So I think a lot of you are most likely on the page where you're starting to accept that the great Liberal democracies of the 21st century are nothing but a scam designed to fleece a bunch of morons out of their inheritance and wealth.

That the end goal or at least the end result of these democracies; is not a fair and equitable solution to the question of what is and isn't our rights. As you've actually in a democratic system not consented to have your rights represented - but CONSENTED to having your rights stripped from you by lot and draw.

Now the Libertarian diagnoses this problem differently - he views this as a failing of government and overreach of their natural authority not just infringing upon the rights of the sovereign, but also creating an unstable situation socially and economically. Whereas the Nationalist simply views what's going on in government as a perversity - politicians actively working to undermine the better interest of their own constituents - all following the democracies rules or if not, re-writing them as they go.

So - since I highly doubt "revolution" for "revolutions" sake will ever solve these problems - as it's pretty much an incoherent statement at this point. And it's not like the people have one tangible enemy, they're beset on all sides by people on both sides of the so called political aisle, and even a stronghold of would be oppressors who form up the political center.

Alas, only one solution I think still remains - one that has been pre-dominantly untested and where it has been tested it's failed miserably. (See Quebec, Ireland, Catalonia etc..)

Separatism folks might be our only way of escaping the edgy accusations of wannabe dictators from the ever so kind lying press - as well as a way of keeping on board the useful idiots Cuckapedes.

Anyway this thread is for the discussion of Separatism, Separatist movements - and the logistics of pulling off a Rightwing Nationalist

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Reminds me of the Pulp Fiction nigger reading his line.

Honestly I don't know. The USA is certainly not going to let go of any piece of its territory without a fight, so where could it be done? The PNW guys tried it, I think Sperglin is trying to do something in Nigeria if he could get ahold of some land, but I can't think of a single place on earth that could harbor us and not try to antagonize us.

Well not any time soon - and the problem with the people you're referencing is: they're children. Richard Spencer, Anglin, Mike Enoch etc. These are grown children they're not leaders - nothing they do should be seen as anything other than D&C.

I think it can't be done in the US, today. And that's mostly because people of our inclinations aren't so concentrated - and a lot of "Right wing" people are Israeli-Ultra Nationalists who want a world in which the US acts as a bludgeon for Jewish/Western Capital.

But in a future in which the News is as bleak every night as it is now, where every White person is told for the next 20 years - "You should go die and hand us the keys to the kingdom."

A Separatist movement with the proper iconography, relevance and leadership could certainly do the trick - the problem is it's rarely been attempted in earnest. And most of the time when it is attempted it's by faggot Communists or people with no tangible goals.

For instance, I know it's not the US - but Quebec narrowly failed their bid for independence. And they might have achieved it had things gone down differently. (If you don't know the exact history behind that, it's surprisingly dramatic.)

Honestly, I think they just narrowly missed a Brexit style faux referendum result. Britain is never leaving the EU in a meaningful way apart from words on paper, and as soon as the old codgers die off they will re-referendum themselves back into the EU no questions asked. Especially after a few more years of massive Paki breeding and immigration. Having a home for yourself has never been voted for unfortunately, if you catch my drift.

I'm not that partial to their cause but it wouldn't surprise me if they were the victims of a false flag campaign. I mean they really scared the shit out of the Canadian government - but that's the kind of legitimate movement I'm talking about. I'm a big fan of National Socialists, I think the guys on this board have the keenest minds. But I think if we're going to have any hope in hell - we're going to need to adopt regional identities that make sense in the context of where we are.

The White Ethnostate can never be the US again, or Canada, or any European nation that has been tainted by shit skin blood. It's going to require us to be bold enough to reboot our societies with new identities but not so radical that they're entirely unpalatable - we after all, would need men and women to fight and die for these states. But that point is where ideas like National Socialism and whatever come in.

We're not even at step one yet - and step one is coherent political organization with the explicit goal of Separatism, with new national identities by region - that's the only hope any of us have of the real political representation we all crave.

No one gives a fuck what you think, this isn't your blog faggot.

What nations don't have shiskin blood?

Exactly. I don't mean the land I mean the Nations themselves - the identity, the nature of them have been warped and twisted into new world entities that are created to serve as a crude Jewish golem so that soft nationalists can be controlled.

I agree. Separatism is probably the only real choice for at least a little while. If nothing else, to provide sanctuaries for those who wish to carry the torch of their respective cultures.

However, let's got some things clear - if a separatist movement were to form, it has to have a few ground rules.
Every member joining up must be separated from the "inner" state, by ways of either simple detention (while still being treated properly, not a literal fucking prison), or by other means of separation. A sort of "limbo" point for new members. This period will see the evaluation of the person - it would let us reject retards, traitors, etc if the quarantine period is long enough. I'd like to see it something along the lines of 6 months to a year, but that's a different discussion entirely. The point is, it has to be long.

