Trump says mass immigration has driven crime explosion in Germany and threatened Merkel's job after refugees 'violently...

Trump says mass immigration has driven crime explosion in Germany and threatened Merkel's job after refugees 'violently changed their culture' and warns: 'We don't want' that in the US'
Germany has most asylum seekers of any European nation with more than 200K
Merkel faces a crisis over immigration that could end her 13 years in power
She has two weeks to negotiate an immigration deal with Germany's neighbors
President Donald Trump has warned that America must avoid the immigration problems faced by Europe - as he blamed migrants on the continent for what he described as a rise in crime in Germany.
He attacked Germany, one of the U.S.'s closest allies, claiming immigration across EU states had led to a violent change in culture.
'The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition,' he wrote in a Tweet today.
'Crime in Germany is way up,' he added.

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If only he wasn't a lying duplicitous orange kike he'd do something about the millions of wild niggers and spics in America

are you frustrated you haven't had a BLM rapefest to attend lately?

They legalize massive chunks of rapefugees they do minimal to no checks on, to the degree of millions by now. That number is only for the ones they haven't legalized yet.

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We already do have it in the US, though. We've had it for decades. The primary difference seems to be the desire/capacity of the particular alien population to go beyond just mass raping/murdering White people and generating real estate turnover for jewish banks towards organizing state-level political and eventually military opposition to israel.


but hes /ourorangekike

Still doesn't change things. One does not simply unZOG without mentioning the JQ and race realism.

LoL, that is true, he's the best orange kike we got

Deadline for Merkel? Germany to start kicking out migrants if no deal with EU – interior minister
German police will start unilaterally turning away migrants who applied for asylum in a different state if Chancellor Angela Merkel fails to negotiate an EU-wide solution, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said.
Speaking at a Monday briefing, the key Merkel ally and Christian Social Union (CSU) party head said that the chancellor effectively approved almost all provisions of his so-called “master plan.” He also wished Merkel “much luck” in her negotiations with other European nations, expected to take place at the European Council on June 28-29, and said his party supports “any European decision” aimed at resolving the migration problem.
However, Seehofer also showed determination to go it alone, saying that if Merkel’s talks ultimately fail, then they’ll be compelled to “act on a national basis.”
“We stick to our position that should the immediate rejection at the border not be possible, I would immediately order the police that people who either have prohibition of entry or prohibition of stay should be immediately turned away at the border,” he said. The new measures would be applied particularly to migrants, who either registered or applied for asylum in another EU country, the interior minister said.

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‘Da Putin, Nein Merkel’ – banner seen at Germany-Mexico match
Several fans at the Germany-Mexico game on Sunday expressed their political preferences at Luzhniki Stadium with a banner featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
A group of supporters dressed in Bundesmannschaft kit displayed a banner depicting the two political leaders of Russia and Germany. A huge ‘like’ sign was placed under the image of Putin, while the picture of his German counterpart was crossed by red lines with ‘dislike’ signs below.

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This. The number of EU countries that have surpassed 1million+ mudshits is quite a bit. And that's just per year.

Merkel is putting the stinkies into camps? Someone should throw her in jail for her pisslamaphobia after a trial at the Hague.

Why ask questions everyone knows the answer to goyim? kek

One could have mistaken his purpose in life was to aid and abet kikes into total control

If the 25 million mexicans comment didnt tip you off, he understands what's going on.

Post more flat earth disinfo cia kun.

Was waiting for this to happen. The sanity from the AfD is putting massive pressure on these traitors to begin walking back their narrative. Expect a huge surge in AfD votes if that happens.


Several unique IDs claiming I mentioned "flat earth" when the only people to have done so are isreali jews ITT shilling for ZOG

I pointed out NASA is a tax fraud

In a separate thread I mentioned NASA only

Gotcha CIA kun, I won't beleive my lying eyes, you win this round. Tell me more about muh drumpf

I've won every round with you Kampfy bots, the only significant difference now is that you cannot ban a single user for proving you're lying kikes, now that your Kampfy has gone

Funny how they know who you are in a completely non-related thread "user." Maybe turn down the glow?

You fucks still whining about your bleach drinking faggot over on leftypol?

Trumps second term is when he'll go full shabbos. At that point he won't give a shit about narratives and votes.

You better keep begging that wall he does.

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Wait i thought we were project alamo kushnerbots? Is kampfy running the show? What other straw men can you construct?

