"Terrified" San Francisco Tourists Shocked By Aggressive Vagrants, Discarded Needles, Dead Bodies

San Francisco - a Democratic stronghold known for cable cars, quaint architecture and its diverse culture, has become a bastion of squalor and crime as city dwellers and visitors alike dodge aggressive, drug-addled vagrants. And it's beginning to scare the tourists…

An Australian couple visiting the city were shocked by what they saw after deciding to walk back to their hotel:

"Is this normal or am I in a 'bad part of town?' Just walked past numerous homeless off their faces, screaming and running all over the sidewalk near Twitter HQ and then a murder scene. Wife is scared to leave hotel now," reads a Wednesday posting by Reddit user /u/nashtendo.

When another Redditor said "put on your big boy pants… scared to leave the hotel?"…

The Aussie replied:

It was my wife that was scared and it was partly the mass of concentrated, drug affected homeless mixed with a guy being rolled into an ambulance dead. -/u/nashtendo

"We did La and Nyc on this trip too. Both felt safer," he said later in the thread, adding "Syringes were visible, people were staggering, others had wide aggressive eyes. 'Off their faces' might be an Australian thing (sorry) but I meant just visibly drug affected."

Another Reddit user replied:

It's pretty normal. I'm honestly hoping tourists will realize how shitty this city has become and stop coming. Maybe the loss of income will finally push the city to stop allowing the rampant drug dealing and homeless people treating the entire city like their toilet. You would think a city that deoends so heavily on tourism and conventions for the bulk of their income would put more effort into maintaining a certain standard, but there is rampant drug dealing out in the open in some of the most heavily tourist areas. The city know about it, they just don't care. -/u/SgtPeanutbutter

"You see things on the streets that are just not humane," Kevin Carroll, executive director of the Hotel Council of San Francisco told The Chronicle's Heather Knight in April. "People come into hotels saying, 'What is going on out there?' They're just shocked. … People say, 'I love your city, I love your restaurants, but I'll never come back.'"

In a completely seperate thread, another Reddit user posted in the San Francisco subreddit "Why is this city so terrifying?"

I’ve wanted to visit SF my entire life and I finally make it here and my goddddd it’s terrifying. Anyone have any advice for a tourist aside from “don’t be such a pussy.” -u/xnmb1

"The streets are filthy. There's trash everywhere. It's disgusting," Joe D'Alessandro, president of S.F. Travel told the Chronicle's Heather Knight in April. "I've never seen any other city like this — the homelessness, dirty streets, drug use on the streets, smash-and-grabs."

The city, which hands out up to 4.8 million syringes each year, has struggled to figure out how to keep streets clean and safe for residents, while accommodating a growing homeless population and longstanding HIV and Hepatitis C epidemics. There are roughly 16,000 residents in San Francisco with HIV, and 13,000 with Hep C.

City Health Director Barbara Garcia estimated in 2016 that there were 22,000 intravenous drug users in San Francisco - around one for every 38.9 residents, while the city hands out roughly 400,000 needles per month.

Of the 400,000 needles distributed monthly, San Francisco receives around 246,000 back - meaning that there are roughly 150,000 discarded needles floating around each month - or nearly 2 million per year, according to Curbed.

Mayor Mark Farrell has said, repeatedly, in recent weeks that the problem of discarded syringes on city streets has become a sticking point for him, and the city promised millions of dollars to curb the problem of hazardous waste on sidewalks and streets.

Meanwhile, San Francisco Chronicle’s Matier and Ross chimed in Wednesday with an uncomfortable observation: Most of the needles littering streets in downtown neighborhoods came by way of the city itself, as part of the Department of Public Health’s 25-year-old needle exchange program. -Curbed

While certainly nowhere near the top of the list, crime is also a problem in San Francisco - which is higher than 92.7% of the United States according to city-data.com.

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I wonder what is causing all this crime?

