Secrets of the Y Chromosome

Secrets of the Y Chromosome
==Neanderthals and Gorillas=
By the look of it, something specific to the Neanderthal Y chromosome ultimately proved inimical to human health and survival, and so any trace of the Neanderthal Y chromosome was ejected from the human gene pool like a poorly matched kidney.
Kateryna Makova, director of the Center for Medical Genomics at Penn State University, and her colleagues recently determined that if you line up a man’s Y chromosome with a chimpanzee’s, only about 70 percent of the two spans will stick together. Align a human Y with a gorilla’s, and 83 percent of the paired chromosomes will comfortably conjoin.

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Why is there so much focus on Neanderthal DNA and not Cro-Magnon?

Because there is no such thing as cro-magnon man. Since they were proven to be simply normal white people, they are now just referred to as "European early modern humans". The question "how much white DNA do white people have?" is pointless and stupid.

Autism. More specifically attempt to grant Neanderthal alpha-male traits of task-oriented intelligence and spatial pattern recognition, necessary for individualistic hunter-gatherer. Which does not work well will Homo Sapiens group oriented mind, producing socially retarded specimens that then are then culled out by sexual selection.

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Someone explain to me how Anthropologists can claim Neanderthal to be a separate species that humans could interbreed with, but why we aren't allowed to say the same about niggers or chinks?

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Europeans (whites) are the primary genetic ancestors of neanderthals.
Neanderthal DNA is what gave whites their intelligence/curiousity advantage over everyone else.
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Now, type this same sentence if you are not a jew.

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Actually abbos are the most genetically distant race. No they are not related to other niggers any closer than they are to us. About 200,000 years of convergent evolution with very little gene transfer with the rest of humanity for most of that.

They have a considerable amount of DNA from a third non human non neanderthal species called the denisovans.

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That's a really interesting way of thinking about it, actually.

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The absence of any trace of male input - those missing Y chromosomes - may simply mean the males were dead.

Neanderthal Genocide?
Some researchers suggest that Cro-Magnon man exterminated the Neanderthals as competitors or threats.

However, judging by the temperaments of Semites I think it's possible that internecine warfare between rival Neanderthal groups is what mostly killed off their kind. Glandular systems and emotions were even more primitive then than now.

Seems likely to me that Neanderthals would battle one another to the head-knocking slaughter. - - Imagine that the few bloody victor males would walk away from the battlefield, but walking wounded in those ages before penicillin, triage or trauma care often succumbed anyway to their wounds within a few days.

In fact, the Crimean War in 1854 became the first war in history wherein the majority of deaths occurred on the day of battle itself. (The improved survival rate was due to the advent of sanitary field hospitals) Up until then - throughout history - most casualties died of their wounds the 'day after the day of battle.

So following the LAST BIG RUMBLE, with the male Neanderthals dead, what females were left alive would likely have sought the largesse of any males they could find & charm, even incel Cro-Magnons.

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