Zig Forums Art Thread

We Need to Take Art Back Edition

Use this thread to discuss art, ask for/recieve art advice, and deride shitty art like this within the political context.

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Have some Baroque music.

The best would be have some Zig Forumsack spare time into drawing. It's one way to create OCs.

or some of this

There's this TV service here called stingray, and I often frequent channels like the baroque and classical channels when I'm puttering around the house.

I originally thought that Christ-chan thing was really autistic, but I have to admit, it's grown on me a bit in a semi-ironic sense.

I need that tbh

some other favourites of mine are the jukebox oldies, 70, 80s and 90s channels

scratch the 90s part, i mistypes lol

have some fencing treatises too, courtesy of Maestro Fiore dei Liberi and Fechtmeister Hans Talhoffer.

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smug anime girl

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Some people will probably get on your case for posting anime, but I believe that anime is art. It's usually really base art, but still.

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Old ass European art and modern anime are both Zig Forums, embrace the juxtaposition of our experience.

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Id prefer to keep real and fine art in another thread and purely degenerate shit like the OP in this one.

Everyone knows which one will go where and no cares about the edge cases except for faggot trying to stirr shit just for the sake of it.

And yes we all know the pepe christ chink anime cartoon meme stuff will have to stay here.

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Okay, I know I said that posting some anime is okay, but this is a bit much. Stop spamming the thread.

Anime is not art, fuck off with your moe shit.

Anime nigger scum

i dunno lets see is a doodle of ebola/zika/aids chan art? no its not art, its a doodle of a character, and it is anime. therefore anime is not art. sploosh.

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is the goon triggered?

ara ~ara

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"ancient european art" in to google
Check out how 20% of the images are of niggers.
What the hell do you call this kind of fallacy?

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It usually depicts some form of narrative, even if that narrative is bad or basic. I said that it can be art, not that it isn't bad or base art.

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I like anime as much as the next guy, but come on if you think moe shit like K-on is somehow grand art. Made pic related in 12 minutes.

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Art isn't an institution - as hard as (((they))) try and usually succeed, at least in convincing people to institutionalize the entire concept, art is ultimately about expression of ideas. Be it the written, the drawn, the sculpted, or the audible. Art is art. The only real way to un-poz art is to just have quality art being taught and shared, with it being properly curated by people who aren't knuckle dragging faggots.

While I'm staunchly against Zig Forums as an identity, I would be interested in seeing a sort of community effort to curate art. I would just worry about somebody "ironically" supporting bad art as a result, so having a solid stable group outside of Zig Forums would be best. Especially if it's not directly tied to Zig Forums, but still has the same goal.

wtf I love kampfy now, BASED turkroach would NEVER allow this kind of debauchery!
we see through your D&C, faggot

Reminder that the roach banned art threads


Pedofags go away

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not politics
still not politics
not politics.
NotAnArtformfag fuck outa here.


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Do you have any idea how hard it is to remove a roach infestation?