of the bin Laden hunt in 1997.

Obviously Scheuer either fucked sucked at his job, or he let bin Laden escape multiple time becausd his ZOG masters needed OBL alive to be their patsy for 9/11.

And (((Bikowsky))) succeeded his spot as ALEC Station Chief, where she personally led the medieval torture of subhuman Muzz, then she was promoted to CIA head of global Jihad where she utterly failed and totally fucking blew it to NOT assassinate any ISIS chiefs way back in 2011-2013, when ISIS was less than 2,000 men and could have been strangled in the bathtub.

I actually don't give a shit if (((Bikowsky))) herself waterboarded KSM for a week straight. Fuck a Muzz. They don't even deserve Animal's Rights. But what does make me hate Bikowsky equally to KSM is that she should have had all those detainees shot on the battle field and they never would have become secret prisoners in torture black sites and the whole goddamn torture scandal wouldn't still be gnawing away at America 17 years later and still fucking embatassing us instead of avoiding torture entirely for a merciful battle field execution.

Fuck Scheuer and fuck Bikowski, they are both super Kike traitors to America and on The Day of The Rope when the new National Assembly delivers a scroll of names of those who are the most guilty of betraying the Constitution, Mrs and Ms Scheuer-Bikowski will be in the top 100 names.

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I think when most people think of Martial Law, they think of the troops marching on civilians. Not in this case. Think of it as a short military coup at the federal level. State and local government will still operate as normal. Instead, think of the USMC raiding the FBI/DOJ and seizing all intel from the NSA/CIA, congress, and connected journalists and lobbyists. The truth will come out then! That's for sure. MSM kikes and politicians would be an heroing by the hundreds. A bit of DOTR action as the Army lynches people found guilty of treason. Round up the guilty in camps till they can all be tried and dealt with. Hilarity would ensue because it would just be a coincidence that thousands of jews would be involved. Once they military was done fucking the FED's shit up, special elections would be held to replace empty seats and the government would go back to normal.

Of course, this will never happen because "military-industrial complex" and other such NWO illuminati faggotry, but it would be nice. I'd totally vote for it just to watch a squad of Army Rangers raid CNN. That'd be some must watch television.

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attacking Israel
Fuck off spic, the FEMA wall and camps for your family are coming.

Are you going to start calling people piss baby and poo poo pants next?

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Obozo and the goblinist clowns left us all these camps and a militant police state apparatus. Trump should at least have that button hooked up and working in case of need.

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Why are the star wars prequels becoming reality? Did Lucas know some shit?



Trouble is you may not be able to control and confine it. They probably already have footage mocked up of US military needlessly running over sweet innocent little babies heads. They play that 24/7 looped, enough people with guns would probably react that they would have to round up and confiscate, or have prolonged curfews etc.

There have always been multiple skykings. Nothing has ever come of them. I appreciate monitoring traffic for anomalies, but at this point the anomaly would be skyking meaning anything of significance.

It makes sense to berate people for supporting Trump.

It's kyking.

Maybe because I actually oppose ZOG and don’t want them getting any more power? Delusional trumpnigger.
Zion Don will probably give all the beaners amnesty and go after pro-whites in the event of a real martial law scenario.

Back to reddit, trumpnigger

not that i mind, but isn't it overkill? bit too early

Martial law and ethnic cleansing is fine, Trump being a jew puppet is not.

jews are terrified. I'm ok with this.

Do you have telepathy or a jew hotline network or something?

Sup, kike? Yep, all (((dual citizens))) will be in those camps.

Why so defensive yid?

Yeah, why are you so defensive, hunh?

Oh kikey, jew are so cute when jew are upset.

Gay ass jew.

Have you told your father you came out of the closet berkay? Wait, do you even have a father? We know your mother was a whore at the motel 6 but what about him? Ever meet him?

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Night of the Long Knives II: Electric Boogaloo

you little shit … tell me what happens during martial law.

you can describe that shit and you are ok with it then whatever … otherwise entire thread is pure bait or sage cause even OP doesnt really know what the thread is about.

Martial law would effect alot of homes , places that have nothing to do with washington

I didn't even read your post, but I'm still gonna respond.

This nigger is right. It was isolated to Louisiana though. I don’t think this would work on a national scale. Not if it was being reported anyway. At some point people would start shooting.
I can’t imagine much worse than a full on insurgency in the US. It would be fucking ugly.

Are you a bot nigger?

I don't understand why people talk like this. Its remain to be seen.

David Hogg's Meme Factory Presents

Jimmy Nigurd: The Boomer Bot


No, it doesn't remain to be seen.

Yes, it does remain to be seen.

Don't worry Shillary is going to prison any moment now, watch Hannity tomorrow night to find out the exclusive details and why Rudy Guiliani thinks it's all over for the deep state. 10pm EST.