How will they recover Zig Forums?

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God damn, the hornet's nest and the bots are out in full force over some spic children who's parents try to use them as political leverage.

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Trump is meeting with house Republicans tomorrow to endorse their amnesty bill. His twitter posts are irrelevant. Look at his actions.

Why not appeal to the niggers and tell them it's not in their interest to let in people who lower already shitty wages and add extra competition for jobs?

can this retard stop embarrassing himself for 2 seconds

Oops he made a typo. I guess that completely invalidates his argument.

Honestly I give no shits about trump tweets anymore. Lets see action faggot.

ah, an intentional typo
it gets the democrats to be grammar nazis and laugh at him for spelling a word wrong, while they can ignore the actual issue while still giving the twitter posts media attention, drawing the people's attention to the actual issue


Not even surprised to be honest. What gets me is how they have the audacity to even pretend that they're the side of love, hope, and all that other bullshit.

Lel he does it on purpose to bring leftyniggers like you out of the woodwork to bitch and moan like the stupid faggots you are and it works every single fucking time.

Great trusted source you stupid piece of shit shill.

Maybe archive it.

There are a million other sources. And he has already expressed support for the bills, and he would have no reason to even meet with the house republicans if he didn't support it.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Now fucking kill yourself you pathetic sniveling tool of the oligarch kikes.

just how often has he played you like a fool?
You have never learned that He will change his tune on a dime to get what he wants just to keep the idiots against him like you aghast and dumbfounded wondering how he did the opposite of what he said.

They meet about all sorts of shit. He's the fucking president. I see nothing but speculation about a bill that has already been declared dead in the house.

Never. He has always met my expectations. I expect him to be a kike puppet, and he has performed phenomenally in this role.

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He has been expressing support for the policies in the bill for months. He said he would support the bills. These are facts. I don't care if they hurt your feelings. If you want to ignore reality, you could always head back over to the_zognald and worship your god emperor in ignorance there.

Or you could gas yourself faggot