Playing Vidya Now Considered A Mental Disorder

If you sit down for a minute to do a little gaymin you are considered mentally ill. The only list of acceptable actions for the white man is to work harder to pay interest on a jewish loan, pay more in taxes to his jewish government, or pay more money to roasties for their half black children. NO FUN GOYIM!!!!

‘Gaming disorder’ is now listed in the recently updated International Classification of Diseases (ICD), which now covers about 55,000 injuries and diseases.

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Just make sure not to accidentally glance at your female coworkers. That's harassment.

Anime is also a mental disorder.

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jews always try to sell you solutions to problems they cause.

Emasculation and lack of purpose, agency? Video games.

Video games taking too much of your lifetime? Probably pills.

It all funnels down to increasing your average distraction and brain damage to keep you infantilized and harmless to the (((NWO))).

this is my three step plan to success

Netflix film crews 'banned from looking at each other for longer than five seconds' in #metoo crackdown

The jews are already trying to make the act of a white man looking at a white woman an act of rape. Of course this would never apply to tyrone or muhammed doing a little raping and gettting white women pregnant with a 56% mutt bastard.

The real genius to jew psyops is they play both sides off each other: the strong burly white men they charge with being brutish, dumb, clunky, unfashionable and harrassers, the weak soyboy faggots they charge with being pussies, useless, , inferior etc

They attack all sides because they must. If any population segment were left unpsyopped then it would revolt against ZOG with a clear head.

/devlish/ we the jews now.

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I say genius because they utilize genius yet demoralized white golems to design the psyops for them

lol. Nobody cares. Just fucking lol. Do they actually think this will change anything? They really are retarded. Kikes really are stupid. I mean, they try to convince people that they have the highest overall IQ in the world. Just lol.

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What are they even trying to do. Seems that these are opposing goals.

Video games affect the brain similarly to pornography

Would you just go to hell?

Gaming itself is only a mental illness AFTER GG broke the SJW jew marxist grip on the industry.

I know GG is a pretty divisive topic but if you think about it, before it, most gaming was seen as negative only after it provoked violence.

Look at the massive artificial interest spike in the last year or two in 'gaming addiction'. This is a promoted topic by the (((NWO))). No archive due to raw data. addiction

Degenerate gamers who dedicate their lives to the electronic jew were always looked down upon.

Sure, but gaming itself is not degenerate, most games are invented by whites. Before video games we had board games. Nat Soc is not there to control your pro-cultural hobbies as long as you get your work done.


he made a typo, he meant "the manga jew"
because anime is a jewish invention.


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ITT: Manchildren defend their """hobby"""

Video games are for losers.

What the fuck are you talking about? 2018 is the most SJW year in history of video games. If you play video games in 2018, you are mentally ill.

ITT: kike throws out (((insult)))

Heil'd, remember, don't respond to the anti-anime shill, he does it just to shit up the board, thankfully one of the mods has been on it and has been deleting his trash threads.


For what? Stating facts? Video games are how soyboys ruin their dopamine receptors when they aren't watching porn.

Almost all games made after the year 2000 are shit.

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The jew soy grimaces at you while he tubes at you.

Vidya is degenerate. Stop being faggots and learn something based, like chopping wood, you fucking lazy pieces of shit.

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I haven't witnessed this much lie and damage control since forever, the issue is that everyone is making fun of your shitty hobby because you people are easy to troll.

and by the way eastkike, mods are deleting both sides, not just the anime one, in fact the anti-anime had more support and lifespan then all the shitty bombardment of recent pro-anime thread to counter 1 shitpost thread that was aimed to troll weebs, it just goes to show that you're all obnoxious and should fuck off back to /a/.

It matters not who is in control. It matters who notices who is in control. The state of affairs is always worst before revolution.

But I build houses and game when I get home, user. I'd rather play a video game thank drink alcohol with friends and talk about nothing useful. Instead I get to slowly indoctrinate people to the Reich way of thinking on a massive platform.

