If Article 13 and 11 get enforced, I am going to leave the EU and move to America. What are some good non-cucked states...

If Article 13 and 11 get enforced, I am going to leave the EU and move to America. What are some good non-cucked states? Preferably with some nice landscapes.

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lol coward

The hope lies in East tbh.

Try the Midwest and plains:
Iowa, Montana, Utah, Rural Michigan, rural Minnesota
Sage for slide thread


Brussels effect. This will affect burgerland too

North Alabama.

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Anywhere rural. Midwest. The South would be the best if you could avoid all the niggers. Just do a demographics search on whatever city/town you're thinking of first, all the info is online.

Seconding AL. One of the least cucked states, decent tech jobs and very inexpensive living.

Thanks, I'll take that into consideration. One thing I'm wondering; is West-Virginia also a good non-cucked state? I never hear something good or bad about it here.

if you abadon your people when they need you then you are a traitor, and worse than a kike

But what if he wants to live, user?

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I live in the Netherlands, my 'people' are mudslimes, niggers, libshits and other subhuman filth. I hate this place and everyone on it and now they try to take my internet away, this is where I draw the line. Fuck the Netherlands, fuck Europe and fuck the kikes that caused this to happen.

liberate your country or die trying
or be a cuck

Abandoning your country of birth is fucking disgraceful. Fuck you. I hope you get raped to death by a nigger for your cowardice.

Culturally it is fine and quite beautiful. Not much in the way of job opportunities though. If you come, buy a rebel flag, a pickup truck, and bring a healthy distaste for yankees when you get here and you'll fit right in. What kind of work/skills do you do user?

Again, I live in the Netherlands. Staying here is more disgraceful to my race than leaving.

Move to West Michigan there is a strong Dutch presence there. Also fuck you blackpill fags Germany, France and several other countries are fucking lost.

No one ever one a war dying.

Can't help you with that matter brother, I'm french and here to stay. Good luck to you in murica', still.

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I don't know how long you can survive with Jupiter in power.

Run all you want coward. The circle is getting smaller though, and the escape routes are getting fewer. If Europe falls, so will the US. And spineless manchildren like you will be the cause.

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Seeing how things are changing in other Europeans nations fills me with hope, and I want (((them))) to pay so I'll stay here, trying to improve myself in order to be ready for the D-day, when we'll hang the traitors/kikes/invaders

For the last fucking time, the Netherlands is not worth fighting for. This country is garbage and I couldn't be more happy to leave.

Why would you want to live in a country with no culture, no identity and where your value as a person comes from how much money you make for kike corporations?

I know, that's why I'm moving to America.

The US will always have her borders open to white immigrants. That being said, stay and fight for your country. The shitskins will destroy any and all traces of white culture if you allow them to rule over your motherland.

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Ignore them it's just the classic YOU should stay and get outbred by a bunch of invasive species nonsense they always spew. They will never offer a solution and will just call you a coward while they sit around doing nothing. Western Europe is lost at the moment and will not be won without military force and/or the mudpeople forcing the masses to acknowledge the problem. At the very least I can discuss race issues with a normie in America without the getting arrested for thought crime.

Europe was lost cause from the very beginning. No wonder independent America went ahead so much.

reminder that we especially can't let any country possessing nukes be taken over by muslims and rapefugees

What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Europe really falling first would be be blessing saving accelerationist redpill for America. Worse scenario is slow rot into brown muttshit like Latin America that we have now.

You kikes are so obvious. Blood and soil are important, but short of the niggers blowing up nukes you can always reclaim soil. Blood is more precious and once lost its gone forever.

As for OP I can't help you, I live in upstate Jew York. It's absolutely gorgeous and white where I live but we're enslaved to the kikes in the city. Send help.

Pakistan already has nukes.

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I recommend Oregon… But wait?! thats a BLUE state right? Yup. Sure is. BUT its population is very low and only one city and one big town contain almost of the liberal faggots. The biggest reason is this. Oregon, with only a relatively small number of conservative hardcore people, could oust the liberal faggots in Salem who were put there by Liberal faggots In Portland. This goes for all your fuckers reading this as well. Get your MAGA hats on and come to Oregon. Lets retake this state. FYI. None of you know this but there are groups of people who hold signs outside of the Corvallis count-house regularly with highly negative statements about "Our Greatest Ally" Israel. This place is fucking woke as fuck the cities filled with faggots is the only problem. Its so close. Go to Oregon Eurofag and actually make a difference as opposed to running away like a faggot.