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Too bad the US government does not differentiate Aryan from Jew, opting instead to group them together (along with Arabs etc) as simply 'White'

worse: if you look close there are two categories of "whites"

one of these whites is not like the other hint, one is actually not white at all

Kek, I didn't mention the Aztec factor for the sake of brevity, but it's certainly a problem, especially in border states like California
I think pic related is interest insofar as the cartels are still doing this shit; it's in their blood, and certain US politicians are trying to flood this country with such people

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I love it, Ethan Bearman shows up whining, kvetching and crying these homeless people need help. There's no helping them, they're burnt out on meth, recovery would be a futile process, would take years, all you can do is put them on massive legal drugs, but they would still be zombies. No one forced the meth pipe in their mouth or the needle in their arm, they killed themselves. The best you can hope for is wide cheap meth and heroin floods the area, then more diseases spread and these zombies die out faster. I LOVE YOU EBOLA CHAN!

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Statistics; Estimated homeless population: 24,000

That's not true in all cases. Here in the midwest it starts in elementary school with involuntary Ritalin prescriptions for children. By high school most have graduated to Adderall (amphetamine + dextroamphetamine) or Desoxyn (pure methamphetamine).

Children don't have a choice, and in most cases it's fucking jew teachers/administration pushing the parents to dope the kids up in the first place.

Are you surprised? A thread died for this…

Fucking redditors, they have to step in a pile of faggot shit on the street before they realize there's a problem.

Part & Parcel

I bet all of these tourists are fucking privileged white people!!!
People should already know that California ruled on this and declared AIDs and HIV a gift that you should be proud of and give to others
with the legalization of weed (420 party high times! lol where my munchies??) it should be obvious that both meth and heroin are good for you and these people are examples of utmost health, both physically and mentally.
It can't be murder unless it was a white person who committed it, with an assault rifle 14 (or any higher or lower numerical assault rifle) or assault pistol, assault revolver, assault gun of any type. (Assault guns are always black, silver, grey and have easy to use finger buttons called triggers). And the victim has to be a minority or possible future minority. (IE: Think of how many of the kids could have grown up to be transexuals!)
Obviously these are Nazis. Pure progressive love people know that the only place to complain is on social media.
Obviously these people are also anti-Semitic and as a jew I am reminded of my 14 cousins twice removed and thrice gassed.
San Francisco is progress!

but of course the leftist solution is doublin down on whatever brought this situation into existence.

Ah, SF, the progressive utopian leftist paradise that smells like a gas station public bathroom.

Diversity is our strength! If you dare to state otherwise we'll destroy your life!
t. ZOGbots

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you know it's bad when even plebbitors cannot take the leftist paradise of san fagcisco. nixon was right.

California is a shitholse. Progressivism causes hellish conditions for a urban society. This is what you get when people are sub-100 IQ, they can't figure out the end of a process and can't plan for the future. They hear they get free shit if they vote progressive not realizing that nothing can or should work that way.
It really sucks most people will just feign ignorance and not realize this so they still continue to vote anti-border gibs progressivism every single election.

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San Francisco - a Democratic stronghold known for cable cars obsolete technology quaint architecture jewish landlords who refuse to repair anything and its diverse culture faggots, niggers, and ugly fat women

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Makes you wonder when the dam is finally going to break, and what actions will be taken to clean the streets.
The NatSocs here may be right, you may well see another Hitler take over in the U.S., and this time, who could possibly stop him?

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Anyone notice that when they show the drugs users in the streets or in the BART system it's mostly WHITE males?

presscalifornia.com/ is a good-ish site for what's really going on in CA.

I don't want to blackpill, and I hope I am entirely wrong this time. But every time this has happened in the past there was just white flight to a new area to start anew. Eventually that tactic will fail, but the question will be "how much territory will we lose before enough is enough?"
This is a normal occurrence for California cities though.
As a commiefornian I have seen this happen multiple times, albeit on a smaller scale, in my life alone. Still hear stories of what Long Beach used to be like and such as well, and how they fell.

will add to this, what makes me sad is the fact that these (((progressives))) deliberately flee to states outside of this already pozzed shithole and start damaging the lives and welfare of others. Especially when they set their eyes on rural areas to build their liberal Utopias once more.

the homelessness is probably the worst it has ever been and there's no political will to do anything about it. sf is by far the worst but it's a problem in damn near every city in the state. it's not even(always) a matter of minorities either. there's straight up villages of psychotic, drug-addicted street people in many cities. the cops won't do anything until enough people get assaulted near the village, and when that happens, they just move to another part of town. not to mention rent is through the goddamn roof, at least in the bay area.

t. californian

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Im not trying to bash this lady,

But she really didn't say anything.

