Elon Musk emails employees about 'extensive and damaging sabotage' by employee


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And with the (((Hollywood actress))) claiming her Tesla car caught on fire for no reason, I suspect the kikes want his shares to tank. Maybe because Trump wants military in Space and the only one with commercial rockets is his company and the Jew wants to force him to sell so they can pick it up on discount and pozz space.




q predicted this

Or maybe he's just a shitty CEO who'd rather pour millions into building flamethrowers instead of keeping investors on board?

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I used to be anti-Musk, but he has really won me over recently

Ding ding ding.

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2005? Do you mean 2015?


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Is this what this board has become? Mods can at least get rid of this low effort shitposting and obvious shills.

Not as bad as shorting buttcoins like I did. I mined enough to buy multiple of the newest most expensive graphics cards at the time but if I kept the btc I'd be a millionaire today.

How the hell do you short a stock in a private unlisted company. They only went public in 2010.

Post yfw this is the smokescreen that kicks off Musk's purge of Jews at Tesla.

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Why is this bumplocked?

Mods can't read that this is completely different news.

And niggers, and spics, and POOJEETS

How many elon musk threads do we need?

Report and tell them to learn to read because the vol that did it is a nigger.

Ok, I swear I was thinking about this the other day. That with all the lefties he must attract, this would be inevitable.

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>news.ycombinator. com/item?id=17342126
The kikes are losing their shit and I can't get enough.

Hope you're right. Would help destabilize their power structure.

Surprised it hasn't happened in more businesses really. I could see it going on in utilities, transportation, etc. Dangerous times and we must remain ever vigilant.

I can't believe they just keep doing this. They're losing their minds.

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>evidence suggests they are of certain (((leftist))) persuasion
>sensing this is the time to further damage stock, (((handlers))) order strike

That was fun to watch.

The best part is you can see in the comments there's a major shift going on. People aren't quiet about mocking the authoritarian left narrative anymore. Enough techies have had enough with the decade of darkness the leftist faggots have plunged tech into that we're only 1 step away from troll gnaa bots as a service chasing online leftists into their safe space toilets and never relenting.

Don't you see? It is clearly Drumpffers fault the spoiled brats aren't getting their way.

I hate companies that do this shit. Here are some more concerns. I also brought along burdens despite the concerns. Then cars start catching fire or fail to detect shit on auto pilot.

Didn't some nigger recently get fired for stealing shit?

Or the guy that reported on the theft got fired. Shit lemme look.


Every day.

Kek. Checking those dubs btw.

kek, didn't even notice that. Was just the first non gawker link I could find.

Thanks for weighing anchor, Mod.

lol what a fucking failure

First shift finally arrives. Clockwork.

He has a musky penis scent

4 u

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how do you know that?

Dumpster diving for musks dirty panties?

Sort of like those random anti-Drumpf posts in every single thread, most don't even have anything to do with Drumpf.

what's going on in this comment section!?

as usual

Apparently reddit cucks have to post 10,000 threads of their jew lord

Citation needed.


Don't you kikes get it? Your degenerate nature betrays you every time.

Yea, haqueer news is pozzed af.

lol you sound upset Muskrat, sorry not everyone is a faggot like you and just dick sucks faggots. Muskrat invented PayPal, that's it, and PayPal couldn't be more jewish

This is a low grade kike at work. You faggots always try creating demeaning terms like "conspiratard", it's one of your calling cards. Too bad you're the nigger of the kike tribe and you suck at being a kike. PayPal is trash I hate it, but I don't care because I can smell the fear Musk is putting into you ratface kikes and that alone is enough reason for me to back him to the moon.

You mad he beat you at your own game yid? Rate me next.

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I can't believe (or actually I can) the kikes are trying to sabotage Elon Musk over a fucking Tweet about (((who))) owns the media. It's obvious. (((They))) fear Musk becoming a modern day Henry Ford and ready to call (((them))) out. Musk should make a new edition of The International Jew and have them included with every purchase of a Tesla.

apparently one of the main short sellers who is paying for bad press is a kike named james chanos
guess what tribe he is from

neck yourself faggot

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Every centimeter makes them squirm that much more.

Maybe the SEC should be notified.

Good. I hope (((they))) squirm so much they all have aneurysms from it.

And they said neanderthal was extinct.

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Shouldn't have revealed your power level so soon, Elon.

