Patrick Little

Can we take a minute to talk about how fucking stupid his campaign was?

Being told to run on realistic platforms and stop being so cringey isn't "cuck optics" - only a knuckledragging retard like Little says that.

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he did more than you so fuck off

t. cuck opticist

He couldn't even make it to the top 10 in an election that had 30 nobodies and 2 candidates you retard

Losing and making a retard out of yourself only makes the movement a mockery. I don't expect some whose mother drank during their pregnancy to understand basic political campaigning though


he did something right because you faggots are still butthurt about him

Or maybe because he won't stop spamming forums about himself?

He was a "pushing the envelope" candidate. He accomplished a lot more than Douglass "Vote GOP" Mackey did.


Patrick was controlled op by Soros. Fact.

What is your alternative?
Lemme guess- infiltrate the GOP with Douglass "White Hero" Mackey?

Soo, run on an anti-white platform. Got it.

little did a 1000x more for the cause than any eceleb dweeb and their patreon ever has.

Hey, stop being a purity spiraling 1488er!
Mike Enoch and his beautiful wife have done 1000 times more for the movement then you ever will!

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He got more votes in a pozhole like California than I ever suspected, and he makes better threads than you, OP, you gigantic homosexual faggot.

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Somebody who isn't an egoistic retard

What ever happened to running respectable people? Little used to be a successful person until he quit because they didn't let him take a vacation to read Culture of Critique

What the right-wing needs are people who are easily relatable, respectable and successful in life, not some autistic faggot that spends hours making memes about himself

No, it just means that 4chan and handing out flyers with memes aren't a realistic strategy to use

Little is essentially an honorary eceleb for how much time he wastes on /plg/ and podcasts

Yeah, wow, 13th place, how impressive! I'm amazing by how many people accidentally filled in his bubble in the ballot! 13 must be a BIG number for a retard like you.

Fuck off TRSodomite

So Lemme guess, we should run someone approved by Douglass "Edgy Cuckservative" Mackey?

Expecting to win elections is not a realistic strategy to use. Those who believe otherwise do not understand how American politics works.

Hey, stop quoting Rockwell! He Didn't even have a podcast! Mike Enoch is far better!

No, we don't need cuckservatives either

Where the fuck are all the right-wingers that want to go into medicine, education, science, engineering, etc. This is why the left took off in the 60s - they knew how to work around respect

Nowadays, the left is losing its "glamour" and the right-wing has a great opportunity at dominating politics, but I find that too many right-wingers are OK with being wasteful, useless, hedonistic wagecucks. If ANYTHING, then maybe some might start their own "podcast"

The issue with Little is that he had a lot of things correct - but he had such shitty campaign strategies and he was just an overall idiot

I already liked the guy, but dann. Slow down shills.

The argument "muh PR" wasn't about being an absolute retard autist who goes 1488 in public and starts spouting Zig Forums memes. It was about holding traditional positions that are beneficial towards whites in this anti-white environment and when being confronted about it being straight up honest while not caving in to cuck pressure. It was about doubling down on controlversial opinions and not giving a fuck about fake news narratives being spun by the media.

No one is saying you shouldn't be pro-white and pro traditional gender roles. However being a turbo mega autist who regurgitates memes towards normalfags is absolutely abhorrent and harmful to any good cause you might have. But hey keep on being retards, and while we're at it let's keep including cringy shit such as "anime right news", as well as those crappy Murdoch Murdoch cartoons done in flash using the tween tool.

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So your saying we should support Douglass "Weevs Best Buddy" Mackey?

Let me guess, it is the Fuck Shack again this time?

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No, I think it is TRS. He shut up when I brought up mike eunuch.

Not him either, he's a retard who squealed when his shitty cover was blown

Probably because when he goes to podcasts to talk about stuff, he vehemetly defends using 4chan as a platform?

TRS is for autists like you. I don't care about TRS or any other autisitic circlejerk

Fuck off Mike peinowitz, nobody listens to the right SODOMITES anymore.

Ah, that brings back memories.

Where have I defended TRS? Again, they cater only to autists like you.

Dude, we all know you are from the bog.
They were the loudest detractors and haters of Little.

At least you aren't calling them kikes!

