Read Evola

In the proposed north american ethnostate, be it cascadia or dixie, there is an unspoken problem that relates to the governence of such a state. Why should rednecks and peasents be equal in the eyes of the law to their betters? They are not the same race. The former are no better then the most savage negro. The so called "white trash" of america, composing of appalacian and ruralists, thanks to a cultural and biological interchange with their negroid compatriats, are among the most materialistic degenerates on the continent.

Any ethnostate that allows them into the political cultural fold will falter, so what is to be done with them?

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Let me guess, you consider yourself not part of this peasant class even though you can't even type out an entire paragraph detailing the worldview you purport to have learned from reading Evola.

Evola was a retard whos new age hippie bullshit monism was entirely a justification for his lost status as an Italian aristocrat. Hinduism is gay!

KYS kike. Thats not even Evola, its communism.

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He was used by Mussolini to come up with an excuse for fascism not being based on race, so he came up with this idea that pretty much said its cultures fault niggers nog, except he called it spiritual instead of cultural.

BTW this is the same kike shill from a month ago who was talking about lumpenproletariat but he was called out even harder since its a marxist term. He tried defending it and his idea about killing poor whites.

kys jew

The only trash in america are the garbage that infest urban cesspits

A farmer must be a mechanic, plumber, biologist (botanist/husbandrist/veteranarian), and businessman. He must be strong, hard working, think on his feet, and plan years or even decades in advance.

The farmer is the life-blood of the white race

Evola was an edgy mystic. His books suck and his art sucks.

Yep it's a jew

If you want to read Evola, you need an English to Latin dictionary. Or the internet.

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We already live in that. If you're not the 1% then you're the peasant.

This fucking kike misrepresenting Evola. Piece of shit will burn. We will desecrate your corpses kike, remember that.

Begone commie.

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Any illusion of a class system under democracy is a farce. Peasants don't get to vote.

explain Evola.

You're not fooling anyone.

Evola was whatever the Indian-loving equivalent of a weeaboo is, believed Europe needed a caste system, felt the Abrahamic religions were too faggy and feminine, and wrote a level even most the most literate Zig Forumsak would have trouble.
He was born 4 centuries too late, or 4 centuries too early. He also wrote in very detail about weird occult shit I've not seen anywhere else.

me no english gud. fuck

Trailer parks aren't hotspots of violent crime.

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Evola has some good things to say but he so far up his own arse.

This. Just google 'julius evola paintings'.

Are you fucking retarded? These are the most independent, self-sufficient people on the entire continent of North America. Urbanites are what you described. You "whites" who live amongst jews and adopt their politics, world views, and fights. Rural white American is the backbone of this country. We're the healthiest, hardest working, most independently-minded, self-sufficient people in this country, and we're the only reason this country isn't the second coming of the USSR, as urban filth like you would have it. We are the only reason the constitution still exists at all.

By the way, this sounds like the quote of an urban kike, which is parroted throughout hollywood and television. The reason rural whites are looked down upon is for all the reasons I mentioned, and the fact that jews are entirely an urban people who use their influence to demean us.

Jay Dyer demolishes perennialism:

Evola is actually closer to Orthodox Christianity though, when compared to Guenon imo. Which is opposite of Guenon-fags who think he is the most trad of all trads. Some of their stuff is good read.

If I was going to refer to any whites as white trash, it'd be the urban, welfare collecting ones who live beside niggers and dress and act like them. The ones you see walking around with mutant mutt babies.

All citycucks should be disenfranchised tbh

neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet life!

If you ever spent time in those areas you would know that they are not mixed race and are actually very self sustaining people unlike their nigger counter parts. The real white trash are actually in Western Southern States.

But I do agree toa point. The problem came from three varients.
1. Christianity… It turns people into docile peasents and that was its purpose. It is spiritual communism.
2. post 1980's country music began to feed off of black music instead of rock music or traditional folk. This is where the extereme materialism and love of stupidity comes from.
3. The eternal boomer.

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Obvious D&C

Gas yourself.

White American nationalism means ALL White Americans.
IMO, as long as they are 15/16 genetically White, or at least 7/8 with some qualifications, then they are of the VOLK. Also, no jews. Volkish nationalism means ALL of the Volk.
Now, if they are genetically unfit to reproduce then they must either not have children (in the worst cases) or (if they are not too bad) undergo genetic embryo screening to improve the health, strength, and quality of their children (this should perhaps be standard, anyway, eventually). Another possibility is for the couple to have pairs of half-children with improved genetics. What I mean by this is one child with the woman's eggs and a top-class male donor and another with the man's sperm and a top-class female donor with the woman of the pair bearing the children as her own. That way they are still partially their children genetically while being much more genetically healthy. This should only be warranted in very serious cases, though.
As long as they are of the Volk then they will be treated with respect and brotherhood as we ALL work together to build a better future for the Volk.
The WHOLE White nationalist Volk.

