Trump: Dems want illegal immigrants to 'infest our country'

Trump: Dems want illegal immigrants to 'infest our country'
President Trump

20 weeks out from midterms, Dems and GOP brace for surprises
Sessions responds to Nazi comparisons: 'They were keeping the Jews from leaving'
Kim Jong Un to visit Beijing this week
on Tuesday restated his support for his administration's policy of separating migrant families at the U.S. border, calling Democrats "the problem."

“We must always arrest people coming into our Country illegally. Of the 12,000 children, 10,000 are being sent by their parents on a very dangerous trip, and only 2000 are with their parents, many of whom have tried to enter our Country illegally on numerous occasions,” he wrote on Twitter.

"Democrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!" he continued in another tweet.

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Pfft, what a fucking shitstain Sessions is, typical kike spreading kike bullshit.


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spics btfo


Trump slowly places the c4 into the crack in the wall


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That's all well and good to hear, but can we have some actual action on this?

Nigger, I wasn't even criticizing Trump, Sessions had said that the Nazis had kept the jews from leaving when it's the opposite, Hitler wanted them to leave. You trumptards are pretty fucked in the head tbh.

This is why I like the guy. Let him blow smoke up pissraels ass while we clean up the JewSA then we deal with the desert rats.

You people are insane

This propaganda is failing. They're trying to use this issue to force open the southern border of the USA. They're trying to allow an invasion into our nation.

If we lose our southern border it will cause the dissolution of our nation. This is literally treason.

The Dems want to flood the nation right before the next election. Their plan is obvious. People like Pelosi have said "the future is brown." Hillary Clinton was always a proponent of open borders. So have other Democrat globalists like Schumer.

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U mad bro?

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Mother of God, what an absolute, unequivocal shitshow.

And I'm surprised nobody's made the comparison to when citizens go to prison in the US: do we send their kids along for the stay so as not to separate them?

Our national demographics are already fucked, aren't they? How many more beaners turn 18 in 2020? 2024?

Really rustles the clenis knowing \\\you/// can't control us huh?

People point it out all the time, it gets lost in the kvetching. It's like they are advocating for the rape of children. Pedos are sick in the head.

It's just a lot of noise to distract from the FBI corruption.


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Exactly, all talk, no action. He's going to keep blowing smoke up people's asses while doing nothing but worthless show actions like "big" news of apprehending 30 illegals here, 150 illegals there, every couple of weeks. He could legally bring down the hammer, legally ignore the null and void non rulings by obama judges, but he goes along with it feigning that his hands are tied.

The narrative mistake is "like MS13" instead of pointing directly at the "MS13 animals". Thats fine though, I think people are immune to it by now.

Time to hit them with the abortion memes.

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Found the faggot shill. Doing good by the US while saying pretty things to Israel, while not actually getting us involved in any of their wars, is a major plus. Shove it you faggot shill. You lost. Filtered.


The anti-white left is pathetic, using their hordes of children to try to emotionally manipulate people. I'd be more emotionally responsible if a car ran them all over, but only because I'd be laughing.


Why is he bitching to me about it? He's the Commander in Chief and we're being invaded in the most literal sense. Do your fucking job.

No one even knows you exist you dumb ape, fuck off.

clearly (((someone))) does

Per the topic at hand, guaranteed if Israel was being invaded by Palestinians Donald would have troops mobilized and traveling half a world away to secure their border…yet we don't rate that kind of service here at home.

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That meme is too dems r the real racists for my tastes.

Funny, all you can do is speculate and lie, meanwhile we've decreased our presence in the region. The polar opposite of what you're claiming. Try harder, shill nigger.

Do you not remember dred scott?

that wasn't my claim at all, but nice try. Anyways, why are you even responding to a tornigger? Hint: damage control, because I'm correct

You're a fucking retard. Decreased presence in Middle East. That's reality.

so your assessment is Trump is doing an awesome job, got it.

Yup. Best president in a long time.


Finally, this needed to be said again so it's the forefront of the average Burger's mind. Maybe then they will piece together why their country and local communities have gone to shit. Because a voting block voting in their own interest of more gibs has replaced their desire for a functioning state.

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That's not exactly true, though.
Early on the kikes were encouraged to leave for Palestine.
However, later Hitler had reservations on sending the kikes to Palestine because the muslim world objected to it so much, and he was trying to improve his relation with them (partly due to oil).
After that point the goal became to either deport them to madagascar or (and I think this was the main one) to send them to southern Russia (ie "khazaria").
Of course, doing so would require defeating the soviets, which didn't happen, and then the walls fell in, so…
That's what I've read, anyway.

They are all traitors. They all deserve the punishment for treason.

Where is the "military style operation," Mr. Trump?
I'm not saying to jump on the "never Trump" train or some bullshit, but I hear a lot of excuses about "why why why."
I don't care. I want to see vast rivers of brown garbage streaming into Mexico at gunpoint.

The point is that RACISM IS NOT WRONG.
Racism is simply recognizing that race is biological fact and that there are large and meaningful differences between races.
It is simply recognizing the truth.
It has been demonized because healthy racism was a major obstacle in the kike plans for White genocide. (and, yes, the plans go back over 100 years. See codehaven kalergi plan for one example)

Everyone needs to understand that THIS is what the dems want. More brown gibsmedat voters.
There are more sinister forces at work, of course, but the "illegal migrants are unregistered democrats AND THAT'S WHY THE DEMS DEFEND THEM" is a good baby-tier redpill.

