TFW you realize the vast majority of people on the far right actually were just larping about stopping white genocide...

See you in the streets.

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>Only you can prevent cultural marxism, by serving jewish interests only, like jewish zionist hero anders (((behring))) Breivik
The only worthwhile terrorism for "our cause" is when it effects and harms jews, jewish businesses, jewish politicians or any shabbos goy politician who is signed up as a "friend of isreal", anything else just is just not harming a hair on the head of a kike.

I hope you set your course accordingly

Yea and Roof called Jews enigma, I guess hes a kike too huh. And Rockwell, he did nothing amirite, just got shot, what a dummy. And Pierce, he accomplished nothing too, clearly we should be civic nationalists. And those putsch dead, what a bunch of losers, they never did anything.

Youre a race traitor, not him.

This. Violence only makes sense if it is directed at those that threaten us (the kikes.)

Your local mailman is not the kike. People at school are not the kike, the mall is not the kike. The kike is the fat slob that you'll never see because he knows knives swirl around his scent.

It was the future generation of politicians in an open border party responsible for browning Norway, get your facts straight they were important and powerful kike puppets about to come out of training, killed at the point where they would lose the absolute maximum potential, most damage, as opposed to killing people in their 70s who have a couple years left or whatever.

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Dont put brackets around a white martyrs name because he gave his life without even knowing as much about you, if you recall he exposed cultural marxism and thats kikes, so fuck you. You never condemn a fucking martyr.

..and yea he got 20 years but they probably wont let him out and that still classifies him as a martyr, even if he didnt die. He assumed he would die.

And what good did it do? Norway is cucked as fuck.

pick the correct one you obtuse fucking retard.

Norway is actually miles ahead of Sweden, they put Christianity back in schools and when they started deporting muslim criminals the crime rate went down like 90%. Its not anywhere near Sweden and it could be argued its entirely his fault.

>Don't put jew brackets around the jewish (((Behring))) part of the ZOG agents name
Based zionist terrorist crypto kike !

Traitors before enemies, look at this kike calling young adults children and excusing their open borders white genocide crimes because of their white skin. Typical subversive garbage that shouldnt be allowed here.

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Anders (((Behring))) breivik was a crypto kike, who killed white children for isreal
He wrote or should I say the jDL wrote a manifesto explaining his affection for zionist jews, based blacks and queers.

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This is an idiotic comparison, and it only serves to lull you into thinking things aren't as bad as they are.

Deporting "criminals" is just to weed out the "bad ones" making the mongrelization of your peoples, cultures and so on easier and with the least amount of friction.

The fact that you believe that any of these halfassed no-substance actions do shit, is ridiculous. If it had an effect positive to the norwegian people, you can be sure it'd be demonized and not happening.

These symbolic little concessions to the right serves only to ease your anger, make you sit back down on the couch and rot away in peace - while those concessions really are to the advantage of those that want you gone aswell.

The mailman is just as trustworthy as any CIA Nigger even if he gives off a innocent appearance.

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Yes all government institutions and employees are not your friend, but they aren't really the ones you should be focusing on shooting if you could pick your targets freely.

As I said youre the race traitor. He joined the masons to infiltrate them and then found out there was nothing but retards drinking. He said that. He is a white man, he gave what is likely to be and what he thought would be his life - to expose cultural marxism while dealing the biggest blow he could to the structure in his country. He set off a bomb and slaughtered what was to be the next generation of the far left open borders party who were responsible for the current browning of Norway. You defend these traitors and slander his name, youre a race traitor. He was unaware of what Jews had done, he wasnt redpilled on Zig Forums or anything he went to a place called gatesofvienna and it was exclusively anti-muslim, likely shilled by kikes. That doesnt mean he himself is guilty of anything, but it does mean youre guilty of treason for martyr condemnation. He exposed the islamization of Europe too, which is one step below exposing whos islamizing it. Go fuck yourself, shillboy.

Despite being an accelerationist, less white women suffering violence is an improvement if only temporary, as would be maintaining gun rights for example.


How gallant of you to be exploited so


No one is being exploited except whites by people he gave his life in opposition of. You now countersignal his sacrifice because youre a coward of some sort.