No, most of them are.
The rest are from Fag Anglin's and Douglass Mackey's MPCDOT.

You said your reasoning for even making this thread was that you thought it was Patrick defending himself on your forums. The only question is which forum did you come from, TRS or the Fuck Shack

I think they're united as a single forum now.

My forums? Little goes on every forum possible, including this one. It's annoying to see Zig Forums act like Little is some revolutionary that made it past local news


Having talked to Little myself, I can tell you he tones it down for the interviews and such. He has a laser-focus on one thing only when he's on his rants, and that's naming the kikes. Furthermore, it doesn't matter if he's perfect or not since he's publicly naming the jew and getting plenty of eyes to turn on him. The whole point of all this is to spread awareness of the kike menace.

Kike Eunuch can fuck off to hell where he belongs. Fuck Shack can fuck back off to their gook jungles, and the rest of you kikes can say your hideous prayers and hope that we decide to be civil when we win

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And of the eyes that turn on him, how many of them look at him with mockery based on how he delivers his words?






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Since it's been brought up… I thought Little was subpar and maybe even controlled opposition.
He didn't come off as particularly bright in the interviews I saw.
He dropped way too many terms that originated on imageboards, to the point that it seemed like pandering. Plus, he didn't even use all of them correctly.
He mispronounced regular words and names.
He was just too new to this. Had only read MacDonald in the last few years from what I gathered.
I don't know what the overall reaction was to him, but he may have had the same effect as Duke in the 90s… which was to set us back about 20 years.

We have to do better.

s a g e

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Nick da Spic has made a visit - hi fag

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Stay mad. He still did more than you. He called the jew out and did it in public to randoms, not just post memes on the internet. If he quit a high paying job because the truth demanded it of his character then good on him. Materialism is probably the biggest problem in society now and historically corrupting the soul from the start leading to the physical decline.

Challenged some faggot on the internet to a real life dual? Something missing from politics for the past 150 years. If only we could legally challenge people to a life and death struggle when we disagree with them the world would be a better place. May not have a functioning government for long periods but at least we wouldn't have 50% of the male population running around as soyboys either. People should be forced to think long and hard about what they do and say with real consequences.

Fighting in the military doesn't make you controlled by the jews you moron. Most people do it because its a job especially when most jobs are being shipped out of this country and a recession hits. You actually get good benefits from 3-4 years of service. Plus you gain them skill sets to actually do something in RAHOWA other than playing Call of Duty which wont help you for shit nor will running in the woods after watching survivalist documentaries. Doing the real thing is the only way to truly learn. Dr. Pierce also advocated this and was one of the reasons I joined fully JQ wise myself.

The very existence of threads like this is further confirmation that we need more Patrick Littles naming the Jew at every opportunity.

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another kike engaging in the obligatory character assassination of any figure on the right that's known by more than two people.

sage and report

His approach is wrong. He is being too overt and turning off normies.

We need to be slower and boil the pot slower. We shouldn't hurry this, as we are already winning. In 2014, this wasn't possible to imagine. We were scattered, far smaller and far less feared. We are now a huge force, feared and hated by the liberal elite. They are fucking terrified of us, the moment towards alt-lite populist movements is HUGE.

We have won so much ground it isn't funny. But we need to take small baby steps. Crosses on government buildings, banning headscarves, enforcing strong immigration law. Each little slice, which we can make over time will attack our enemies hard. We do need to march across the institutions of government and business over the next 20 years.

But the distance we have covered in the last 4 years is a breathtaking pace. Patrick Little keeps trying to force conflict now, when we should wait, be patient and build support over the next few years before we move further.

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He got over 56 THOUSAND votes in the most communist shithole in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Prior to this the media has been pushing the idea there are only like 5 to 10 thousand of us NATIONWIDE. Mr Littles story is FAR from over juden. Mark my words.

Article after article convincing everyone left of David Duke that the republicans are a bunch of raving, lunatic white supremacists.

Little was the last straw for me. It's irrelevant whether he is controlled op or not. The support that he gets has convinced me that there is absolutely no significant intelligent base of people who agree with my political views.

I am not a raving maniac who goes out on the street to harass random Jews. I believe my position is reasonable. I believe national socialism is the most logical form of government. I believe a nation has to be comprised of motivated and intelligent individuals. Little and his supporters are the furthest thing from intelligent and their motivations are hilariously misguided (take money from Jews and give it to blacks).