She wanted to go into how sanctuary cities are making it worse, but she just kinda rambled and talked alot without saying anything.

Even the shittiest shitposter on Zig Forums can explain the problem with SF, its policies and its problems and how to help. But she said fuck all

make a live action reality battle royale tv show with homeless contestants. The winner gets a house and a million dollars and the right to do as many drugs as they want. We could even make it international and have homeless around the world compete against each other

It's really the future of democrats and cucks in general.

Their hedonism, cuckoldry, lack of discipline and hatred of Trump will keep slowburning them until they are reduced to crazed, filthy, STD-ridden hobos.

It's not just electing "progress", the government will hunt down white towns and forcefully "enrich" them. Happens a lot in budding rural areas in the south. I'm pretty sure there are even more powerful "enrichment" laws there due to segregation.
If the commiefornain expats don't vote in diversity, the government will force it on you. Either you elect to live around niggers willingly or the government forces them on you. Such is life in a western "democracy".

A better idea would be the Progressive Games.

This. These fucking kikes are moving to Denver now and working on flipping the state into a pozzed shithole.

True enough. Ritalin is the brand name, methylphenidate is the actual drug, so, yes, children are being forced onto meth amphetimine.

I have noticed in my town how there are now nogs fucking everywhere, imported with plenty of gibsmedats, food and housing, whilst homelessness of indiginious whites has gone through the fucking roof. If you deported the nogs then there wouldn't be a homeless epidemic.

This is the most progressive image I've seen today.

The state was mostly a paradise when it was a solid red and highly white state a few decades ago and that's what the state bases its entire meme reputation on ever since to this day, ironic.

The worst problem isn't when Californians elect "progress" in their own shithole state, it's when they elect "progress" in other states they flee to from their shithole state of California like Texas.

Listen to this user, it is well documented fact

White Flight - California


Millions keep leaving too, but Californians are more like a disease than they are human because humans can learn. They always run like cowards to greener and whiter pastures then vote for the very same shit that caused them to white flight to begin with over and over and over. They don't understand the regressive backwards subhuman nature of their ideas of "progress"

This is understating it. I carry pepper spray, and I've used it four times. One thing about the chaos in the city – if the cops can't stop pushy bums, they can't investigate non-injury assaults. I don't even think the homeless niggers and degenerate whites even bother reporting getting sprayed. They just fuck off.

If you're going to take this approach, I strongly suggest starting with a simple refusal to share money/cigarettes/your ass, since that might be enough and why borrow trouble? But on the second ask, especially if they're getting close and/or aggressive, it's a surprise dose of pepper in the eyes, followed by a quick stroll away.

Note that the most liberal-minded neighborhoods also have a violent crime rate that's 10 times the national average. The police in SF aren't even allowed to shoot drivers who are trying to run them over. It's appalling, but it opens opportunities for RWDS-lites.

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the idea was that they turn in a needle -> they get a free, clean needle
but that has completely degraded, with little surprise. The idea was that the clean needles at least would stem the tide of blood transmitted diseases, however the tossing of needles and lack of cleanliness has increased the transmittance of hepatitis.

I remember the first, and only time I visited San Francisco. On the way into the city, there were tent cities under every bridge. I got harassed by homeless people when I was walking to get aboard a trip to Alcatraz. The very first night I spent there, my car got broken into and everything in it was stolen, including a packet of breath mints. When I reported it to the cops, they just shrugged and told me they weren't going to be able to solve it. Thankfully, it was just a rental, so I got a new car the day after and got the fuck out of that shit pit. Fuck California, and fuck San Francisco. They need to be contained.


I prefer the homeless over the shitlibs tbh.


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I was on ritalin for 10 years, adderol and vyvanse for 4 more.

I quit cold turkey with absolutely zero problem as an adult. They are scum, incapable of self control. They mightve been handed a gun, but they shot themselves in the head.

Honestly, change "niggers" to "liberals" and "city" to "place" and you'll be spot on with whats happening to CO and TX.

It's even worse because they'll forget about in a week like all redditors do.