Do you know what'smost funny about you typically counter-jihad kike responses tome.
My first post here
which enraged you so much was the polite way I suggested if terrorism is the way to go then targeting powerful jews would be the main course to take, which set you off on this jewish ranting to the point where you even call me a "race traitor" for simply thinking jews need correction for once…

Video embed
Western media hides Norwegian Terrorist Anders Breivik Zionist links to Israel

Glow in the dark nigger

You're too much of a disingenuous shitbag to be white.

Its plainly obvious that what bothered me was you putting kike brackets around a white martyrs name, your refusal to accept that can get you killed in a revolutionary organization. Dont be a pig headed retard, work in a spirit of cooperation and dont do things youre not supposed to do. Id suggest reading more because when this becomes an actual physical movement, dissenters will be rooted out extremely harshly or the organization wont survive.

Youre the one twisting words because you hate what a white man did for his race. I never said blow up a federal building, I said dont call martyrs kikes, especially when youre a nobody.

That makes no sense.

FBI, please stop
Also, you don't know me, shut up bitch boy

Except they're all criminals eventually so deporting criminals ends up doing just what Zig Forums wants.
Sometimes you don't need de jure, and de facto works fine.

You will never vote to stop white genocide but using words like bitch boy I think youre more concerned with sucking cock and maybe even molesting little boys.

>Anders (((Behring))) Breivik = 'huwhite' martyr
Continues to ignore the several attached images showing Breivik in his own words explaining he did this for isreal, multicuturalism, queers and based blacks.

The zionist terrorist Anders (((behring))) Breivik had plastic surgery to make him look more Aryan, "I remember we were at a party, and he told me he had had his nose and chin operated on by a plastic surgeon in America," the friend told the papers.

Norwegian killer had plastic surgery to look more Aryan, claims intelligence chief

You don't know who you're talking to, you're just being a blackpilling violent abrasive shit. You come across as an FBI inciter or a jew. An agent provocateur. This has been a physical movement for years, but no one who comes across as an agent provocateur is being recruited. Your attitude would compromise opsec if you were a real person.

Sure thing TRS, its a blackpill to offer a viable solution besides voting with blacks, gotcha.

Yeah and Hitler only had one ball.

Enjoy being mongrelized then

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Then why did my suggestion to actually target jews and not white children for a change anger you so?

Take a moment to think how it looks to anyone not retarded, you got angry because you venerate a crypto kike zionist terrorist, and I said targeting jews would be better for our cause than fighting for isreali interests only.

Yet me suggesting you should target the jews who truly are to blame, makes you really really angry…

It didnt, youve ignored me like 3 times now, stop doing that and you will have your answer.

Shut up you silly jew.

wtf isn't this all ironic?

Hitler never wrote a retarded umpeen page manifesto pretending he had one ball, that was jewish black propaganda against him.
Your jewish agent (((Behring))) Breivik however did write down in his manifesto that he was a freemason, pro-queer, pro-multicultural, pro-jew, just that he didn't like the muslims which threaned his multicultural homo nirvana just like his close associates Pam Geller and the jewish defence league did.

Zig Forums is a board of peace.

Civic nationalist cuckold, whites wont compromise on their right to exist with non-whites. These countries are ours, we will take them back. Non-whites will start the race war for us if we let them gain majority status, thats not an option and you cucks will gladly vote until were being slaughtered on our property as blacks come to claim it, having just voted it away. You are irrelevant, you will sit on the sidelines and watch as Rockwell said.

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I think you missed my point.
All shitskins are violent criminals. In general it's in their make up. If you deport the criminals, you'll eventually make your way through the shitskin population.
De facto it's a race based deportation program even if de jure it's just based on criminal record.
Plus it has the benefit of removing Bosniac traitors. I hear the Nord countries have a good number of them too.

In your mind, yes. But in reality we both know this is not how it's going to happen.

To be honest I never read his manifesto since the fag didn't have the balls to Roman salute properly, but the thing I replied to was not coming from him.

In reality any deportation is wrong think. We're discussing hypotheticals either way.