This would invariably involve some redditor faggotry I'm sure, but it needs its own unique identity. It can't be Zig Forums's thing, or the like. Discussing it and planning on Zig Forums is fine, but it must be its own independent movement. The obvious reason being that Zig Forums is not an identity to be carried outside of itself, but less obvious would be the greatly negative connotation that would get it shut down. Flying under the radar for as long as possible while the groundworks get set up would be ideal.

In any case, self sufficiency would be key here. Relying on imports, begging, or gibsmedat would be inherently self destructive to any kind of real separatist movement. A better approach is to treat it like trying to form your own Amish-style community. Given that, I do think that the US might be the best place for this. Co-operate with local officials, don't make a fuss, etc. Just stick to your land and keep your shit as off the grid as possible. Quite a few states wouldn't give a shit, and might even support you if you play your cards right.

I remember a good few anons had put some serious thought into this, though. A few ideas were presented - Greenland and Tierra del Fuego were the most prominent ones, but both presented a lot of issues. I honestly think just sticking to the US would be the best bet.

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I, and a lot of other people, don't find the idea of foregoing previous national identities very palatable, but it is an interesting thought. The US did it, and had nice foundations, but the core element of democracy unfortunately did it in. So maybe something similar might work.


I agree that the majority of the world is fucked, but we can certainly strive for a sanctuary to survive the impending fate that awaits the rest of the world. Hell, it's not even unfeasible with current technology to survive fairly extreme weather conditions and whatnot.

we must build toward dual power scenarios. it's our only hope.

Elaborate? Unless you just mean having more than one source of power (so not just solar, or the like). That'd make sense, especially if natural disasters fuck shit up. I'd think that'd be a given, though.

yes literal power generation can count. but I was working at towards building literal parallel support networks and structures of our own. it's a book out of the old revolutionary leftist theories of the ussr and moaist China. build parallel support structures to liberate ourselves from the ZOG state and one day with time completely supplant it.

That's why Separatism is our only hope - it gives us the time to build parallel infrastructure but it also gives us a moral position to grand stand on and further divide public opinion. If we did things peacefully and broke away from our respective nations with new smaller nations better designed to represent our interests - well what could they realistically do to stop us? If they went the route of force - they'd be smeared and we'd win a PR victory. If they tried to crush us economically - well that'd be a different story and one I'm not adept enough to speak to.

Pretty much, yeah. Although
I wouldn't be so confident in that, they've had way too much time to be able to develop some Brave New World style information re-contextualization. Still, it wouldn't be in their best interest to stamp out a fledgling new nation. Especially if we can get support as a sort of "social experiment" - acting as a potential structure for things like space colonies, etc.

Separatism will never be allowed or accepted by the mass of whites. You need to reach the point where the middle class won't feel comfortable, extremist groups will be organizings and civil unrest a la Cville will become common. And then the entire point of separatism is pointless since a civil war for domination will begin.

P.S. not an american so glow in the dark niggers need not bother

Yeah no shit.. Neither will what you're talking about. In fact that's the entire point of Separatism - the entire point I was trying, and I guess failing to make. The fact is - the majority of people are not going to jump on board with any of our movements, they're going to ride the coaster until it flies off the rails because their basic needs are being met.

The entire point of Separatism is it's a legitimate and legal method of organizing resistance to the Kike world order. Creating new states with new - modern Nationalist/"Far Right" built into their foundation is probably our only hope of consolidating the small "mass of whites" that will sympathize with us.

You may not like Separatism because you still subscribe to Kike nationalism, or are deluded enough to believe the US is going to become a White Ethnostate again without some kind of political break up. You're going to need a separate state in which a legal framework exists for this in the first place - where the judiciary can't just be stacked with Jew stooges.

That's what you get if you try to save the US as it's modern political entity - I'm only interested in our volk and people. I don't give a flying fuck about our Hallmark flags. And anyone who does is going to be pulled along by the current of Lemmings.

Durr. That's the point. Because it won't be accepted by any kind of majority (or even sizeable minority), the best solution is to just separate yourself entirely. Thus, you won't need the masses. Leave them to the grave they chose.

Exactly. The kinds who want nothing less than a mass ethnic cleansing are either LARPing faggots, D&C shills, or genuinely retarded to think that'll ever work or get off the ground.

You said it better than me.

Now I'm not 100% on this but sometimes it almost feels like those national identities are just a very potent and old form of "controlled ops."

We need something new because who is going to follow a new political movement touting itself as an old one? People want to feel like they're a part of something that's happening now, and something they can affect change in. A huge power and sway that political movements have is the vicarious effect they can have on those who turn to them. Glory from something greater than yourself.

And tell me on Zig Forums where we've successfully deconstructed every major political action done by the West tracing back to at least 1920 as being a Kike ploy in disguise - what glory is there to revel in? We are glorious because of our blood and our spirit - not because of our flags or our homelands. And this is quite literally why we all recognize White Pride World Wide.

This is why the offspring of Europa must stand shoulder to shoulder.