You broke it user, all it could do was throw pilpul salad at you. (((>>11738572)))

Kampfy bots are isreali hasbara jews
You can tell them from the smug anime girl JPGs, the preponderance to keep on promoting Trumpstein despite his open sucking of jew dick and their insistence on Zig Forums that we support every Neocon kike and controlled opposition you throw our way

Those who live in muddy houses…

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When you type out your pilpul salad, do you actually read it to make sure its passable english? The way you construct sentences is incomprehensibly stupid.

And Kushner at one time felt you worth paying for this?

Pottery. This is why you don't have goatfuckers write your scripts. kek

Oy vey post the pictures of the magic wall quick!

I'm seeing a large surge of people posting about how Germany's crime rate is at a 26 year low in response to Trump's saying its gone way up. According to Merkel's immigration opponent, Horst, Seehofer, the data recently released supposedly shows that the crime rate is low.

While the numbers may say that it's low, are there any passed laws or definitions of crime(s) that have been changed or are bullshit to proving these numbers?

For example, a big argument against gun control in the US is that the UK has a much lower murder rate, when actually in the UK someone has to be convicted in order for the death to count as a recorded murder. In addition, the Coroner's Act of 1988 made it impossible to use evidence deduced from the results of an autopsy to find a conviction. (Believe it or not, its real).
The UK law heavily skews statistics in favor of the kike-winged leftists but falls apart upon closer examination. Ive been trying to find german examples of this but am having no luck. Does anyone else know of something similar?

Link to the official German stats page:

He's right. But if he is gonna say that he needs to be tougher on all the illegals in the US. Screw what the media says about "family separation" just do it.

I don't think he'll stop at 2.
See what he said about China's Emperor emperor right??

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I don't think he's actually a racist bad goy, but I am, and President Trump is bridging the gap between my way of thinking and the average Republican's. Might be too little, too late and maybe acceleration would've been the better path - who can say?

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Depends what crimes by whom, where:

Asylum seeker, Migrant crimes are counted separate only since 2016 in the Federal Crime Statistics (PKS)
Migrants are approximately 2 percent of population commit
31,4 percent of pickpockets
10,7 percent of burglaries
15,9 percent of rapes
15,2 percent battery, assault (GBH)
15,1 percent of robberies

The state of Bavaria does track migrant, asylum seeker crime for some longer time, since 2009:

Migrant crime in 2009 started with 5506 crimes.
Migrant crime rate did raise in 2014 to 13.203 crimes.
Migrant crime rate did raise again in 2016 to 36.027 crimes (tripple!)
Migrant crime rate still raising in 2017 by 11,3 percent to a total of 40.109 crimes.

Just the state of Bavaria, which has the lowest crime numbers in all of Germany.

One third of that crimes are of violent nature, murder, robbery, assault, battery, kidnapping.


What's weird is you kikes keep saying that but when asked to prove it all you do is screech.


Thanks for the info, Im currently converting a lifelong friend to the winning side, this shit helps.
By chance, you have other examples you know of that I can use?

He's just telling the truth.

Could you move those goal posts any harder kike?

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I didn't see anyone talk about, don't know if it's worth a thread, but US officials have accused directly Israel of conducting a raid against Syrian regime forces on the borders of Iraq, that Syria attributed to the US.
Is this the first time the US directly accuse Israel of something?

CIAniggers are doing a terrible job at the propaganda game compared to the KGB's successors.

Of course spics would go to the kosher controlled op first.

Not the first, but it never really takes off. These kinds of accusations aren't really surprising to anyone who actually looks at the news regarding Syria, but the stories are always swept under the rug.

The fact that you took the time to make those memes tells me all about you, you alt-kike faggot.
Trump doesn't deserve to be defended. All he deserves is a constant barrage of the harshest attacks imaginable. He has to feel the hatred and ridicule from the people who gave him the the presidency. The white race.

I am personally starting to think the presidency was just the final shiny trinket he had to have in his collection.

The fact that you hate simple memes just tells me you don't belong here.

No disrespect, Mr. President, but don't you think it's a little too goddam late?

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What happened to "Build a wall, deport them all" and "Lock her up"?

It's never too late. Not wanting illegal immigration is finally a mainstream position, anyone who has been here for a bit knows that not even 5 years ago, this was a controversial idea.

Definitely worth a thread. They are always kvetching when the US outs the pissraeli subterfuge, like when we told the Russians about their OPs there a while back.

