Just enough for ">Zig Forums btfo" thanks mods.

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Go back to cuckchan.

pissing in a sea of piss at this point, welcome to cuckchan, a shitpost died for this thread.

Enjoy getting your post deleted chaim.

We will exterminate you (((NWO))) shills.

Youre the one with Jewish earlobes.

Also the max ban is 7 days under these new pro-kike shill rules so good luck getting rid of us angry Zig Forumsacks.

Sure thing moshe. Keep kvetching.

We are winning. The judenratten are on the defensive! NEVER TIRE, NEVER SLACKEN, NEVER SURRENDER.

You literally cant ban cancer and they are flooding the board, theres maybe 2 Zig Forums tier threads up right now. This is just an obvious Jew tactic where you claim that a terrible thing is great so whites dont get upset about it, typical TRS.

Faggot, we don't need to get rid of you. That is what AIDs and cucking to niggers does for you and your genetics. A better way to look at it would be, good luck competing with us as you die from anal fissures infections, suicide, potential holocausts and inner city crime.

Also this board is literally on the defensive, all day, every day, 24/7 from Jew attacks now, trying to figure out whos a kike rat subversive. I think Ive figured out which one is in this thread, its you.


Thanks TRS.



STFU jew faggot. You made this slide thread and are trying demoralization shilling!


Your wife cucked you and youre telling your friends not to demoralize you when they tell you thats unacceptable. Youre a cuck.

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It is like a nigger walking in to a library and pretending he can read by saying "I like me sum books". It is entertaining, but we all know when you walk out you will probably be rightfully shot.

I think he's pissed because even Sweden is waking up and he'll get deported from there too.

Its a non-white taunting whites about white genocide, its obviously TRS.

Reminder this one guy is spreading the narrative that everyone who doesnt like the board being garbage is kampfy. Its typical TRS gaslighting and astroturfing on top of gaslighting and astroturfing.

You will never be white berkay.

Reminder, berkay love him some samefagging.

Wrong link obviously.

this guy

My analogy really fit, because it actually seems you can't read.

You never had proof Kampfy was turkish and thats one thing that sets apart the larpers who deserved to be banned from Zig Forumsacks who dont believe things that arent supported by actual evidence. Repeatedly people have come in and told non-newfaggots the story behind who berkay actually is, a cancerposter poster from 4chon. It shows just how much of newfaggot cancer you are every time you imply you know what he looks like at all.

Stay mad shitskin. Keep trying to claim your whiteness. Let's see a hand a timestamp boogerfingers. :^)

So prove it.


Same shit you say when banning whops, bannED anons. You're done roach.

Its actually on you to prove he was Turkish and your image macro never did, youve been called out endlessly for this when people actually read it.

Sperg for me kikey, gimmie a goatfucker tantrum. I love it.

These kiddos clearly are not concerned with higher ideals. Shitposting is not a higher ideal, reminder this is the cancer we need to be able to ban. Reminder to pressure codenigger until he actually lets the new mods ban these cancerous fucks. We dont need kampfy, we do need rid of these anti-white subversives which are so painfully plain to see for any real Zig Forumsack.

Nah, we like things the way they are without your roach ass shitting the place up and samefagging to create a narrative. Finally got rid of your dumb ass.
No one uses the no true Zig Forumsack fallacy but you kikey.

You're just a pest to be stepped on. You crunch nicely under foot.

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We are definitely dealing with a roach


Zig Forumsacks believe in objective truth, not subjective. Zig Forumsacks get angry when people make low quality threads. Zig Forumsacks dont like based niggers, or zionism, or faggotry. Zig Forumsacks dont like astroturfing, gaslighting, subversion, and shills of all sorts. Zig Forumsacks understand when they are being fucked, which is why they didnt show up to argue with you shills. They know you arent going away, so theres no point in being here anymore. Our meeting place was destroyed, time to scatter and regroup somewhere else where we arent being targeted. This place is now not representative of Zig Forums because endless shills can post any trash they want on it and mislead people, so nothing capped here or that comes from here after this point is valid if the person its being posted to disagrees with it, its just a shill narrative. All real Zig Forumsacks know we werent civnats, but the retards who post here wont in 6 months.

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It's funny, he's even making ebegging threads now.

If you read the meta they are unironically arguing they should be allowed to shitpost all they want. "I should be able to shitpost" - people happy about kampfy being gone.

Claiming the opposite of what we're demanding you stop doing , like you did with this thread. WEU, keep going roach.

Okay Kampfy.

Same kike, same narrative. This isnt an ebegging thread. Keep bumping it, the meme resonates with real Zig Forumsacks, apparently theres only cancer left here.

I didn't say this one was the ebegging thread roach.

I just realize absolutely everyone in this thread except me is the same guy.

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Yep, you're in your own little shitskin world kikey, it's all one guy in your head. RENT FREE.

Where's the timestamp roach?

wiggles antenna
eats feces
scurries under refrigerator
Faggot, if you aren't shitposting 80% of the time here then you don't belong. The best ideas come from the simple shitpost. It is the glue that bonds us. In your case, it is the glue traps that catches you roach.

Bwahahahahahahaha. Well done.

Shit, world must be your imagination shitskin. Best pull the trigger and wake up. Film it though.

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You might be right. Half the time I get the feeling one guy is swapping IPs pretending to be two users calling each other the roach.

He's so close.

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Once in a while he does but you can generally see the similarities in his posting style.

and suddenly, the single shill in this thread decided to stop proxy hopping

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you're right OP
in your mind, IT WAS REAL