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with the vast majority of poor Whites and "rednecks." They are good people.

Also, SAGE for D & C thread.


Go back to sleep, everything is JUST FINE!!!!
Gas yourself.
Vote for the red ZOG or the blue ZOG and be happy that you GET TO VOTE, right schlomo?
"Your vote TOTALLY matters, guys!!!" Right, schlomo?
Just ignore the unlimited contributions by corporations and the party bosses on BOTH sides with suspiciously hooked noses, right?



Wtf. How dare you say something like that. Evola was extraordinary person, not unique, but he did the hard work by turning every possible stone to find knowledge and then distributed it for us who are not that talented to do so. I'm thankful that he did it with such clarity. I always check the sources of books and Evola doesn't talk shit, he's absolutely spot on. Of course there are many other prominent guys than him, but Julius Evola was a genius!!!

Not really. He was just an (((esoteric))) faggot. That gets you no where in life.

If his positions are what influenced OP's dumb ass point of view, then it's pretty obvious he's someone to be avoided.

Not demolished at all. Read the comment section, the so called "perennialist" in the podcast is demolished in the comment section. Someone claims he's not a perennialist at all.

Actually that has gotten me out of my miserable life I used to live. My life has a meaning once again, thanks to Guenon, Evola and stuff.

Spiritual worlds are just more escapism, kiddo. Grow up

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That's what all perennialists do. No true perennialist is common among them.

You are quoting Nietzche. Pathetic. Grow up, kiddo.

The biggest example is evola himself, who is rejected by a majority of "perennialists" for not being Trve Traditionalism

Peasant by his hierarchy. The one with less laws.

In "True Perennialism" there is no place for such labeling. These who claim to be true "perennialists" because they can label themselves as such are not true perennialists. It's not about fucking naming anything.

t. never read evola
Pic related on the right are not white in the same transcendant sense as you or I. The entirety of their ideology revolves around lost property and their unending angst to regain that property. There are some god blessed rural southerners out there, who I am blessed to be related to. I found a copy of fucking birth of a nation in my relatives house, which called for a virtual rebirth of southern virtue. But you and I both know a sizable amount are degenerate. Cities are simply the collection points of societies degeneretes.

And people call me the kike.

Keep sucking your own cock proud boy. But if I can ask for a moment to look at the pic to the right, I can tell you something. At this very moment america is dying thanks to the inability of the rural class to rise to the challenge against the urban degenerates, which are indeed far worse then most rednecks. The CONSTITUTION is what is killing this country by brainwashing you and your neighbours into thinking the peice of paper that created this situation is going to save anything. It is a knife by the heart of american and southern virtues and needs to be taken away, or thrown away, because neither you or I want to give up our children as sin offerings.

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Testing something.

I have a better idea; let's just kill anyone who tries to say some whites aren't white.

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When Dixie becomes a reality, it won’t be rednecks, but dogs like you who will swing from the trees.

But some people think kikes are white and they'll try to kill us for saying they're not. Meanwhile kikes will connive behind their backs, keep resources from them, and keep them poor as they work as an ethno-centric group behind their backs, which they hide behind for protection against us.

Your bot test was successful?


Nigger, this is your third strike with this shit.
1st, you try and twist Baron Evola's beliefs as some sort of condemnation of the poor. That shows that you don't understand caste societies, or any hierarchy.
The commoner is as much a necessary part of Aryan civilization as the warrior or the priest.
Also, to put the blame for the current degeneracy on the American constitution is yet another fallacy. If there is not anything to enforce inequality, then inequality will arise naturally within that place. If the noble ones are not forced down, they will naturally find their way to the top, and neither will those who are naturally on the bottom rise when they are given advantage; one only has to look at "affirmative action" to see that reality.

The third fault is that you claim every conflict between whites as a conflict around who is white or not. You ignore faith, state, family, property, and wealth as reasons for conflict.
Simply because the Basque wishes to be free of the Castellano doesn't mean he doesn't consider the other white.

In conclusion, 6/10, made me reply.

You have no fucking idea what you are talking about do you.