I want a fucking movement where people have to take IQ tests to get in. 115 should be minimum. Imagine the gains one could make if their movement was comprised of retarded stooges? Subhumans like Little and ALL low-IQ people would be sterilized under the ideal government.

I watched a live stream the other day of Little & a guy in knoxville drunk & chain smoking. I agree with Little on naming the jewish supremacy but public degenerate behavior is way below how we should present ourselves. If he continues that lifestyle of booze he shouldn't be considered & we should renounce until we get a sober leadership. meme

This is just nitpicking, honestly. I don't disagree, however. He has mentioned several times that he's been trying to quit smoking, and I know for a fact that nicotine is a hard thing to just drop.

nah, he's doing the job right.

Patrick Little will never win an election by being proper. He will never win an election by being ridiculous. He will never win an election by being the most prepared, best suited candidate for the job. He will never win an election by being hilariously unsuitable for the job.

Patrick Little was never supposed to win. He was supposed to make people realize "nazis" can run for office.
How do you make people think things? Just appear in their daily lives.
How can a candidate appear in people's lives? News, publicity stunts, etc.
How do you appear in the news? Stand out. Be shocking or entertaining.
Garner attention to appear in people's lives. The more attention you garner, the bigger you look. Grab headlines. The more headlines you have, the bigger you are.

That's literally all he's supposed to do. Make people realize "nazis can run for office". We need a few more candidates to do that, then we can advance to the next phase.

You didn't seriously expect one candidate to rise to the stage, explain everything that people were wrong about, and convert swaths of people to another ideology, did you?

People cannot be told they are wrong. They must be persuaded. And groups of people can only be persuaded by what they see. They have to see very simple examples happen. A group is as dumb as the dumbest person to speak, so one thing at a time.

Charlottesville made people realize "the nazis are back!".
Patrick Little and copycats make people realize, those nazis can run for office.
The next phase must make people realize, those nazis can talk.
The next phase must make people realize, nazis can say reasonable things.
The next phase must make people realize, those reasonable things are reasonable. (This is the step where we begin to leave behind the nazi identification.)
The next phase must make people realize, you can vote for reasonable things.

You see? One step at a time. At least one election cycle per step. Always make yourself as big as possible, always take up headlines and space in the news. Each step is not telling showing people they are wrong, it's just showing them an example of something they ought to already know, and that is obviously true.

Learn something from Trump, geez.

Checking triple 0 - the smoking isn't as bad as the booze drunkenness in public. If you drink hard be inside… Plus the kikery fuck fuck games are worse if you drink all the time. It's easy to take out or discredit a heavy drinker. I actually think he may be genuine, pissed, & slightly articulate BUT he must have public lifestyle discipline.

Thread anchored. Looks like mod is another Kampfy. Zig Forums is fucking dead. It's controlled op nonsense reinforcing the agenda to push stooges and Trump.

REMEMBER the people who support Little look at these images and say
These people look at the BLM riots and say "wow, those blacks are awesome. They gained so much support for their movement. It wasn't mass media indoctrination pushing that, it was THEM RIOTING that gained support. I wish I was cool like the blacks :("

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The left took off in the 60s because they were funded and pushed by the people in charge during the 60s, and for no other reason.

I didn't think Little handled himself that well but Fuentes is a fucking faggot christcuck civnat

This user is correct… It's totally a step in the right direction causes the next step & on track. I notice a great red pill is USS liberty & national debt. We need 4 or 5 talking points to prepare better for these next cycles. Little's campaign should give us many teaching moments for future races.

Those normies that are turned off by him have plenty of optics cucks to choose from. Maybe by the time America is communist they will realize Patrick is right.

There is no reason why we cannot have both simultaneously - there were already plenty of people like Anne Coulter and Jared Taylor pushing toned-down narratives. There is no reason to criticize Patrick for being upfront with the full brutal truth about the Kikes. It gave Jwoke Californians the opportunity to send a message with their votes.

The Overton window is a tool of Kike control. Restricting the range of acceptable dialogue to exclude unpalatable truths results in a lack of truth-telling candidates to vote for, and reinforces the status quo. The way to break this control is simply to be brave enough to defy it. Say fuck the Overton window, speak the full truth, and it will move in your direction. Anyone who does so deserves our support.

