DOTR Preperations

Understand this thread is not about promoting illegal actions. The goal here is to lay out a roadmap and spread it so that when the day comes we can be ready.
Cia Nigger shills are cowards who will be useless to the movement when the DOTR comes.
Here are things you can do to help save the right and strengthen our hand

Join the police
Join the army
Create a strong friendship with local police
Become a close friend of your local sheriff

Once you have succeeded in the above focus on redpilling and radicalizing them to our cause. If this seems out of your element the try the following:

Make memes that promote our views in a cryptic way
Make flyers and propoganda and then spread them around in local shopping districts
Network at gun ranges and other places and find people who will take part in the above actions.

If this is to dangerous for you to do for whatever reason then try the following

Join leftist groups and radicalize them in a way they will turn off normies. This can be done by encouraging behavior that disgusts normalfags (EX: Chant cops and Klan go hand in hand openly at events, Go to BLM events and screem pigs in a blanket/We want dead cops now)

If your to autistic for that then try doing sabotage and disruption of the left. Try various things such as setting off stink bombs in leftist stores like whole foods/Apple stores/Local Malls/Universities

Add to this list as needed. Figure out what you can do and do it we all have a part to play.
Fuck off

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I have already said make money and get stronger in every facet of society, but faggots always signal against money and becoming men for some (((reason))).

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Its because 1/2 of pol would rather scream
Than get out and do anything

Checked for Hitler birthday digits

Great thread. I agree. LEOs of any white country are by and large our friends. Only ZOG and cultural marxism is rotten.

Feel free to cap and repost as needed spread this around

Making money as an entepreneur creating a useful product or service is fine as long as you avoid taxes to the maximum legal extent. Working for a large kike cucking corporation is treason however.

By prostituting yourself to corporate greed you are no better than a jew. Unfettered capitalism is unethical and prone to (((international))) subversion due to the illusion of money and economic growth via casinoesque trading and QE inflationary jew economics. Basically, do not work for a firm which promotes cultural marxism and jews.

All meaningless scrambling. You're just an ANTIFA level hippie faggot. Making posters is for highschool kids

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I clearly listed several things that can be done. Do what you can thats the message of this thread

sure sounds like you're a good goy to me!


You: coal rolling, gun racking, militia paintball cosplaying, survivalist prepping Bubba. you have stockpiled enough guns to overthrow a banana republic, you built a network of fortified bunkers for you and your Becky and your 2 wife's sons to survive several years of seige from Turner Diaries nigger-beaner maurader gangs.

Me: i stole from The Jew playbook and went meta on post apocalyptic microeconomics.

i have no guns, no bunkers, no snipers nests, no panic room.

i wont need it.

because instead i stockpiled thousands of Kike Air Jordans, Beats by Dre, KFC MREs, and a swimming pool full of Purple Drank Kool Aid.

when the niggers come chimping through my suburb, i intend to BARTER with them. seeing as 80% of them are illiterate and operate at the cognitive level of an 8 year old white male, i expect that in no time i'll be King of the Nigger Looter Gangs.

just like how The Jew being expelled from 109 countries in a thousand years proves that antisemitism is perfectly normal and justified since there must something wrong with them to get evicted every single time, the same goes for the chimps, because when your species is dumb and primitive enough to be enslaved by multiple civillizations spanning a thousand years, it means that's unlikely to change, and you'll just end up enslaved all over again even after the fall of the modern world.

then like Caesar from Planet of the Apes, i'm going to direct my monkey army to sack you and seize your well stocked TSHTF bunkers and if you seem like a kike or a degenerate or if you don't have the fucking Hakenkreuz flying in the wind over your impenetrable fortress to signal that you're among the Master Race.

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I know I'm putting words in your mouth here, but still. If you can get away from money-slavery and still subsist, you'll have a much easier time adapting to when the shit gets pushed into the fan by greasy kike hands.

On an unrelated note, the typography in that image is fucking horse shit.

you suck cock

Fucking KEK!!

Implying you wont be overrun. Have fun with that idea.

