Rescued Migrant Woman Was Not Mother of Children She Brought Across Border

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More children being abused. They need to be returned to their families.

This will get no attention

Gas the kikes bump.

Good morning moshe. Have a bowl of foreskins for breakfast to start your day off right?

He's not entirely wrong, unless a conservative in media or the Donald in reddit or other normalfag conservatives loudly screech about this shit the msm wont talk about it.

Yuo can't just forever and ever discuss shit on Zig Forums you have to do something about it if you want people to know the truth.

Send this link to drudge, tweet this at that jew michael savage and tucker Carlson, sean Hannity, rush Limbaugh and the other ones I dnot know.

one of the very first things I thought when the policies were enacted was: "won't this help stop child trafficking?"

more cases will be exposed

That is fair and I agree. I would ask that you desist with the reddit spacing however. Welcome aboard.

I bet she kept them around for 2 possibilities:
1) Sympathy from crying liberals
2) Human shields in case she ran into MS-13 or another cartel

Okay maybe 3) Emergency food


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I wonder if the US people will ever care that Mexico is sneaking it's orphans and troubled youth into your country and school systems. But fuck our own kids right?

This, with these new laws in place we're going to see a lot of child trafficking get stopped dead in it's tracks.

4) to sell?


Spot on!

these kids know how to contact their parents, otherwise they wouldn't be smuggled.

What the fuck? those arent mexicans, those are niggers.

By all means, Gas the Kikes.


And now we know why the Jews are so pissed.

As for OP's pic – Just look at those niggers! I'm sure they're all future law-abiding taxpayers here.

They're called OTMs, for "other than Mexicans." Roughly half the animals who migrate across the southern border are OTM. Many are Arabs, some are jungle chinks, plenty are Indio peasants from Peru and El Salvador. Some are just niggers from Africa.

Tucker is a safe bet. Tweet him.

Kill them all regardless.

I thought that was just something Jones said to make the situation seem more alarming. How and why do they get from apefrica over to mexico? modernized slave ships?

In their communist wasteland Utopias they come from

Jews imported more niggers to Brazil than they to all of North America

This. Human trafficking and the (((charities))) that further exploit the victims are lucrative industries.


Literally human trafficking. Where is the police when you need them?
Oh wait, police is not responsible if they fail to upheld the law.

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Fucking pedos need gas

sex trafficker but they will claim she was a hero giving them a better life.

Wew. This is getting interesting isn't it.

Or they're raping the kids themselves.

Will the child dealer they sold their kids to get a refund? Seems like a legit business for wetbacks: sell kids, flee to US, kids get sent back to parents, repeat?

nro actually steps up with a clear and concise explanation of the legalities involved. before cucking at the end, of course.

>prosecution can be short and sweet. especially since trump's doj got a shitload more judges recently assigned the spic pleads guilty, sentenced to time already served, returned to ice custody in the same day.
>complication is the asylum claim. in this scenario, detain times go up. way up. this is the beauty of the new policy, spousal abuse and criminal activity are no longer causes for asylum claims

bottom line, the actions trump is taking are god-emperor-tier and are about as good as any potus can take, given the legal framework he has to deal with.

To give the coyotes a pussy/ass to rape instead of hers.

The exact same way their ancient cousins made the trip: On boats owned by Jews.

hey, I got an idea. Why not offer illegals an early release & deportation if they accept a felony on their permanent record? If they accept having a felony on record they can't vote.

Why is that thing in the pink shirt so fat?

Because it's a shitskin.

Mexicans eat pretty well when they are selling kids user

This is a perfect opportunity to have these fine youths have value in their short pathetic lives.

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Why can't we force farmers to adopt robotics or have them go out of business like what happened to the farmers refused to mechanize their farm?

