Reminder that the "anime girl pedos" were a real issue on 8ch back in 2014-15. Newfags are plenty now...

Reminder that the "anime girl pedos" were a real issue on 8ch back in 2014-15. Newfags are plenty now, and the weird 40 year old filth neckbeard can advertise his weeabo propaganda to a new mass. I feel as if some more half hearted, easy going anons will just blow this off, but it is actually quite damning to everything Zig Forums stands for.

Not to mention the fact all the anime girls are proportioned like small boys, they are moddeled with aryan features, and we have found out before that (((cia posters))) have huge files of anime girl databases so gee i wonder who OP is fucking referring to underhandedly

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I feel sleepy, dont you?

Ive been high for days (((random poster))), youll never catch me in dreamland!!!


And Imkikey runs the board again.

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yeah and I have proof that imkampfy was a militant faggot.

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Here, this banner that was uploaded by the Ex-BO is proof that imkikey was a militant weebkike, he would constantly ban anything anti-anime related including posts on random threads.

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LOL you fucking astroturfing goons just don't get it do you?

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didn't read.


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I don't like the faggoty pedo toons either. Put me down for one more vote against.


They literally post Anime trying to "fit-in"

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I think it was Coonman who really couldn't handle the heat

This cute little vampire thinks the anti-anime guys are being silly.

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Your a fucking dead man. Im tracking your IP now you fat fuck

Good luck, buddy. I'm behind 10 proxies.

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Imagine being this mad as fuck that folks on an imageboard post Japanese drawings.

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real oldfag thread feels


Reminder that anime was an immediate ban on here until that Rick Wilson faggot said he hates anime

The whole of the "ANIME IS DEGENERATE! BAN IT!" is a bit complicated. It's essentially a large-scale divide and conquer tactic, but it's not being exclusively carried out by alphabet soup agencies. Like any good D&C, a lot of unwitting anons get swept up in the operation, as well as a lot of apathetic trolls doing their work for them.

On the one hand, you have regular people who don't give a shit about anime but aren't particularly affected. Then, you have people who like anime, but usually stay in the closet about it or just appreciate quality anime as entertainment and don't fall into the moeshit or shounenshit trappings. They may post reaction images from anime, but it's done so moderately. These are normal people, regular posters on Zig Forums with no real ulterior motives.

The real interesting bit comes from the types who very intentionally flood threads with anime, post it everywhere (even as unrelated OP images), and do so in such a fashion so as to overload Zig Forums with it while pretending to be "one of us". Then, when confronted and told to stop, they fall back on the usually reasonable argument of "IT'S ART AND IT'S IMAGEBOARD CULTURE". I say it's usually' reasonable because technically they're right, but the particular method they're employing leads one to become repulsed and take offense to their argument. Not because their argument is necessarily wrong (it's valid with regards to the moderate, anime-consuming user mentioned above), but because the poster themselves are so obviously repulsive it's hard not to see everything they do as wrong. This is a very, very'' intentionally devised method of divide & conquer that has been employed for decades. It's also just one step of the larger framework.

The next step in this divide & conquer tactic is to then foster a feeling of revulsion amongst anons- to have a kneejerk reaction to anything anime. This can either come from unwitting anons who fell for the previous part, or the fans are flamed by those trying to push the D&C aspect. Even better if these fans being flamed - the idea of revulsion to anything anime - causes people to then respond with more anime because they're tired of seeing the kneejerk reaction. This then causes the cycle to repeat itself, and voila - the culture divides itself.

Do not fall for it, anons. Anime is fine. It is a part of our culture. However, flooding threads is not. Starting OP images with completely unrelated anime is not. Making low-effort comparisons of some serious issue to anime is not. That's not to say any posting of anime is part of divide and conquer - any good D&C campaign will use something that is already there. You just need a discerning eye, and realize what's bullshit and what isn't.

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Look at these nip loving coons. They will realize one day that there are SERIOUS FUCKIG MANIACS trying to save the cute little children from your jewy fingers. Relent on this now, while you can still breathe, fucking naruto looking ass

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Hey Faggots,
My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.
Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the kendo team, and starter on my karate team. What sports do you play, other than "get angry about drawn Japanese people"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It's me and my bitch

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But keep being mad tbh

shit I fucked up the formatting

all the same, though

Is this thread really full of jealous white girls? You're going obsolete, roasties.

