Ohio's Bleak Future

This faggot Mike Dewine is the best Ohio can produce for it's Republican candidate for governor in 2018. The cuck is anti-gun too. It's not looking good for my state post Nov.


I tried, shit's fucky.

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first post for stay the fuck out of PA we're full of niggers already

You'll never get the board back kikey

Archive this.
OP can't inb4 - nobody can inb4 their own post either - this is common knowledge.

Why didnt you run?

Teetneet get urs.

What's a good state to homestead off grid for a goy and his girl trying to live freely without kikes fucking everything up? Is there anywhere left or is it all communist and kiked nowadays?

well that's sad

FUCK OP Ohio was my Plan B now that Colorado is California v2. Rightwing Zig Forums is suffering.

op is a fag
Nice try schlomo, OH is still the best damn state in the Land.

The Republican party is an agent of zionist capital. They only pretend to support gun rights to keep up an image and because they felt like they had a good propaganda grip on their assigned target swath of the population. Republican aggression on restricting firearms is directly proportional to the increase in anti-israel, isolationist, and anti-capital sentiment.

as a native I can say it has seen better days but at least it's not other states

Clearly you don't live in the poz that is Columbus. We are currently overrun with niggers, jews, spics, somalians, muds, chinks, and califags galore. Hopefully I only have another few years here before I can move out of this shit city. If not, I only hope I can procure enough ammo, if such a thing even exists.

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Would you say southeastern Ohio would be a nice place to buy some land and homestead?

As far as homesteading goes, rural Ohio is fine. The Ohio Valley is very fertile, with lots of rain and a long growing season. Southern Ohio is going to be filled with more hills, which might not be a problem, but something you should consider. Just avoid the cities and stockpile guns and ammo. If South Africa showed us anything, it is that they will hunt us down to the last. Which is why my goal isn't to check out and just homestead, but build a basepoint to awaken other whites and free them of zog conditioning.

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Northern Midwest or the states along the Canada border. I hear North Dakota/South Dakota are secretly nice places to live as long as you can tolerate some seriously frigid winters.

I was told Columbus is better than Cleveland. Which city is best, for those of us whose livelihoods depend on it?

Both cities are shit, avoid both unless you plan to ethnically cleanse them when you get here.

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Thanks a ton for the advice man.

I've also heard that there are many counties without municipalities in southeastern Ohio which means no building codes and communist bullshit infringing on my fucking rights.

Am I correct in this or half-correct or flat out wrong?

Now maybe somebody who isn't a fucking dirtbag weeb can report on this.

You sure as fuck didn't try to make a proper OP.

That's what I say to these whiney faggots, if you aren't participating you got no right or rights

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He's not the best that Ohio can produce. He's what OH is (((permitted))) to produce.


Don't call yourself a "goy"
It is a shit term the kikes use to belittle everyone else.
It means something like "soulless human shaped slave animal"
Just don't.

The brown/ black garbage is up here too.
It's not as bad as the SW, SE yet.
But it is much worse than it was 20 years ago.
And it's not just the cities. ZOG ships blacks and browns all over.
It's shit.
The demonic kikes will never stop with the ongoing genocide of Whites.
Until they are made to stop. By force.

Nowhere is safe. Look at South Africa. That is the future that we are heading towards.
Only by taking back our country and our future can anything ever be good again.

I do, it's just my part of Columbus that excludes minorities to the Max. Especially in the home deeds of the more well off neighborhoods in my town.

you fags are blue as fuck … the only reason you are red because you are farmers

but your government are some muslim sellout slime balls

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sandwhiched between detroit and pittsburg … theres not hope buddy

go west to indy or south to lousville

what the fuck is your problem mate … cant fucking read.

Am I fucking lying, you suck allahs dick

were taking the word back … im the real goy mccoy

This whole system is diseased and rotten to the core. Marxist Jews on one side, Zionist Jews on the other, and neither of them give a flying fuck about the general populace.

Be the change you want to see in the world, faggot. Run for office or support those who do.

That ID
You seem familiar

Here's the archive: archive.fo/bZJD3

That isn't going to last. More and more apartment complexes are growing up like weeds, they will be filled with chinese and indians, and they will shit up your area. The only upside I've seen to Columbus in the past 5 years is a hard awakening in much of the native whites, many are very upset and against the invaders. Especially those who have to work near or around the invaders. For those that don't, even they have a soft "I remember when my city was smaller and less shitty" attitude.

