Is Elon Musk a CIA / NWO front man?

Is Elon Musk a CIA / NWO front man?

So why do I think these companies are fake? We'll start with Musk's links to Mike Griffin. Griffin was head of NASA from 2005 to 2009, but on Musk's page we learn that Griffin also worked for In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CIA!

That is probably the biggest red flag on the entire page

Curiously, that information has been scrubbed off Griffin's own page. What exactly is In-Q-Tel?
In-Q-Tel invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability.

That is the key to unlocking this whole mystery, so I suggest you read it several times, to let it sink in. I suggest that not only did In-Q-Tel “invest” in all of Musk's companies, it actually created them, and him. We know the CIA creates many front companies, since the mainstream admits it. But it is usually assumed they do this to facilitate domestic covert operations of various sorts. But we have tripped over much evidence companies are created for reasons even more fundamental to the American way. That is to say, a significant part of the US infrastructure is an illusion—an illusion created to facilitate a variety of treasury dips by the very wealthy. Actually, the mainstream press has already reported on a small part of these thefts and grafts. See, for example, Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone reports on the big banks, especially this 2013 report entitled “Everything is Rigged”. However, even Taibbi has not yet seen that it is not only via rigging that the rich are becoming richer. It is also via manufacturing fake companies, fake portfolios, and fake projects, by which the treasury can be milked and bilked of billions of dollars of subsidies, grants, and other monies.

So if you thought my mention of Intelligence in paragraph one was just conspiracy theory, think again. Musk has admitted ties to the CIA through Griffin, if nowhere else. You see, before he was hired to head NASA, Griffin was working with Musk on SpaceX, trying to buy old ICBMs from Russia. Again, could you ask for a bigger red flag? Griffin and Musk were in Russia in 2002 trying to buy ICBMs! We are told one of the Russian engineers spat on Musk, which is about the only thing that makes sense on the entire page. They could probably see he was a spook-baby. Musk also has some parallels to Yuri Milner, the Russian billionaire who—we are told—is the money
for the Fundamental Physics Prize.* Like Milner, Musk went to the Wharton School of Business. He also went to the University of Pennsylvania, which has come up in my previous papers. Both Ezra Pound and Noam Chomsky were probably recruited from there.

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We are told Musk gave up on the ICBMs, which Russia wanted 8 million apiece for, deciding he could
get the materials for only $240,000. OK, let me see if I understand this. We are being told the
materials to build a rocket large enough to carry an entire greenhouse to Mars will cost only $240,000.
In that case, I think we may have been overcharged for the Apollo missions, for which we were billed
about 110 billion. I think we may be overcharged now for fighter/bomber jets,
which cost up to 2.4 billion apiece (the B2)
Nevertheless, we are told Musk invested 100 million of his fortune into SpaceX. Which brings us to
his fortune. At age 24, right out of college, Musk invested $28,000 of his dad's money in a company
called Zip2. We are told this company developed an internet city guide for newspapers then going
online in 1995. That story is so full of holes it looks like prairie dog town. You can't start a company
with $28,000, at least not one that you then sell four years later for 341 million to Compaq.
We are told
Zip2 “provided online publishing for media companies” and had a contract with the
New York Times
but the
had been computerized since 1976 and online since 1981. By 1995 it would have already
had all the “customized portals” it needed. Compaq also had no use for internet city guides and online
publishing portals in 1999, so this sale looks manufactured. I am not the only one noticing that. Take
the last link to and you will see that a lot of people are asking questions about Elon Musk.
It looks to me like this Zip2 story is being told to explain the genesis of Musk's fortune. The same can
be said for Musk's alleged involvement with Paypal. At age 28 Musk founded another company, using
10 million from his 22 million profit from selling Zip2. This company,, immediately merged
with Confinity, which contained Paypal. So Musk had absolutely nothing to do with founding Paypal,
and even according to the mainstream story was only used for his money. He came in on the merger
and was only 28, so why would he have been made CEO? No answer. Also no answer to how he was
able to leave the merger just three years later with $165 million. That's a three-year return on
investment of 1500 percent. If Paypal was already so profitable in those early years, enough to buy out
Musk to the tune of $165 million, why bring him in in the first place? With big early investors like
Deutsche Bank and Nokia, why would Confinity allow Musk to waltz in and soak up a large part of
those profits? In other words, with money from a source like Deutsche Bank, why did they need
Musk's paltry 10 million? My guess is all these companies are Intelligence fronts, and Intelligence just
inserted Musk into the story later.