Literally the entire point of our ancestors pioneering this New World was to separate from the Old World persecutions. They had nothing but wilderness to explore and conquer… where do we New Pilgrims go to pioneer the New New World? How we prevent the New New World from being infested with crypto jews, then actual jews, then shitskins?

Second American Civil War to burn the heretic and purge the unclean is the only way, sorry.

Anywhere in the light sections, (Could work pretty fine in populated areas too if the demographics are right) and you consolidate and build grass works infrastructure - this could be something as simple as opening a hostel or hotel that preferentially or covertly aids Anons. And then eventually when you've consolidated enough political will - you start pushing people for this. Especially the people who care the least in that area - make it something they have to accept like what Liberalism is to some people. In a regional sense it will work just through osmosis.

How you prevent it from being infested are drastic actions that you give you plausible deniability - but essentially makes the nation Whites only. And you make the immigration criteria ideological.

How you get to point A) is the real question.

Separatism is deciding that you're not going to run, you're going to stand and fight for your people. But you're just picking where that is and what it's going to mean in terms even Normies can understand.

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Forgot to add. Even in the First American Civil War there was a secession. Because you can't fight a War without a power base. Not this war.

You can't even be suspected of thoughtcrimes of maybe thinking the word nigger without the jew press demonizing the shit out of you. No way are you going to separate without being dragged through the mud as hard as possible.

We have to destroy the jew media somehow.

When I say separatism I don't mean something like: "Hey guys come join us in "Kill All Jews and Niggeristan" our flag is a Swastika and 70% of us are male!" I mean simply creating new regional states that actually dictate their own laws. States that can actually enforce immigration that aren't forced to accept Federal Standards - that aren't forced in geopolitical standoffs when it's not in their better interest etc.

Something exactly akin to Quebecois Nationalism not Kekistan.

But you're right - the media is the first domino that has to resoundingly fall for anything to happen - no matter what ends up happening.

This will still get the exact same response as "Hey guys come join us in "Kill All Jews and Niggeristan" our flag is a Swastika and 70% of us are male!" except if you actually just went full moonman on the press they'd have to go into shut it down mode and report absolutely nothing as they like the people they attack to cower and deny the accusations rather than double down and embrace them.

This and the other separatist movements in England and Spain are all pozzed and would just create a separate nation that caters to niggers that pretend to be Irish/French/Catalonian.

It's a shame Texas is what it is.

Not true. The American Civil War was rather unusual in the formal secession and establishment of a new federated state. Most Civil wars are fighting over the same turf against ideological enemies. Compartmentalization brings control and Separatism could be considered as such IF a US still existed in the state it is now. Even if the purge that mentions doesn't happen I hope it does an elimination or "taming" of the Federal level and letting the US States go back to being 50 little petri-dishes of democracy. For Fuck's sake one of our States used to be a fucking a theocracy and that was post Lincoln. Create an extremely weakened Federal- bring it down to common defense and free trade- throw in a freedom of travel clause and call it done.

Then California can be as fucking horrifying as it is now, and Texas can start work on being white again. Utah gets to go back to a theocracy with polygamy, and amber waves of grain. Then we get to trade with each other and not get invaded. Sounds much better than what the fuck (((they))) are accomplishing now.

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If nothing else study the successful history of FMLN in El Salvador and what it took to bring an end to the Civil war there despite insane CIA sabotage

REDPILL: women are all whores, especially those that "are not like the other women"

Been exploring these ideas. I have been studying the history of our people as deeply as I can. There is one thing that sets Europeans (especially the NW sort) apart from most of the world: lactose persistence.

Yeah, the milk is the drink of white supremacists meme may be one of the keys. Lactose persistence on its own is interesting and useful, but not something that will help us (modern Westerners) to reconceptualize the nation, as the American founders did.

Our lactose persistence comes from thousands of years of our ancestors being pastoralists. They are the ones who domesticated cattle and other species. Over time, these roaming pastoralists began developing agricultural based civilizations in Mesopotamia. From there, it seems they predominantly ended up in NW Europe with the epicenter being around Netherlands.

The point is, our forefathers have been roamers, explorers, and adventurers forever. If we look back just 500-1000 years, we see richer national/tribal/ethnic identification.

I've done a poor job of getting my point across which is summed up:

unless they're outliers like me


Reminder that britian targeted hitler because he wanted germany to have this as a big reason, bankers hate people who do not borrow from them.

Correction: smart men who are ugly and fat.

I agree, separatism is the only future for US whites. It's not actually that insane, the USSR fought bloody wars during a Civil War to hang on to the Warsaw pact states but gave them up willingly when it no longer became tenable to hold them. This is where Harold covington actually knows what he's talking about, he's just too old and grumpy to try and get people on board
You need
If you look powerful, people will give you power. Make zog look weak in one area. Make yourselves look strong. People will hand you the keys.
I think the butler plan /northwest secession is totally doable but only as long as Harold isn't leading it. Fuck Harold. Go to the PNW and form a cell. You don't need a leader at this time. Just go make a friend group of 3 to 5 guys up NW. Encourage all your buddies to move there too.

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