Jew rap about enslaving white women

2 Jewish rappers rapping and fantasizing about enslaving white women.

When will the holocaust start? I want to enslave some jewish whores and make them my sexslaves.

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I'm enslaving women from Ukraine, they don't understand English
But they understand pain, It's the language of anguish
Your situation's hopeless, deceived into dancing topless
Then force you into prostitution with coke heads
Police keep the silence while you sleep with clients
You protest you won't eat and you get beat like a child does
And when you're destroyed like women from Latvia
You'll be sold to the Muslim part of Bosnia by the mafia
From where there is no return forever
You'll be on ya knees labeled a coffee table in leather
We have no hearts with mafiosi, evil like Bela Lugosi
White slavery O.G.'s that own police
Full of hate, Spanish midgets pull you out of crates
Kidnapped women dangled from chains; their fate: to be raped
Killers with Frank Zito cuts deliver slaves in vans
From Iran that's delicacy like a gorilla's liver
Like the stench of a roach

You see how satanic these jews are

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So basically they're promoting the feminist lies used by illegal immigrants to leverage the VAWA for a free green card.
Rap has always done this. Jewish since its inception, the rappers publicize whatever it is that the jew wishes to bring attention to, but in such a way that the jew's media organs are able to present it as (((CONTROVERSY))).
c.f (((Ice Cube))) rapping "anti-Semitism" during the 80s and 90s.
Of course he was never an "anti-Semite" - the whole point was to make headlines and get the topic trending.
>but nigga, don't say the (((J-WORD)))

Jewish rappers always feel like they're in good company because they're with their fellow niggers. Reminder that the Romans have records of jews resembling niggers. Jews have distant cousins aside from their ashkenazi and sephardic strain that are basically niggers.

Jews are niggers.

Niggermania-tier disinfo.
No, kikes are not niggers, but rap is 100% a jew creation, engineered to fuel black v white strife and ensure that the two main goyim races never unite against them.
The dumbing down of Zig Forums continues.

Ill bill even has a song called white nigger.
Yet he's jewish, he's not white.

Gas chambers. Now.

I would sterilize them first :c.
But yeah I must be an evil nazi for talking like this while when they rap it is just the artist's freedom of speech..

Confession by a jewish rapper
"We knights of Satan serving Satan's Seders"

(Judaism) The ceremonial meal held on the first night or two nights of Passover. quotations ▼
(Judaism) One of the 54 parts into which the Torah is divided.

You're just too young to post. Lurk another two years, faggot.

Okay rabbi, I will do.
Thank you for your advice.
Am I a good goy now?

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Fantasizing about fucking Jewish women is absolutely degenerate. You had a thread going until you started acting like a cuckchan retard ":c" with your stupid juvenile sexual fantasies. Poisoning a well for no good reason is kike behavior.

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why are all "white" rappers jews? kreayshawn, andy milonoakis, dirt nasty, action bronson, riff raff(?), mike posner, mac miller, lil dicky? im sure the list goes on

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There's nothing beautiful or natural about rap. That's why they so propagandize it in their eternal struggle against nature and the world that rejected them.

I am not fantasizing, I became really angry because I had heard this song.
It was just to make a statement.

My apologies then for acting so 'juvenile'.

Iirc mudshits are a result of nomadic Mongolian Barbarian types interbreeding with some sort of sub-Saharan African tribe. Later on those who we call Ashkenazi Jews now interbred with enough white stock to look separate from the mud. But it's the same damn idea, so to me no real surprise that they look and act the way they do.

Basically jews equal congoid Plus mongoloid, then later plus an amount of caucasoid.

This, rap is just a devolution of the English limerick, set to nigger rhythms.

What if they want it?

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As soon as you see your daddy kvetching about his 176 cousins who died in the holocaust, as a woman you find that weak and pathetic and are automatically drawn to the dreaded enemy of your weak race, this is even true for female lizard people.

necro and ill bill thread
top lels
I might decide to.

jews are simply perverting it

Notice that the entire “SoundCloud rap” scene got pushed hard after a white rapper who hangs out with Sam Hyde blew almost every nig rapper out and told his (young) fan base not to take drugs from big pharma

The jew fears the white man who can adapt to any medium. In a world without industry plants, Bones would have turned rap into a black metal hybrid by now.

Sam Hyde loves nigger culture

Porn is the enslavement of White women.

we wuz niggerz n shieet

who remembers that article about the jew who had a husband who went full Zig Forums and it sounded like a sex fantasy?

Non-europeans want to be European.
Sapient has song about it:

Sam Hyde is black mate. Quadroon. His mother was a niggerfucker.


Since it's inception rap has been a kike blight to everyone alike, you act as if only now that they talk about literally having sex slaves it's done a booboo when since forever it has been nothing but a stroke of bix muffugga fuck shit do drugs fuck around get aids and die respekt gucci gang suck my dick yeah pshh pssh dab get dat money buy some nike weed lmao cocaine now imma die like a chimp mane twerk swag ass, it's not a coincidence mostly 12 year olds listen to that shit.

And here's the fun part, ALL the music industry since it's inception has been a kike controlled endeavor, all genres push different shit to different people with different taste but all shit smells the same, even the bullshit electro noise that has no lyrics pushes for some retarded shit culture of drugs sex and satanism, hell, even the things that try to criticize the garbage we're being conditioned to ends up serving the kikes by mere exposure or faulty logic banking on missinformation, the only music which retains some semblance of true artistry and the sublime is quite literally old things and scores from movies and games (and that also depends from which ones).

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Sam Hyde likes it so much he uses it in an ironic tongue in cheek manner.

Well, kikes own all the record labels and all the entertainment media, so they literally are the gatekeepers of who does and doesn't become successful. Add that to the Jewish propensity for extreme nepotism. How many Jewish rappers have an uncle, brother, cousin, or friend at a record label who can put their mixtape at the top of the pile of literal millions of recordings by no-name ghetto nigger trap rappers? I'd guess a lot of them. They get away with this shit because most people have been led to believe that Ashkenazi Jews are just another kind of White people, rather than heavily-mixed Middle Easterners who still think of themselves as such.

shhhiiiggggyyyyy diiiggggyyyy bro

There's your clue, all major financial revenue streams (aka industries) got kiked after WW1 when the royal houses faltered under organized jew uprisings.

This wouldn't happen if white women wouldn't willingly whore themselves out. All women are whores. The Jew is only profiting from the whorish behavior of women

the jews used their subversion and usury to trick and deceive our women, none of this would have happened if those filthy kikes kept their grubby paws to themselves
the only thing that can blamed for this whoredom is their meddling

This was obvious.
Notice how no one ever wants to bang black womenz. They put the sub in subhuman.

niggers hate jews


Niggers hate everyone. One of the only things they get right.

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