"When we win

…do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny."
-Sam Hyde

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If you killed him OP, he wouldn't be able to say that.

His face looks like a cesspool

Gatlinburg is nice. I sampled really good Moonshine at a distillery while i was there. This faggot probably thinks Austin and Asheville are the best southern cities.

I think about that Sam quote everytime i see shitlibs saying stuff like this. It's really important to remember


it would be a shame if someone doxed him and then killed him


OP If you kill him he wins.

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checked, as is our tradition.

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Go back to praying for your bleached faggot.

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Dubs confirm this.

twenty bucks that he hit on a girl there and was told to fuck off


That wasn't moonshine it was bullshit ,real moonshine ain't taxed,.. yankee user

Most commies are upper middle class college kids.

Kind of off topic, but I kind of got grilled the other day for asking this, so plz be patient ;-;. Could someone explain to me the context of that Sam Hyde post?

Like, I know that Rachel Maddow is a kike, but how did she become a meme? I wasn't there for whatever happened and I gotta know ;-;.

I live in the deep deep south.
My town is 35% black and I've gotten used to it.
Is it weird I rage hard at these silver spoon faggots complaining about northern cities that have 10% of the diversity of my home city?

Fuck off retard

This is the reasoning behind a lot of what liberals hate. On college campuses one of the things they want to have banned the most are fraternities, mostly because they rushed and never got a bid

I don't know about you but I live in the deep south as well and my town has about the same demographics but its very segregated, with areas that are almost completely white and areas that are almost completely black

And as a result, there is far less racial tension than in the northern shitholes. I grew up in the south, and I never truly hated niggers until I got to Pittsburgh.

I thought elitist liberals were to fat to rush anything except a Mickey D's? I mean I thought this dudes swang low chin was his smile.

Dude can't see his own cock…so even if he hit on her (picturing whales mating) he'd need a third to cocklocate…or IDK radar or something to commence…maybe he could just selfie that thing home to the gash.

Do you know this guy personally, OP? Get him fired, send this to all his friends. Let them all know what a huge piece of shit he is. Tell wherever he works that you're a customer (it's probably a grocery store just by the look of him) and that he was your cashier/bagger the other day and you happened upon this post by him. Ask them as a company if he represents their values. They love being put in that position. They'll have no choice but to ax his ass. It works for MUH NEO NAZIS it will work for this faggot too.

Well fuck, I should have just searched for him and saved myself from typing all that out. IT HAPPENED lmfao


Poor people aren’t communists you fucking dolt. Communists are overwhelmingly kids with rich parents who don’t have to pay for shit and never have had a hard days work in their life. They think they know what’s best for people who actually work for a living and love raising taxes because they’ve never seen what losing 30% of your check in taxes to go pay for shit you’ve never fucking benefited from looks like.

Sage because the cretin in OP is exactly what he thinks he’s better than and would be sterilized if I had my way.