Also the hand needs a hexagram bracelet.

It used to be nice. When I was a kid, California was still part of the white ethnostate we had back then. I used to ride the train into the city alone at age 10. Nobody ever bothered me at all. I didn't even notice any problems – it was just nice everywhere. There were fags, of course, but even they kept their clothes on in public.

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This is what the left truly desires. A society where everyone is equally poor and miserable as they are.

I can only speak from personal observations of the small towns and cities I live in/near or visit here in California, but a growing number of the homeless are white older men. Not to say I don't see frequent homeless young meth heads, but over the years a larger portion has become older grandpa looking types.
My guess is employment and housing is getting overly diversified and the older working whites are getting the shaft more and more.

More like San Fagsicko

Learn to make a proper OP, faggot.

Who's laughing now at least you can buy a fucking gun to defend yourself in Michigan.

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Literally South Africa tier. Saved.

Pisses me off. Denver is a beautiful city with great people. I really enjoyed my trip there last Summer. The decay has set in though.

SF is the latest early working prototype of an old plan. A “liberal” gentry class that rules over a sea of filth, suffering and debauchery. Very close to Weimar 2.0, probably worse behind closed doors. And what hope is there? Not a single one of these people on the street stand a chance of ever owning equity in SF, nothing worth changing for. I can’t recall if the rental prices of property in Sodom and Gomorrah are referenced in the Book of Genesis but I bet they weren’t as high as they are in SF. Evil learns, it adapts.

I should upload some pics from Vancouver. Looks the same here. There is a skytrain station that I get off at on my way to work and outside looks looks the exact same. Except on top of the needles, drugged out abos, tents, filth, and business people - we also have thousands of angry geese walking around that we can't kill because they are a protected species (like all of our other annoying protected species).

Is the heroin problem talked about much over there? Leaf land by my understanding is riddled with users, is it discussed as a national problem?

the faggot on the phone voted for Hillary and calls you a nazi on twitter

San Fran has a ways to fall still and it will with its incredibly liberal policies LA is going the same way. Give it 10 years and we will be talking about those ones great cities as if they were Detroit. In a funny twist of irony Detroit may become a white haven an open example of what happens when liberal policies and niggers take over and what happens when whites return to clean up their mess. I can only hope anyway.


But there is so much capital in California, they moved the capital out of Detroit but I don’t think they plan on leaving California to whoever stays behind. I don’t think this looks like a mess to them; it’s their ideal. They have their fancy property and they have their moral free society and they have their slave caste. Comfy stuff if you are evil.

have fun playing "find the needle in a haystack" in a town with millions of discarded needles littered throughout it.

how many of those needles are HIV positive?

"oops, i pricked my finger on a needle!"

user money can make even the most dug in Jew squirm and abandon the plan and his tribe. The capital is leaving California for other states that won't tax the shit out of them. The bottom line always wins.

What you are forgetting is these homeless moving in aren't a slave caste they are a leech caste every homeless person increases the burden on the welfare state of California big business has to support homeless migrants that will never work a second for them. So they may be grinning from ear to ear on the outside as they vote in and support more and more liberal welfare policies but on the inside they are squirming looking for a way out.


It's not like what happened in Detroit it is exactly like what happened cranked up to 11.

why don't we just wall up flint, and dump the homeless there?

The Jews are the only ones left laughing at this point. Laughing at what they've done to the Aryan man.

Maybe the Aryan men of the past shouldn't have grown fat and allowed the Jews to reach this point. Maybe the Aryan man should have done more.

Our fathers and grandfathers dug us into a hole and gave the shovel to the Jew. Good for the fucking Kike I hope he laughs when the rope is around his neck.

From Mein Kampf

As soon as the Jew is in possession of political power he drops all pretence. Out of the democratic Jew, the Jew of the people, arises the Jew lusting for blood, the tyrant of the peoples.

In the course of a few years he endeavours to exterminate all those who represent the national intelligentsia, and by thus depriving the peoples of their natural intellectual leaders, he prepares them for their fate as slaves under a lasting despotism. Russia furnishes the most terrible example of such slavery.

In that country the Jew killed or starved thirty millions of the people in bout of savage fanaticism and resorted to the employment of inhuman torture. He did this so that a gang of Jewish would-be literati and financial bandits should dominate over a great people.

