How does it feel to know the bible predicted the cesspool the internet is?


For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

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Babylon tbh

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Let me guess, this somehow means that we must embrace genocidal diversity and the slide into a brown favela shithole, right?
As long as they are "good Christians," right?
"One race da hooman race," right?

Gas yourself.
I oppose degeneracy and kikery.
I also oppose the ongoing genocide of White people.
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.


Also, sage for a stupid thread.

Why do we care about some 2000 year old sandnigger religion again?

so god gave up on all future children to be born by refusing to fix the environment which will inevitably poison them once they are born into it?

sounds like this buck can be passed down ad infinitum. logic is the enemy of the christfag.

Guys, before you report this thread for being an unironically Zig Forums thread that has no business on Zig Forums, remember that it's futile to report threads like this because as outlined in the rules, that would be wrongthink.

Think before you report, and don't be wrong.

i dont report threads because im not a literaly nigger who beats up people who make him angry.

but thanks for your wise words that you forgot to give.

>he's doing (((their))) lying for free

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Remember kids. The jewish god wanted you ignorant and stupid.
Pets to frolic in his garden.
Ammit only demands justice.

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Threadly reminder the "jewish" god is just the devil. Because remember Jesus said everyone that says they are a "jew" is a liar and worships satan in their synagogue.

It predicted everything because it's a book that describes the human condition. It teaches you how to remain independent from the control of bad people by avoiding sin. Leave it to pagans and atheists to disregard it though.

The reason why the right fails repeatedly is because they refuse to learn from the past, substituting with "innovative and novel" bullshit that never works. I guess they have to learn the hard way.

Oh really? so we're all not one in Christ?

In the way algebra and Newtonian physics is multiculti, which they aren't. Truth is universal.

where do you get from point A to B here.

do you think martha stewarts cookbook was written by god because she tells how to make a damn good prisen omelete as well?

prison* i cant even tell you how my brain decided to misspell that in such a region specific phonetic way. must Alzheimers.

I already believe in Christ.

ok, so confirmation bias. all you needed to say.

but why try to rope others into your logic detour?

How does it feel to know that the bible's "prediction" isn't anything but an ancient fact? The Fall of Man isn't just an allegory, nor are the yugic cycles. We are now in the Kali-yug
of the twenty-eighth age of the seventh manwantara of 308,448,000
years, which explains the impossibly terrible state of everything.

Today on the local news I got to hear how the local Christian churches are attacking Trump over his child illegal policy

You'd rather have a God and no free will? Because that's the only other alternative to fedora-land.

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i havent really thought about what i "want"

I merely try to come to the most adult-like conclusion I can using the facts,

Everything else in life we try to use sound logic and reasoning to find the way, yet people like you, and women, tend to jump to using their feelings instead of facts when it comes to things like fate, the afterlife, and the unknown.

Why not try to grow up and lose the irrational womanly behaviors user? I realize its easier to use the reddit-tier fedora insult, but come on youre better than this.

but thats not even my main beef with religion, it would be much easier to not open my mouth when I see people using a glorified harry potter book written by DAC jews so you're a good goy - if it actually mad sense.

I'll say again.

he fucked from the start, jewed you into thinking its your fault that you were created a flawed creator and you deserve punishment. and you STILL go around preachin the almighty jews word.


he fucked you from the start * yea way past my bedtime, the Alzheimers is kicking in and youngins these days are all too stupid for my wisdom to be given away so freely.



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Fuck Christcuckery. Embrace Roman master morality and/or the ubermensch.

thats right by fellow ubermensch indo-aryan brother. may us erect a new religion of blood and burn oak trees in the forest! our sacred grove must be protected from these parasitic (((christcucks)))!

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This but unironically though.

>>>Zig Forums
A circle of Hell meant just for you, because you don't belong here.



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…and amphibians.

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Damn, so close.

Uh-huh. That's a pretty good impression of a generic fedora, but you still need to work on it a little.

Any cuckstian who doesn't repent is going to the gas chambers too.

It is not the internet, it is the Clown World.

The new testament is literally recounts from the apostles. Nobody claims it was written by God.

Did you know that the Ren and Stimpy character Wilbur E. Cobb predicted everything bad?