Is there someone in America who isn't a materialistic degenerate?

Simple, supplement the ethnostste with anarcho-primitivist redneck reserves. Let the natural aristocracy control technology and the rest falls into place.

America was never cut out for any kind of racial or spiritual purity, except for the first puritan settlers.
The vast majority of anglos going to the new world did it because they couldn't find jobs in europe or believed they would find gold (very materialistic), america was always the trashbin of europe.

You seem to have no idea what you're talking about.
Evola was heavily against religion (ref. Ride the tiger), the opposite position of Guenon. Guenon actually believe that you could regenerate the european (precising, USA is just a tumor) western tradition through distant oriental inspiration, through the catholic church. Evola said, and he's right, that that's not possible.
Moreover, the orthodox church still believe in the fact that god is a man, and that God created man in his own image. You truly, but truly don't know anything about Guenon or Evola's saying to support such a claim.

By the way, Evola is a Guenon reader. He did his work following Guenon's. That's why for example, "Revolt against the modern world" is a reference to "Crysis of the modern world". He's his disciple.

To the rest of thread, you seriously have not read Evola at all. You should know that we're in the Kali Yuga, and so there will be no come back of tradition, and the world will continue to fall down until it touches the ultimate bottom of bottoms.

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Actually, the king's lawyers wrote up state charters that were intended to appeal to rebellious elements in Europe in hopes they'd leave. That attracted a certain sort of rugged, individualist Aryan not often seen in Europe these days.

The Naturalization Act of 1790 explicitly defines Americans as White– if you told Geo. Washington one of his niggers was his equal, he'd have had you horsewhipped.

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I've read every Evola book published in English, and every Guenon book in English. Evola is more compatible with orthodox because he is not so much attached to advaita vedanta as guenon was. I didn't say he was orthodox or anything like that, since you seem to have issue with reading comprehension, just that his writings were closer to it that guenon's.

You don't know jack fucking shit about Appalachia or its residents, you coastal retard.

So refuting every main point of the dogma still make it close to it?
That's doesn't make sense.

Why is Evola in particular such a book-celeb to Zig Forums? If it's the politics you like then there are writers like Gentile who were actually fascists. If it's the metaphysics then there's Devi. As an Esoteric Hitlerist I'm heavily indebted to Evola and the Traditionalist School, but he did a really shitty job at clamping down on those Duginist abominations. Evola went the way of Spengler. Too caught up in his own ideas to properly embrace the National Socialist weltanshauung.


Not Evola, but if you're into Traditionalist art, I recommend Hyperborean Realism. It's great, but I hope it doesn't become a meme that loses its original meaning, like the Black Sun.

He doesn't

It will. Just like everything else Zig Forums touches.

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better to light a candle than curse the shill; for
all my anons that came here looking for real Evola discussion, here's some content.

wow nice shill image you fucking kike
that quote is anti-materialism, anti-communism and anti-capitalism
kill yourself leftypol fag

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gentile was a raceblind faggot

Fuck off cuckchan

Have we read the same "Ride the Tiger", or a different book? Do you want me to quote the passage against religion?

Go ahead and quote it. It doesn't say what you believe it says.

Pic related. Next time you'll do the job yourself. He attacked specifically the christian religion, with the "personal god of theism".
But whatever, this
is the most retarded of retardation anyone can say. You didn't even said anything against what I said regarding Guenon and his wish of western tradition (through christianity) regenerating with the help of islam/hinduism, and the Evola's stand.
Twerks the fact as much as you want.

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You don't seem to understand English very well. My statement was that Evola is closer to Orthodox, which is true. And this makes him more traditional than guenon, contrary to what guenon acolytes think.

And, as I thought, this page does not say what you believe it says, since he is talking about the western scholastic Christianity.

And again, I am not saying that evola was a Christian or that his doctrine is orthodox. Just that his philosophy and conception of metaphysics was closer to orthodoxy than Guenon's was.

"personal god of theism"
"personal god of theism"
"personal god of theism"
"personal god of theism"
"personal god of theism"
"personal god of theism"

exoterism =/= esoterism
You don't know anything bout scholastic to say such things.

You're just deaf. They are at kilometers from christian orthodoxy. Justify your believe as much as you want. The position of Evola is clear: he don't have anything against polytheism.

Precision: he don't support the fact that the god of the exoteric religion is unique, and certainly not a man.

I think you may be retarded.