The final consequence is not merely that the people lose all their freedom under the domination of the Jews, but that in the end, these parasites themselves disappear. The death of the victim is followed sooner or later by that of the vampire.

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If you take out the edge the meme loses its potency

True but fortunately or unfortunately depends on how you look at it the US is a very different beast policies, State taxes, and laws end at the state lines. When the Jew fucks shit up it the whites pick up and move to areas with more conservative pro-White mindset. Of course once the Whites have established something nice the Kike arrives to begin his work again.

The reason I was going on about Detroit besides living in Michigan so I don't give a fuck about commiefornia above spitting on the grave they are digging is the bankruptcy was the death of the host event it also went hand in hand with the Governor telling the niggers no more gibs. Without gibs they followed whites to the suburbs. So whites in turn began moving back into Detroit and the process of gentrification has begun which is actually forcing niggers out.

Time will tell of course the situation could go to absolute shit or there could be a California Renaissance in 50 years.

Drugs are a nationwide problem but it is especially acute in Vancouver. Drug addicts are literally everywhere.

government blame china because that's where the drugs are all coming from.

the solutions the government give is just mo' money for dem programs, which are are all run by kikes: shelters, injection sites, rehab and recovery houses, prescription heroin from kiked Pharma companies (I've talked to addicts and they say "maintenance" heroin by prescription costs thousands a month and is all paid for by the government), etc. They even have a name for the kikes that make money off this mess. They call them "poverty pimps", and they get in conflicts with each other for dem government dollarz. Look up the Sahota family. They've been getting hounded relentlessly for cutting in on kike's turf. They run slum SROs and kikes try to get them shut down so they can get the addicts funnelled into their own supportive housing (that pays significantly more).

Our generation is the one that will reclaim the lost cities.

You missed out on Bumfights? They paid them a lot less than a million let me tell you. kek


Glad you mentioned Vancouver.

Downtown has two separate cores of filth and drug depravity. The Downtown East Side around Hastings and Main for heroin and the upscale business area around Granville Mall and running over to the business district of the Erickson Courthouse and Georgia and Burrard. That area is simply crawling with crystal meth addicts who appear to not only have lesions on their faces from their drug but also lesions on their brains, a state for which there can be no recovery. They're howling toothless maniacs that even attack attractive office ladies.

After 64 years, my entire life in Vancouver I couldn't take it anymore. The welfare rats are everywhere, lined up for their freebies. You don't want to talk to these idiotss. They're filled with bitterness and hate for everyone because they hate being poor. They fact that their poverty is the direct result of their total unwillingness to work is a subject you don't want to bring up if you don't want to start a riot of enraged beggars.

My last photo of Vancouver before I left for ever in January.

Fuck Vancouver.

The West Coast dream of freedom and harmony with nature is dead.
Swarms of greedy gabbling chinamen, stinking ragheads and degenerate filthy drug addicted white trash.

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I had family that lived in SF. Had family that lived there. They are fleeing that shit hole to Portugal which looks almost identical in terms of city-scape except it's a lot less pozzed. They are doing the classic white flight while taking with them the liberalism that caused the downfall of SF in the first place. I was just in SF a year ago and shit has gone way downhill. There was this homeless guy screaming and kicking over newspaper stands, tossing garbage into the street. drug needles and homeless everywhere.

What ever happened to that dam that was supposed to give and flood half of commifornia?


What a horrible picture.

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I wonder how many of those white male gun deaths were shot by blacks.

Never did have a problem with Fabio. It was funny when he got hit in the face by that bird though.

Is that what passes for journalism today or you came here to blogpost?

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And libshits still try to ruminate MUH TEIBL TOKS and le slavic untermensch maymay.

About that.
They were kinda forced to kill each other about 80 years ago.

Glad my mother stood up to them trying to further dope me up with their pharmakikery. I took Ritalin (about 10mg) for a year or so, worked great at first, then started to fuck me up, and decided to drop it altogether. The child study team were definitely pushing pills on kids. They even tried to push pills on my own mother, and she literally asked what the fuck was wrong with them. Yet another reason to not send your kid to (((public school))).

wtf are those psychotic murals, they don't make any sense

That's terrible. I was in Denver in 2013, pretty clean and efficient city. The only thing that really pissed me off was that the Denver Union Station was under renovation, and nobody told me.