Ill just point out that a lot of you people seem to think this is a joke or a video game, you dont appreciate what giving your life or doing something that puts yourself in extreme personal danger really means. It takes a lot of courage to go out and do something which amounts to an intended sacrifice for your people. I really find it hard to throw a contribution like that away because someone was ill informed. Its not the same as someone from TRS going around saying kikes are our friends, its someone who was mislead into thinking Israel was helpful against muslims and never heard about how Jews caused the problem for lack of information, because it was almost a decade ago and that information wasnt as wide spread. It was what, 2011, 2013, something like that. A lot of people were leftists at that point who are now pro-white, not me, but Ive seen enough of them to know.

Meanwhile, Norway gets a massive clampdown on white nationalists while isreali NeoCon jews continue to fund the counter jihad (while also funding NGOs sending the muds into Europe) without any censor.

Video embed
Zionist Terrorism in Norway - by David Duke

Clamp downs are good for propaganda and recruiting. You should have a plan to be kicked out of the country and to work in exile, really.

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he was christian, not zionist you little tranny

From the jewish agent (((Behring))) Brevik's own 'manifesto'

“Were the majority of the German and European Jews disloyal? Yes, at least the so called liberal Jews, similar to the liberal Jews today that opposes nationalism/Zionism and supports multiculturalism. Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of athreat to Israel and Zionism (Israeli nationalism) as they are to us. So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all culturalMarxists/multiculturalists. Conservative Jews were loyal to Europe and should have been rewarded. Instead, [Hitler] just targeted them all…”

Kill yourself.
This reminds me, one of my friends at the time was a member of the group that got slaughtered at utöya. She had stayed home though.

But Hitler didn't target all Jews.
Off the top of my head, his doctor was protected for example.


Why do you hang with socialist cunts?

Look at how this kike frames it. White kids for supporting palestine. The youngest was 14 and they were all about to go off to be politicians for a leftist party responsible for browning Norway. When you post that drivel like you just did, you speak in favor of white genocide and justify your treatment as a race traitor.

Be careful out there. Not everyone is a larper like you are and some people arent okay with that.


This. Breivik saved Norway. Anyone claiming he is le zionist agent is a moron.


Based hero of Norway who got all white nationalists on a state register for a terror act that only aided isreal

I thought commies were supposed to be experts at being subversive.
This is just pathetic.

Olle Dammegard proved Oslo bombing was a state-run hoax.
There's no reason to believe Utoya massacre happened either. The only evidence is "eye witness testimony" from jews and ultra-leftists.
If one takes a step back and emotionally disengages, one can see the overall shape and pattern of the typical fake mass shooting.
>effectively neutralizes the term "Cultural Marxism" due to Breivik associations, removing the best and most accurate description from public use and allowing the jews and their acolytes on the White left to once again operate in the shadows - if you cannot name something then you cannot discuss itthis is why the key to defeating a demon/dragon/monster has always been to know its true name
and so on, and so on.
tl;dr the Norway massacre never happened, it was an elite anti-nationalist psyop and so brilliantly effective that even today, most nationalists believe it is true.

They werent anti-jew you fucking mongoloid retard, they were ANTI ISRAEL AS A NATION BECAUSE THEY ARE SOROS COMMUNISTS

Kill yourself, shill.

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Oh, and this thread is designed to support the jews and their psyop. OP's picture accomplishes and refreshes several objectives in one small package.

This is supposed to be a place only for National Socialists committed to stopping white genocide, its not some fucking cuck meetup like you are used to on cuckchan. We dont want you here and no one is changing their ideology, none of the Zig Forumsacks anyways. Youre a fucking joke, hobbyist larper retard.

I started my first reply asking why are you calling for acts of terrorism against targets that aren't responsible for this mess.
I suggested you should target jews and their zionist politicians they own

Since then you've called anyone who thinks jews would be perfect targets for your calls for terrorist acts "kikes" and "communists", while flailing about angrilly insisting the self confessed zionist is a hero for the white race.

He isn't he's just another counter jihadi kike who got the entire mossad false flag event blamed on whites, yet only jews benefitted from it and whites get more restrictions on their freedoms and rights to speak out.

You called for terrorist acts, then got angry when anons suggested you should target jews and isreali owned politicians.

