The Fire Just Got 10ft Higher

Salvini blocks two more niggerboats:

Salvini calls for a census - Gypsies BTFO

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Bump. Made me erect.

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Hail Salvini!!!!!

Ave Caesar Salvini!

Soon, Salvini, don't feel so down, the kikes will soon be no more and you will be able to do whatever you and your people want

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I won't complain since you got doubles

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Italia is comin back baby

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Use the catalog pastanigger.

I should really move back to Italy.

Imagine Trump saying this.

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Salvini already represents a HUGE paradigm shift for Europe's politicos, and I realize I am just dreaming, but wouldn't it be fun to see him step up his game and deploy the Italian navy to sink (or at least threaten to sink) some boats with fake refugees onboard if they enter Italy's coastal / territorial waters.

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Only way to pull that off would be to have them not fly any country's flag - essentially, commission privateers.

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Oh no where ever shall these poor niggers go? Maybe Spain? France? Who knows, who cares.

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That means he won't allow the aut-kike's poster boy Orban into Italy for any state visits

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Military actions are bad PR. Arrest perpetrators and put them jail, then quietly destroy confiscated boats. There are dozens of vaguely written "use at your discretion" anti human traffic laws to do that.

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What nationalist groups are there in Italy and how can we help them? Any anons have information on rapefugee action in Germany, France, England, Sweden etc to send them? Any version of Siege or Culture of Critique in Italian for example? "Redpilling" efforts must not stop because most Italians are against rapefugees.


Salvini is COMPROMISED, Pol! Don't you see?!? Jews WANTS you to support him!!

He is in league with TRS and with Putin, Spencer as well!

The time for military action is not yet, there must be efforts to remove EU influence within Italy, otherwise they will attempt some sort of legal coup and efforts to undermine the Italian gov. Rapefugee mass movements are higly dependent on logistcs provided by NGOs that can be weakened or shut down. Start with arrests and deportation of foreign NGO workers, freeze their financial assets and so on. Antifas and "human right activists" will cause troubles.

Also, they should aim at politically correct censorship. Cut out all "hate speech" laws in Italy. Make sure Google, Facebook and Youtube doesn't try to start troubles. How would the Italian public react to this whole transgender agenda being pushed on children in other western countries?

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where's the art?

otakus motivated by their 2d waifus achieved in a few years what you nofun niggercattle couldn't do in decades.

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Nothing wrong with being an Otaku. Being a fat, neckbearded one is.

Unironically this. Goons need to show some respect.

Go back to wherever you came from.

Salvini is what we hoped Trump would be.

Trump would never say

If he was for real, he would be opening fire on the boats, killing them all. And spreading firearms around Northern Italy to Northern Italians.

Agreed, some good tactics there. I'd imagine you could fan the flames of Traditionalists in the Church quite effectively to lend some support to the cause, the idea of child-trannies should do a lot to motivate them. And looking into expelling aid organisations which have links to the trafficking operations would be a good start, as well as a great redpill for normie Italians as to how the rot works.

I was in Italy at the start of the year, was truly incredible. Disgusted at the number of niggers of course, and sure enough I got involved in an altercation. Good luck with restoring your nations pride user.

What a load of transparent shit! You don't go straight from cucked liberalism to full blown Fascism in one step. It's a lot like entertaining a woman, you need to warm her up with a bit of foreplay first. Nice try at playing the "x isn't a real y" tactic kike. You scared yet? You should be.

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