Duterte wants to give the public 42,000 free guns

/OURFLIP/ to implement RWDS. Philippines are officially a fascist state now. Flip Aryan alliance when?


The Philippines has vowed to give free guns to members of the public — so long as they promise to use them to fight drugs and crime.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he’s considering arming 42,000 community leaders, known as barangay captains, after consulting with the police and intelligence agency.

Martin Dino, the interior department undersecretary responsible for barangays, said handguns would be provided for free, or private purchases subsidized, but only for those not involved in illegal drugs.

Dino said: “The condition is that the barangay captain should fight drugs and crime. If he is conniving with criminals, he could be the one shot.”

Duterte has repeatedly said thousands of community officials were involved in the trade, without elaborating.

But last week he vowed barangays will be provided with the same legal protection as soldiers or police and they “will never go to jail” if they shot suspected criminals in the performance of their duty.

The president’s signature war on crime and drugs has killed thousands of people and caused international alarm.

Activists and Duterte’s political opponents say the campaign is overwhelmingly targeting users and small-time peddlers in poor communities and accuse police of systematically executing suspects, often based on weak intelligence.

The authorities reject that and say all those killed were drug dealers who put up violent resistance and left police with no choice but to shoot them.

The plan to arm civilians is supported by the association of barangay officials, according to its president, Edmund Abesamis.

Barangay captains without firearms were reluctant to report illegal drug activities, for fear of being targeted by gangs, he told CNN Philippines on Wednesday.

But activist group Rise Up for Life and for Rights said the government was obsessed with instilling fear among communities, rather than tackling the root causes of drug addiction.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “Arming the barangay captains is another foolish approach that would create power play among local officers on the ground.”

She added that communities had seen enough “tyrannical and fascist attacks” during Duterte’s war on drugs.

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God I love this man. He's even better than Bashar "Coalition government with the National Socialist Party" Al-Assad.






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You'll know whether Duerte is the real deal or not by whether the isreali occupied United States invades them.

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Firefight erupts between AFP, ISIS-Maute group in Lanao del Sur; 700 families displaced

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I have no doubts about Duterte's legitimacy, just demonstrating just what is the obstacle to freeing your nation from ZOGs grip

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Rodrigo "Dealing on the Corner? You'll see the coroner" Duterte



But in all honesty, how is such an honest flip in such a shithole drug-infested and now war-torn country still alive and breathing when you call out the ZOGs on their corruption? Perhaps that is the power of having your people love you.



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It is indeed IS but PRD likely threatened the media to not say a word about it being IS.
fucking (((CNN))) philippines though.

don't blaspheme the name of God Isis!

That pic makes me laugh every time.

moving to Philippines………

Rodrigo "sell dope, get the rope" Duterte
Rodrigo "snort a line, meet my nine" Duterte
Rodrigo "deal drugs, get slugs" Duterte
Rodrigo "bent copper; fell from a chopper" Duterte

Dubs post, best post.

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You mean kvetching from kike scum who are about to get their shit pushed in.

I bet the faggot mexi-kike drug mafia billionaires are losing their shit. I suspect (((Warren Buffet))) Anyone can report any drug incident directly to the President's hotline. It's fucking magic

Why are my nipples so hard?!

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I love this guy. Godspeed based Flip!

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Also, if anyone knows where I can buy this tshirt, let me know.

Unironically, I would wear one.

That's the power of armed citizens. Why do you think MS-13 hasn't completey overrun Texas yet?

Duterte is a fucking god. Proof positive that Zig Forums does not hate shitskins just because. We fucking love you Duterte and any of your intel dudes in case you are lurking.

International drug trade is responsible for intentionally loose boarders in the west. The regime needs their drug money.

Why doesn't Mexico arm its citizens? Because it's part of the regime.

lurk 2 more years

Euroman here, never heard of them before Trump to be quite honest. They and ISIS seemed to just pop out of nowhere.

Rodrigo "deal meth, meet death" Duterte

The village leaders (barangay captain) would already be gun owners, especially if they are former military, police, or militia. The village also has a neighborhood watch (barangay tanod) usually armed with batons or arnis sticks.

In other news, Duterte stole a kiss from a Korean woman and the feminists threw a fit.

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the flips have some of the most (((oppressive))) gun laws on the planet

MS-13 and ISIS have been around for a long time. However, they only became threateningly powerful when King Nigger took office and gave them free reign.