I think you mean putting up a public front for his tunnel boring company in the public eye while building and researching black budget projects for the military, if not bringing them into the light

That's what I think. Wouldn't it be some form of insider trading to take a position then pay (((the press))) to artificially affect the price?

One would think so but alas there are powerful (((people))) in washington and jew york to make sure those questions aren't asked.

If action isn't taken, at least the SEC can be shamed and discredited. They require a pretense of credibility to operate and removing that is arguably more effective than taking down one kike only to have another stand up.

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Beat it spook, this doesn't concern you.
and everyone knows it is you jewniggerfeds who are the pedos

This. Feds are the kikes of government. To fearful of the people to move against them so they work in secret to subvert the country.


Maybe you shouldn't run your factory like a Chinese sweatshop, Elon.

But I thought you commie fucks enjoy that kind of thing kikey. Or is that only when you benefit from it and have slaves doing it for you? I get so confused with your hypocrisy, cunt.

Fact of the matter is, he treats his workers like expendable machines and drives them into burnout syndrome, making sure white fathers have no energy left to spend on their family, just so he can keep the most of California's sweet ecoshekels.

I say this is a PR stunt.

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Your low T is showing.

the jews did this

Musk is actually ourguy holy shit

I see posting quality has plunged dramatically again. I wonder what's being covered up now.

Nobody mentioned Soros yet?

Tank the stock and buy it cheap?
Sink the company into debt and sell the assets to China after making copies for Israhell?

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Do you ever take your tongue out of shitskin asshole long enough for them to switch off and give you a turn?

Yeah, every time your roach ass crawls out from the woodwork around lunch-time in Sweden. Funny that.

Same. Wouldn't say I was anti-Musk; more that I just payed little attention to him because I'd written him off as another rich, progressive faggot. But I'm beginning to see another side to the guy. Not /ourguy/ or anything, but going by some of the opinions he's put out there on demographics and population , it's not crazy to think one day he could be. And a guy like that would be an asset.

All true. All lessening, albeit marginally, and still all quite in the red. But he is fighting. So is there a chance in that lessening more? Or is the "Musk" playing everyone (either by dumb luck by him, or CIA/investor/banker games on all sides), and more likely to relapse once external pressures remove themselves? If the latter, it seems the kikes that are turning on him should keep doing so regardless. (Which means the PR stunts will never end, and all hands should move towards replacing all players while they are occupied with PR games).


It probably has happened before, but its not good pr to admit to it as it is a weakness.

Thats probably it.

Well being from SA he has first hand knowledge of what kikes pull. Pretty sure he's aware and plays the game when necessary.

The Torah has lots of verses about revenge and that includes them not getting what they need from goyim. If a Jew kills a non Jew, they must side with the Jew. Although it's used where it doesnt always apply, This action has the markings of Jewish (((revenge))) for not getting a promotion. They will fight for what they want until they get it and rarely give up. Look at the Jews who fought to get shekels back from the Madoff affair.

Good post

neck yourself kike*

jewish science fiction to keep goys in dreamland

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Elon is a hard working guy who doesn't deserve this shit.

I wish i could help him in some way….

Join Disney to improve on your cartoon drawing skills

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Banking is the biggest industry in the world, not oil.

Kill yourself.

Bump for kike chop shop operator.

a Tesla employee who had conducted quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations.
So Tesla laid off 3500 employees, just to be sure… Typical Socialist=Blame someone else

Have your tactics ever worked?

Worse kike shilling yet.

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Kek the shitty muh drumpf/le kike/wallposting astroturfing as of late has been spectacularly obvious.

Back OT, I wonder (((where))) this info was sent. Wonder if bad goy Elon can't name the location because it would be two ebil nadzee posts in a month! Like, literally anudda shoah!

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How is posting images of trump sucking jew dick in Is-Ra-El "astroturfing" on a board created to combat and oppose jewry?

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I warned you faggots that anime fag posters are dangerous, look at them now, shitposting and ruining discussion.

I was trying not to hate Trump all through the last 6 million threads where some random kike brought this up as if it was surprising Trump has to kiss ZOG's ass to weild power, but
I'm sorry, Zig Forums – I can no longer support a president I literally just discovered has a Jewish son-in-law. You must go on to the white ethnostate without me. From this day forth, I shall only vote for Patrick Little and David Duke, for these are the pure candidates I can trust, even if they never win.

I guess being utterly powerless is preferable to having an imperfect champion who announced yesterday that we're building a space navy. Much better to sit in the dark and grumble about walls, those he's touched and those he has yet to build.

I've been so blind.

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