Holy Fuck they're pushing hard on this faggotry

How many headlines have you seen in the last week about "Drumpft seperating children from their parents at the border! Stop Drumpft!"

Did ((((The Deep State))) get a new memo to push this illegal children garbage? Do people still care about border shit?

And what's the big deal? Send them back to Mexico with their parents if it's that big of a deal. Seems better if they're in the states at least.
Can we get a thread dumb of these retarded headlines so I can laugh at the crazies.

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Fuck off anime nigget

I just heard a story on NPR 20 mins ago. The media is crazy with bashing trump and are making stupids QQ to brown babies.
15 Tear Jerking Stories that will make you say Fuck Borders and Shit

At least provide an archive link and a green text summary of the important parts of the article. Don't be a lazy nigger with your half baked OPs.

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Thread already up.

Yes they are.

It's the hill they want to die on. Mostly a distraction from the other scandals.

Thread here too

Daily reminder separation of families at the Mexican border does not apply at ports of entry to legitimate families seeing asylum.

Another anime loli thread. Who do you think your'e fooling here pedo?

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the easiest solution is to repeal the Fourteenth. that way, anchor babbies won't be a thing anymore

Stop bumping loli threads like they're real idiot

Clearly a coordinated attack, muh chilluns are the last card the kikes have to play. Same way they went after Europe/Canada/Australia

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Elections need to be won and there are many retarded white leftists (like my family) who fall for this shit.

Just another "progressive" cause. The slippery slope is real.

Why does our government still treat invading aliens as though they possess the rights of a US citizen? Just kill the subhumans.

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Somebody wanna make a compilation of all these articles in one image? I really can't bring myself to look through all these turbopozzed shithole "news" sites.

none, don't watch or read any jew outlets, haven't for years.

I just post this and they lose their minds.

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Too bad the "white hats" won't ever act everyone can just keep on trolling all day while these asshole circle jerk each other off

I called it over a week ago when Screwy Lewis went hogwild about the Rape Tree and "we must save the Mexican children" when the majority of trafficked children are the result of CPS and pizza vampires.

We need to counter signal this with memes of Nigger drug dealers getting their kids taken away.

Meth heads too.

Brew a pot if coffee, light up a cigar and get to work.

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They tried this shit before in the 90s. Won't work this time.

They need an issue for the midterms. Those poll numbers aren't fixing themselves.

I've spent the last several months watching Democrats try out one issue after another to see what the winning talking point will be to get back the Senate. Guns? No. Jobs? No. Korea? Nope. Immigration in general? Not on your life.

For every traditional talking point, Trump and his proxies hi, Kampfy! have a rebuttal they can't answer. So they're trying to float this shit about enforcement of a Bush-era law that Obama enforced the fuck out of, and trying to pin it on le Ebbil Nahtzee Drumpfytard.

It will fail, naturally, since shitlibs fail at everything except rum and sodomy. Also, I don't know a single real person who was maybe going to vote Republican who now suddenly gives a shit. The consensus among the normalfags I know is that it's surprising it takes 7 weeks to deport a rogue spic. They all thought we just turned them around and dumped them over the border.

Try again, proggie-cunts. Maybe if one of those kids' camps can be the site of a mass shooting, that will win you that seat in the Senate you're after.

I wish this was true.

Nice try Chromongo, but you can't stop Bob.

Nobody is falling for it. MSM are masters of spin but they are failing badly with this