"Just call everything crap, then you're always right!"
What a visionary, what a prophet.

tl; dr;
Get your horoscope tier copypasta "faith" outta here.

The bible is a handbook of how to enslave yourself. Very crafty

What the fuck is going on in that image? Or rather, why the fuck is whatever the fuck is going on in that image, going on?

Lads, what's the problem? Why is paganism or atheism better than Christianity?

Because Zig Forums is filled with dive and conquering kike shills who kvetch at Christianity above all. Do take note how organized the spam is.

Atheism is garbage.
Christianity is copypasta tier.
Paganism is misunderstood.

The moment you realize that the things that matter are memories and that actual "proofs" of that are everywhere, then you're getting on the right track.

Varg, for example, he can be full of shit sometimes, but he's right about one thing.

Memories and remembrance is the core of everything that matters.

care to explain this?

Sicut Judaeis (Latin: "As the Jews") was a papal bull setting out the official position of the papacy regarding the treatment of Jews.

The first bull was issued in about 1120 by Calixtus II and was intended to protect Jews. It was prompted by the First Crusade, during which over five thousand Jews were slaughtered in Europe. The words sicut Judaeis ("and thus to the Jews") were first used by Pope Gregory I (590-604) in a letter addressed to the Bishop of Naples. Even then the Pope emphasized that Jews were entitled to "enjoy their lawful liberty."[1]

The bull was reaffirmed by many popes including Alexander III, Celestine III (1191-1198), Innocent III (1199), Honorius III (1216), Gregory IX (1235), Innocent IV (1246), Alexander IV (1255), Urban IV (1262), Gregory X (1272 & 1274), Nicholas III, Martin IV (1281), Honorius IV (1285-1287), Nicholas IV (1288-92), Clement VI (1348), Urban V (1365), Boniface IX (1389), Martin V (1422), and Nicholas V (1447).[2][3]

The bull forbade Christians, on pain of excommunication, from forcing Jews to convert, from harming them, from taking their property, from disturbing the celebration of their festivals, and from interfering with their cemeteries.


Answer this one question:

Would you rather live in a country full of white pagans or a country full of non-white christians?

because this one.. and this one only has behind it the one true Messiah Jesus christ and he died for the sins you commit, payed your price already and by grace saved you from death eternal

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God can't just be like "Lol wtf, here let me just erase all bad things" because an opposite to God with equal power. You know, duality, Ying and Yang, good and evil.
Men have free will and there is an eternal struggle between good and evil.

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How is the devil equal to god in power? Even for a christcuck your knowledge of scripture is poor. Lucifer was his #1 angel before the fall, but he was still below god.

That's my favorite parable. Right after the one about teaching a man to fish.

Paganism and atheism are not Jewish ideologies/creations.

Christianity is.

Its also not the original religion of whites.

Despite Christ cucks cries, howls and whines whites were pagans before we were any other religion.

Paganism and it's gods are our authentic past and religious heritage and we should all seriously consider re-embracing or at least deeply learning about this so we can fully and properly understand who we are and where we came from as a people.

Christ insanity is simply Communism 1.0 and rotten Jew shit that we simply do not need.

You need to learn the hard way, that's why God let's you wallow in your own filth.

So when god flooded the earth, what was that all about?

Ask yourself

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yaweah is a jew god who wanted to withhold the flame of knowledge from mankind, fuck em lol
stay ignorant

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Americans don't even do Christianity right (rampant circumcision, mcchurches, televangelists out the ass, ululating madmen, force pushing old ladies, magic underwear, etc).
Using them as examples for pagans is even more ridiculous.