I don't really know, I can't dictate what you need to do brother, just know that it's better to be alive to fight another day than dying alone surrounded by peoples who can't grasp the situation they're in.

But there more non-whites and commies here, by sheer numbers. Why not just move to rural areas in Europe?

Wyoming. There's not many other options.

Coward traitor. You aren't worth our time.

From what I am aware in countries like France and Germany they have basically hit the point of no return or are coming up on it.

Come to America. Have 12 white children.

Here is the thing Mexicans at the very least share a common religion with the whites and niggers there is a common ground to coexist until we can regroup and fix our low birthrate crisis on where the Mexicans and Niggers aren't going to try and radically change that the culture kikes are the ones doing that since America has had to deal with both for nearly 300 years. Europe is being overrun by violent people who see European culture as almost alien.

The ones with like 1 person per square mile in the more densely populated areas. They're full of mormons.

They have mountains n shiet.

Oh you are fighting. How many niggers, mudslimes and kikes have you killed?


The thing is, in America: Those are usually found in a few states, in Europe however: They're everywhere

Openly protest your unjust congress in the streets with your fellow countrymen en masse and take whatever steps it takes to overturn bills like article 11 and 13. I'm not saying that moving to America isn't an option, but it should only be done if you're in a cat 5 situation where there's no other option but retreat. Just remember that running from your problems doesn't make them go away and they often follow you to where ever you run to, which turns your problem my problem.

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There's lot of non-whites in rural Europe? First time I've heard that.

Depend where you are, in southern France they're everywhere (don't forget the gypsies too, they try to settle in rural areas) but savoy is still fine (minus Chambery, and other less populated towns that are infected)

Midwest, any of the Southern states outside of the cities/coast.

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fuckin 'sconie. At least our liberals are practically conservatives compared to the liberals everywhere else in the country.
And surpise, surprise; living away from the Twin Cities does actually lend itself to not getting fucked in the ass by liberals in the city centers.

I will agree tho, we don't need real Europeans here, since our culture has diverted so much from the originals who showed up here mostly in the late 1800's.

((I will admit the cheeseheads have good beer tho, and a border hop is always a good time))

I'd say Maine, but don't be such a faggot.

how about kill them instead.

Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. That's the whitest area of America. Very scenic.

Washington, but stay away from the urban areas of it

1 man cianigger jobs

Anything that isn't on a coast (except alaska), is okay with a few exceptions. Also avoid the Southwest as the population of California is fleeing and dispersing among the SW states and polluting them.

If you're skin color if fairing than a peach's skin then you wouldn't fit in America.

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If you're white we don't want you here in based Amerika.

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Kill yourself with a cpap mask and a helium tank david. Your jew shill ops are old as fuck and ineffective.

jews love it when goyim surrender before violently resisting.


Yep. You don't get the Pilgrim treatment. There is no New World for you to go pioneer like our ancestors did here when they left the Old World. Your ancestors chose to stay, and now you lie in the bed they made for you.

We don't want you. Especially those of you that lack the testicular fortitude to defend your homeland.

Go to Britian

Israel is pretty based too.

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We don't want you here.


All states are cucked in their own way. The whitest area is the Midwest, but the people there are either leftists or christcuck evangelicals. The landscape is mostly just farmland, so not much to look at.

All Americans are descended from traitors and cowards, so he would fit in fine.

Hey boomer! Want to cuck out so your children are physically and mentally raped into tranny cyborgs by an Orwellian kike AI?

ZOG is not a building. It is an elite club of around 20,000 people. Cut off the head of the snake.

nice d&c moishe

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You are retarded if you think that yellowstone is a big problem. There are these things called mountains in the way. Further, the odds of explosive eruption are absurd. The bigger the hole, the smaller the blast. This is like pouring out black powder on the ground and lighting it, not like a damned bomb.
Get ahold of this kike. HItler himself lamented how the best and bravest already fled Europe to make their future in the Americas, rather than stay in the degeneration that had been happening.