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What I love about guys like this is…Are you going to stand against a SWAT raid to take your guns? Do you have a safe site where they are stored? Can the Govt. connect you to that site? If the cops started to go door to door and collect there is nothing Americans will do about it. NOTHING. Just a lot of 'Muh Constitution"

This is exactly what the guy from Zig Forums did. Then he went to a BLM rally and shot an angry mob that was chasing him. His cop "friend" convinced him to turn himself in and the court made an example of him. I wonder if he'll ever see the light of day again or if he'll just get murdered/raped to death by niggers in prison.

Cops are cops. They always side with their pension/paycheck. Arm yourself, arm your friends. Network. Lay low. Wait.

Don't talk to cops, don't talk to feds, don't stand out. Be the silent army and when the day comes, then and only then we all activate.

One line in and already disappointed. OP is such a cuck he imagines his speech could be illegal. This bitch wastes no time in going full retard. Yeah I want to be best pals with sheriff fuckwit while I acquire tools of war.

Larpy bullshit by a millenial who spent most of the day sniffing glue.

Kill yourself cunt.

Op here. Anytime a thread encourages any action Qanon shills pop up and screech
Hence why that line is there

you're simply an idiot, law abiding brought civilization to north america, and now, while it's being destroyed, the police are policing it…. that's what Jews do to civilizations until it all falls apart,

Bonze Age Collapse
America will fall

well the plan is
and the day is


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Remind me, how many blacks and browns and yellows are flooding into the US (both legally and illegally) every year. again?
Is it over 0?
Is it over a thousand?
Is it over a hundred thousand?

Is it even any lower than it was under President Kang?

Is the kike media machine smashed and replaced with loyal non-kiked nationalist publications? Even faggy civic nationalists? Even a few outlets? Even one?

Has the wall been built? Is there a clear path to the wall being built? Are immigrants being turned back at the border without a trial or any fanfare? Are the illegals being rounded up by the millions? Is it a military style operation? Are deportations even any higher than they were under President Kang?

Has the jewish oligarchy that controls both political parties been exposed for the murderous, traitorous cultists that they are? Have they been arrested? Have they been investigated? Have they even been mentioned by Trump or his administration?

White America ==IS== America.
What has Trump done SPECIFICALLY for White people and White America? Nothing. He spends a lot of time talking about blacks and browns, though.
America is dying. It is being murdered. Things are VERY, VERY BAD. A few words and a few taps on the brakes of the ongoing genocide of Whites will mean nothing.
DRASTIC ACTION is necessary, and so far Trump has been unwilling to remove even the ILLEGAL garbage, let alone take an explicitly pro-White stance on anything.
The United State of America that lives in the hearts of White conservatives DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE.
Kikes are to blame. They and their marxist, and globalist, and multicultist useful idiots.

The only way to MAGA is to MAWA.
Only White nationalism can make the USA live again, and not rot away to nothing but a brown favela shithole.

The red ZOG does not care about you.
The blue ZOG does not care about you.
They are all the enemy.

Everybody must do their part in the war effort. Hail Victory!

Notice how Trump is backtracking only AFTER Salvini.

All the kikes are harshening their rhetoric and empty fucking words.




A lot, probably a million. My turn for a question: Do you know how many millions of rapfugees are flowing, unchecked into the various cuck nations of Europe? Unlike Sweden, America has ICE and several other systems that are at least fucking trying to keep things in check. While the UK, France, and the other euro nations just bend over and say "yes, please do destroy me and my way of life". We're fighting, most of the fucking planet isn't.

You tell me, educate me if you like. But I figure the answer is "not really". Because every, and I mean fucking every' step The President has taken to cull this problem has been met with history-making levels of treasonous resistance from countless actors; From senators, supreme court judges, local judges, individual states (Califuckia), antifa, Soros… And you. You're another contrarian, just someone who sides with "the other guy" every chance they get, for no other reason than entertainment.