*names your continent*

*bases your writing systems*

and also…

*bases your pagan beliefs*

While the Ancient Greeks came out with a more developed and influential civilization in the end, when they were still in the early developmental stage, they relied heavily on trade with the more advanced (at the time) Phoenicians, the Semites you refer to. The Phoenicians had established themselves as merchant travelers who navigated and voyaged across the entire Ancient World, trading and collaborating with other societies they'd visit, and as such also served as mediums for cultural exchange. So in addition to teaching the Greeks their language and other technology they themselves had developed, they could also teach the Greeks concepts and innovations they had learned from different cultures, like the Mesopotamians. For example, the idea of "debt" (interest) . More interestingly, religion and mythology. This is why many Ancient Greek false gods, demigods, cultic practises, temples/idols, and even purely barbaric rituals like human sacrifice, have their roots in Near East religions like that of the Mesopotamians, read more here . On the other hand, while they communicated and traded with other societies including that of the Phoenicians, the Ancient and Biblical Jews were weary not to allow syncretism to change or influence their religious traditions, whether they came from Semitic societies or not. So in a sense, you could say the Babylonian odinist Crypto jews really do have the more semitic religion here.

The only way fagans can get around this argument is by claiming that the Phoenicians were "Aryan", which if they were than so were the Ancient Hebrews of the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel that the Bible mentions they were good friends with.

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How to spot a kike

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citation needed.
See the dozens of citations at the end of the page :^)

Attached: phoenicians-trading-with-ancient-egyptians.jpg (576x217, 28.37K)

I don't see my pagan beliefs being based there.
I'm German, not Greek.

Do you have any crime scene and/or autopsy gore? If not, get the fuck out an go fuck yourself to death with a rake.

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Well, I sure as shit posted this in the wrong thread.
Disregard, I suck cocks.

Attached: 1455593395393-0.png (1725x928, 2.6M)

Weird, how come the Germanics that "came up" with those mythologies had a writing system based on Ancient Greek (based itself on Phoenician script)? Seems to me they were influenced heavily by their Southern neighbours, the Hellenics, famalam :)

Runes aren't Greek, bro.
I will look into this, though.

So far every argument like that was been total hogwash, just like "Inscription of Allah found in Vikang robes", etc.

Well I guess when roman historian Tacitus wrote about them he wasn't talking about them. Also,
>basing your entire headcanon of (((jesus))) not being jewish around word usage, the (((bible))), and a jewish historian's revision of history

The absolute state of christcuckoldry. I look forward to your next mental gymnastics.

That would be a very good point if Christianity was as unorganized and subjective as pagan practices, which is not, the only reason you know everything you listed is not in anyway actually Christian is because actual Christianity exists and you know enough to discern despite an unsurmountable quantity of insane heretics existing, can you say the same about paganism? if so, could you provide the core tenets of paganism, or an example of paganism done right that isn't just socialized Christian values with a viking skin?

Runes actually originate from Ancient Italiac writing systems which originated themselves from an Ancient Greek writing system. Honestly man, why believe in polytheism when monotheism has so many stronger logical arguments supporting it, like Aquinas' Five Ways, itself going back to arguments made by Aristotle. If you want to keep the same ethics you have now while also being a monotheist and believing in God, whats stopping you? Although hopefully, you'll later see the importance of revelation on top of reason.

I already posted the core of those.

Anyway, paganism isn't a global religion that claims to be the one and only truth.

But, yeah, I could walk you around my region and talk about things like that, not everything is strictly regional (like naked figurehead on ships, which keep away storms, that has spread quite bit due to seafaring and can be found in places like the antics of Cú Chulain who warp spasmed around until some bare tits calmed him down), but a lot is.
There is a lot of symbolism and meaning in so many little things. It might sound like a copout if I say "too much to explain" but it really is too much to explain.

Basically, if you strip away Christianity, which is very very very thin, thinner than you might thing, the fate of all missionary faiths that have to compete with the prior knowledge of people and the effects of an environment on its people, etc.
You get left with everything else.

Consider this. King Barbarossa, a Christian Crusader King was still more of a heathen, a Germanic, than a Christian.
He had frequent spats with the pope. Supported some really "naughty boys that weren't so keen on him either'.
His corpse got processed the "teutonic way" he is all about ravens and even swore to come back, etc.

As I said, I'll look into that.
this however:
No, polytheism is not the default way of all humans around the globe without reason.

Christianity is not a monotheistic religion either, just one that wants to be one.
Satan alone has to carry so much supernatual shit Yahweh cannot be made accountable for because a true omnigod that literally does everything ultimately means nothing, or at least nothing 100% good.

