Better Dead then Red

West Point grad who posed with 'Communism will win' in cap discharged
(((Spenser Rapone)))
Commies BTFO again


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Kike free

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Should have made a public execution on that traitorous kike.

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He looks like an ugly rat faced kike. Why has he not been deported to Israel?

This. Anti-treason laws are under enforced.

That fucking nose.

Correct. In my country such disgusting degeneracy would end up in prison.

Is this supposed to be shilling or are you just retarded?

You do realize they get paid for every (you), right?

He is being set up as a leader. If he was not controlled somehow there would be no mainstream reporting on him. Watch him carefully he will be arrested for something in the future spend some time in jail to build his credibility.Much like the USSR did during peristroka.

As if that wasn't the whole point of this exercise. They'll shower him with fame and cash, then the other faggots within West Point will follow suit.

It gives more chance of exposing more commie sympathizers in the army. Rooting out more of the blight.

Shill post but people here can like communism, just dress it up in superficial nationalism, i.e. DPRK.
Or I could be wrong and it's just a tiny but loud group of fags who come out of the woodwork every time.

Fuck this faggot.
I'll keep enjoying my benefits while being an ethnonationalist until I die, and he can pay for it.

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As long as he "owns" property that is of higher value / better working order you can just take it from him. If he tries to fight say he wasn't using it and you need to use it as a means of production so you're seizing it from him.

He would be a fan of Sherman

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It's a far cry to the communism of yore.
It all depends on the situation. Jews in the US couldn't just foment a violent revolution in 1917 because the US wasn't as vulnerable to it as Russia was at the time, which had the perfect circumstances to create it - it was already backwards and full of poor desperate people before WWI and the events of WWI set up enough chaos to start it. Then communism could spread to Eastern Europe as it was utterly bombed out in WWII and basically handed to Stalin on a silver platter by the Allies.
It's much harder to do all of that in wealthy Western countries so Jews would instead plant their roots through capital, eventually taking over all of media - no need to use guns and tanks when you have that.

After the discharge, leave him alone.

You could turn him into a left wing martyr that ends up building a cash cow on patreon with Vice readers support.

He's become too famous.

Oooh that's not going to look good on a CV. He will hopefully be unemployable, like a real gommie.

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Whatcha sliding moshe?