Pittsburgh is a leftist shithole because of unions (in the past), blacks, and now hipsters flooding the area, but if you look at other districts around Allegheny County (White ones) they all vote Republican. I don't necessarily think the cause of Ohio's problems are Pittsburgh, but it's growing infection of hipsters is going to be harmful to the region.

Saw my neighborhood in Columbus go from an idyllic all-white zone to nigger central during Obummer's presidency. Here is what happened, see if you can spot all the jews:

>local real estate agent (((shlomo shekelberg))) buys up the houses

One morning I wake up to walk my dog and a nigger is trying to run me over. Niggers running through neighbor's yard with guns. Drug dealer buys a house down the street. Niggers constantly nigging and grabbing their herpes-festooned memedicks.

That's when I got my CCW, started learning to shoot, got in top shape. Was ready for war. Fortunately I got the fuck out of there before having to go vigilante.

Cleveland Avenue should be napalmed.

Now I am out in the country around huwaito people and it is pretty comfy tbqh.

Im saying look at you guys better get serious on the state level or that is going to be blue , gay and black as fuck

yeah I feel ya, live in the northeast, tons of fucking niggers up here

oh its a good place, family hails from Columbiana, the Rust Belt's redneck territory.

if I could run, things would truly change.

Dude, fuck that. Honestly city council could fence off the entire east side and call it a zoo. I mean it's nice that they're at least trying to clean up the miller-kelton area by children's hospital but yeah fuck Cleveland Ave. The last bastion of white hope is more west/northwest side. Cause at least the Jews stay to the east side along with the nignogs in Bexley

No I live in another shitty Ohio city that isn't even one of the big 3, and it too is a nigger haven.

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So are you just going to complain about it like a kike would do? Or actually get up off your fatass and do something about it?

another thread to filter.

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Pennsylvania is "what if Ohio taxed fucking food, let ten year old children design the roads, and was even worse on the Second Amendment?"

Yes, let's have eight hundred and seventy-three people run for office. Drain the votes that are against the two party system into oblivion. The people best suited to run the show are those who have worked hard for what they have. You know what it takes to run for office? A shitload of money, which is not what hard work brings, but connections and opportunities.

The saddest thing is, this is absolutely true. If you're independently wealthy, you're set like Chet if you live in Ohio, but if you have to work for a living, you'll only be treading water until you drown here.

Columbutts only exists because the state was giving away land to anybody who would settle there. It is literally Gibsmedat City.

Stay out of either, if you can help it.

Youngstown? Warren? Austintown? Alliance? Geauga? Lorain? Elyria? (((East Palestine)))? Akron? Parma? Toledo? Sandusky? You'll have to be more specific.

Getting put on a list for talking openly about it sure will help.

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Yeah, Cleveland ave is a shitpit these days, but even Upper Arlington is going to hell. More and more expensive apartments keep cropping up and for (((some reason))) they get filled to the brim with pajeets, chinks, and lightbulb headed somaliniggers. Hell, Columbus has gotten so bad in recent years that even the niggers are complaining about the invaders.

Columbus used to be a fairly nice city, maybe 20 years ago. Sure we had niggers and nigger laws, and you could see the poz growing, but the streets were safe in the white areas, taxes were not too bad, food was cheap, and you could actually get a job and make decent money at it. There was also a sense of community in the area. You can still find parts of this in some areas of the city, but they are getting rather rare.

If my hometown was always a shithole, I don't think I'd be as blindingly mad about what it has become, but the fact that it used to be a decent place to live is just so heartbreaking that I just want to watch those culpable for this crime suffer.

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I know what you mean, I was pissed as fuck about Dewine. Funny thing: on fox news on the radio they had ads promoting Mary Taylor for awhile and then after (((they))) didn't approve of her anti-immigration stance, they started running ads AGAINST her. Mary Taylor was the only hope.

What to do now? I' ve had some thoughts, where was it exactly recently, Indiana or somewhere, where the state was being anti-gun but then a city said they declared themselves sanctuary cities for guns? We need to start getting all Ohio cities to prepare for this.

Okay Ohiofags. This is my first ever post here and I am going to make it fucking count. I have been lurking 8ch since just before election and have been on 4chan since like 2005. I was at the FIRST Scientology protests. When I look back at those years and see the awareness we spread on net and IRL, goddamn, the trolling and lulz were top notch too. Even my own mother a year ago:

You sound just like my father

Been feeling like a goddamn oldfag for a minute now, this really cements it. Thanks I guess…champ…


Fix your file name, I can't stand to see Gondola abused this way.


a 937 faggot?

I just moved to Ohio, it could be worse I guess but I have seen a lot of race mixing. Also there is a huge amount of white addicts - which is alarming. This is all intentional of course, the jews are crippling our Germanic populations.