Then the trinity, etc, Mary is worshipped too, etc.
Nah, bro.

where did you posted them

Alright, just for the sake of argument, lets assume thats true. Why not go for something like deism then? .Its my opinion that even if its not Christianity, monotheism and belief in the one and only God is still better than polytheism, so I generally advocate this for people that seem very stubborn about not wanting to become Christian.


This isn't the only place I post and I get banned all the damn time.

It's literally the cause of all the problems and an eternal slog like IF GOD IS SO GOOD WHY BAD THINGS HAAPPNNNN

Meanwhile, my gods are just superhumans that do their own thing. I have no problem with them.

For equal arguments sake:
Even if they all died in a battle and have been destroyed then that is less of a problem than some omnipresent omniscient immortal thing acting mysterious because the contrast is so stark.

My guys could just be out there for a hunt or going drinking.

Anyway, I'm not a fan of having to be a scholar or read books or get taught things all the time, these things make me suspicious.
Generally speaking, that which is considered to be no brainer true is that which you won't find written down.

If everybody knows "D'uh, it's like that" then you won't have to write it down because it's written on the mind of everyone around you.

Anyway, again, I'm not trying to just be obstinate out of malice or whatever, but I live in Germany, a thing that used to a gazillion little things, I have three low german dialects in my region alone.
We have our own spirits, our own cryptids, our own views, etc.
Not even other heathen faiths could change that.
It makes no sense that Jupiter is sitting in some local forest here that creates creatures that skim under the surface of the water to drag you in.
Sure, there are many spirits like that to be said to be around, but they don't make sense in all contexts.

But these little things condemn invading faiths to be eternally maintained while the local faiths survive on a shoestring and some bubblegum.

And contrary to popular belief, not everything is Christian with a viking coat.
On the contrary, everything has to have a Christian coat or people forget about Christianity.

That oak leaf? Oh yeah, ancient Christian symbolism.
A linden tree? Quintessentially Christian of course.
Ash tree getting used in shipbuilding because it's a water tree and this has been done until very recently (not many wooden ships are built anymore).
I'm sure we can squeeze some Yahweh in there.


Oh boy.
Used to be. Super duper split up.
Which is good, I hope we will go back to it someday.

Unity is fine and dandy, but I am quite tribal.
Ooga booga.



Where? you only claimed Christianity is just a wrap and in truth it's all paganism, you also suggested that base nature deification makes more sense and is a more complete understanding of the universe than actual moral doctrine derived from the logical creation of an intelligent designer, naked figureheads to keep away storms and ravens doesn't mean anything to the transcendental metaphysical realities of existence, it doesn't convey anything about what is good or bad, true or false, correct or incorrect, if that is what paganism boils down to, the worship of nature and subjective magic thinking, then I'm sorry to inform you that what you call missionary faith isn't struggling to keep people away from treehugging, fire dancing and other previous enviromental "knowledge" prior to evangelization.

You are literally confirming the OP.

Attached: 22851720_850280875146110_2987186916726551205_n.jpg (480x480, 46.16K)

I visited /asatru/ to learn more about the religion and this is one of the big advantages of following your ancestors religion, seems to fit more easily with your spirit. But what I realized is I already felt quite natural with having my own unique way of thinking and personal un-normalfag personality despite believing in a universalistic religion. Can't you just keep your own spirit, views, etc, all while also believing in God? Thing is, belief is something of a choice, whether God exists or not remains true even if you don't believe in it, which is why its not something to take lightly especially if you consider the possibility that God will judge us, for example on whether we chose to put in the work to understand Him better, in an afterlife.

Pagans and WN is just a teenage rebellion phase. A man may only enter adulthood upon admission of his own imperfection.

Attached: Ukrainian on a holiday.png (962x641, 1.38M)

Confirmed for not looking beyond your own scope that fits your headcanon. Tacitus used a predecessor to the term that would become jew. Your wall of text image is founded on incompetence and lies - only befitting of a christcuck.


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (509x541, 227.83K)

You literally just cropped a part of your wall of text. As said, your headcanon is predicated off of a poorly framed historical error. Even the part you cropped is framed to suit your flawed argument.

You're never going to convince anyone by being this disengenuous. You're digging yourself into a bigger hole. The only people this helps are lurkers out to prove that christcucks are just JIDF.

