However awful you think the turkroach was, at least he would delete these shit slide threads that are filling up the catalog. Just go and take a look, most posts are two liners, and are either not pol related, shit that doesn't deserve it's own thread, or literally just a picture of a fucking tweet. Looking over the first 20 posts there was maybe three non-shit threads. Take a look at my abbreviated summary of the catalog with realistic sub-titles.

These new mods are so fucking retarded I can't even fathom what the fuck they think they are doing. This shit needs to be cleaned up so that this board becomes usable again. Please get your shit together, mods.

Attached: CpcARmyl.png (1066x636 1.47 MB, 183.88K)

This is the same guy arguing the board is awesome right now, he filtered my thread complaining about it and is going around accusing anyone whos upset of being kampfy.

Imkampfy would delete anything that was relevant or important to pol/aks, then gaslight them with endless pro-ZOG Fox news tier poison and ban anyone who didn't play along.

Kampfy can die in a ditch while hiding from angry CIA/Kushner employees, hopefully painfully.

Book threads were redirected to /pdfs/ and I would have preferred they werent but it was tolerable, self improvement threads genuinely should have been left here. Trump I simply stopped discussing but occasionally did criticize and had a posting record that blocked me from bans behind it, they can read your other posts.
Most people banned for making threads that Zig Forumsacks are actually interested in were banned for other reasons they either willfully pretended didnt exist or were too stupid to see it right in front of their face. Many of them were TRS thinking their subversive angle should have been allowed because its muh politics, when they are talking about based blacks or something. It wasnt perfect, but it was obviously far better than the potential alternatives - this being one of them. Many people pointed out when he was still around that this could be the result, the main prediction was that lefty/pol/ would get mole mods in and ban for even dumber stuff. This is probably just as bad, now we have almost no bans and all the shills including those lefty/pol/acks are pumping their bullshit, and boy are they happy about it. Reminder lefty/pol/ hated kampfy too and you could hear them complaining about him too when he was removed. Im convinced this shill narrative that everyone is kampfy is a lefty/pol/ discord raid, and of course we cant report it. The back and forth between those shills with their fake narrative and the people who say you have no proof is endless and non productive, but thats what Zig Forums is doomed to as long as codenigger doesnt allow the mods to ban subversives.

As for fox jews, Tucker Carlson pushes his boundaries despite being obviously controlled by kike overlords and pushing some cancerous narratives about things like "left wing fascism". Not defending the stickies but its not like it was an excuse to make the board like it is now.

Fuck off kampfy.

Attached: kikey.png (928x788, 136.3K)

Imkikefy openly pissed in the faces of each and every user that ever used this board and would then gloat and taunt the user he just banned along with the isreali kikes who first reported them for criticising the NeoCon kike they were shilling for.
So you can fuck right off!

Die in a ditch!

Attached: HasbaraKikeModsUsualTrickery.png (840x911, 272.46K)

Reminder kikey loves to samefag and consensus crack.

The kike is back with his endless proxies.

Attached: Juden4.mp4 (400x400, 312.78K)

Yes, kikey, you are.

>OP makes a shitty thread with (((ANIME))) as a thumbnail.

predictable, like pottery, you weebkikes need to fucking leave, fuck off and die already.

Reminder this is the tier of discussion codenigger wants because it brings more ad profits to attrack the cuckchan crowd. Most of them dont even have adblockers.

Why aren't you saging?

I'm bumping so that everyone can see how cancerous OP is, he needs to be humiliated and his thread derailed, he needs to be bullied so that suicide can happen.

Attached: 379e3208e038d6e73f1618193c73c894852a74d58f52ba543e84f3c7995b46ca.jpg (762x785, 128.73K)

I unironically want this website to crash and burn in a dumpsterfire.

Cunt actually wants a good OP thread removed because he didn't make it. Way to out your intentions nigger.

No it looks like you're samefagging. All berkay's shit threads are more than enough to determine how cancerous he is without anons bumping it.


Attached: sg never dies.png (738x406 47.03 KB, 226.03K)

You will never be white kikey.

Fuck it I'll larp as kikefy.

Attached: rach poasting.jpg (1180x842, 562.48K)

You need to get extra wordy and full of yourself and pretend to be white though.

Nice try kike shill. All real Zig Forumsacks know your game.
am I doing it right?

Attached: smug 2.jpg (325x305, 13.94K)


>Oy vey I'll just pretend to be kikefy because it's oh so fun…

Do you even know what samefagging is faggot?

breddy gud checked
extra wordy and make a tossed salad though

I do which is why I gave the benefit of the doubt with "looks like." Don't remove that doubt.

*usually said in response to anons proving the kike Kikefy's shilling for is a kike

Yeah he was a real wordsmith was Kikefy

C'mon now. I don't want to have to unleash my collection that has been building since he got removed.

I find it ironic that the people give shit to the turk and then every single point of criticism that is made against the current situation of Zig Forums is met with "lol u r kampfy".

Making Zig Forums a global board, by the way, is insanely retarded, since Zig Forums is still private.
You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

That and the whole essay explaining why you cannot argue because no true Zig Forumsack would disagree etc. etc. etc.. kek

yeah because all intelligent anons with an IQ above room temperature on a national socialist board all hoard pictures of prepubescent cartoon children on their harddrive, right?

Which of those threads were good that i posted? Screenshot it and post it here so we can all see what you consider a good post.

Anime seems to really bother kikes and lefties. I think i'll keep going.

I'll bump this post so people can see the obvious gas-lighting tactics at work here. You cannot look at the state of the catalog and say everything is fine.