What's funny is that the technical definition of asylum is supposed to be based on the (((UN High Commission on Refugees'))) definition of refugee, which limits it to certain types of persecution. Granted, there is some wiggle room such as persecution based on being a "member of a particular social group" (a social group could be just about anything) and lawyers can inflate and finesse certain sob stories to make them sound like a valid refugee case. But from what I understand, even enforcing this technical definition, however Talmudic, will obliterate a lot of asylum claims.

It's great that prospective asylees are being immediately placed in prison upon arrival. It would be better if you could take concentrations of spic asylum seekers and, instead of letting them sit in prison with their fellow spics, to dilute their number by intermingling with niggers in a way that the spics are generally outnumbered so they can't effectively form their own gangs and get routinely abused by their diverse cohort. Let the sob stories leak to the press about Juan coming to America to seek asylum, only to contract AIDS and have to shit into a bag through a tube in his stomach the rest of his life at the hands of Tyronoe – AND, just once he thought he was at the end of the tunnel, have his bullshit asylum application denied. How many economic migrants would show up at the border if they thought they were going to be raped by Africans?

refugees, economic immigrants, all these people who abandon their countries problems instead of solving them? shame them.
they who come here and fucking lecture us on how to run a successful country and solve the problems they brought they could only run from?

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Farmer here. The fruit-picker spics are out of work in 10 years when A.I. and video ID/recognition systems start to come down to a reasonable price point. Multiple cameras, laser-rangers on hydraulic arms picking the fruit and stacking it perfectly into flats, they're being tested now with mild success. Those same systems will also enable automated weed control wheeled drones, reducing need for herbicides.

"Forcing" will only cause more family farms to sell to the big corporate assholes. In a better world, the feds would subsidize such equipment for small-medium family farms and make the conglomerates pay for their own. Of course, family farms don't own the lobbyists.

The fruit-pickers are actually quite a small segment of the spics. Look at meatpackers, landscapers, fiberglass workers, concrete workers, anything with dangerous fumes or requiring zero skill, that's where you'll find them.

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Quick follow up-
A national program to encourage local vegetable and fruit production and distribution is also going to be needed in the future. Most of the shit in the produce section of any given grocery store is imported from shitskin fiefdoms because of slave labor wages and massive scales. It's easier for distributors to deal with Gigante Frutas Mexicanas LLC than with a dozen local providers for the same variety. Given that patriotism is at an all time low and people still don't look at labels, you're not gonna get far marketing the local aspect at a higher price. 3 of 4 local farmers markets have gone out of business since 2000. People just don't care.


I feel like our presensse on twatter has completely dissapeared.
Where are the memes?
Why aren't we using this for a massive anti-pedophilia push, while at the same time striking at the demoshits?


I've seen liberals asking for this, when i've brought up the 'children not with their parents, being trafficked for sex slaves' challenge.
Could even get cross-party approval, to speed up 're-unification'
top kek

the us already pulled out of the un human rights council. no reason why we couldn't say hasta la vista to the un commission on rapefugees.

CNN won't shot the fuck up and is going all out with the anti-wall propaganda. They don't want America to be a nation with borders. They may as well just say "lets make North America one country" but they don't, they just want to parasite.

Fuck you faggot proper spacing of sentences has nothing to do with reddit.

comic strip dudes, get on it

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Lurk more.

oh fugg. I hadn't heard that. I believe this

I got banned and never made a new account.
I should too, I had way more OC on twitter than I post here

All me. That's literally all the work I do.

Pedophilia laws are selectively enforced on whites only. Also used to silence dissidents / same way police plant drugs on people they hate to get rid of them.

so we kill the niggers, jews and pigs

No faggot. I've been on imageboards since 2007 when I was on 4chan, then migrated to 4chon, then to wizchan and Zig Forums when hotwheels created them.

I've been around since the very start.

You are an annoying newfaggot who demands conformity to a shit writing style.

Pigs means what? Police? Not all police are shit. Probably depends on your area. Some hate the political correctness and are browsing Zig Forums in-between patrols.