It predicted the Cesspool that is the Left, Tumblr, FB, Twatter, and OP.

Seeing as OP is a kike faggot.

Lets just talk form the point all regions are man made lies, specifically made or evolutionary processes of tales.

From this point of view paganism is extremely weak and inferior to Abrahamic religions.
It is too anthropomorphic and its mysticism is too specific to hold on scientific man.
Heaven and hell concepts are ultimate concepts to shape people's behaviors from the game theory point of view. They promise maximum possible win and loss.
Paganism doesn't takes stance of ultimate truth (other people can have their own Gods) and therefore is again in the inferior position to compete. Argument "you all wrong i am right because my only true God says so" is ultimate argument in discussion and can't be beaten.

Just think for the point of view of some scheming man who want to invent religions that will conquer maximum amount of believers just fro the sake of it. Would be it in the form of paganism? Of course not.

Attached: hry6.jpg (707x1131, 242.19K)

Reported, enjoy your incoming deletion/anchor

You're missing the point entirely.

Christ insanity prevailed NOT in the evolutionary sense meaning because it was a better idea than paganism that just magically took hold of the minds of the masses.

It "won" because Jew psychopaths hired the Roman empire and had the help of the race traitor Charlemagne to wipe paganism out via violence and warfare the only two things that ever seem to change humanity's minds about anything.

Let me put it to you this way in a way that counts.

Were I to find, somehow create (build for myself millions of droids/Terminators lets say) or somehow acquire a massive slave army ala Game of Thrones or for whatever reason the entire rest of the world decided to randomly become obsessed with me and wanted me to be its leader in the fight to take down ZOG Britain and ZOG USA I was awarded a numerically superior army by the rest of the world to do whatever I wanted so long as I used the army to destroy ZOG USA and ZOG Britain how difficult do you think it would then be for me after slaughtering countless millions of people to impose the religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on legions of now conquered remaining Christ cucks, Muzzies and kikes???

Not very hard is the answer and that goes for anyone (or group) who could somehow some way attain the services of a superior (numerical or fighting wise) force of men (or intelligent AI machines) to acheive whatever war goal you, I or someother guy wanted to accomplish.



(((the bible)))
It sure is "interesting" now that the moderation is loose like halfcuck.

As I said, Christianity is polytheistic without admitting it.
There's no need for a trinity if they are not different, and if they're different then they're no the same thing.

It's nonsense, just like saying "God" is perfect.
Once you are perfect you are over, done.
You aren't perfect and then also act, worry, judge, or think.

You don't need to think because thought implies an interest in the outcome of the thought, but you are already perfect, completely solved and whole.
There is no next step, etc.

I could, but why should I?

Christians usually say "Christianity is legit because it conquered Europe and was believed in for 2000 years".
But if things changed now and Europe became pagan again and did pagan art, temples, etc, then that of course would be satanic and wrong.


Christianity and Islam are literally religions anyone can join if they say a magical incantation.

"I accept Jesus Christ as my savior" etc or "All ilaha il allah" or however their little chant goes.

It requires literally no soul, spirit or anything.
Copypasta is not a faith or a religion.

Dancing around a fire has more spiritual meaning than reading from a book and calling it the mainstay of your souls safekeeping.

For example, people still unironically throw earthware on the ground before weddings here.
This is called "Polterabend", the couple could be Christian, both communionized, baptized, hell they could even be circumcised, and other -ised things.

But Yahweh could have been blessing his balls off to the couple, he could have come down to earth and bless the couple personally.
It's very extremely likely that they'd still do their non required heathen superstition ritual because it has actual meaning.

You smash earthware, because shards give you luck, unless its glass or worse, mirror.
(Kikes smash glass on their celebrations, just goes to show)
It also is a test and symbolism of the couple having to go through hardship together, because they must clean all that shit up by themselves.

Furthermore, if they're really hardcore then they might burn the pants of the groom and nail the shoes of the bride to a tree.
The burning of the pants because the old life of the guy is over, and the shoes of the bride to a tree so she can't change her mind and run away like a scaredy girly.

This couple might also have jumped over a May fire together, for luck and for bonding, a fire is dangerous and they did it together.