Sage for shill thread.

You already outed yourself as an outsider, then right afterwards a bunch more of you TRShills showed up. Clearly just a coincidence, right?

This is a strong post.

Go do better.


You know Zig Forums's a forum right?

This is an imageboard, not a forum. Lurk for another year

I respect his balls but his campaign was retarded.

He did it for great justice.
You bringu not but shamu.

oh, you're actually just dumb enough to be playing semantics. Out with you, then!

That's about all I got from the op really.

Patrick Little was the optics cuck. Faggot pretended to be proud of "our great nation" bullshit. America is where the white race went to die. Death to America

If I understand correctly, the guy got about 1% of the vote in Commiefornia by literally saying shit like gas the kikes irl, which isn't bad. In any other state he would have gotten a great amount of votes. It's going in the right direction.

I'm sure there's a lot more free range for dems to tamper with a blue state election than a federal one.

True MRA/PUA. They've convinced themselves all white women are feminist tumblr trash and all brown/yellow women are exotic queens. Sour ass fucking grapes.

You can get straight fucked Kike. America is the White races last stand. Everything the kikes pull works better in europe, as such we can see it happen and react. This will be our redemption, mark my words. Were the ones with guns, so they have to tread with a lighter foot here. Say what you want, America took way longer to spoil than anywhere else. Its not the government or the name anyways. This soil is fucking ours.

This. If there are over 56k Nazis in Kommiefornia, we have WAY more numbers nationwide than we realize even. We need to capitalize on this moving forward. We arent a small group of crackpots like they portray. We arent hate filled lunatics. Were White people who love our people and will defend them to death. This has to be the image we project. We need to help poor whites probelems be brought to light, get them on our side first and move upward.

"Yeah, wow, 2.63%, how impressive!"
- NSDAP opponents, 1928.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

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Haha. I like how all the "beautiful latinas" they picked, look to be at least 75% White Spanish. Get anywhere near half native and they look like something stepped on them and squished them a foot.

The Spanish themselves aren't White. They're moor rape babies.

Kill yourself faggot.

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Many are, by definately a large propotion in relation to other countries, but ive been there. It was way whiter than i expected. And also the Conquistadors that founded SA were white and of much purer blood at that time. But this gets into the "how white is white" argument which becomes an instant shill magnet so its best we stay on topic i think.

Wow. Never seen that chart before. What year is it from? You always hear the rumor Spain was ran over by Muslims a lot, and a lot of the architecture shows evidence of it, but when i traveled there it was very White.

You worthless nigger, call things their proper names. It's not semantics to call a chan a forum and not an imageboard, it's semetics, that don't belong here, that call it by any other name. You're a weak faggot to run and filter the moment you're called out that you don't belong here.

It's from Eupedia and they always maintain their charts current. That chart has remained the same for the most part since 2013. Anyhow I'll stop posting on the topic since I do agree with you. The purity spiral meme and debate invites all sorts of shitposting, whether serious, or malicious in intent.

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OP is a nigger. Little sacrificed for the greater good. And he's still out there giving those redpills.

Funny how soon as shattrickle down diddle lost nobody here talked about him for a week, he surely wasn't controlled opposition being shilled right?

That's because the vote was (((rigged))), you fucking cock.

Hello good sir. Can you please explain to me how calling a newfag a nigger for calling this board a forum (which is the normie word for most websites with in-order postings of a set subject like this) helps him awaken to the goals of our movement and become a productive National Socialist?

Checked and heil'd. Yeah, being anti-white is (((realistic))), goy. You'll go far, goy. Yeah, fuck that shit.

He is probably being paid by the CIA to do all these things. They tend to hire ex-military types like Timothy McVeigh.

Spain had very strict blood purity laws for a long time.

Normally you'd be right, but not in this instance. Why in ever fucking hell would ANY right leaning white politician, let alone in commiefornia be voted for?



I find your existence disdainful.
You are like a woman.

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You couldn't be more wrong. We need to make alliances with Muslims, Orientals and blacks. The only way to do this is to point out our common enemy, the force that is making us fight each other.

We must name the Jew!