You are clearly the agitating kike and you can't sell anons your pre-made zionist terrorist as a hero to whites

So why are you suggesting the solution is to kill white children and call anyone suggesting that jews as a better option to target as "kikes"?

Youre for white genocide at this point.

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Muh terrorist acts. Race war isnt just a meme you stupid larper. Back to TRS and your based niggers.

Pick one

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You are aware that I've posted clear evidence, from anders (((behring))) breivik's own mouth that he did this for his "isreali brothers", while promoting queers, blacks and other 3rd world muds, while wearing a freemason apron and a few detailed reports showing he is a zionist agent and one showing he even had plastic surgery to make himself "appear more aryan"

You are calling for terrorism
Then kvetching like a baby when someone suggested you target jews instead of white children

Now you call me a "LARPer" while you do the old Daily Stormer Anglineque cartoon nazi tough guy act

Get fucked you pro-ZOG agitating kike


You sound like azzpained and apedre angloon at this point, countersignalling racewar. Muh terrorism, its not terrorism you retard, he wasnt trying to terrorize a population. He was drawing awareness to cultural marxism, you will accomplish nothing, fucking cucked civic nationalist vote with niggers shill. Its a genocide, were being exterminated, the Jews have to be dealt with. Before they can be dealt with.. guess what, shill like you have to be dealt with for standing in the way. Traitors before enemies you fucking white jew.

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Anders (((behring))) breivik, not only a biological jew playing as white, but himself said he wanted multicultural societies, he just didn't like the mean muslims hurting the poor jews.

You can continue play acting the cartoon nazi all you want, it won't change a single fact clearly presented here showing you pushing jewish agendas while pretending zionist freemasons are ourguys.

Yet you're angry at me for suggesting you go for jews as targets instead of whites, that is what is compelling you to call me a "jew"

So what place should we avoid tomorrow exactly?
Some of us guys are alright after all

Roof didn't call jews an enigma, he considered them white. I think he just wasn't fully redpilled when he decided to action. All he needed to know was how much niggers rape white women and he was mad as hell.

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Following OPs words written ITT, just stay in a synagogue if you want to avoid any mishaps he appears to be threatening

Didn't call jews JUST an enigma***

Your fault for hanging out with a buncha fags. My friends are all RWDS certified.

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I've mastered a pretty good merchant voice these days, maybe if I break my nose a little, walk with a slumped and frail posture and not look after my beard for a year or two maybe I could fit in among their (((tribe)))

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"I dont pretend to understand why Jews do what they do. They are enigma"
Dylann Roof

Now I see your next post. Anyways he was radicalized from crime statistics alone, looking up black on white crime because of trayvon. There was no room to be redpilled on the JQ. His quick action despite knowing far less about how bad it was is commendable, not a negative.

Attached: Roof-Last-Rhodesian.png (1343x2838, 666.54K)

Except (((they))) turned it into the strawman argument of 'white on black crime exists waaaaah' and 'ban guns because whitey is evil waaaah!'
Yes, no matter what anyone does the media will spin it and bitch more. But despite the arguments and solid statistics that black on white crime is far greater a thing than white on black crime, you let anyone know that now and they will bring up these school shooters (even the fucking 56% kid who inadvertently created the means for crisis actors to astroturf a new wave of gun grabbing tactics)
A well calculated strike against (((them))) that will actually work to cripple their agenda and disrupt their plots will be infinitely more useful and welcomed than shooting up a bunch of dindu nothin' good christian pocs of peace and being marked in history as a 'neo natzhee huwite supremacist terrorist!'
And said well planned strike doesn't even have to be violent in nature.

It doesnt matter what they do, irrelevant. Kikes gonna kike.

Attached: goebbels-jews.jpeg (800x500 67.24 KB, 85.56K)

So are you gonna target the jews according to your OP or just continue to encourage others here to not ever target the jews?

Subversives like you who openly promote communism and globalism, support and kvetch about race traitors are definitely more detrimental to white survival than the average kike. You literally kvetched about terrorism like 5x in this very thread, you would condemn any white who takes the fight to the Jew. You would introduce confusion, you would spread antifascist divisive anti-white rhetoric. You are a Jew, you are a white Jew as Goebbels described.