Nope. You can't force something like that, you should know that. What is it we're always going on about? Freedom of thought? Freedom of choice? The media reflects what the people are, and what the current political climate is. It's not like flipping a switch and bam! A whole new civilization. What created Hitler, his people, and his movement didn't just pop up out of nowhere, there were decades of shit that happened and decades of political maneuvering. You people claim to know this shit, but it's obvious that you're just parroting what little you hear around a couple of sites.

Nope. And we all fucking hate that. Trump needs to get his orange ass in gear. But…
A: If you think someone can come into the political climate we're in and make something like the wall happen without meeting resistance, you're living in a fantasy world. I take it you're not American? If you were, you'd know that the President is not a fucking emperor, He can't just wave His hand and have the entire nation scramble.
B: Surely you understand what a budget is? It's not like your budget, where you can decide to put off buying gas this week, so you'd have some extra pocket cash for that garden hose you need. A national, thousand mile-plus-spanning, huge fucking wall need budget, support, planing, etc.
C: A lot of us figured it wouldn't happen anyway. It fucking sucks. What, when one thing goes wrong, do you just throw your hands up and say "fuck it, i give up? Maybe you do, but those of us who actually want a better America'' don't.

Yes, if we catch them. Haven't you been paying attention to any of the pictures/threads around here?

Trump never said that, we did. Rounding up the filthy brown hordes and shipping them back is what we want, it was a fucking meme, but you don't seriously expect the leader of a "free" nation to literally go full mil-ops in the streets, do you? That's your fantasy and mine too, but no sane person expects that to happen. That's like telling yourself the cute girl next door is going to suck your cock, then getting disappointed because the cute girl next door didn't suck your cock. Your fault, not hers.

Repeating yourself.

No, why would any of that happen within the first two fucking years of Trump's run? AGAIN, Hitler didn't just pop out of the fucking ground, with full power, authority, and support of the German people, wiggle his fucking mustache, and magically make the third fucking reich.
But you seriously expect that of Donald Trump? Nah, You're just an internet contrarian.

No argument there.

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Now You're just outright lying. As I've already stated, He's getting cock-blocked by multiple forces here in the U.S., He's passed fucking laws that

local judges openly refuse to uphold, He's given orders that local, state, and federal agencies are fighting Him on, but He's still:
Made several companies keep production in the U.S.
Improved the economy fucking barely, but still.
Regularly shit-talks the commie left every chance He gets.
Has the global market by the fucking balls on trade. We're getting more U.S.-made products, less foreign-made crap, and trade that puts America

Is pulling together Italy, Japan, and fucking russia to His side. Has had your precious "based" Euro nations cheering Him on; We are seeing an

ALL TIME FUCKING HIGH in nationalism across the planet.
He's been standing up to Merkel, trudeau, and their like.
Got rid of the fucking mandatory participation in obamacare. Yes, it's still there, but you are no longer forced to apply. This alone is a major

deal for the working Americans.
oh, and

And that's just a couple of things off of the top of My head, not going to type up an itemized list for you. Do your reading. For once.

Sorry to disappoint your subversive, contrarian ass, but America still stands. And it'll take more than you whinging on the internet to stop Her.

White stance on anything.
Agreed, but the world isn't perfect. You want easy mode? Go play a video game. Real world change takes time unfortunately, Diamonds take


It didn't exist in the beginning either, We had to make it happen over time. So maybe it doesn't exist in your defeatist heart, but I'll keep it alive.

Because I'm not a cuck.

In other words, 'the entire fucking world that isn't the United States of America. Gee, and you wonder why we 're in such bad shape, we only have

most of the planet on our asses.

Yes, and again, that requires time and effort. Something you seem to be in short supply of.

No shit. I'll keep fighting for and believing in My country, you go ahead and keep waiting for Hitler to magically make everything better for you.





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Shit, when I split the body for two replies, My formatting went to shit.

If working for that kike corporation is the best way for you to improve your station then it is not treason. It's not optimal but its a far better option than being some retard barely living off the gubmint teet. Unless, of course, you view property ownership and putting a roof over your children's heads as treason, in which case you are a kike piece of shit.