Short answer

He's the CIAs alt-right to NASA, the jewish science fiction factory

Taken from

I take it with a grain of salt but he makes some interesting assertions.

We all know jews handpick entertainers in order to push their agenda, so why should everything else you come across the media be real?

PDF attached in case you don't want to visit random sites.


So is this thread going to become an autistic lolberg shitshow too?

Define what you mean by this. They sell various products that you can buy right now. Do you think this is merely to maintain a facade of authenticity to diffuse suspicion?
At any rate government interest/involvement in SpaceX seems like a given. SpaceX has a contract right now to put literally thousands of NSA satellites in orbit. They make essentially ALL of their money through this, to cover Tesla's losses while it builds (and establishes near-total dominance over) infrastructure for the electric car market.

You have a major omission of fact, or misunderstanding, here on how Musk made his initial fortune. It wasn't made with only 28000 of his own money. That was his portion of the startup capital - the rest of venture capitalist investors who were throwing cash at anyone with a tech startup at the time. This was the heyday of the growing dotcom bubble. I'm not going to say his fortune is not suspicious, but you'll have to find something concrete. Fresh-out-of-college tech startups created a lot of the current wealthiest people in the world.
Anyway what I'm asking is: what, in a few words, is the point you're trying to make? (Genuinely, I'm not trying to be facetious) That he's got ties to the intelligence community (already confirmed)? Or something more sinister?

I think the overall point is that most of American society is covertly controlled by the Pentagon.

Interstate highway system: created by/for the Pentagon.

Internet: created by/for the Pentagon.

like cars that explode or kill the driver in a crash

a good way to get rid of inconvenient people…

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I have never seen this angle until his recent vaguely NS comments about Socialism without Marxism.

Is Musk actually ourguy?

Totally kosher name bro.

Elon (אֵילוֹן in Hebrew), is a masculine first name, or Jewish surname, which means "tree" or "oak tree" in the Hebrew language.

Team of Lawyers and a Think Tank on how to use Gov Funds/Subsidies, why Musk is hopping from one project to the next, to the next. What better way to get extra funds for alphabet agencies than from Gov Subsidies and etc.

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Take it as you will but this is because traditionally Boers and their church believed they literally are the new Israel claiming their promised land
thus many Hebrew names and the Saffer apartheid-era regime supporting Israel fervently


Alla major american corporations are just CIA fronts

Husk probably got recruited / promoted when he ran paypal and laundered money for them

Screw it, Ill join the list of posters in this thread.

Yea, musk is fishy as fuck my friend. Not only do most of his products and companies suffer at least one catastrophic meltdown early on, some of them right out of the gate. yet they still continue to gain investors and stocks dont freefall into a pit. That doesnt happen, and when it does - well, someone wants their horse to stay in the race.

my 2 cents.

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also id like to ad that the much hyped moon mission (the literal only next logical step before the vaporware mars mission) was scrapped like it was never planned at all.

You honestly think any private company wouldnt try going to the moon first before mars? You actually think their shitbox with a shiny paintjob/gimbals/and copper scifi colored thrust stage rockets are able to beat the rocket equation without being the size of the empire state builing?

Yes. Musk is a lifetime actor; an archetype to be the face of the new electric car mega corp. Tesla and his other companies are 'private' companies dependent on gov contracts or funded with black budget funds. Just like microsoft, facebook and google. The reach of these companies is too great and powerful to not be controlled by the state.

Keep posting about Elon Musk conspiratard garbage to slide the real information off this board.

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I adhere to this, his companies are most likely CIA fronts.
However, Musk could be in the process of being "redpilled".
As a frontman, he didn't know of what really happened behind curtains on his own companies. If he turns to our side, we will know and he will probably be killed.
At that point, he could be useful to our interests. His redpilling and subsequent death can be used to save some people from jewish influence.

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