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Your not a female quit jacking off and hit the gym and stop bowing to the oriental 2-D jeuden

it's not a far fetch concept to imagine a fat loser with anime fetish with too many time on his hand capable of switching IPs via VPN, in fact it's as realistic as it gets.

fuck off kikey

He's a samefag of epic proportions. The leftycunts are of course taking advantage of this but ultimately it doesn't matter, kick them all in their teeth artfag and animefag alike.


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Come back when you graduate.

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t. Zig Forums that is here to cut Zig Forums of from chan culture
There is nothing more rightwing than cute anime girls, dude.

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Implying I give a fuck. You'll have better luck with your epic boogerfingers meme kikey.

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back to reddit, OP.

out of all the things to bitch about, why chinese cartoons? alt-kike retards are a much bigger threat tbh.

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Notice how kikes operate? Cherry pick and no context just to keep kvetching.

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Divide and conquer.
Remember to sage, report, and hide.

because it reduces white birth and fertility rate by rendering white men into sad incompetent soycucks

there's that imkikefy meme again.

D&C is only good if you're refraining yourself from what could seriously kill you.

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Literally all high and mighty, holier then thou, (((anime posting))) (((kikes)))

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Yeah, very right wing.

80 years ago you'd be saying "There is nothing more right wing than the burlesquehouse!"

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What a bunch of faggots.

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Most anime is wholesome, though. Pretty much all anime girls are pure maidens that are saving themselves for their special someone. The opposite of degeneracy.

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Newfag plz

Fuck off go jack off to manga

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except that it is, because it's not real and men are actually fantasizing the idea of having it instead of actually pursuing it, so their easy way out is to masturbate to the shit you post instead of being the ideal alpha and take on the challenge and adventure to claim the ideal wife.

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It helps men to have these waifus. In the current year, with all the endless roastbeef, men get a taste of what a proper wife and partner should be like. If men get accustomed to 2D waifus, they won't settle for disgusting, cheating whores in real life anymore. This will force women to clean up their act.

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Check out Amagami, user. They only go as far as hand-holding in that show.

No. Read a fucking book or persue a real human relationship instead, you shut-in goofball.

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It wasn't a database of "anime girls"; it was a database of emoticons. Post that Breitbart article again.

They have both. They moved from the emoticons when everyone else did to continue to try and fit in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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My name is Verty and I hate every single one of you underage /po/tards.

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that is the most loser fueled mindset, it's almost like saying "that girl I have crush at school will finally pity me and know that i'm a cool guy and she'll finally succumb to my wishes"

this is nerd tier thought at the highest scale, woman are destructable and they will ruin themselves permanently, there's no room for self awareness because woman are like children, they will never learn and will always rebel.

Japs use aryan features for most of their characters anyway, unless it's trying to be ultra realistic.
Have you seen a prepubescent girl? Their proportions are quite similar. What a waste of a thread.

Oh, it's you. I keep seeing you pop up at random different boards for some reason.

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Oh berkay, no GF? }:^)>

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No i have never looked at a pre-pubesent boy or girl, you fucking homo anime cia poster

And shareblue is fucking trash hahahahahahahahahahahaha

wat, are you trying really hard to fit in or just trolling? Because it's not very good trolling.


That's just dumb, unless you're (((differently abled))) like blind. FFS, did you not even see yourself growing up?

I see?

Ignore him, he's trying to get attention no doubt. Fucking mods for this board are the worst I've ever seen.

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I want them to step up their game a bit, it's no fun otherwise. I mean, what will the newfags think when they show up and find cuckchan?

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The master baiters used to be a lot more enjoyable as they'd actually put up a pretty funny argument, now it's just le cuckime XD followed up with a hehehe u're just a CIA. That's just not fun.


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Oi, newfag, CHECKEM


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Yeah, go back to leddit, kike.

you know how I know you're not from here?

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I dont give a shit about this website anymore keku

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How jack off with no arms? ke ke ke

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Kike promoting MGTOW spotted.

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Just filter the toon pedos. If no one replies to posts attached to drawings of prepubescent bodies then they will give up and hopefully neck themselves when someone irl finds their collection and tells their employer/parents/loved ones.
No matter what, and they can deny it all day and night, they know that they live in a constant state of shame for being attracted to ink drawings of babies.

Not so fast, mystery meat, someday you will see the true power of memes

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