What do you mean Trump hasn't united America and Russia to invade Europe and drop nukes on Israel?

Other than the fact that Trump hasn't fulfilled retarded Stormweenie wet dreams, exactly why is Trump a "kike puppet"?

He's doing a good job so far - sorry if he isn't stupid enough to appoint knuckledragging white nationalists to key positions

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I agree my fellow gentile we should make sure America retains its vast welfare-sucking nigger population, there should be no white countries. MAGA!!!!

Oh no, you're retarded….

You are both retarded and do not belong here.

Ah yes, thank goodness that the centrist is here to present his totally not-retarded horseshoe opinions

I thought you were a turk, not jewish.

Go the fuck back to reddit you self hating antiwhite goon.

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keep trying kikey, it's bound to work eventually

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Hey kikey, post your boogerfingers meme would ya?

This thread is shit and avatarfagging is cancerous

Whatever floats your boat, squirt

Enjoy bumping your own thread, kike.




Lurk 2 years faggot and learn to sage

Pointing out that someone is retarded isn't always ad hominem. young one. Sometimes it's just an observation, a confirmation of a fact.

Trump's doing a good job, but when is he going to bring back the Mooch? That guy ruled.

Pretty damn sure this is Kikey. This is very similar to his Rachposting.

He's playing both sides. He made the anti-Trump thread too.
This shit is ridiculous. Is this supposed to be a nightly trend now?

Kushner who is Trump's right hand man is a family friend of Bibi Netinyahu

the point is (((they))) want to kill trumps meme bases before the next election. posting anything positive about trump on Zig Forums nets the same endless anti-trump shilling (trump-with-hand-on-jew-wall.jpg #467674578) with no alternative other then "give up goy" trump is by means perfect but he's better then the shill posters will ever admit.

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any accusations of a poster being imikey with no evidence (proof) should be an immediate ban. (its tiresome)

He will probably keep it up until he kills himself. Funniest parts about that are that he most likely doesn't think he will and then one day he will take a bunch of hormone pills and fall in to a deep sleep never to awaken and the fact we won't know he did because it will be a non-event for everyone. Hopefully he writes a really long and detailed suicide note that gets thrown away when his landlord finds the body a year later.

Except when the subject matter, avatarfagging and rachposter style garbage all fit his modus operandi.

There is a huge push by shills to turns us agasint anyone who gains prominence on the right.


Never trust anyone, white man! Never stand behind someone! Never organize!

99.9% of all threads alike this are pure garbage, wihut any factual evidence whatsoever and boil down to "I have an image of X with a kike!! He works for them!"

I don't care, it's worse then "le reddit text format" or horse fucker spam posting (at this point). and it's unproductive.

Notice the pattern with “everyone”?
All the people that are called out associate with the alt-kike

When you fly under a jewish banner, expect people to call you a jew. Fuck off altist.

Don't bother OP. Level-headed discussions of Trump is impossible until his presidency is over and we can reflect on it in retrospect

If you like Trump you're a good goy kike loving shill from Reddit

If you hate Trump you're obviously a faggot soyboy from Zig Forums who hates America

At the end of the day this is what kikes wanted. They wanted any discussion of Trump, good or bad, rendered impossible by saturating the debate floor. Their plan worked and we all fell for it

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If you look through the context of OP's post and replies I would say those are what are truly unproductive. It is simple baiting. You can defend this useless thread all day long, but the content within speaks for itself. It is one thing to defend Trump or speak out against him, it is another to defend low effort bait that fits the exact bill of the faggot that got ran off on a rail here.

if you have to mention him every time you see a weeb meme or a trump post, then he won in the end and you've given more power to him then he ever had as a board owner.

only fags and sjws deal in absolutes. trump being president is like the bus you take to work being made by ford. it doesn't fucking matter as long as it gets you to home/work in one piece

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I don't mention him every time. As a matter of fact, I have mentioned him a total of one thread. This one. Because it honestly reflects his posting almost identically. However, his actions made him an insult here, so get used to the accusations because of how big of a flaming faggot he was he has basically become the embodiment of faggotry on Zig Forums. At this point you seem to only want to argue to prove you aren't an idiot who was replying in ernest to a kikey bait thread.

thats all you had to say nigger. thanks

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Funny how the ones that claim they won "in the end" are usually the kike that whined the most throughout. You won though, you defended a bait post and made Zig Forums usable after all. Just know your hero, or alter ego, imkikey is no longer in charge and Zig Forums is thriving again. So we will count that as a permanent loss and agree to disagree on your level of faggotry (my claim: immensely, yours: a high moderate).

