Merkel given ultimatum by interior minister over migration policy


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The cow needs to be milked or let to pasture.

Checked for.
Your fetish is filthy user.

Give the cunt a choice at the Hague. Let her prove her conviction.

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And here I thought jews controlled everything like they did with the US elections. Can't have it both ways "fellas." kek

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One squirt or two, user?

She will be used as a scapegoat. if she leaves, people will be satisfied, they will think things will change, but tey wont. they will still be swarmed with shitskins. its just a pr move, nothing more.

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God i wish we could put them up on the dock.

whats your point nigger? do you think a single person had power in germany to cause this crisis? of fucking course not. merkel is only a face

Oh so they are giving her a way out before Deutsche Bank collapses.

Merkel is nothing more than a whore trained by communist jews. Dig into her past and you'll see.

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Jewish control is so blatant they have to brainwash the masses to ignore it. The Jews take total control of the US because the system of checks and balances is so confusing it makes the Kikes kvetch knowing a bunch of filthy kike hating goyim made it.

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I would amend that as jewish ATTEMPTS at control. They have been working at it constantly for so many years because they don't actually have complete control over it despite what the shills try and push.
Our system is lousy with them and they keep breeding more rats into it but we are pushing back. Takes time to get rid of them though.

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thats true,she was in the communist party in east germany
when she was younger

will she be gone in 2 weeks though?


I don't understand how people here can still care about the daily business of this charade called politics. Maybe I'm burned out but I'm feeling like none of this matters. Nothing Trump did yesterday, nothing Merkel said today, nothing. Nothing will change.
They only thing that keeps me going is what I can do in my own life.

checked and checked

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All she needed was some lovin', from someone who was willing to put a mask/bag on her ugly face.

This happens all the time. It's a show put in for the plebs. Nothing came of this ultimatum, as everyone expected.

The Jews control so much because they've done such a good job at hiding their control, they aren't particularly competent or even very smart, just incredibly dishonest and sneaky. If we could wave a wand and allow the world to see (((their))) true selves, the Jewish threat would be squashed in a week.

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Finally her coalition partners are speaking out after all these years.
Blackmail isn't as powerful anymore if they lose they seats and become irrelevant at the expense of AfD.
My guess is that she will just delay by talking about an "all EU" deal which means that it will never happen due to Visegrad.

This pic was part of propaganda to get her elected. Think with your dick goy.

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Turning people away isn't enough. Germany is dead if they don't deport. They want to keep the millions of new brown people by framing the issue entirely as future immigration/migration, not past as well. I looked up some numbers a while back and found that about a third of breeding age people in Germany are non-white. That means no future for Germany. All those two million people who came in over the past two years are now, for all intents and purposes, citizens. They will never be removed the the country, and no one is even addressing it. It's all about tomorrows immigrant, not yesterdays.

Then why are you on Zig Forums you dumb nigger? This is a board about politics.

What's with this cognitive disonance? I keep seeing this shit argument thrown around. Doesn't the fact that the jews have managed to repeatedly screw over whites through history prove that they are at the very least as smart as them?
t. JewyMcJewsteinberggoldman

All jewish success comes from their ancestral whoredom/genetic theft of Europeans, and nepotism. They, for the most part, blend into our population and are given a share of our resources. Meanwhile, being nepotistic and secretly working as a unit behind our backs, they steal from us and keep resources from us. If it weren't for Europeans, jews would be living in huts somewhere, no more advanced than any other third world brown people.

Whites are just very honest, Jews aren't smart… just liars. The fact that kikes think dishonesty is intelligence proves you guys are filth.

Were somebody put a bullet in a head of everyone responsible for the Great Migrant Crisis, it'd change nothing. We're doomed to suffer consequences of this social experiment for decades to come.

In the meantime, the responsible are gonna live in luxuries on Bahamas or other sunny place.

Whites honest? Most of the time humans are only honest when there is a clear incentive to not lie. What planet are you living?

Yes, actually, white people are very honest. Honest and empathetic. The polar opposite of kikes, niggers, and most other humans.

Are you implying that you are an honest person and don't tell lies?

Yes, I am an honest person.

And you don't tell lies?

I have no reason to lie. I'm not hiding anything or doing anything dishonest.

Sure mate, if you say.

They came to the wrong table. Wrong time. Wrong place.

Hope you can answer this question. How is marginalizing people who you don't agree with, by calling them kike or nigger respectable and something that an honest person would do?

In my opinion you are merely dismissing the valid points they make, by calling them something you find personally despicable. Isn't this the basis for smearing, framing and deception.

Which is in itself contradictory to the definition of an "honest" person.

Keep pretending.

Even the dead have something to hide. The society is built on lies, manipulations, pretending and "white lies". To say you have nothing to hide or that you're doing no dishonest thing is a lie.

Even your presence here passes as something wrong and incorrect (pun intended) in certain circles, so yeah, no, this "muh honesty" shit doesn't fly here. At best you're simply waiting for someone to ask you a question concerning stuff and use double meanings, avoid direct answer, what, while technically not being "a lie" doesn't pass as "a honesty".

Merkel is actually Jewish btw.

45 replies and you're the only one to point out amidst the gaslighting kikes ITT that Merkel is in fact jewish

Merkel [nee Kasner], her family crossed over from West Germany into soviet ruled East Germany just after the war, which to anyone not American/politically illiterate was unheard of at the time.
She was propaganda secretary for the communist youth movement, the FDJ when she was secretary.

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*She was propaganda secretary for the communist youth movement, the FDJ when she was seventeen.

Merkel will be gone soon

That is what happens when you listen to jews

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Yea her dad was such a jew he actually pretended to be a protestant priest. Commie sympathizers moving to East Germany also isn't "completely unheard of" you illiterate mong.

closer to one week now

Remember goyim. Crime is down significantly in based inclusive Germany!

in before another move just for show and the same song and dance continues.
until the german people are out on the streets and come to throw her commie ass out of office, I really doubt anything will be done.

Merkel is a kike. Maiden name was (((Kasner))).

Everything is wunderbar goys. Nothing to worry about. We'll still arrest you for shitposting though, just like our friends in bongistan. :^)))))

Over the years you start to realise the appeal of warfare. Literally removing communist/leftist meme propagators (actual commies and leftists). When they're gone you just have to burn the books/erase the physical copies of the information and communism/leftism will cease to exist. Apply the same to Jews. In 1000 years no one will even know they existed.

Merkel needs to be jailed

Would rape and then stone.

The best course of action of after this total victory is to keep the kikes and commies in zoos. Let them attempt to fairly build their fantasy land somewhere and failing spectacularly, then bomb the shit out of them.
Do this forever to remind people why we fight and why they fail.

This. I think its already a lost cause in germany unless the EU tanks and people dehumanize.

Lysenkoism and deleting history is what got us in this mess in the first place. Let the jews get dusty in a museum dedicated to their evil.

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Check these also

She's dead, that is if Trump doesn't order the CIAniggers in the nearest German base to assassinate her first.

there aren't enough merkel memes

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Merkel on suicide watch

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With the emergency meeting soon, any words that come out of her filthy unfuckable lardass stasi mouth will be LIES.

She will do whatever it takes to stay in power but as she is losing allies in Bavaria and other states, and even her own party is prepared to stab her like Caesar only this time the people hate her too there is no future for her unless there are still those out there stupid enough to believe her LIES.


happening when?

p much
this has happened every time
throw her ass out by force

Merkel in a nutshell

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You don't let childless women run countries.

why is she still in office?

Or perhaps even more importantly don't let jewish communists run your countries into the ground, the same can be said for jewish NeoCons also