So it's less that they popped out of nowhere and more that they saw a (((chance))) to rise to prominence and took it.

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At the very least have free training before handing over the hardware. Drug war aside Duterte is thinking about the long term eventual invasion of China. Arming their entire population is the only way they'll stand a snowballs chance of fighting back.

Come on, Duterte, you know better.

Must be a coincidence that they forgot to mention that it also caused a massive improvement in safety and quality of life for the average Flip.

Those disgusting journalists with their transparent lies of omission and their "I'm just reporting what organisation X has said"-excuses. I wonder who is worse, the people who write the articles or the normalfags who get manipulated by them.

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Setting up militias in communities that are poorly policed in order to fight criminal organizations isn't a terribad idea. It's worse if people can't protect themselves and are at the mercy of drug gangs that have personal armies, but you obviously can't be sure how the weapons will be used or if they'll fall into the hands of criminals.

Also gun grabbing is fascism, but not the other way around. Since a fascist would believe that you don't need the means to protect yourself because the state will defend the citizenry. Unless people are suggesting that the constitution and colonial era US was 'fascist' because it had armed militias in lieu of organized law enforcement / military.

Giving volunteers the means to fight back against crime is very prudent if you can't protect them any other way. I mean aren't you basically just telling them to 'die' if you don't?

Anyone disagree with my points?

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You will never see similar policy in America because the drug dealers are giving direct kick backs to local Government/police. I wish they'd pass a similar policy, I'd kill every local crack and heroin dealer at my own expense.

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Well if you look at some of the big kike assassinations (JFK, Seth Rich) they mostly cover their tracks by having the media spread misinformation or just ignore the story. If your country loves you and the media is run by true patriotic citizens and not kikes they're too scared to attack you on your turf. Kikes are the ultimate cowards playing on casual easy mode.

It's a shame that western countries like the U.S. will never enjoy such a glorious purge of degeneracy since the (((lunatics))) are running the asylum.

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They be jus like us.

Duterte is a populist baiter. 95% of flips live in complete utter poverty and 99% of housing is complete gutter tier by western standards.

There is a small ethnic chinese elite and a couple powerful families that run the show and the last thing they want is peasants with guns.

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Trump will never be this great.

Wait your turn, Schlomo.

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This has to be a paradise.

A friendly reminder to always be cautious on (((U.S.))) and (((U.S.))) based
"""Asian""" news reports on Duterte. They constantly quote mine him and spin or completely fabricate d&c bullshit into their articles to use him as a chesspiece when he completely refuses the disposeable pawn role and just wants to make Philipines Great For Once.

I want to go there and help. Good luck Duerte-chan!

nice source faggot

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We should be ashamed that pinoys are smoking us in the race to become Aryan Supermen!

Lolbergs are the lowest fucking insects. How can you lie so often?

And somehow they are still themselves and do not tolerate shitty elements.


Casual reminder Duterte had an ISIS uprising as soon as he tried to take on heroin. Just a (((cohencidence))).

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…Is that the Zim Zam on the left?! Is he going to Treyvon drug dealers in Fliptown?!

That is so fucking based. I wish we could get a US Duterte to clean up Detroit.

Reminder that supporting any kind of un-cuckening is not the same as forming a multicultural society.

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they get a head start, it's only fair.

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I hope they ask for evidence ifbyou kill someone for doing drugs. At least have thr courtesy to sprinkle crack on them.

Duterte is a drug smuggling chinese proxy puppet, do not believe his lies. Those drugs confiscated are shipped to the Chinese which are then smuggled to our white countries ( Aussieland and the US).

He deserves the rope.


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And the literal communists he was taking out of power in Flipland weren't? You won't answer that though will you?

Remember the turkish rebellion that gave erdogan more power? the chinese are doing the same here in a way. The state is always offering to solve problems it caused, in dutertes case he is effectively cleaning up the country through dictorial means, he is a proxy puppet of the president of china ( who can't be elected out of office ). Why else would trump give a fuck about some island nigger? asia is storming up to be the next middle east for grand chessboard proxy conflicts. Removing scum, inflating their proxies economies and injecting drugs, crime and footants into western countries is their goal.

Will backfire. Flips can be trusted with few of civilization's responsibilities. Enjoy the meme celebrity figure, remove your desire of the flip ever elevating themselves let alone being elevated by association with a more civilized state.