You're trying way too hard faggot, you have to go back.

i know someone who had to serve on a jury here in Calif. and it was a mexican dude who spoke no english and he was on trial for raping his nephew he was crying everyone was crying and it was just a really fucked up situation to be there on the jury.

So yeah, not entirely true. I believe it when they say mexico is ripe with child molestation, among any other terrible things

You're wrong. It is perfectly ok to have three paragraphs where each paragraph is only one sentence long.

Back where? 4chon doesn't exist anymore, I migrated from 4chan to 4chon in 2011. I've been on Zig Forums when hotwheels created it and posted about it on 4chon and wizchan. I've been on imageboards since I was 15 years old and I'm 25 now.

You're welcome to stay, newfag, however you're fucking annoying and the reddit spacing meme has to die.

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It is completely true. Exceptions don't disprove the norm. They try as hard as they can to target whites with the pedo stuff while turning a blind eye to the pedo stuff done to non-whites. I even talked to a nigger (half-French half-Jamaican descent) about this and he hates pedophiles with a passion and stabbed one while in prison and his whole attitude and outlook on life was that the police only care about pedophilia if it's done by whites (to white females) and don't give a fuck otherwise.

Also, a blind eye is turned towards raping of white boys generally.

Note this is all the case through for Ontario. It's probably also the same in the UK where non-whites can rape everyone and especially rape white children and get away with it indefinitely but if any white British person commits any sort of crime at all they're going to have their life ruined. Maybe US is different.

The law is just a tool of the jew to genocide whites.

Kill yourself.


See pic related?

See that timestamp?


Just one of my thousands of memes I've hoarded over the years.

Now shut the fuck up reddit spacing shill and stop trying to trick newfags into behaving the way you want them because they fall for your schemes that there is supposedly a specific way to post.

All these bullshit standards were created by newfags like you that came way after 2007.

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Here's another example.

See the timestamp?

2011. It's from when I migrated from 4chan to 4chon.

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10 years is long enough. Time to get a job.

a) having old files means fuck all
and b):
kek, lurk five moar years before posting again

These aren't just old files the timestamps indicate exactly when I acquired them you faggot.

No kill yourself you rulebulled faggot. I bet you do this for no other reason than to try to kill the site. We need new blood and we need retards shitposting all over the place so we can take them through the redpilling process by correcting them and btfoing them over and over. If they just lurk (as many actually do) and never contribute then we won't be able to achieve our true potential.

hearty kek, enjoy your summer in your basement

Tbh fam I agree with both of you. Webm related.

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Btw, stop being greedy, dump some cream, especially a e s t h e t i c s infographics and eye-popping redpills.

Literally every other place on the internet BESIDES chan boards have actual formatting that doesn't result in a paragraph stretching across the entire screen. CHAN spacing is gibberish anywhere else where people actually use paragraph breaks.

Do you realistically see this happening? The future of our food worries me.

Because everyone is banned. I would need Tor and a burner phone to make a new account at this point.

YUP. I went to OBX for Memorial Day weekend and you have to pass several corporate owned Chicken farms along the way and they are inundated with spic workers.

Local farmers and produce growers are out there but the sense of community must grow for local food growth to make an impact. You have to force yourself to go out of your way to find those still growing and selling their own food. I know of several around me selling locally raised beef and bison and they sell local produce as well. But youre right, most people couldn't care less and buy whatever the local supermarket has.

A Dominican guy I know worked for their customs. They used to take suspected pedos off the Interpol list to the edge of the cane field, make them dig their own grave before shooting them in the head.

I'm not trying to fit in or I wouldn't be arguing with you and I'd be conforming to your retarded standards you've created and started trying to impose on gullible newfags.

Any real oldfag like me knows rules are bullshit and everyone should just do whatever the fuck they want on these boards. Your rules are a newfag invention.

If only people would do this to suspected or confirmed racemixers…