At least three people have been confirmed killed and more casualties are feared, after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit north of Osaka Prefecture in western Japan, local media report.
An 80-year-old man and a young 9yo girl were killed in Japan, crushed by collapsing walls, public broadcaster NHK reported. Several others are reported in a state of "cardiopulmonary arrest," a condition usually used by Japanese authorities until a formal examination has been conducted to confirm death.
At least 51 people were injured, mainly across the northern Osaka and neighboring prefectures, the broadcaster reports, citing data from local police and fire departments.
Some 170,000 households remain without power in Osaka, as well as neighboring Hyogo prefecture, according to local electricity operator Kansai.


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GTFO race mixer


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I hope everyone's waifu is safe and sound.
Please use this thread to post updates on your waifu!

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nigs are going to be rioting in Osaka

Japan survived the entire ocean engulfing the island with minimal causalities. Same ocean then set off multiple nuclear meltdowns killing untold millions yet to be transformed into mutants. I think they can survive a tiny earthquake. Godzilla isn't trying his best. Sad.

raifu's safe and sound

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fuck off and let somebody of value report on this.
lock this stupid shit

OMG, not Zig Forums

Kinda a nothingburger, Jap structures have been built to have only minor damage up to a 7, this has been in place sense 1981

Shit nigger I’m in Kyoto and I didn’t feel anything


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Thank me later, degenerate

fucking commies and their commie raifus

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I'm still seeing it for 50-70¢ a round brass cased on the internet; just stockpile it.

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The Serbs made the same rifle in real fuckin' NATO, too, you know. No need to stockpile corrosive shit that will eat your raifu if you don't clean it every 100 rounds because the Serbs said 'fuck chromed barrels' for some retarded reason

I've also seen them in .30-06


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Japs are a people who see the good in Nazis… They're too smart to be hoodwinked by Jew propaganda.

Maybe their affection for Nazis is due in part to their ancient familiarity with the symbolism - Samurai warriors sported a similar symbol. (pic related)

Many Japs deserve our support.

Banzai - and Get Well Soon, Nippon.

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Marrying Japanese women doesn't mean you have to procreate with them. You could, for example, buy eggs from a caucasian woman and have your waifu be a surrogate mom and raise the 100% white child with traditionalist values.

Asian hips wouldn't be able to birth the offspring naturally, unless you manage to snag one of those rare few halfbreeds with ultra wide hips.

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hips on nips, and rolling for trips….

either your 1st pic is flipped horizontally or Japs can't into Polaris


The Japanese are the only race on the planet that don't want to blanda up with whites because they think they're superior they're wrong, whites are better but the Japs are a pretty damn close second. They're easily the only other race on this rock we can call a true friend.

On a side note I'm jealous of a country that can have a natural disaster and not have to worry about subhumans chimping out once their EBT cards stop working.

dead gooks

who cares

I'm not convinced that just because whites end up bigger than yellows as adults it means that our babies are that much bigger. We should also be training our waifus from infancy to maintain a 180 degree suspended side split while holding additional weights like Rob Van Dam or Jujimufu. This will give them strong adductors and pry their pelvis open wider while thickening it. In an emergency as americanpregnancy.org/labor-and-birth/cephalopelvic-disproportion/ we can just go caesarian. We are advancing healing tech all the time.

Among humans?

It's not that don't find this at least interesting, the Japs are good people, but did you really have to do the "waifu" thing? You should have known it was juts going to cause shit.