You can't post such an uberbased shirt without a link to the store, user.

Wasn't Duterte trying to reach out to the USA before that? He was openly shitting on jews before getting cucked. If you want to talk about drugs there were already kike bastards in the USA, it didn't start with the chink bastards but I wouldn't be surprised of them joining in, they're chinks.

Other people here sounded pretty excited a few years back that he was openly talking about murdering druggies and communists.

Happened a month after Duterte was inaugurated, you're connecting it but they're fucking turkroaches, if you remember that shit you remember all of the exploded fucking roach corpses from missile barrages, all of the flesh and intestines from the fucking photos.


Godspeed, anons.

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this is reddit posting and gets saged
phillipines is a TOTAL shithole.
they sleep in favelas and little rat nest, open homes.
they get tidal waved by god once a week.
the girls are sluts and will do everything they can if given the oppurtunity to destroy western civilization.

did i mention the rockefellelr group tried to implent a large scale capitalist business there based on the production of birth control devices, but was unsuccesful because the people are so dumb

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Nobody disputes that it's a shithole, Schlomo.

We're cheering Duterte on as he fixes the shithole.

Suckstart a shotgun, please.

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You can't buy it there. There was a campaign for it apparently, but it has ended.

Will hiding behind a car protect me from Duterte's henchmen killing me if I'm trafficking heroin?
Let's find out…

Awwww. That was the only place I could find it. Still, you could save the images and have a custom tee shop make it.

How about we send all the US doctors who have written more than 1 oxycontin prescription in the last year to the Philipines and let Dirty Duerte go open season on them?

You faggots can just look up "custom shirt" or something, I'd imagine? You don't even have to do any work. Set up a redbubble or something and tend to your meme farms.

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Roddy "Unload a round to put dealers in the ground" Duerte.

Roddy "Dealing dope, get the rope" Duerte
Roddy "Going Haraam all over Islam" Duerte
Roddy "ISIS is good target practice" Duerte
Roddy "Dropping uppers? Get dropped from a chopper" Duerte

It's like you can't into smuggling.

Roddy "jew lose" Duerte

most of you white people are not allowed to do so by your jewish parasites.

my god, he is perfect.


Except they're incredibly physically and intellectually inferior.

Well their country is a third world cesspit. There wasn't exactly much in place to prevent the rise of an opposing ideology. It's like a weed growing in a shadowy corner of your garden behind the compost pile. Out of sight, out of mind.

Is Duterte the greatest non-white currently alive?

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Now THIS is the kind of gibs that I'm in favor of.

Sweet, is that a pickelhaube helmet?

>(((Warren Buffet)))
Wait, Warren Buffett is a kike? When did this happen?

This is the kind of blind pride that made the muds weaker than Europeans and gave us advantages back then.
Keep thinking like this and don't be surprised when a foreign culture surpasses us in every way that matters.

MS-13 has been a problem for a long, long time. The thing is, people could ignore them in the past since we had far less mestizos in the country, and they generally only fucked around in their own little areas. Now they're spreading like cancer all over the place.

Arming the populace should be one the government's primary duties. Ammo ain't cheap. Gibs me dat.

FBO cereal? Looks exactly like one of mine when I bought it, minus the pepe.

Journalists are scum, and should always be regarded as such. If you want to spread the truth, or put out your own side of the story, everyone should be encouraged to become their own journalist and advocate, and with the Internet, there's really no stopping you.

when i had a flip gf I showed her this and her response was "that's stupid". I mean, I thought it was funny.

I found this really retarded blogsite on the interwebs known as "Bayan USA". It's a far left website that is essentially anti-Duterte because of muh human rights violations. It shills for (((democracy))) really hard. Duterte was fighting against (((ISIS))) back in Marawi and yet the site claims he was the bad guy. Everything else about the site is basically your typical anti-White, pro-BLM, pro-homosexuality, pro-open borders, and pro-degeneracy bullshit that you would normally see coming from the far left. It's not a neocohen website in any way it's more like one of those Zig Forums-tier "I'm against imperialism" websites. For further details: bayanusa.org

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He's right, (((human rights))) are just a kike concept to protect criminals and degenerates. Fuck kikes, and fuck their human rights organizations. Because it's never about the human rights of victims.