That's what he said in an interview, but in french. But again, I'm talking about the exoteric tradition of christian orthodoxy. My point is that he's a kilometers of that.
Moreover, saying that Evola is more traditional than Guenon is simply false.

It was the lumpenproles who supported Bonapart, an Augstan counterrevolutionary in the same vein as Hitler, who fought against the same forces and restored his country…for a time.
Lumpenproles serve an important function.
So do aristocrats. Evola is not wrong.

However, given their long history of landownership, the rural appalachians are far more likely to be the aristocrats than any urbanite.


It's not the Western views in entirety he's attacking. He's criticizing the Abrahamic religions. You're not very well-read on this topic. Evola was fascinated by the Roman Empire and its aristocratic and hierarchical system of government. He viewed the Abrahamic religions as morality independent of the state. He isn't wrong either. Institutions such as the Catholic Church promote liberal democracy as the only legitimate system of government. If you want to water down his arguments, its that the Holy See is associated with liberal democracy, and Roman tradition associated with fascism. Evola is best described as a traditionalist, not a nihilist.

You jews seem deficient at abstract thought.

Sounds pretty euphoric to me.

Thanks for your insight Schlomoberg Shecklestein.

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I think it wasn't meant for my post, because your answer doesn't make sense with what I said.
You should reread the thread. I was pointing out exactly what you said, that Evola was against religions, and thus against orthodox christianity, as someone said that he was more compatible with christianity than Guenon (while guenon being in favor of exoteric religion, obviously corrected from their mistake). And that's it.
Now, you're saying that he's not attacking the western views. What view. Modernity? An older specific european tradition? What are you talking about.

Every traditions have a hierarchical system, it's not specific to Roman empire. Moreover, the roman empire was the modern degenerate civilization of its time. So admiring the civilization entirely is retarded. Now describing what was ties it to tradition is not that important since it's general to every tradition. Have you heard of prime tradition (I don't know the specific term in english)?
But I can get that Evola gets to talk about it, since he's italian.

Never ever said otherwise. Quote what made you think I said that. I know that I sound retarded in some answer I gave, and that's because I already have trouble mastering the right traditional vocabulary (corrected from all the changes brought by modernity) in my own language, so the english translation…

Well, you should look up the connection between the writer of the book of Esoteric Hitlerism and Allister Crowley.

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is a derogatory term, fool.

Read Lovecraft.

They should be given all the jew's wealth, while the jews are strung high.

Another Evolafag who hasn't understood a single thing from the books but likes to sniff his own farts and pretend he's saying something meaningful.

How the hell do you even assume the first part? And Evola probably liked Eastern Orthodoxy over Catholicism for it's Caesaropapism
Not really.

What do you mean?

Part of the appeal of Evola is that he was his own man. He didn't join any cult of personality or mistake a particular political program for a universal solution.

White trash doesn't exist. Even the poorest Whites of Appalachia are smarter and less violent than any nigger of any class. You've fallen for a meme my friend.

If you read Cinnabar, he admits he was trolling the Jews with his Dadaism to make money and prove a point that they'd buy any dogshit like that.

He's mocking as one would today that guy who does art by shooting paint out of his asshole (real thing, forget his name).

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I did not mean to reply to you, but I'm glad I did.
You have the right state of mind.

they shouldnt be if they dont earn it. But those "white trash" , those "rednecks" are the backbone of the greats nation in the world (unless we let china surpass us).

They beat the british, they beat the Nazi, they feed the world and they are free thinkers.

All you fucking yanks are uppity elitist , no brains all ego. Define what makes "white trash" white trash … juxtapose this with the GDP, the industries of these places. Juxtapose this with modern day Britan, Germany , San Franisco, New York.

Those white trash dont have muslims running around raping their women, dont have fucking gay pride satan worshippers celebrating in the streets yearly, dont have 8yr transvestites on billboards

One mans trash is another mans treasure, you are the weakest link

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No. Evolas worldview would create a heirchy based world of castes like India's shit society or Brazil. If you want to understand evolas dumb shit worldview just study Hinduism and the history of India and begin to understand why it's complete shit.

Interesting. Could you find the excerpt?

Now this is top-tier cringe.

I'm pretty sure they run them into the ground to taint the symbols.


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He probably gets triggered by the word "Lucifer". So everyone who talks about something that incorporates myths with this specific archetype are supposedly degenerates and shills. As if our enemies have never taken our symbols to deceive us like the Star of David, which is based on the Hagal Rune. I suppose this all started with the follow-up documentary to TGSNT which talked about the Lucis Trust as part of the NWO.