Decent Muslim man stands up for white victims of sexual assault, gets defamed by SPLC, fights back

The U.S. far-left “anti-hate” Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has agreed to pay anti-extremist British Muslim Maajid Nawaz a 3.3m dollar settlement after the group included him in a list of anti-Muslim extremists.
The settlement amount was announced by Mr Nawaz on Twitter Monday following a lawsuit brought against the group last year for including him on their “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.”

Nawaz has been vocal on many topics regarding Muslim extremism and has even spoken out against Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs, slamming politicians in Telford earlier this year saying, “Time and time again, they have found that British Pakistani and Bangladeshi south-Asian Muslim men, like me, have been involved in grooming underage white girls and targeting them in what I would describe as racially-motivated sexual assault.”

“For fear of racism — the local politicians for fear of losing votes and police for fear of being sacked by those politicians — have been hiding this situation. Of course, this led to a national inquiry — we know that because the conclusions of that inquiry were the same,” he said.

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I respect him but his real home is in the Muslim country he emigrated from. If he wants to go back to his country and make that place better I wish him well. The activities of this one good Muslim man still do not take away from the fact that majority of Muslim immigrants are a hostile invading force to the white Christian population.

Would he like a bunch of white Christian men to come over to Pakistan or wherever he comes from and take over large parts of their country and drain their resources? No? Same here

Shalom for now, but go choke on a dick.


He was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. He didn't immigrate.

Ok then the place of origin. The place his parents came from

God damn, you people are retarded. If you found out his parents were also born in England, would you then say "w-well his grandparents then"?

Stop moving the goalposts. He was born in England and there he can stay.

I said place of origin didn't I. That covers it. He is a foreigner of South Asian origin and he always will be.

He's not fucking British he's a muslim you civnat cuck.

British isn't an ethnic group though. It's just a conglomeration of nations.

Briton noun
1A native or inhabitant of Great Britain, or a person of British descent.
2A Celtic inhabitant of southern Britain before and during Roman times.

oy veeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
-→1 == A native == or inhabitant of Great Britain, or a person of British descent. ←-

He's not ethnically english and he never will be
This shit is a meme, all multicultural societies even white ones tend to self.segregate and almost always never adopt the culture of the majority, the fact that he is a muslims is evidence of that.

Let me put this way, he's not white, nor of european origin. HE HAS TO GO BACK!

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Yeah, literally a conglomeration of nations. The Welsh, Scottish, English, and Irish are independent ethnic groups.

I have more respect for the extremists. OP clearly isn't British, he's already got a platform. because he's a paki, end of.

Found the Ahmed goat fucker.

No one likes a traitor, user. I highly doubt he's actually a Muslim. His job is to be a token. So people like you, have someone to post.
Burger retard.


So you agree pakis, bangladeshis and hindus don't belong and do not make up any part of the definition of Briton? thanks for agreeing with me.

Being born on a piece of soil doesn't mean all the history of that soil suddenly becomes downloaded into you. If you're born in a European country and you are not European you are by definition, a foreigner no matter how many generations pass or how long you think you're "assimilated". Until the ruler of that soil is thrown off by force you'll always be an outsider. That's natural law.

The shills are out in force these days now that imkikey is gone. The entire idea of a "nation" as defined by modern terms is a very recent (17th-18th century) idea. It's why by the 20th century the anglotards could scarcely understand the German philosophy of the "German nation" being wherever the Germanic peoples reside. Expanding its original borders was one thing, but the deeper spiritual understanding of a "Nation" far exceeds the empirical materialistic notion of nation hammered into this reality since the British Empire.

If you go based on the historical notion of nation as I mentioned then they all originated from the same racial tree. Ethnicity is any variation found within that tree. Don't play stupid.

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I wonder who could be behind this post…

Yeah I agree, stupid. I'm saying British isn't an ethnic group. It's not. Fact. Also I support this guy saying what he's saying.

Hes a wolf in sheeps clothing. Out there to prove #NotAllMuzzies.
He rails on endlessly about muh right wing extremism as if it holds a candle to the disaster muzzies are causing across europe.
This lawsuit win only happened because hes a muzzie. Had he been white and sued over being labeled muh extreme right winger he would have lost.

Its a culture within an overall white group. No different than any other group who have multiple cultures within each race.

Pathetic. There was no replacement immigration.

Is English not your first language?
Exactly, dumbass.

"Briton and english are not interchangeable terms"
Wow how autistic

Oh, okay, so you respect a brown person raping a white kid more than a brown guy using his position to point out that brown people are raping white kids. Cool. He's not a traitor to me. I'm not a sand-nigger. You looking at him that way proves you're a goat-fucking sub-human. He's a useful tool to me.

Thanks for educating me, stupid. When will these people be getting their freedom?


Oh moshe.

Fuck you jew.

I'd like him try to sell his 'reformation of islam' in saudi arabia…

No he isn't.

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Doing what people have done since time immemorial?
I respect a lion, I also don't to get eaten by one. Is guy not brown? What colour will his kids be? Who will they look up to?

literally nobody cares about your autistically and very specific definitions of what is and isn't. no one cares. Briton and English mean the same fucking thing, and it doesn't include niggers, jews and pakis. end of


The Italics were a Celtic tribe I don't know what your image is on about mate.