Absolute madman.

Just filter (((him))). Don't reply.

I'm sure that was the \\\point/// :^)

They admit this in jew publications and elsewhere when they get bold.

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Yet Republicans are the ones forwarding an amnesty bill

Didn't it already get shot down?

No, they're still working on it

I heard that quote on the lugenpresse this morning and it made me chuckle.

Hitler: I'm not locked in with jews…

This, they frogmarched Strzok out today and a leaker told some sheboon congressman Rosenstein is being fired on Friday.

But you didn't hear it on (((CNN))).

send the kids back with catapults.


Pairs well with this image.

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That's an illegal meme m88
I like it

That's why they never talk about them during so-called debates. Voting on policies, not candidates is the only way to make America respectable again.

And now Trump has backed it. House is going to try voting on it sometime soon.

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A trebuchet?

Also is that Jim?

We NEED beaner trebuchets
Launch the carcass south and be done with it. Bonus points for funny ass body landing positions

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Completely different design kid.

I don't larp so forgive me.

So. If the bulk of illegals are Central American claiming asylum and you should claim asylum at the first border that you cross then why are we seeing Central American asylum seekers at our border?


are you ashamed yet pol?

Perhaps you should not draw attention to yourself for a fer years.

*few even


Not really.

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A trebuchet uses counterweights instead of torsion tension. Dimwit.

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It would be hilarious if people spread this around as "Trump sends ICE to kidnap boy from loving family and force him out of USA"

Anyone have the version of this pic with the circus ringmaster?

That fuck is just another motherfucker we are going to send to the chipper.

Didn't take the trumpcucks long

they are going to be disappointed when they learn the US doesn't give a jack shit about those.

Not that that'll fucking do anything, but can you imagine if it did? You have an entire branch of military that serves directly under the president ready to fuck you in the ass whether you're in the right or not.

Those nigger-faggots would never even think about fucking with us.

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That sounds like a good idea.

Where's the amnesty? He's not going to endorse the fucking bills.

Jeff is my hero. I love that guy.
Three times now we've come to the precipice of complete amnesty for 30 million shitstain spics, and each time it was Senator Sessions that stepped to the plate and saved western civilization.

God bless that heroic man.

So very close to naming the 1965 act on what it was. So close to shitting on Reagan and his legacy.

He will shit on Reagan if reunifies the Koreans during his first term.

God you made me laugh. Must see this movie now.

And then when a lefty says, "well whitey you're one because of muh natives", say "you're correct, and you have admitted to white genocide".

I certainly hope so.

Reagan was the most overrated conservative non conservative in history. He didn't do shit to stop the offshoring of jobs to China. He gave amnesty to millions of stinkin beaners.

It's more like an early Roman catapult.

If Reagan had nutted up and deported them (or more likely took another assassination plot to be jfk'd), California would still be in play.

Think about how devastating that would have been to the Neo-Con agenda of the last 30 years. They wouldn't have any real excuse for not giving the Dixiecrat voters what they wanted.

Because it's all bullshit.
The brown horde is coming here for gibs and conquest. They are enemies. They are an invading army. Deport them all. If they resist, shoot them.
Deport all their vile descendants.
Deport all of the other "legal" ones too.
If they are legitimately genetically White and "legal" then they can stay. A small percentage of south of the border people are, BUT THE VAST MAJORITY ARE NOT.
The only way to MAGA is to MAWA.

Not even the tiniest bit.
In fact, he is far too reserved.
He should be saying "America is a White country and all non-Whites are here illegally"
Except the non-hispanic feather indians, and they have their reservations.
The Constitution was only ever meant for White people. All (((alterations))) in opposition to that have been treasonous and invalid.

Build the wall deport them ALL.

Spics to spiclands. There are so many for them to choose from.
Yellows to their asian country of origin/ choice.
Hapas and Japs can go to Hawaii, if they want. It's high native population makes it a diversity containment area anyway.
Muslims to the middle east.
Poos to pooland.
African blacks to their country of origin.
American blacks to their wakanda (Liberia).
(There is your reparations. Literally an entire COUNTRY bought and paid for by Whites in order for the blacks to have a homeland.)
Create a small diversity containment area somewhere for any hard to place non-hispanic cases (coastal southern california after all the spics are removed, maybe.)


No more excuses.
We get it right this time.
By whatever means are necessary.
We cannot afford to slide further into White genocide.
ZOG cannot be allowed to continue this bullshit.
Keep redpilling Whites.

More like: infest the polls

That isn't too bad user, I feel like a brainlet not noticing that inconsistency. I mostly target the "if they're fleeing their country shouldn't the element of concern be the origin of the problem, not the problem itself" angle and try to make people slowly embrace the fact that regardless of position, the beaners are nothing more than a "problem"

The fact that shooting invaders on sight isn't even discussed as an option shows how badly USA needs a purge of leftists.

let the have california and texas

I support a bill that just says ok cali and texas you want them you can have them but fuck you

fuck california

cali and texas are basically the border.
I'm not okay with that.

Kill yourself you rat face kike.

So he didn't actually endorse amnesty.