It is precisely because non-jews are spending so much time online, talking among themselves that the Jews are panicking. Why isn't there an article on TV addiction, what about radio addiction, or cell phone addiction? Where's the facebook addiction article?

Anything can be addictive, but they are focusing on gaming because it has become one of the largest platforms of propaganda in the world, and they need to clamp down with everything they've got in order to control the consensus and wrangle the newer shit posting generations to their side before its too late.

At this juncture, we have the advantage, but we have to press it, so they cannot regain control.

Agreed, I prefer a hobby of banging women myself. Do your country a service and give hardworking hospital nurses a respectful date and a stress-relieving fuck.

Based and redpilled!

What's more aryan than playing video games and watching chinese cartoons?
Next those kikes will want to take our porn!

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Alternative to all the shitty anime and zionist media/hollywood

The best form of entertainment is to get better at a skillset by watching tutorials and listening to podcasts from experts, this is the true way of being a white man and enjoying white things.

this user is correct

anime is a soft form of social and cultural manipulation to accept further and further degeneracy

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Playing video games age-based acceptability chart, Zig Forums approved edition:
0-10 child abuse
10-12 Only T rated and only 2 hours a day max
12-15 Any games in moderation if the child also socializes and does sports
16-18 1 hour and with friends, degenerate, to be ostracized
18-30 Degenerate unless used for networking. Once per week at most.
30-58 Are you fucking retarded you degenerate scum?
58+ who cares? Are you being a good grandparent?

Well put actually

More white entertainment.



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i honestly rarely find a game im interested enough to play more than 10-30 mins these days anyhow before inevitibly turning it off and never getting back to it, guess im getting old and im starting to find wasting time like that boring, or that all games are just shit and have been for a long long while.

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Gamers will get more neetbux. "[Kikes] pay [gaymers] not to revolt", fall of Rome 2.0.

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this is why the world is fucked, because they forgot the joy of craftsmanship, painting and so on.

Da Vinci form of entertainment was not anime nor shitty cartoons, it was the joy of learning and creating wonders.

-gaming become a disease
-get doctors note for having gaming disease
-get government disability check for inability to not payattention
-use government check to buy games ,pizza and play games all dat

What I find is a lot of those who attack games have specific ones in mind, usually character based, where as when I think of games, I think of strategy and simulation(like flight combat, not "the sims") games.

you are too dumb to watch anime … you are the one that is inadequate

anime is next evolution in art like cubism was … you have idea how profound anime titties are

Hmmm, need to get those ladies into burkas. that will solve this harassment problem :^)

You are a degenerate and enemy of your own people if you watch movies, youtube or play video-games.

not an artform.

Say why. Because the jews own it.

More white media coming through, there's absolutely no reason to play videogames, watch anime or engulf yourself with hollywood semen, absolutely 0 excuse when you have videos teaching you how to do THINGS.



jesus h christ are you still crying about anime

I'm going to go on a 20 hour vidya binge to spite your manlet ass.

Daily Reminder


Of what? You don't actually expect me to go watch your jewtube videos, do you?

That's clearly not what it's saying. Addiction isn't the same as fucking playing a game for a bit. Forgive me for using such a disgusting website but it's being applied to these kind of people
Not the average user here who plays a game for a few hours a day.

I expect you to realize that several videos of pushing hays and restoring objects and masters showing how to wood carve and other masonry skillset has more weight then your shitty videogame binge.

Really saving the white race with that hobby.

I haven't read the full article, but I would actually supoort this if the definition of said disease is correct. In 10th grade I became "addicted" to games, playing till 5 to 6 AM on school nights, which caused a significant dip in my grades. I was sneaky about it too so my parents didn't realize untill one night i passed out and they found me on the living room ground with my laptop still on me. It was probably a response to the stresses of school and such, but I consider it an addiction I got over by basicslly not playing anything for 3 months and only then playing for no more than 2 hrs a day.If my parents hadn't helped me do this I probably wouldn't have been able to recover my grades and had a shit future.