Its people have an obligation to remove the enemy.

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Also: Why the fuck did you make that transparent? FFS.

Does it mention the Phoenician picts?

Not in 2018. British means the conglomeration of the Welsh, Northern Irish, English, and Scottish people.

Where have i heard that name before?…


All that you need to know about Maajid Nawaz is that he is part of the (((Intellectual Dark Web))) which Jews are currently trying to promote.

Brought to you by: (((Barry Weiss))) – Romanian Jew

(((Sam Harris))) – Secular Jew
(((Eric Weinstein))) – Israel-educated California-borne Jew, brother of (((Bret Weinstein)))
Jordan Peterson – Individualist Canadian Shabbos
(((Dave Rubin))) – Gay Jew
(((Ben Shapiro))) – Stereotypical Badger Jew
(((Douglas Murray))) – British Jew
Maajid Nawaz – British Pakistani ‘Secular Religion of Cuck™ist’, married to a degenerate “race is a social construct” modern-artist White woman from Tennessee
Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Literal Africa-nigger married to Brit Niall Ferguson, who wrote a glowing history of the Rothschilds (possibly a British Jew)
(((Christina Hoff Sommers))) – Liberal Jewish Feminist
Joe Rogan – Stoned Meathead Shabbos
Charlie Kirk – Homosexuality-Promoting Zionist Shabbos
(((Claire Lehmann))) – Australian Anti-Tribalism Jew
Debrah Soh – Homosexuality-Promoting Asian Feminist, writes for Playboy
(((Michael Shermer))) – Christian-Convert ‘Skeptic’ ‘I Am Not Jewish’ Jew
(((Steven Pinker))) – Romanian/Polish Male-Feminist Atheist Jew

This is the Jewish counter-response to the rise of Nationalism.

Is this more christcuckry?

Again, you respect a brown person raping a white child and refuse to do anything about it. This brown person elected to be used as a tool to the benefit of white people, getting our word out under the protection of his minority status. Useful tool. A useful tool is worth more than a dumb sand-nigger like you who respects the child rapist more. Get the fuck out of our civilization, monkey.


This is a Jewish thread.

There is your problem. This is my country, burger trash.
Here is my reply(minus the fuck ups), it's not changed:
Doing what people have done since time immemorial?
I respect the lion, I also don't want to get eaten by one. Is this guy not brown? What colour will his kids be? Who will they look up to?

Nice party line you're towing. You don't want us talking about international banking either I'm guessing.

Just because I don't want Muslims colonizing my country and think their religion is self refuting doesn't mean I hate them and that we shouldn't work with them. We're bringing back the Axis after all.

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Not at all. Picts were a Phoenician people.

Who the fuck are you trying to kid, Mohammad?

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Same people you're trying to shill, Moishe.

such anger
much presumption
zero argument

He was born in England, therefore, he is English. There is nothing you can do to change that. England is defined by English law, not by your precious butthurt fee-fees.

Much has changed sincenthe 1940s, and the Muslim is nothing more than the sword of the Jew.

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Exactly. Us working with them to our benefit doesn't mean we want them in our country, it means we want to be out from under another people's foot. I'll gladly work with a non-white to my benefit. I'll take a useful tool anywhere I can get one.

No, Jew.

He's Pakistani.


He wasn't born in Pakistan and his mother immigrated when she was 9 years old. He is English of Pakistani descent. Your fee-fees will not change the fact that he is English.

Yep, Pakistani.
His parents were immigrants.
They will never be English.

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They will never be English, Jew.

Wiki says Semitic, looks fishy.

I'm not endorsing child rape, dense spastic.

Are you nobility? Then fuck off with that. He was born in England and is English. Your butthurt fee-fees will not change that.

They'll never be English, Jew, just like you will never be.
Hes a Paki, just like you're a kike.

When did I say "they"? HE is English. All your butthurt and kvetching and gnashing of teeth will not change that.

Of course I won't, you stupid faggot. I'm American and you couldn't pay me enough to move to England. It's a shit hole.

I wish I could be 99.8% pure white like an Englishman

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Reported OP-on-new-IP

Pakis Are English Jew.

Lets see how mods respond.

He is a Paki. He will never be English. Not ever.
You are a Jew, and you will never be American.

Reported this fag too.

Where did you find this site?

Kike confirmed.

You will never be a Paki. So you can't jew SPLC for Millions. Deal with it.

Now, the nice thing here is that the lefties are forced in shortcircuit mode, because they can't process their own ridiculous generalizations without having to accept alternative views as valid.

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His manager showed it to him.


It's true, (((something))) horrible happened in the 1970s to them but a vast majority of our own people are greatest assets of the jew and unironically worship them. We don't have any moral ground to call another race 'tools of the jew' when every single one our states suck Rothschild dick.

(((International cliques))) are scared of us making smart alliances and cheering for groups like Hezbollah and Syria. Dividing nationalists through jingoism is their go to move, never forget that. Look for commonality before differences.