Yeeeeeaaaaaaah, naw. The ash cloud alone will kill off most of the crops in the Midwest, if not the young and elderly from the air pollution. Only places relatively "safe" from a Yellowstone eruption is anywhere along the east coast, and in some models that's stretching it. A lot of it depends on where the jet stream is at the time, because if the ash gets into the jet stream you're going to have the ash stop anywhere from Michigan and Texas to Maine and South Carolina, possibly some ash even travelling far out into the Atlantic.
Basically if Yellowstone erupted, the "Bread Basket" of America is toast; covered in 6 inches to 5 feet of ash nothings growing THERE for awhile. ((Commiefornia is toast though too. If we're lucky, after the 2-4 feet of ash covers the state, the eruption will trigger massive earthquakes from the fault line down there and sinks part of the state.))

89% white
less than 4% unemployment
low-moderate cost of living

Stay out nigger we're full.

North/South Dakota.

At this point, tbh, where the fuck do I sign up?

Nothing wrong with the South. Good land and climate. Plus, if you like to hunt, we have plenty of niggers. You don't even need a permit for them.

Western Europe is all that matters, don't abandon your country. America is basically minority white and thus is pretty much fucked. But here is the current status IMO, because you asked.

Minnesota has cucked laws, Utah you have to be Mormon

every country seems like that and America has the worst demographics of all, literally 10 years away from Brazil if the white brazilians didn't have admixture

W. Virg is very white and baste but it's very poor and there's no jobs and there's an extreme opiate addiction problem (which many states have but W. Virg is one of the worst)

south has way too many niggers, anywhere in the sun belt is no-go, stick to the northern half of the country

sure but you're dumb if you think America is any better, spics are over a third of the population and niggers are 1/8th

what did he mean by this

if Europe falls, that's it, that's the end of the world. the European whites are the only ones that have a real culture and heritage, a real nationalist cause to fight for, a common history spanning thousands of years. Americans are these mixed irish/german/french/polish mutts with no culture but burgers and football

granted, Eastern Europe will probably be okay even in the worst scenario but Western Europe is genetically superior so while it would be nice for white people to survive somewhere, a world where Poles and Russians are the only whites isn't much better than the planet of the apes scenario IMO. English, French, German, Italian, Scandinavian etc. is what matters the most

Clogland scores pretty high by all metrics. High IQ, tall, very low inbreeding, lots of inventions and a successful colonial empire, pure European, Germanic, northern features, etc.

maybe you should just go on vacation here and see what it is, I think Zig Forums brainwashed you into thinking modern America is a lot better than it actually is.

the fuck does that have to do with anything? they're catholic whereas America was protestant anyway

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only the memes can save us now..
and actually killing people..

or a miracle

Eastern Europe is next on the chopping block if western europe dies, they're already spreading the same kind of communist bullshit there.

but the population wouldn't tolerate it. ironically, people east of the iron curtain turned out to be the least marxist in the end. even in Germany, former East Germany is the region that is most opposed to migrants whereas places like Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia are the most pozzed

pick a state with no state income tax, then choose the whitest area you can.

if only it were that easy and you didnt have to worry about a job. Try for a non pozzed Texas town. they have constitutional carry (for rifles), no state cuck tax, and a stable economy. just stay away from Austin, Dallas, and Houston in that order.

It's just a fact. Everyone in America chose betray their original nations for one reason or another.

Other people from those territories on this very same board were saying that their media was starting to spread that kind of propaganda, I'm not saying that the population won't stand for it, I'm saying they're next.

Someone should make one of those "you've been assimilated" memes of OP.
Whom do you serve?

also, if those articles pass and ching chong porno boards get gassed…where is the bunker???

so which is it?

user nothing is getting enforced. They like having these boards. toothless shit to spook normies

What delusional world do you live? The exact opposite is true. Yanks are such braggart cunts.

Darnit, I'm going to be moving to the Houston/Pasedena area for work. At least I can get a gun unlike the people's caliphate of Canada, where I'm stuck now.

Yeah, like the conservative Spanish in 1976.

That said Eastern-Europeans are far less conservative and far more pozed than the 70‘s Spanish. Indicators are prostitution, porn, crime, corruption, Gold-digger/mailorder brides.
Communism demoralised the people destroyed moral standards. Cynicism and getting rich quick is a trend that dominated throughout the former East-Block.

Yeah that has nothing to do with the time they are exposed to subversion.

Macron said he would rule like Jupiter

Here is the REAL REDPILL break down on the US. Copy it and paste it to next 9000 threads Zig Forums has on the same subject


Move to New Hampshire and be surrounded by drunk whites, a few Sam Hyde types, and never find a real job.
Same for Pennsylvania. But Penn is the backwater shithole of New York City.