*Terrorism and crime and violence are bad and illegal, no one should ever do illegal things because thats bad and stuff.

All I said was you should perhaps target kikes, from then on in you been really really angry insisting that killing white kids for isreal is the only way forward for the white race.

You started this thread, playing the cartoon nazi, suggesting we should commit terror while promoting self admitted zionist crypto kikes as our heroes, then cried when someone said we should target kikes instead.

Think about it, you look a jewry conniving cunt from any angle of approach you can take on it.

Most of those in the "alt-right" are really just doing it for the identity. They want to feel superior and more woke than the "libtards" they see around them. The Jews love the alt-right and neo-nazism because it divides people even before the truth comes into the equation. Those inside the political spectrum prison charge into arguments insulting their opponent with ad-hominem attacks. They larp because they don't actually care about the betterment of this world, only about their position in it(no matter its state). The only true way to make this world a better place is to wake people up by naming the (((enemy))).
Patrick Little 2020
If Trump doesn't name the Jew sooner or later, Americans will continue to think they are winning when they aren't.

Yeah, I bet you fucking don't, kike.

Because the purpose of threads like this is defilement.

>You are aware that I've posted clear evidence, from anders (((behring))) breivik's own mouth that he did this for his "isreali brothers", while promoting queers, blacks and other 3rd world muds, while wearing a freemason apron and a few detailed reports showing he is a zionist agent and one showing he even had plastic surgery to make himself "appear more aryan"
Glad to see the entirety of Zig Forums hasn't completely fallen to 4chan-tier edge and kike larping.
It's even worse than your validly raised points though: Breivik had plastic surgery to look more aryan, prior to this he had a nose very much like that of "David Duke" before his surgery.

Heh, ok Moshie. Breivik is certainly a hero, to the jews. Whoever said that statues of him will be erected across Europe in the future is probably correct - after he is awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi award for furthering the genocide of the European peoples.

Acts of terrorism are only useful when you already have secured the overwhelming support of your own people. Otherwise they will do more harm than good. Look at Muslims. They are successful precisely because the majority of the Islamic world already supports the idea of waging a holy war against the infidels. They simply use taqiyya to deceive the Western masses. On the other hand you have the IRA which used to bomb pubs and other public places, but the Irish people didn't want to associate themselves with thugs killing innocent Britons drinking a pint of beer on Saturday's evening. IRA lost support of the Irish folk due to their bloodthirstiness and in time IRA was marginalized and forgotten.

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Youre kvetching about whites using violence in defense of themselves and you think youre a Zig Forumsack? What a joke. You will die in the race war, neither people will be on your side.

The only one talking about terrorism is a shill who wants to countersignal racewar.

Said nothing of the sort.
Since you seem to have difficulty understanding what was written, I will spell it out in simpler terms.

Also your understanding of islamic terrorism is completely wrong. Heres a simple explanation:

Al Qaeda is Sunni. AQ blows up Shia religious sites until Shias form groups and kill/tell Sunnis to get out or die. Those Sunnis with - nothing to lose - join AQ even if they dont believe the ideology, then they blow themselves up. The point of terrorism itself is to provoke a response against their own side in order to use that as provocation to join the group.

What you fail to understand is when the bullets start flying, were white, the enemy isnt, no one is going to give a flying fuck about muh terrorism anymore or any of that. Its a fight to the death and white nationalists are pro-white, so that leaves white nationalists or nothing.

They even tapped into the HOLOCAUST Zeitgeist, albeit subtly.
Of course, you don't even realize what they're doing, because you still believe the big reality show called "jewish news".

There is no "islamic terrorism" in Europe.
Every big "terror attack" of last year was a jew hoax, there is plenty of circumstantial and forensic evidence to support this claim, and none whatsoever to support the events being genuine.

Reminder this stuff is paid shilling and well poisoning disinformation.

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Lemmings don't work like that. They want to live and let live. Bullets already started flying in South Africa and the locals Whites do nothing about it, aside from being deeply concerned that is. There isn't any widespread armed White insurrection there. People go on with their lives as usual hoping they won't become the next target.

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What is the Lavon Affair?
What is the King David hotel bombing?
What is 9/11?
etc etc

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