This only applies though if the WHO's definition isn't shit though.

if you compare that with videogames and manga, you actually are.

you're working out and building up your muscles, you're increasing your strength and testosterone, you're doing a male exclusive activity and your chances to find a partner also increases, the fact of the matter is, if you cut wood instead of watching TV all day or play videogames, you're the type that can change a lightbulb, in contrast, if you were to do the opposite, you would be too fat and you might break the shit that's above you when you change lightbulbs, you see you don't want your wife doing your job, you faggot.

Ah, good news.

I suspect the real reason for this hysteria is because jews don't want goyim participating in the simulation of heroism and remembering what it means to be one

What the fuck are you talking about? Not everyone has a working fireplace, so why chop wood if you can go to the gym? How will chopping wood "help you find a partner", which is irrelevant to those who already have one? Why do you assume that anyone who has fun, mentally engaging hobbies doesn't do anything phisical or are fatasses?

The art of the story is white, and always has been. Fiction is an integral part of all white cultures amd has only beem brought to artistic heights by whites and east asians. Games are similarly white, and the concept of a game and skill at games has thousands of years of history in white culture.

National socialism is not fucking primitivism.


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Yeah, but it's mainly the SJW-based character doing the heroism now. God, white males being heroes is so cliche now, don't you know.

you clearly misread what I said, it INCREASES your chances because it builds up your muscle, why would a woman ever fuck a pathetic wimp.

that being said, you probably live in some urban city somewhere so your options are reduced, no you can't chop wood inside of your apartment or closed shitspace you're likely better off going to the gym, however my point is that if you're going to waste your time on mediocre entertainment, you should probably look for something to do physically that could better improve your wellbeing.

The two aren't mutually exclusive, unless of course you're working a slave job under a kike thumb.

Nice debate tactics, faggot.

haha nigger you're fucking delusional, I didn't just post about chopping wood, the first post wasn't even mine.

I told you to substitute useless entertainment, read a book nigger, not into books because they are boring? go paint, go carve something, become a sculpture, do what your ancestors were good at doing, stop wasting your fucking time, you don't have to chop wood, but do SOMETHING, Anything productive.

He posts Arnold, but I'd lile to see a timestamped photo of him with his axe.

To be added to the 4473 form.

Have you now or ever used an electronic video gaming device?

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not the same ID, I just agree with him.

Now you're beimg disingenuous and movong the goalposts. Nowhere did you mention anything about reading or creativity. And even with that said, no person can be productive (and produce high quality work) for 100% of their waking hours. I guarantee you are a boomer fuck who doesn't practice even a little bit of what you're preaching.

Nigger, you're no different than someone who spends their days watching anything else on the electric jew, yours is just interactive. It's a vice not a hobby.

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I got to say, hating on video games is pretty convenient when you're not good at them.

They're right, admit it. Anyone who plays modern video games must be mentally ill. It's a fucking pozzfest.

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Top we

its true

top cuckhurt.

This autist can't be stopped, I have to respect his tenacity. But then again he could be chopping woos instead of spending hours posting on an anime imageboard…

Did you also need to learn to take a crap every morning?


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Certain "harmful games" would be banned. Only rainbow SJW games would be allowed.

Nice strawman, faggot. You have nothing to back your arguments on so all you can do is make sweeping statements and insult people.

Nice meme. By your reasoning, a family man shouldn't have time for books, music, or painting either.

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Useless bullshit all.

Are you preying on people with chronically low self esteem or did you fall for the meme because of your chronically low self esteem?

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Possibly unlovable and zero social status. Maybe Wizardchan is best option for him.

This is payback for muh gamergate. Later on this will be spun into a reason to not allow you to buy firearms.

Fixed #3
Guerrilla tactics

And you can tell it's him because he keeps posting the tumbltard tier phrase of "weebsplaining". As if nobody would notice what type of retarded mindset that it would have originated from.

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