Move to Nashville and be surrounded by NYC hipsters and violent niggers and dumb fuck rednecks.

Move to Missouri (call misery by the locals) and meet THE WORST WHITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Creepy cold blooded fucking creeps. Even the niggers are better to be around. I don't know wtf happened but there is a church on every street corner.

Move to the Deep South if you already have money and can afford a house and not to work in person (computer person or whatever). Expect constant harassment form Jew worshipers and the biggest niggers you've ever seen. Like 9foot tall 500 pound niggers. Some of them are nice though compared to the hateful ones in most other states. This stretches from from West Virginia to Louisiana. If I were Christian, I'd shop for my wife here.

Move to Florida and have minimal opportunities, but enough to live a decent life and be surrounded by angry aggressive spics. Angry white people. It's hot/humid and every is kind of pissy.

Move to Atlanta if you life 60% violent niggers, and 40% blondes.

Move to Chicago and have opportunity but be surrounded by Leftist hipsters and violent niggers, and a few pacified drunk Irish whites left over from the good old days.

Move to the MidWest (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois) and have no opportunities outside of the trades. Be surrounded by middle of the road lefty cucks and rednecks. Really innocent white people to the point of being weird, but nice people. Lots of nigger enclaves in the cities where you might want to hang out, so carry a gun or get fucked up. Bad drivers, spoiled upper-middle class and wiggers.

Move to Montana/North South Dakota/Kansas/Iowa and have zero opportunities except hard labor trades, or working at Walmart. Nice people though, all white. Mind you I was a truck driver and just had to look at the US map because I forgot Iowa even existed. That's what these states are like. Pretty though. Great if you don't want to date women or have a social life. Although being from Europe the local bar fly chicks will love you.

Move to Texas and have no opportunities outside the cities and be surrounded by spics, niggers, hipsters; or live in the country with boomer cuckservatives that have no soul. Texans LOVE Mexicans, so be prepared to stfu about your redpills.

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Move to Southern California and pay lots of money in rent, be surrounded by spics, and actually have opportunity to make something big of yourself. Move to Central California and live with the spics and drug addicts. The central coast is really pretty and nice but too expensive and the women are far and few (= gold digging because pre-30yr old pussy is gold out there).
Most white people who are below upper-middle class in Southern and Central California are secretly redpilled, and that goes for some Mexicans too. Even blacks out there don't give a fuck or trust politics. California is always culturally ahead of the curve so you'll get the worst and best of both worlds when it comes to bluepill experimentation, and redpill reactionaries.
Never move to Northern California. It's full of niggers, spics, and rich white Communist are predominant… see Oregon/Washington. There are a few tiny towns that are just whites and christian cults (Quakers) and hippie cults but its expensive as fuck.

Move to Oregon or Washington and hate everyone you meet, be surrounded by whites and forests, and have minimal opportunity to make something of yourself. Biggest Leftists on the planet, far worst than California because there are fewer subhumans to redpill them with their violence.
Eastern parts of both states are dry barron land and the people are cold and weird.

Move to Idaho and feel like you're stuck in a shitty city. Filling up with Mexicans. Little opportunity, but still better than some places. Idaho really isn't anything at all. It's a weird middle ground for American culture/people.

Move to Las Vegas and see degeneracy at its finest, but cheap rent and lots of STD super-hot cheap pussy that will never love you. It's fun if you're a nihilist. And you might get a good job at a casino or promotions.

Move to Utah and be surrounded by Mormon cult members and people who escaped the cult but are still weird as fuck. Not a bad place honestly just weirdos. You will have a middle class lifestyle and no real opportunities beyond that but it's not that bad if you can put up with weirdos.

Move to Colorado and experience the SECOND worst white people in America. The kind who think their shit never stinks. You ever see a Leftist hipster cowboy? You will. You will…

New Mexico and Arizona are essentially like Idaho. There is no real culture or people. It's mainly Mexican dominated or rich white areas. TOO FUCKING HOT! But some nice areas if you're a yuppie.

Those are you choices

No I'm not. Your personal experiences from your hometown don't mean shit. Move around first and get some perspective before you disagree.

Don't lump us in with the water people faggot

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Ive been everyone in Misery and have never met worst people in my life.

The US is more none white then you could possibly imagine. Don't come or trade me spots

Sounds like the problem's with you

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i dig it

Best thing to do is follow the rats when the ship is sinking.

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I'd love to see you all skinned alive and dumped into boiling shit.