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The problem is "trust" because the shills are trying to shove "trust" back into our mental sphere of influence so that once again the way we approach the geo-political spectrum is through a black & white lens (that they craft naturally) so we are once again filtered neatly into our easily guided societal roles.

I would never say I "trust" that trump or any politician right now is on our side, but if we ever wish to find but a single traitor amongst them (which is one of many reasons why we approached the election the way we did) to aid us we must present the geo-political battlefield in such a way so that they can not only be enabled to speak up and come to us, but also act on what we/they must achieve. In this respect unless a full-on BORN TO DIE / WORLD IS A FUCK / Kill Em All 1984 / I am hitler man / 410,757,864,530 DEAD JEWS runs (which isn't possible right now, please keep pushing the pendulum we might almost be there) we will have to deal with political jew-jitsu to grow our base.

And with that said I cannot even FATHOM the world I live in right now (in a good way), based off the horrors I've been seeing here and in the world around since around 2010, and it is indeed thanks to the political upheaval that this election generated. So when I see people working the "its a placating mechanism" angle all I can fucking think is WHY THE FUCK HAVE YOU STOPPED BEING ANGRY AND STOPPED BEING A USEFUL PROPAGANDIST AND WHY DO YOU HAVE ONLY SELF-DESTRUCTIVE VIOLENT PLANS LINED UP AS A REPLACEMENT. AND IF YOU NEVER WERE ANY OF THOSE THINGS THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE.


not an artform

another shit thread with anime stapled on to it.
it's like you want people to die from cancer.

Thanks for the reply, I don't think trump winning was ever part of the plan. they wanted a Jeb or ted rusecruse face off with hillary. but they were overconfident, just like with GG it was all to much to fast, and I can understand, as most of the uber-kikes are pushing 80+ they want to see somthing big go down before moloch takes them down to hell. but you can only push human nature so far. anyway, I hope things work out for both of us, and all real Zig Forumslacks (the few that are still around anyhow). regardless of whether they say trump is a kike or not I still want america (and europe) to be great again. see you on the other side.

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syria (a direct opposition to the very reason I voted for him)

He's the president of the US.

I notice a pattern allright. Shills like you with no brains is a pretty big pattern.

Won't work moshe!
Fuck off to Pissrael and get nuked.

The only shills here are the retards like you trying to trick people into supporting the zog by painting Zion Don as pro-white.

I don't think his best mate Bibi is a virgin, he's pretty much had every US president sucking his mutilated cock, none more so than Trumpstein

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Yeah but look at how its thriving.
Threads like this.
There were two mass shootings this past week and we didn't have a single thread.

Personally, I feel that the ideal Zig Forums is an even mix of
With just a dash of shitposting like in the nigger hate threads.

Right now the board is like 88% shitposting. No good discussion, even with our expanded "freedom of speech" can happen if everyone just wants this to be /bpol/.

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I disagree with Trump on the Iran deal, but it puts EU and America against one another and different EU members against themselves, so I can see the utility in it.

My fear is that Trump will wage war on Iran for Israel.

Trump was the least of all evils, a best choice out of worse choices. He has done good with the border security, immigration levels, ending some globalist shit like the Paris climate agreement, TPP. We cannot die he is a kike puppet though, they all are or they will be killed. They will let Trump do his thing for this term and then he is gone.

This is true. With Hillary, WW3 would have been a reality by late 2017 already, and we might have NWO mobilization and half+ chans would be shut down by now.
If you're an Amerimutt, you'd be either drafted by kikes or put in a camp.