Trump sadly doesn't have fuhrer powers yet.

It has never been a controversial idea among the public.

It is never too late to remove kebab.

1 The amount of jews in his administration
2 The amount of benefits of jews alone due to his policies
3 What has trump done explicitly to the benefit of whites "alone"?


as if those memes took any time, wewlad, you glow so bright that they can see you from alpha centari

Ah, Trump being glorious again. Just look at all the leftypol butthurt faggotry in this thread!

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I should add because there isn't any real info, it should be noted that the iraqis were trying to blame the US for it and that story should be added to it because it is relevant. The US is done taking flak for pissrael's crap.

Don't you have a bleach-drinking faggot to pray for?

filtered and gassed

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are you his backup or something? I forget that cianiggers work in pairs

Post your epic boogerfingers meme, lad.

The world's most famous accordion player…

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She and all the other jews will make an agreement how is this news. Stop trumposting you philosemite faggots. Sage

look at crime in the UK

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Bullshit, they binned all their knives. le :^)

The police statistic in Germany is manipulated. For example the infamous new years eve rape of Cologne, were more than 600 rape reports were made, only 17 made it into the statistic.

The minister of the interior of Nordrhein-Westfalen, the state were Cologne is located did send a request to the police to delete rape reports of the new years eve rapes, or if not possible to file it under different crimes.

In the state of Schleswig-Holstein, crimes committed by foreigner did raise significant by 61 percent from 2013 to 2016, according to a study for the state police.

Source video:

Crimes by people from North-Africa in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen did increase between 2012 to 2016 from 9700 to 31.500 crimes from Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia.
While the total number of crimes of that population decreased by 50 percent last year (2017), the type of crimes became more violent, like robbery.


Crimes in railway station in Germany are exploding.

Theft in railway stations increased between 2010 to 2017
in Berlin by 260 percent
in Hannover by 140 percent
in Dresden by 440 percent
in Leipzig by 575 percent

Same, increases in assault, battery (GBH) from 2010 to 2017
in Leipzig in 2010 57 cases, to 206 cases in 2017
in Frankfurt from 181 cases, to 445 cases in 2017

Crime in Berlin public transport:

In the subway, the number of assault, battery (GBH), kidnapping from 2013 to 2017 increased by 17 percent.
Sexual related crimes, rape, gropiung increased more than threefold, 350 percent.
Pickpocketing increased by 23 percent.
Other thefts increased by 30 percent.

In the tram way,
assault, battery (GBH) increased by 5 percent.
Kidnapping, threats increased by 10 percent
sexual related crimes increased by 33 percent.

In buses
sexual related crimes increased by 63 percent.

I know they're shills trying to claim Trump is a Shabbos but they're unintentionally doing a lot of good because that keeps us from simply being cheerleaders and even though we have the occasional blackpilling, it keeps him having to constantly win us over.

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Fuckin a, good shit. Is there a place where you get all this info? Should share if there's like, a redpill repository or something Im not aware of. This info should be compiled and organized for ease of access
On second thought, we should actually start something like that. A Redpill Repository

I collect news report, since a long time. When lefties challenged me, with their usual denial or reversal of reality.


pastebin? or something? Ill take whatever you have dude

Uploading will take much too long, it is not so well ordered. Most of the stuff is still available on the web, some droped into the memory hole.

I posted it because I did know they would call trump a liar like in the case of Sweden. I‘m not invested in Trump, but there is a massive gaslighting campaign in the western world, since years, decades to deceive the public.

Reminder that in 1997 handguns were banned AND mass migration was unleashed on the British people. Violent crime rose directly from that year and only dipped some 15 years later, likely due to negligent reporting, fudging the numbers etc.

Then why is he so gung ho about amnesty? Still, really like the tweet. Almost seems like he's getting there.

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Trump is a shabbot goy, or if you prefer:
טראמפ הוא גוי שבת

I'm impressed she was able to refrain from saying drumpf. Good for her! I agree though, shes gotta lose the orange thing. No one from around here takes such impotent invective seriously. Its actually laughable.

it's true

Part and parcel, lad.

Kill yourself kikey.

Stay mad moshe.


Remove your kikes, America, or be consumed in the aftermath of Yellowstone exploding under your ass, which I shall continue to meme every time one of your faggots points the hands at "cucked Germany" while entertaining the notion of "based America".

Push for a peace treaty to end the war officially at the very least, gods damnit.

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