The guy might have given his chosen one a may tree, etc.
I could go on here, dude. People don't do things without meaning, don't do them randomly.

What is good and what is bad gets distilled by the behavior of people.
If you are a murderous stealing fuck then you make the lives of everyone around you harder, and it's already hard enough to survive, so you get punished.
Doesn't need an oy vey with clay tablets to tell you that.

This extends further and further. If your tribe is a total asshole then other tribes will start to fight you.

And if you're a total degenerate like focus completely on assfucking and whatever then it's very likely that your tribe dies out on its own even on basic secular biological principles of the rectum not being a fertile ground for babies.

Et cetera.

Is that why christfags all over the world hated and hate these heroes, user? Is that why they went over by the millions to burn and genocide Europe? Is that why they starved brave German warriors after they won? Is that why they raped little White kids and burned them by the thousands?

Wake up.

Real Gods of Europe > Kike g-d

Whats your point?

And that has to be placed in a context that there was absolutely nothing like this for pagans, the people who followed the religious traditions native to Europe. On pagans, it was open season, so long as Christians held the upper hand.

Attached: Christian-massacre-of-Saxons-at-Verden.jpg (477x619, 120.36K)

hinduism also does this and so do other religions, in most of them there's a section in the writting where they decribe a time of pure degenerate materialism like the one in op

That's hilarious. Christians make 2 competing claims.

Attached: 2010-Jerusalem-PM-Netanyahu-with-Pastor-Hagee.jpg (1024x731, 101.49K)

11. And thus Men created an invisible Spider-like web.
12. And they used stone tables glowing with light to see the web.
13. And when they saw the web, they saw each other, and began whispering one to another, and they passed gossips.
14. Soon, men began to throw obscenities at each other, and give sinful depictions of men fornicating with pretty much everything alive and sometimes not so much.

Sorry, Hombre, if Bible would truly predict shit, it would be predicted more accurately. Vague descriptions that match pretty much every times and places are no good game.

You kikes and your desert semen demon will come to answer for your crimes against humanity.

You do realise Germanic Christianity, which started with the Lollards, was continued by the Hussites and is today broadly referred to as Protestantism and/or Lutheranism; literally considers the Pope to be anti-Christ. It should come as no surprise to you that any group that has a structured hierarchy will be targeted for subversion by the parasite; we see this today with the aut-right, we saw this historically with the Catholic church. The answer to the aut-right is a leaderless movement that is based upon a set of beliefs; the exact same thing happened with Germanic Christianity, and it is why there is no governing body over Protestants and only a set of beliefs - sola Scriptura.

It is no coincidence that the Germanics went with a leaderless form of Christianity - and it is no coincidence that we, as a primarily Germanic board (Burgers, Bongs, Ozzies and what not) desire a similar leaderless Anonymous based movement. The Latins have always craved authority (and are near useless without it as they become lazy and apathetic), the Slavs have were always focused on the collective good (which left room for a lot of people to be shit and liars so long as they did not interfere with the overall benefit of the group), and the Germanics were always obsessed with purity on an individual - even to self-harming extents (and really you can see evidence of this way back in Pelagius' ideas before any of the proto-Protestant movements had started - although the culmination in Puritanism, Anabaptists, Amish, etc is further proof). This is why we have such vast differences between the Germanic Church (Protestantism), the Latin Church (Roman Catholicism) and the Slavic Church (Russian/Eastern Orthodoxy).

There are some pretty extreme and blatant prophecies regarding Merchants being the enemies of humanity, the Jews being the children of Satan who become the Synagogue of Satan and oppress all of mankind, and even stuff about weapons with the capability to melt eyes in their socks and poison the world's waters (sounds pretty similar to nukes); as well as lots of more vague stuff.

semitic religion is a cancerous bastardization of spirituality and has killed human kind.

Come on. Rich were always the enemies of people. It's an universal law of society, no mystery here. The enemies - no matter who they are supposed to be - are always children of "the enemy", no matter whom he might be, because lo, and behold, a good deity of ours couldn't produce bad people like them. And no, nukes resemble a thunder, fire, earthquake and ash, not something that can above all melt eyes and poison water.

Apply critical thinking.