Maybe not. The Democrats still have no fucking clue who they're running. If they try Hillary again they may as well just hand him the election again. Bernie won't live to see 2020. No normalfag knows who the fuck Kamala Harris is.

The absolute best chance the Dems have is running a meme candidate like Oprah, but I don't even think they're that stupid.

That's if we didn't get Tsar Bomba'd into oblivion. Only kikes will even pretend that she was, in any universe, a better choice than Trump.

You know how I know you're a kike faggot?

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I honestly don't think so. (((They))) were hyping up a war with North Korea for a year, and then Trump just cyberbullied Fat Kim into submission.
I believe he'll do the same with Iran. Of course the kikes can still orchestrate a happening to force him into action, which hopefully he is able to see through or deescalate.

You should be banned just for using this term alone.

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He might not even run, user. They will let him do some good for the American people, but as long as he doesn't go after the Fed or say anything bad about Israel, he's free to do as he pleases. All of his policies and decisions can be undone when the next puppet gets in. The wall can be instantly ended for a big photo opportunity which the media will gush over, immigration can go right back to where it was, worse even. His anti-globalist moves will be overturned right away as well.

What anti-globalist moves?

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I think that Trump, sometime during the election, came up to the Rothchilds or more likely an agent. and laid out a plan for a "soft landing" for the globalists. Most likely pointing out certain key factoids of the situation the post-atomic age civilization.
>3. It HAS NOT resulted in these millions/billions of individuals deciding to become globalists.
Then he simply tells them, "we go for a soft landing. This means you'll have to be willing to loose some of the control you have acquired over the last two centuries, but with the advent of the internet and the fact you and all your children's pictures are out there on the internet, and your family's control over the many currencies would make you a target." then he'd smile and add. "And as the Internet has spread across every nation of the world and "the internet never forgets" is a new truth of life. Well your family would have no where to go but Antartica…And all those murderous people would have access to the world's nuclear arsenals and no one really cares if we melt a little of the south ice cap off."
But as the globalists/zionist/marxists, ** I personally see most of the current ruling bodies of the world's nations to fall into these three camps

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All the same camp

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What exactly has Trump accomplished, other than attacking and sanctioning sovereign countries in the Middle East, and having 8/8 Jewish grandchildren?

Shit sorry, cont.
And none of these camps will have a great degree of success in the coming decades and centuries, and the Rothies think in terms of generations. He would remind the agent/Rothie about that "The Bank doesn't care about who rules the people, just who regulates the currency." and offer them the opportunity to guide America, and through Her the world, towards a future where the Rothies get to keep their control over banking and currencies, while losing control over the markets/laws of the Nations, and neatly avoiding becoming the target of every human upon the earth.
This plan would need the Rothies to back Him, when all the self serving groups leading the various nations of the world, Yes i know, yet they have proven to be more than willing enough to purge one another before, this can be used to control them and likely HAS been used, by the Rothies, to control them when it came time to start regulating the many borders. Reuniting the Koreas lines up with this, as the ME is and WILL BE, redrawing the lines on the map within it's self and includes the last two nations of Earth that have not bent the knee to the Rothchilds.
Of course I disagree with the end goal of the Rothies, and of Trump if he did and would. It could also be a bit of 4D chess, in that Trump also remembers that "the internet never forgets." and that the people of America will always be an armed people, and an older human adage of "revenge is a dish best served cold."

The only other place I've seen people unironically use the term knuckledraggers is on reddit. Why don't you go back there OP you piece of shit


The only baby back bitch is you and every other person defending donald "grab ankles for israel" trump

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Your mother shouldn't have drank alcohol while you were in the womb yet here we are

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Kampfy please. Trump is done around here

Checked and heil'd, remember kids sage those posts which need it most.

Why isn't he?

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Supporting zionist scumbags is so 2015. We're moving in a more prowhite direction rom now on

You don't have any plan, you fucking idiot.

The plan is a white america. I know that this upsets you heebs

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