Yeah the south, southwest side is Columbus's version of the bottoms and it's pretty bleak there too. Although the hilltop used to be a good area too and now there's monkeys shooting each other every night.

Well, shit. I was considering moving to Ohio at the end of the summer.

Oh fuck off you nigger. So what if I try to separate my ideas in paragraph formations and not submit a huge, incoherent block of text or a fucking ONE LINER like some NIGGER aka YOU. I haven't been on Reddit in fucking 9 years back when you could have a conversation and people actually posted something else besides shitty memes and leftist shit. I've probably been on chans since you were in fucking diapers. I was around when this shit was born, I didn't merely adopt it, like some faggot, aka you, who has nothing to offer to this thread besides calling someone out for "reddit spacing" and doesn't add anything substantial or beneficial to move the conversation forward. You're act like some worthless fuck coward who just criticizes others when they try to make a point and add to the conversation. You fucking petulant little child, why dont you go sit in the kiddie corner why the ADULTS do something about fixing this Goddamn state. You obviously want to piggyback off of our efforts and do NOTHING. Maybe you could put your critical tactics to work and be critical of the (((people))) who are fucking everything up. Im sure you friends and love dones, if you have any, are used to you complaining, why not make it more directed to how theyre affected too? But Im probably asking too much for someone who posts fucking meme one-liners on Zig Forums

Not 937 faggot, just traveled around state for work and see what I see…. Its a lot of the same everywhere though, big cities are the big cities, rural and 937 similar areas are similar because they face largely, the same probs.

Yes biggest issue facing us right now, but it does provide a good funnel of people for our movement as they will be more susceptible to our cause and what it means. Fuck, how did MILLIONS of pain pills just (((end up)) in towns with just a white pop of 3-5k?

Depends on where/why you want to move and where you moving from. Moving to Cbus is tolerable in right area because of low cost of living and "muh city" if you have a good job.Some places liek Upper ARlington raised the FUCK out of their property taxes to deter others who dont belong from moving in or making them move out. My plan is to buy property here for a base for work/storage/layovers, rent it out to cover expenses, but live/work mostly remotely on a homestead in E/SE Ohio.

WVfag here, lots of nogs coming into Huntington the past few years. Police had a massive drug bust a few months back and every single one arrested was a Detroit nigger.

Lived in Minot for two years. It's a nice place but -20° F with a 20° F wind chill during the winter takes some getting used to. You learn how to layer clothes properly rather quickly.

Bro me and my girl are planning to move to that exact area in about a year or so! I'm probably gonna hit you up on that email offer. All signs are pointing to SE Ohio and we're planning to go off grid, homestead, and I'll probably have a trade job most likely carpentry because that's what I've been doing the past 6 months.

It won't be much longer if something isn't done. I live in a very white city and have recently seen a massive influx of niggers - recently as in "within the last few weeks" - cropping up like they belong here. White subdivisions are being white-flighted as well. It's not looking good.

You want to talk about a lot of white addicts, just look at North eastern Indiana. The whole area has been destroyed by Meth and Opiates.

Moving from Louisiana to Dayton, OH for job reasons. I visited Dayton and it didn't seem too bad, but I only spent a week there.

Every single fucking state in the northeast is like this, as well. There's nowhere left to run except rural. Event the christians are bringing racemixed couples out there, too.

Dayton's not that bad. Not far from other cities if you want to do that sort of thing for "fun". Cheap at least so you can save money. Whites there are waking up. the TWP (lol) had a presence there but theyre done for now. Thats why I want to start spreading awareness and start something, targeting those areas with good information as well as help to whites, nepotism for good jobs, training, medical help, food help, physical fitness trianing, curbing the drug shit, being there for younger whites whos parents are too busy shooting up or getting drunk taht sort of thing. THis is what we need to be doing…

But first a foremost, dropping easily swallowed redpills and facts, having views backing them up and being proud of them. To inspire others to do the same and rise above. Good luck with your new jorb.

Toledofag here. Please fucking nuke the entire city

reminder: two of the recent big ice busts took place in ohio. the meatpacking plants last week, and the garden center last month. trump is having them work over ohio in order to improve the senate chances there, the current dem running for reelection is behind the 8ball from trying to defend the spics.

This is why it is happening in the first place. Instead of lone gunman attacks on ZOG members we have you pussified worms kvetching online. Make a plan, keep it silent and carry it out faggots.

You all fucked up not voting for Denniss Kucinich in the Democrat Primary. Hes got ties to Assad.