Brit/pol/ #2836: Brexit Party Edition

May Set to Offer MPs a Vote on 2nd Referendum

Brexit BOMBSHELL: Boris Johnson may be FORCED to call second Brexit referendum

A second referendum is the most likely outcome of the Brexit stalemate, one of Jeremy Corbyn’s most senior shadow ministers has said

Man charged with assault over Nigel Farage milkshake incident

Rewild a quarter of UK to fight climate crisis

Ancient tree to be chopped down after idiots ‘set it on fire’

Thousands of jobs at risk as British Steel asks for £30m emergency bailout

Teenaged carpenter, 18, transforms shabby canal boat bought for just £5,000 into luxury holiday home for his mother and sister, 11, in just eight weeks

Asian accountant smashed ex-wife's head against a car outside David Lloyd centre and called her a 'bacon basher' after she began dating a white man who worked at their lettings agency

Muslim children ‘forced to pray in car park during Ramadan’

Farm workers jailed after filming ‘appalling’ back seat gang-rape

'''Pupil's imagined talk with Manchester Arena bomber wins award'''

Anti-Brexit poster showing ‘homophobic’ Ann Widdecombe quote will be removed

Jamie Oliver restaurant chain collapse costs 1,000 jobs

One in four Oxford places will be ring-fenced for the poorest students *cough*ethnics*cough* by 2023: Shake-up will allow some to be admitted with lower grades

Pregnant transgender man’s baby died because nurse didn’t realize he was in labor

Deano who inherited '£50m' stately home after DNA test

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'not pressing charges' after drop-kick attack

Alabama Public Television refuses to air Arthur episode with gay wedding

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gib empire

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wot a nutter

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For cyberpunk dystopia

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first for activism

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*power gap*

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Why do I always get confused for 22st smh

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What would those be?

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For dystopia

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for her

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The pepes, lad, I associate them with his mummy posting years ago.

Tolerance. Diversity. Being a fucking decent human being.

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infinity niggers

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He thinks he's in charge

I like posting apu tbqh lad.

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good lad

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England is built on a foundation of Christianity. It needs strong Christian morals and values to be stable and to prosper. Without those only God knows what will happen.

Thanks lad.

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the fucking irony of the Commission talking about voting where more than a few dozen "people" take part

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can you link me the weights that will make my face less ugly, thanks

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Such a good lad he is.

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Eating healthy and drinking water, combined with regular exercise really does make you more aesthetically pleasing

Course he fucking enjoyed that


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Doesn't China produce shit quality steel? I recall reading something that they import higher quality steel from other countries smh.

tbf China has been allowed to flood the market with cheap steel. It's not just British steel that's failing. It's also German steel and Indian and US steel

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Aww should have known he'd have no decorum

thanks for not answering my question dumb boomer

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This wouldn't be an issue if we gave steel contracts to LOCAL contractors instead of smelly foreigns tbh.

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All ice cream men should be bailed out too.

We should subsidise steel as it is in accordance with the autarkical principles of juche

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Yes largely. They buy high quality steel but for domestic weapons etc I would imagine. All exports are largely crap although I've had a few older things that were ok quality
China are also shifting steel through places like Vietnam in their battle with EU and US tariffs


The replies though
can't wait for Friday tbh, gonna be like 2016 all over again

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I'll be down the pub all day tbh

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anyone got any kino?

No different to any other day tbf

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too right

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Full day of it

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The true national sport tbh

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Why do they never go for the body?

looks like my grandpa

wew giant virginia redneck destroyer

smdh wrong video


the guy in dark is way to stiff as well


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In Newcastle

The case

bit toxic lad.

Not trying to go to bed angry lad tbh


the entire liberated female paradigm selects for lower males who assert sociopathic individualist traits instead of the traditional setting of marriage as alliance between clans where woman as part of her family selects for men who do not have sociopathic individualist traits. also people are judged today by their conformity to the systematized middle class lifestyle of NPC event notifications, people outside of this paradigm or people who don't fit into various fake NPC subcultures are considered irrelevant to the maenad herd that gives out cummies based meaning to 'chads' (i.e. men who play the game of following female run society)

stay away from >women and incel posting lad because its all just a psyops to make guys angry and violent

They can smell rope…lel well some of them

May's deal won't got through. There are more rebels this time on her benches than before
She's now threatening to revoke Article 50

They're trying to ban Basset posting to keep us angry lad smfh

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This shit is fucking absurd, threatening HER OWN members with Art 50, not the House. They want it revoked. I'm just waiting for a public breakdown she must be up to her tits on Xanax they've used her up like a old cum rag, she'll be dead after it all falls apart within months

imagine getting gay opped on twitter out of office

I noticed an uptick in no gf/incel/tinder spamming when spring hit. its probably civil protection trying to drive lads to anger and daft thoughts so they can be framed for things

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That sure looks sustainable!

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How do you lads deal with twitter?
The levels of spasticated comment on there drives me bananas tbh

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There's that fucking name again