Attached: PicsArt_06-27-05.03.40.jpg (776x1024, 63.94K)

Friendly reminder, kikey's not white.
Carry on.

Attached: berkay's family reunion.jpg (543x458, 37.68K)

Yes, because you're using their media and they want it back, also not an artform.

Attached: Aussiecunt.jpg (1087x714, 420.07K)

Attached: Big Smug.png (800x480, 477.74K)

ID [4596dd]
Yeah, a right regular Shakespeare was kikefy

Anime is not an artform, and it's so easy to dismantle bad illustration and conclude the obvious.

Attached: RJS_painting_outdoors.jpg (324x248, 65.35K)

they also made op only require 10 characters like a schmuck

No, just likes to think of himself as such. Having trouble reading?

Attached: Turkroach.jpg (1591x892, 294.12K)

First picture, KKK, which the NSDAP stood against and are a fed honeypot.
Second picture, 3 day ban, big fucking deal. It also could have been the picture, which isnt included. It also was about Trump. Trump is largely irrelevant if you havent figured it out, I had no problem not talking about him at all 90% of the time. Filter Trump threads, not hard. Again, a 2 day ban, big fucking deal.
#3 clearly says its sliding with a duplicate and you dont show the other thread, which was probably bigger and posted before yours. If it wasnt, Id put in the appeal that you made the thread first, but you probably didnt.
It also says it was anchored in your last image, not deleted and covered up. 2 threads, ones anchored.

NONE of those are 1% as bad as whats going on here now, and given how many bans the mods made each day before Id be willing to chalk some up to human error. I personally was banned several times, more often than not if I put in a short appeal (long explanations were ignored it seems) it would be reversed.

The rachposts were word salad, his bitching about real Zig Forumsacks get wordy, etc. Depends on its intent at the time.

You will never be white kikey, you will never be welcome on Zig Forums.

On second look that image isnt pro kkk, I dont think you intended it that way anyways. Id have to see the post you were replying to, you probably said something else that was astrotufey and backed it up claiming to be natsoc. Just a guess.

but where is the art?

Attached: GEX_permabanned_by_Imkampfy_(learningcode).png (3012x1752, 1.94M)

This meets the definition of a trend.
Always some meta shit about imkikey or very similar imkikeyish Trump bait posts using anime girls. Not accusing OP of being that faggot roach, but this shit is seriously inorganic at this point.
Filter them
Once you do that you realize there is much less bullshit.

Oh kikey, no one ever claimed you have a high IQ.

Nothing like gaining evidence and outing each persona.

I don't mind anime, I think some of it looks pretty good but in terms of animation I've always thought stuff like the classic Disney animation looks much better than anime in my opinion.

Attached: snow white.jpg (1440x1080, 372.94K)

I wonder if he's off his meds for schizophrenia or if he has legit multiple personality disorder. That inbreeding is a killer.

Of course he does. That's why he constantly swaps IP's and calls everyone else kikefy when he's infact kikefy.

Yet kikey isn't white and at least one user here that I can verify for myself, is. Alas, he'll just keep on posting from different IPs to keep it up. He made yet another thread.

And a pedo bait thread. Time to global.

Thanks and sorry for the shit post. I usually just lurk and respond, but I'm genuinely frustrated at the state of things at this point.

how about you just fuck off and don't come back? that should solve a lot of things when weebfaggots like you just get the fuck out for once.

if you're going to refuse removing your cancerous self from premise, at the very least stop spreading your gay weeb fetish ITB and nobody will bully you or make you asshurt.

Weebs are pretty much ruining the board at this point.


he did, do you have reading issues?

The roach was awful at times, but he was /ourroach/. His removal was a hostile takeover of Zig Forums, the catalog's content is enough proof of that. This shithole is barely distinguishable from cuckpol now, and it gets worse by the day. next exodus when?

Nice try roach.

only Kampfy wants Kampfy back

Good job, you're a retard! You say you needed a politics board's advice on how to eat right and exercise? Guess what faggot, there are dedicated boards for that, we never needed your shit cluttering the frontpage.
But hey, some shill pushed that false need as a means to crack consensus, so you thought "hmmm why not, mods bad!"

That's related to politics since national socialism is all about making yourself physically and mentally better. It's part of the Nietzschean idea of the ubermensch.

Posting in kikey's daily attempt to control board narrative

Attached: 3b783a7a5f353b087201b1ca81927b4d97ac493530b09b200ab820aa4143995d.jpg (1019x746, 338.32K)

You can say certain threads on Zig Forums are shit and still not like imkikey, it's not black and white you fucking retards.

the first ban was for wanting to get rid of cuckservatives
it is a big deal when you get banned on a board where saying it how it is is the norm
here it is
which is what i said, but the chesscuck faggot mod banned me
nice anectdote
everyone who wsnt a retard did that. and what happened was that faggots went to other threads allover the board to spread their autism when they tought they had the consensus
it was the only one in the catalog. the fag mod said it was a duplicate because he recently deleted the one before
it wasnt my OP. i just saved his story
pic no.2 related. study it for a few hours
thats a different thread dumbass. the last picture is about kikey deleting cyclical /sg/ threads because they werent kosher
and whats going on now? anons are bashing trumptards and redditors who cry for kikey to come back and the few shills that do come up are just btfod like was the practice since halfchan
i wouldnt count shilling for ZOG just a "human error"

Attached: 8d2e64abf262ce4d43bd3bfe6286b8a6.jpg (480x480 88.56 KB, 60.68K)

cant you fucking read?