Debunking the 'Axis of Resistance'

I've had enough. It's time to settle this once and for all and identify who and what exactly is the 'axis of resistance' in the Middle East:
These are the players. I'm going to debunk the stupid notion that these movements are 'based', or can even be called 'resistance'.
Iran was adopted as the dominant project of the Soviet Union along with Gamel Abdel-Nasser in Egypt, while the US maintained its alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel. The ideology of Iran is one close to socialism, and its leaders are often compared to great socialist revolutionaries in their dethroning of the Shah. Iran supports shiite revolutionaries across the entire Arab world and has turned sadly many shiite militias into nothing more than cheap socialists radicals adhering to the Persian nation. Today, we see the remnant of this Soviet/American struggle, with Iran and Saudi waging proxy wars against one another in the Middle East. While Saudi Arabia is full of wahhabist jackals deserving of elimination, that doesn't make their opposition any better. Iran still kills apostates, rips the arms off of thieves, allows 3-minute marriages for those wanting to have sex, male to female transgender ops as to avoid 'male and male relations', and many other barbaric features. The majority of its population hate the government and are not radical shiites. However, the nation is sadly in the hands of Ayatollah, himself a hypocrite worth billions that lets his people starve. Iran has essentially conquered the Iraqi government, won the allegiance of Syria, and has taken over a third of Lebanon. They also fund drug cartels in Latin America, wish for the death of the West on a weekly basis, and seek to destabilize any form of secularism, right-wing conservatism, capitalism, and independency on peoples in favor of a large socialist Iranian state.

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To conclude, Iran is a socialist empire that has swallowed governments and land from its western border all the way to the Mediterranean. To call this enormous left-wing monstrosity 'the resistance' is like referring to the Soviet Union as the underdog rebel of the world.
Before I start, let me say that obviously a stable, Assad regime is preferable to ISIS or any other salafist radical groups, so don't use the 'but ISIS' argument here. Before ISIS even existed, the Assads were a plague on the Levant for decades. Like Iran, the ba'athist regime of Syria is of a socialist origin. They are left-wing collectivists that oppose independency, sovereignty of their neighbors, capitalism, free economy, and any form of right-wing politics. A great example would be the Lebanese 'Civil' War, which was anything but a civil war. During this war, Hafez Al-Assad invaded Lebanon and sent his Syrian militias to condemn Maronites, Sunnis, and Greek Orthodox to death. Thousands were slaughtered, hundreds kidnapped and tortured, and many still captive in Syria to this day. For 30 years, Hafez occupied Lebanon, controlling its government, operations, politics, and people. His son Bashar would not be much different, taking over shortly after his father's demise. Bashar Al-Assad demanded that his own political puppets remain in Lebanon, or else he would destroy the nation. When Rafic Al-Hariri and other anti-Syrian politicians opposed him, they were killed. This sparked he 2005 Cedar Revolution that finally removed Syria from Lebanon. Like the shiite militias, and their master Iran, Assadist Syria has been an arab socialist ideological movement that has complained about sovereignty when they are under attack, but had no problem ignoring the rights of my homeland. It was also a Syrian Social Nationalist that assassinated Bachir Gemayel, the Lebanese President.

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