You're allowed to conceal carry in Detroit now, right? The city is also reverting back into being farmland. Might as well make it the best of both worlds.

I'm all over the tri-county area. Less, since the continuing contractions of peripheral businesses, but still all fucking over. There is an element to the slice on the gentrification-angle you present that is in actual not yet seen. Skipping to the end, if it is to work, it will require a few more cycles back and forth, and significantly more poverty from all players involved. Essentially, all day cares must end, including those of the idiots rushing back into the specifically 'gentrified' lies - whose taxes have run out, whose real-estate flipping scams have flipped too many times selling gentrification/renewal, who are now experiencing the results of at least 100k remaining nogs (now with more Asiatics {arabs, spics, and etc} than ever before).

This exact same replecation exists in each of the major south east, east, and central quadrants of Michigan. It doesn't matter where you go, weakness permits international subversion and Federals (and all group accountings) to commit treason against every single locale. The only thing that alters is the exact location of demographics, with some cities having the Asiatic blight to the north east, instead of the normal west.

My anger is at the gentrification having an upside-sell, when that game is nowhere near to finishing yet. And that Yet is not looking like anything its being portrayed as. Take one step outside your current business operation patterns, transact/trade/build/sell, and you will know, instead of just using proxies of other tall tales.

No renaissance appears possible under current stable declines - declines being held too comfortable for various reasons that aren't unreasonable unto themselves, but are making it all much, much worse. I have no solutions, only transmission of observations.

Prepare, build what you are able, keep it, and stop all make-believe linguistic propagation (they are not helpful; gentrification series-1 series-2 series-3 and now series-4 are not the winning you seem to think).

I'm sensing differently.

First, fuck your farmland. This is capitalism.

Moving on, the parts that are reverting, are reverting to grassland, tribal no-go zones, and non-transport isolates. The other parts, that have the natural barricade areas which were also spared the serially flipping and gentrification, are actually holding their own (hidden in the lee of the freeway, the tall wood, or the beneficiary of a glitch of transport access). That said, even those games are going to change: A massive upsurge in violence is brewing the background – a consequence of international wares shutdown propagating finally into the peripherals of blight areas – making the unreported rush periods of early 2017 look tame. Keep getting ready, and ignore the "farmland" lies. The risk is that many are going to skip right past "South Africa General" and straight into Pretoria Specific. It will be episodic, but regardless, it will not be "farmland."

Farmland my ass.

Welfare work projects…the worst are the ones created at government expense by hispanics in the barrios of Commiefornia.

They're supposed to give a sense of cuh-myuen-eh-tay to the oppressed…

Hardly surprising. The white american population has undergone an evolutionary self-selection trough emigration from Europe. As I see it there are three major euro-american emigrant groups, these are 1) pain-in-the-ass religious crackpots, 2) criminals on the run and 3) never-do-wells looking for greener pastures. There is also a minuscle fourth emigrant group which every euroamerican claims to be descended from, namely adventurers looking to explore the world. IOW, euro-americans are genetically selected to disengage and move away over hunkering down and defend/retake territory.

I see. Thanks for the info, user.

This is true to a degree, although whatever old stock Euro-Americans are around tend to hunker down and be well established to the point of very stubbornly not wanting to move away to somewhere else. In a way, very much like the Afrikaners, albeit with much less energy and falls short of being as inspiring.

I'm homeless but with the exception of a few other homeless I trust the majority of them I hate and avoid because they steal shit. I'm ninja mode all the time. Nobody finds my shit in the last 2 days though I found some work to do and wasn't able to move around and guard and properly hide my shit and a few things got stolen fml.

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Yep, and its mandatory if you want your kids to attend school….that they will arrest you for not having your kids attend.

San Francisco is a total joke. It's only "advantage" are the concentration of large established businesses, venture capital, and weather. Literally nothing else, the people are fucked. I hope they never leave that area with their thoughts and attitude.

Why can't they clean up the fucking roads and parks and woodlots and forests and stuff? So much garbage everywhere they could be cleaning up.