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You forget he will never be white.

Yes we do. I dont care about your universalist bullshit.
The Muslims are the sword of the Jew.

You're just trying to use another route of shilling an opening of our ranks to 'BASED muds', as promoted by the (((IDW))) Jewish anti-Nationalist movement.

Well, thats obvious, he's a Jew.

fIrst part to

Just because you want to work with a group doesn't mean you have to fuck afterwards, you dumb petty nigger. I bet you unironically call yourself a White Nationalist and don't believe in self-determination. Might as come out and say you're a White Talmudist/Imperialist like Hollywood paints you as.
Just remember what happened to the Arab world, they got DnC'd so hard by the Zionists over minor differences. If we can't find any common ground with other nationalists, we're not going to stop a (((transnational global order))).

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That's a smokecreen.
The purpose of this thread is to get WN to open ranks to 'based muds'.


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He seems like a good man. We all know there are good men among every race; there are Dorners, there are Fischers and there are Nawazs. There's no need to hate such people, and a lot of reason to respect and befriend them; but they are not us and they should not be living in our nations. They can visit like a good friend; but they should not seek to stay in our house indefinitely, that will lead to hostility. Two groups with conflicting ideologies are always going to clash, and it will always escalate until violence; no matter how nice some of the people in those communities may be. I wish him all the best in Pakistan, and thank him for speaking up about something that is important. He's not English and never will be, but he can still be a good man.


Also no.

Then I stand corrected on him. Still let us not pretend that Zig Forums thinks that everyone is going to turn out the same way based upon their race; there are white faggots and good chongs. The point we need to remember is that the exception proves the rule; no matter how good one black or indian might be, the vast majority are not; and even if they were for a short time, there will inevitably be conflict where this is diversity.

If you want proof that conflict arises from diversity just look at EVERY EMPIRE FUCKING EVER. The Hellenised Semites were initially happy to be inducted into the Empire; later they would seek to rebel and "find themselves". Indians liked the British until they didn't anymore. Britons liked the Romans until they didn't anymore. Blacks liked the Americans until they didn't any more. Turks liked the Arabs until they didn't anymore. Where there is diversity there will inevitably be conflict, even if there is not today (and by the way: THERE IS today).

Muslims belong only in a reservation on the Arabian peninsula. All their lands, the Levant, North Africa and Mesopotamia are rightfully Christian and anyone denying that ought to be the case should be killed. Jews get the bullet too.


fucking kill yourself you piece of shit
and if not I hope your cancer gets aids and rots you from the inside out in a drawn out agony

You're a glorious pedant. My point was that a homogenous society is in almost all circumstances a safer society. Obviously a homogenous white or nip society is far superior to a homogenous nigger society; but then if you look at nigger societies that are not homogenous you see tribes hacking each other to death, enslaving the women and children and eating the plump ones. Even among white societies it is better to have the tribe be as small as possible, historically London and Essex disliked one another, England and Wales disliked one another, France and Great Britain disliked one another, Western Europe and Eastern Europe disliked one-another, and so on. So when I say white; it is better to limit it to a specific group of whites; but that is always superior to any group of non-whites, and so on.

You are a glorious pedant though. Good posts.

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You have no clue on how to organize political operations, the very concept of diplomacy and compartmentalization is alien to you. We're not inviting inbred mudslimes to join our inner circles to swear blood oaths and fuck our wives. I highly doubt you have a much better chance of doing real political work to keep our nations pure and free unless you learn how to wear lots of hats at different tables or you'll be nothing but an esoteric ideologue hiding in some apolitcal church preaching to a choir.
I've been in this game for a long time, I like achievable measurable goals with the resources around me instead of day dreaming about ideals. Everyone needs to learn the alchemy of war on how to transmute enemy assets into liabilities and how to make alliances & how to cut them. If you really want muslimes out of your country, start sending them off to the ivory towers, gated communities and the halls of power to make a mess. Make our masters eat their own dog food and live up to their supposed ideals they force upon us -tenfold- until they cannot stand it any longer.

If your self-determination doesn't apply to others, you're a White Talmudist, marching along to some Hollywood meme and you'll find yourself completely isolated in public– the very core of politics; this is why the jews keep their talmud out of the public eye, it's disgusting. If you want to be a White Talmudist in private, whatever, but you have to learn diplomacy.
They want all nationalists isolated constantly bickering like football hooligans while ignoring root causes that have unlimited resources compared to ours, filling our heads with some far off ideal of killing everyone you don't like or waiting for deus ex machina– forever.


If he will fight the jew, let him fight the jew until we have won, then let him rule his homeland.

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paki here ama

it also promotes sharia, Whites are losers in this drama no matter what.


The thing we need to figure out now is how to get these fucking kikes to shell out cash to all the WHITES they have added to their "hate lists" for OUR FUCKING RACE.

No. Race matters, not lines on a map. Daily reminder that you will never shill Zig Forums and be successful, and the holohoax shall be made real. So sayeth Kek. Shaliday.

You dont understand. He's muslim therefor not welcome in the west.

The unironic use of "decent Muslim man" should get you banned.