Arabs failed the faith

we had all the instructions to be successful:
lol no we better follow the petrodollar and federal reserve jews know what's better for us lol
lol we got the oil man no need for any science or investments
lol get with the times man everyone supports jews and israel now
lol feminism on the rise we don't want to be called savages now do we
I just wish a few smart white men take the mantle of the faith and rise with it again

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problaly won't happen, if they have the strenght to they will do more important things

get the fuck out of here with your desert religion you fucking cuck faggot. islam was NEVER based

You faggots need to kill Israel already.

Turns out, being able to make loans is incredibly useful, and is literally the reason half the world speaks English now.
Islam encourages scholarship… of the Koran. There's a reason the whole Muslim world translates about the same number of books each year as Spain alone, Arabs think they have everything they need to know in their magic book, they despise learning and always have.
Takes a Kike to know a Kike.
And yet you "people" fuck boys and rape your wives.


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*oops wrong image but who cares anyway

If it's of any comfort you sandniggers never deserved any better.

really nigger?

Nice taqiyya.

For what it's worth, Islam is not as cucked as Christianity. And Muslim nations are nowhere near as degenerate as the West. Count your blessings, save what you have, unite against Israel and the zog west. The sunni royals sucking off America are doing the jew's bidding, overthrow them already and join up with Shias, Hez, Assad Iran. The jew thrives on divide and conquer and the Shia/Sunni divide is exactly how they are conquering mid east.

Is that like your Kol Nidre?

poo in the loot pajeet

Here's your main problems with white men becoming Muslims, as I see it:
1. Everything you just listed was plagiarized from Jesus over 600 years after Jesus said it.
2. The man who plagiarized from Jesus was a illiterate pedophile warlord who decided to spice up what Jesus said with stuff he plagiarized from the Old Testament, plus some other barbaric bullshit he clearly pulled out of his ass, making it a jumble of sand nigger gibberish that only the dumbest of crackers could take seriously.
3. Islam is spread by war and mayhem, and white men don't like either one of those things. Whites fight war to create peaceful areas for their white wives and children, not explode their own women and children with bombs in the sick hope of going to a perverted afterlife.

Also keep in mind, after the jews get the rope, muslims are next.

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You will hang. No good Muslims.


Everything you listed is false. Now believe what you want to believe. Islam will be the last religion standing in front of modernity, and in front of the antichirst.

I just wish your fucking satanic religion dies once and for all.

shouldnt you be spamming nigger cock threads on /b/ trying to convince yourself that white women find you anything other than gross?


do you think whites are going to side with muslims that rape them, while we both shove kikes in ovens? you will burn with the kikes. you are their weapon against us. islam is the sword the kikes use to attack whites.
whites have no choice but to use that sword to destroy the kikes, then destroy the kikes and their weapon before it turns on us again.

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We'd speak French, aka. the superior language if it wasn't for that, though.

Arabs are semites. and a religion made by an arab that is based on judaism cold never save anybody.

mohammed was a degenerate rapist pedophile.
He was the arab equivalent of a used car salesman who started a cult (after making some shit up) as a get rich quick scheme.
His favorite pastime was raiding the villages of Christians, murdering some people, stealing some stuff, and kidnapping some children to rape.
While there are some parts of Christcuckery that I oppose ("one race da hooman race" mostly), at least Jesus was apparently a righteous and decent person. mohammed was just a disgusting horrible bastard.

To hell with vile islam. It has no place in the White world.

Also, SAGE


Pisslam is white in the same way that Kikeianity is, it's foreign to Europe but it;s native to white people. In b4 "Semites aren't white".

I'm noticing a lot of subtle pro-Islam memeing lately. Surely a mere cohencidence. Totally not yet another lame subversion attempt or anything.

You're all going to see Allah very soon. I promise you that.

Begone turkroach. Vlad wants another forest.

Heh, sure. But the fact is, we built the world & you fucks just live in it. The Church still stands, if a little worse for wear by semite plots, and White Men of many religions are still ready to defend the borders of the free world with their blood against you scum. I'll take our Christian virtue over your demonic slavery any day.

All you've done is start to rouse our race from our sleep - if I were you I'd start running, because when we finish waking up the slaughter we make of you is going to be spoken of for a thousand generations. Both you and your cousin the Jew are finished - the next Crusade is going to devour you both. No more mercy is going to be shown to you. You glorify lies & corruption at every turn and you've proven to be unworthy of further consideration. Each one of us is worth 100 of you, at the least. You're outnumbered in Europe already, many times over & you're too stupid to see it. Think the same people that invented all your weapons and tactics are going to be a pushover? Think again.

Gott Mit Uns & Seig Heil.